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What Top Signals will you be scouting for in the next bullrun?

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Wow, women just ruin everything, don't they?

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>next bullrun
Mr. Anon, please take a seat right over there, the session is starting...

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No more bull runs, the cat is out of the bag. Everyone and their dog knows about the bear/bull cycles and is expecting a repeat, so whales will take advantage of this knowledge and trade against them. We be bear/crab for 10 years, probably trading between 8k-40k. This is the sad reality, it’s over, if you failed to make it then you never will make it now. Sam Bankman will ensure you don’t

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how many times is this thread going to come out. le natalie brunell top signal meal w friend. go touch grass nigga

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>Touch grass
What the fuck would this achieve?
Getting my fingers green?

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She’s fucking retarded what do you expect

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When your parents start giving you crypto advice

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>the next bullrun?
ARghh.. getting ptsd from this shit, 4 years and every thread was "next bullrun", then i fucking missed it by holding stupid altcoins and riding them down to the bottom.

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