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So whats this all about real state blockchain? isnt the whole idea on crypto is to be de-centralized? If the whole concept of property is still tied to several entities

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I guess it cuts out greasy real estate agents in an industry which is opague by design

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whole idea is baced on making process faster, and the whole transaction is planned to run through a decentralized path in order to reduce costs and avoidiing comissions

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hmm that actually sounds interesting i guess in the end we all hate greasy bastards taking a big chunk for selling our stuff

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That seems quite reasonable now i see how propchain idea has been quite popular this days

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Cause real state agents are the blockbuster of property sales, outdated primitive and greedy bastards

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What happens though when it eventually gets compromised? Hackers steal your property?

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Money skelly appears and tells you about smart contract risk and how to properly store your private key as most malicious attacks are social engineering attacks and caused by human failure. Which means you're now homeless anon

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You can already just buy or sell houses on Craigslist or any retail listing service without agents.

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the whole idea of crypto is to take something, add "blockchain" to it and claim it will be 100 times better, without any real understanding of what a blockchain actually is

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Yea and companies like redfin and open door have an AI that evaluates your house and sells it for you. Though it's cooler and more investable when you add 'bLocKcHaIn' to it.

It's propably a bit safer by nature of having a consensus based and immutable database

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