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The laughing woman jew is a plant to undermine the crypto message. Fuck. Women.

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Not laughing.
Remote control vibrator she's trying to play it off.

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The woman on the right is controlling it obviously.

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maybe she just sees someone she knows and is happy

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They're utilising meme warfare

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dunno I would laugh at the soi farm remark too, it all comes down to his farm with charlie

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>Input Output Hong Kong
>Congress can achieve great results by working with our (company)
Can this guy get any more autistic? He clearly doesn't know how to read the room, yet continues to give his sales pitch (which worked on Wyoming) to politicians.

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I agree, but the btc boys were based. Solid front. These cunts don’t know how stupid they look, unless they’re plants, which their Judaism suggests.

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lmao the cope of trying to make it look like a $ symbol.

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left or right? for me its right. she has the look of a woman who pleases your cock to no end.

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this. left is a starfish ;you have to do all the work

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fake rebellion great reset

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