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Good. Word of advice. 50% of people experience poop issues in their lives, including fissures and hemorrhoids. You can avoid nearly all these issues by being patient and not straining to go potty.

It’s imperative that you let the natural passive nervous system muscle contractions evacuate your bowels. When you strain you are causing two ringed muscles in your rectum, the outer and inner sphincter to tighten and potentially tear. If you sit for too long just get up and go do something else. Come back when it’s easy.

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Ik the way

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If you feel the urge to poo, it should come out immediately. Having to wait to poo is a sign of a poor diet. Don't eat too much spicy foods and drink more water.

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Don't wait too long. I waited three days to take a shit and by the time it came out it was so massive it blew out my asshole. Painful.

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Successful shits are all in the approach that’s why I hate social gatherings

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most based thread of /biz/ rn

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