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Why do some people have absolutely no desire to have or want money?
I have a friend who hasn't had a job in over a decade, the guy must live off about $500 a month. Always wears the same clothes and drives a 20 year old beater, but he is without a doubt the happiest guy I know. He also seems to have a new girl every week I have no idea how it happens.

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>MTF id

your friend probably has a big cock and did a lot of shrooms and fried his brain

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He sounds like a Chad ready to fuck your sisters, wagie. Based if you ask me.

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He has ascended.
Learned that money and other made up materialistic values are not important in the grand scheme of things.
He is now free from the shackles.

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Cuz we spend our entire lives chasing money and it’s pointless

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Wtf, she's naked

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asceticism brings you closer to the divine

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Open the doors of perception anon

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how does he get $500 a month without a job? asking cuz i wanna live that lifestyle

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Propably European living from unemployment.

Tongue fucking his rep so she doesn't force them to find a job

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the only reason I own crypto is so that I can be free from money, I have no material desires outside of land, food and shelter. you can bet your ass I will be subsistence farming and health maxing the second I am free from the yoke of money.

money is a system of slavery, the root of all evil and you are asking why some people don't want to live for it?

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she's into weird BDSM shit don't get fooled by he trad homely face

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Same. Also what picture/art work is that?

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I made it in 2021.

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They're just non ambitious. Truly content to get by with the bare minimum. It's a simple, womanly mindset, and how societies stagnate. If everyone is happy to get by on the bare minimum nothing will improve, no one will innovate, we're kind of seeing that now on national levels.

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Holy shit that is my ideal female
Post name and nudes

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Holy fuck are you actually Charles Dowding?
I love your channel man, taught me so much.

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Money ain't shit. My matic investment is going to make me a millionaire anyway. All I want is a home and to live comfortably. money is over-rated

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Sounds comfy. If I could figure out how to retire on $500/month I'd seriously consider living that way.
For some people it's a cope because they literally do not know how to make more money, or they've conditioned themselves to see it as too much work or something they personally cannot accomplish. They're comfortable enough living as they are, not realizing that going down that route will lead to an increasingly difficult life as their wealth and earning is eroded every year, while at the same time their costs continue to go up.

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She's ugly as fuck if you see her other pics.

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checked but youre an idiot
you can be highly ambitious without giving a fuck about money
the fact you correlate these two things so closely demonstrates a lack of genuine situational awareness

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