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Invest in real estate

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Do people take his advice seriously?

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Damn she has that short grugina brow ridge
Probably the result of having to be shorter than a 5'2" manlet

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The kind of poors that flock to his comments section indicate: Yes.

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You are poor and virgin, he is rich and chad. Sithe, cope, dilate.

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if you buy a home buy in a rural area because in cities you usually have to pay a hoa fee every month even after you pay off your home.

my cousin lives in a suburb and has to pay a hoa fee
my mom also had to pay hoa fee

having to pay a fee every month defeats the whole purpose of buying a house

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hes like 5 3 and he got knocked out by a 13 y/o, what chad lol

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He lost all his crypto on fucking celsius lmfao, cunt got wiped out from another platform in 2017 too, this guy is just retarded when it comes to crypto

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Those people tend to be. The same herd mentality thinking that got him social media rich got him crypto rekt.

You win some you you lose some. Except your height it stays the same.

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>he got knocked out by a 13 y/o

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he made all of his money by being the best goy, always being in massive debt, paying off mortgages by having other people contractually obligated to him. he will never understand sovereign money. faggots like this will push for regulation too

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I like how she tilts her head down so it's less obvious she's actually taller than him.

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>He lost all his crypto on fucking celsius lmfao

LOL, even the dogecoin guy still has some money

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Hey bro wanna grab some beers?

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his hair is very thin

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>invest in boxing lessons

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Didn't he sell all his RE?

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it's morally wrong to invest in real estate

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Most land in the US was literally given away for free. But, at some point they decided people weren't allowed to do what humans have done forever and forbade homesteading

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I dont want to be a Jewish manlet, thanks nah. Will buy RE bags when it will worth 1/3 of todays prices

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What's a decent flat in Oslo asking

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Chick is actually ugly af

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Which dude are you talking about? The guy on the left or guy on the right?

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Finally someone who truly gets it. In the end, it will have been greed that destroyed America

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400k or something like that.

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I don't want to hate on him for being 5'3, he has done well in life. But getting hammered like that by Michael and throwing the towel in, how can his GF ever get wet for him again?

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It really isn't. Raising rates "because the market rate is up" is dumb as you have no extra expenses as a house owner because things got more expensive when you are locked into a fixed mortgage.
But the whole concept isn't immoral unless it is also immoral to make money from a job.

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Yes, social exchange is an immoral pyramid scheme

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letting an investment in land appreciate while the wider local economy develops is wrong. you're preventing the growth of the economy and contributing to wider land/rent costs which is passed onto literally everything an economy produces through you limiting supply
the only moral way to invest in real estate is to improve existing developments/houses through new builds, or knocking down existing stuff and modernising. of course modern governments don't like that as their voters are old people who typically own homes/real estate and don't want their investments to fall in value or get pushed out. they want the opposite, in the uk they do all they can to promote people buying into a dwindling housing market (help to buy) with limited supply to push up all the value overall, while limiting only developments in the luxury/higher end market to allow foreigners to park money "offshore" in britain
>raising rates
they're trying to cool off the speculation in assets and inflation, although i really don't see how it works when going to 1.5% is still absolutely trash compared to even low growth or dividend investments
investing in real estate is very different to earning money through a job - you actually produce something most likely or provide a service at the very least in a job (not counting all the bullshit jobs there are). no being a landlord isn't a service

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industrial real estate is where it’s at. poorfags invest in residential

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It was never about him realistically speaking
He has clout and money either way.
Like imagine him being a mc wagie and still pulling in girls like that.

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Investment in real estate is good in the beginning but dealing with rental fags really wears you out quick. Get in and get out as quick as you can.

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Tattoos are retarded too begin with but this guy doubled down.

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Ok little guy, I hear your little advice.

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amen to this, I think people are slowly starting to realise but the demographics are going to continue holding policy hostage and long term cause the collapse of democracy.

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Real estate is only fun if you have access to massive leverage. If you have to put up equity yourself it's shit

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He doesn't give any real advice. He just flexes his wealth while spouting obvious points like "don't spend money on frivolous things". He's a fraud who got lucky from buying real estate cheap during the last crash and now he acts like he's an authority in the world of finance.

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This Anon knows. The Covid rental market nearly killed me, just like the 2008 Market nearly killed my father. The only asset worth owning is crypto, cant tax it, and no shitbags poor fags can hold it hostage because they have kids.

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Nah, I prefer opening Binance and try to make it buying some coins, last one in invested into was REFLEX and I'm hoping for the best
I'm more like the "don't think, feel" kind of guy, so cryptocurrencies suits me

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You look at the photo and you know the female’s happiness is a direct result of having her pleasure meter filled up for the day. Yet tomorrow it'll wake up and the meter will be half empty like every day, and if the man doesn’t devote his time and energy to filling it the parasite will get colder with each passing hour, until it breaks up the relationship and leaves the man in ruin.

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Well thought out plan anon
best of luck!

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Looks like this is a new one, I'll wait for a lower price to buy in, thou i have ada and matic I'm staking on binance, and Rfox on rfox finance for a good APY