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Do attractive women still lurk and post on /biz/?

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Why yes they do, anon.

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all these ones probably still come around but they're all fat and ugly; these ones are post wall now

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and the ones that made it are getting poo'd on

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This is literally a flat chested dude with long hair waring a bra.

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Welp that one roped.

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i think i saw that red headed girl on a website called whitedate or some shit a few years ago. shes like a trad white nationalist. i tried to talk to her but she wouldnt respond to my messages

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wtf there r wimins here??? i want a refund for my 4chan gold subscription

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Never have never will

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The queen was right, linkies should have listened.

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Femanon here. We are lurking to see who made it, and suck up to those guys.
Also, I regularly post pictures from my OF to boost traffic on my site.

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Most of those are unattractive.

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None of those women are attractive.

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These women aren't attractive

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all /biz/ posters are women

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attractive faces are overrated, girls need F-cup and above tits to have value

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Those are all men.

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I post here a ton, but everyone just calls me names. This board is mean.

I just want to be rich, there are things i want to buy.

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shut up dumb bitch

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>plastic surgery sex doll face

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get yourself a new kitchen bitch

>> No.49917306

i wil giv u my one long feet penis in ur vegana deer

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These are just some hired shills the link scammers used to get incels to pump their bags

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Not really attractive but women yes.

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she is pretty you fucking incels
i hate you guys so much holy frick

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Hello my little chipmunk long time not seen

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The only women on /biz/ look like this or worse. All the attractive-looking ones are actually men.

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This thread was about attractive women, not hags

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she's not pretty, sorry dude

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Great, when are we having this gangbang with YHWH

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none of these 'women' are attractive

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its a goblin

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kill yourself or shoe on head.

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Looks like an Eastern European grandma with Benjamin Button disease.

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as always: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vhFnTjia_I

verification not required btw

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There are more filters in this collage than there is circulating supply of LINK

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I'm still here OP.

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Go suck a fart, faggot

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Rolling for 5. Give me dat boipucci!

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>Do attractive women still lurk and post on /biz/?
Yes and No. Most 'Female posters' are dudes who are using their GF pics to post as a Fem.

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spinster detected

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Haha thats true stinkies are retards


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My guess is now that crypto is more mainstream they have other places they go for this. I think on twitter some girls were getting paid like 5 ETH to take pics of themselves.

Honestly, this is bullish for /biz/. Ever since the women showed up, this place NEVER found anything GOOD. EVER.

LINK was found by /biz/, and the thesis was laid out before the end of 2017 when all these roasties showed up. You faggot NEETs have been slacking big time since then. Sure, LINK mooned in 2019/2020 vs BTC/ETH and USD, but the ground work was all done in mid 2017.

Now that all the horrible things on /biz/ have been purged
>Reddit GME faggots
>pajeets shilling BSC coins/uniswap coins

Maybe we can do something worthwhile again.

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>/biz/ still full of 1pbtid coomer time wasting question slide threads
>still has numerous wagmi marketing threads/bots
>jannies delete and ban anons who complain about the state of this shithole
>/biz/ is turning great again!
Don’t kid yourself, this shithole will never find another gem again.

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i did pic related before
never used my pics to do anything like that after
multiple people after asked me to do it for other currencies but i refused
good times

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>those "women"
Wow, now I have even less hope than before. Everything is fucked beyond repair if thats what passes for an "attractive woman" these days.

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biz activity is dropping to levels not seen since DeFi summer.

Do what you want with that info.

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>Richard, there are things I want to buy, I know you bought me a new car last year but Evelyn's got the new Tesla and I think it's time for us to move to EV's too.

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post face

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#5 is a goddamn giga stacy for that one

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Shut up nigger

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can you do this again but with vitalik's face as nipple covers?

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Stop making me horny!

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there's something about a white man calling a white woman a nigger that always makes me fucking smile

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and yes, I will shit this thread up with shitcoin I have bags in


10k eo summer btw

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those are all men.

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Why you post my babushka?

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Hello basterd, how do I redeem face reveal, bls send bobs and vegene or do the needful and get out

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Hi Tina

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nice tits

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What happened to the queen of /biz/?

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I hope not

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what happened to this goddess? has she posted recently

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more please

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can you post a picture of your butthole?

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>proceeds to post pictures of trannies and whores with make up so thick you can scrape it off with a spoon

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Nothing personal suzu, now suck suck

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why yes i post here quite regularly

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>as if they ever did
>t. delusional

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They do but they don't need to make their appearance noticeable so they're in the shadows. We're all anons after all, why women must announce themselves? It derails every thread anyways. The only ones who post the sexy photos are probably paid by someone to make a pic that says /biz/ or just want the attention because it's easy on a board full of anons who are male in real life.

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2 is hot

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>they're all wicked whores
woa who would have predicted this would happen

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somebody post the ark girl nude pls,
i accidentally deleted the link on my hard drive

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i was legit waiting for this as my top signal

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apparently she's in Zürich right now

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I hate women

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>things i want to buy
Not longing for a shack life in the woods.
You don't belong here.

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her pimp finally moved her here as an escort after germany? sauce?
she lost her money on retarded coins like $paper because she was too dumb to put her money in avax before the bull run

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how dare you disrespect the queen

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To any attractive women on /biz/, I have an 8 inch dick and half a bitcoin. I’d like to meet you

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she made a thread today
was posted on there, she said swiss men don't want sex or sth

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Yes swiss men are incel lol

Fuck janjan

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Im in zurich. I saw a lot of trannies here lol
Men looks hot here but incels dont flirt with me.

Everything here expernsive

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It’s just meat dude

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>I look like her, if she’s ugly so am I, I MUST BE PRETTY
female “logic”

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Hey me too!!

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I'm in Zug so not so far from you. wanna meet up?

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Yeah because Swiss or Austrians don't randomly talk to strangers.
Especially if swiss notice, you don't have a allemanic dialect (Schwiizerdütsch) they'll shut down.
The exception are Liechtensteiner, which are very friendly, but they know that nobody gets to immigrate there.

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>ark girl nude
Cathie Wood? Really? Morbid curiosity aroused

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not that ark invest,
the "thirty fucking bucks" one

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There are probably a few still around, but most of them are probably on OnlyFans now, which wasn't big at the time that OP's image was made.

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how do you earn your money? i dont see you on the popular escorting sites. does he force you to be a streetwalker?

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you forgot this one

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I'm an attractive woman. Here is my picture.

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100% change this is an inbred kike.

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haha image if they posted their feet haha

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Posting fivver larps doesn’t count anon

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Based junkie shitting on linkies

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That's a bad photoshop

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Bros how much net worth needed to aquire cute ugly gf

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>the saggers that doomed shibagholders

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she is beautiful you freaking incel

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Yes, cute, but also ugly, but I want her

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Cute? Yes.
Attractive or Beautiful? Hell no.
Would be friends with, but would never touch with my dick

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I miss the sharpie in pooper guys.
Digimarines if any of you are still out there I have an offer for you...

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Where would you keep all those grams? AEX is presenting a juicy offer by playing texas Hold'em and also earn over 1k GAT

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The Arkie is a qt3.14 confirmed.