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Boomers worked hard day in and day out. Why can’t you?

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If shelter, food and water are all priviledges to be fought and earned then what is the point of your society? Why participate in any way? So you admit society doesnt provide anything no?

Personally i believe that parasites such as yourself deserve to be euthanised

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How come boomers literally want us to suffer? Like they actually want us to own nothing at all.
I’ve even noticed this with my own parents. I recently bought a house at age 32, 70% cash and rest mortgage. Yet my boomer dad wants to constantly put me down about it? He says it’s not a nice house, that at my age he had better, asked me if I paid taxes on my crypto sales. He’s genuinely not happy for me and he’s my fucking dad. I am sure I’m not even in his will at this stage and I don’t fucking care. He even prevented me from driving until I was 22 because “I think you would run someone over” even though I never had mental issues and was always good at school. He wanted me to rely on him to drive me everywhere.

There’s a coldness and psychopathy in boomers you don’t see with anyone else.

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SS is not a right, lets seem them start crying like little bitches when they get thier SS depleted stupid fucking bitchass boomer nigaas. All these boomers are too cocky

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My parents are exactly the same. My parents told me to take out a 1 mil mortgage to buy a house and “work hard and pay it off like we did”. I agreed to and asked them to go gaurantor or else the bank wouldn’t give me the loan. Suddenly they didn’t want me to get it anymore.

It’s not a boomer thing. It’s an old person thing. You’re 32 and they’re 60-70. You have some youth left. They don’t. Boomers would give away everything they own to be 20 again. Youth is everything and they want yours to pass you by you so you can be reliant on medication and waiting for your death like them.

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We'll be hearing a different time once they break a hip and can't take care of their house anymore, then we'll be hearing "I deserve a place to live, I changed your diapers when you were little, please don't stick me in the cheapest inner city nursing home that's run by shaniquas NOOOOOO"

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They are jealous. Their main goal is to keep us from obtaining any status that would qualify as adult.

They will die off soon enough.

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Maybe they arent wrong, but it's like they think that everyone has forgotten about taking things by force. If you get right down to it, that's the natural order of things.

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Boomers didn't work for shit. You fags literally had it on easy mode.

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Checked and keked
>Karma is a bitch

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Hey you really want me to fight for my basic needs like shelter or food? No problem, I will just find the weakest geezers and let their blood flow in Minecraft. Judging by how boomers treated their own offspring, there won't be much resistance from them.

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>They will die off soon enough.
God willing.
I feel like all boomers grew up being fed the idea that by being hippies, sitting around doing nothing but offering cops flowers and doing drugs they could change the world and when that sputtered out and went nowhere they all decided they simply wanted no part in polite society and decided to only engage with it from far away, on their own terms, and only in self service.
I don't think the psychopathy is an old person thing, it is a baby boomer thing

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their parents worked hard to provide them everything
they worked hard to pawn their inheritance and steal everything from their own children

euthanization is too kind desu

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ITT: The absolute state of american families

I couldn't imagine my parents ever acting so retardedly selfish

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Holy fuck, it feels like you just wrote my life story. Exactly the same situation. Bank wouldn’t give me the loan unless I had parents as gaurantor and they said “we didn’t get our parents to do that, so why should you?”. Also you are fucking right. They just want your youth to go by. Even going to the gym and coming home (I’m 21) my dad says “all that working out and protein can’t be good for you, too much stress on the body” while he’s morbidly obese. Holy fuck I can’t wait till my crypto moons so I can fuck off out of here. Living with boomer parents is hell. Doesn’t help that my parents are 62 and 60. They had me really late.

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Leaded gasoline, anon. Same thing that brought down Rome brought down america

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Funny you mention the driving thing. Didn’t drive until I turned 25. Parents outright refused to help me buy a car. Without a car and license I couldn’t get a lot of jobs. Had to slave in a factory till I could afford to get lessons and a car. Meanwhile a lot of my friends with GEN X parents had cars at 17 and were already driving everywhere.

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My boomer parents bought my brother, my sister, and me, a house each.

T. Parents born poor in Greece, moved to Australia, made it, and set us up for life financially.

My parents are shocked when they hear other boomer parents not helping their kids out considering how much harder it is to get into a house these days compared to the 60s/70s/80/90s

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I wish this was uniquely american. Im from germany and my parents are exactly the same and poor as shit. Unreal. Extremely selfish, grew up during the biggest bullrun in history of civilization yet still poor. Its over for poorfags like me

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I make 70k a year and I"m living with my parents to save for my first house. at the rate houses keep going up in price people are going to have to pvp in minecraft to get a house

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That’s interesting. My parents are immigrants too, but refuse to help me with anything. Italian immigrants to Sydney. I haven’t received a cent and I am 29. I remember I had to walk for 1 hour to the train station every morning for my first job, because no car, and no bus service there either from my area. My parents don’t seem to care at all even though they’re sitting on millions, they couldn’t even take out 10k AUD and buy me a second hand car.

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Lmao I had the driving thing too. Weird that it keeps coming back up

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Real estate as investment is where it all went wrong.

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Germany and American are literally the same kind of globalist, so it's no surprise.

What surprises me is that parents in the literal third world, where i live, are somehow better than the ones from rich as fuck places where they should be way, way more easily able to help their children.

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It’s extremely common with boomer parents who married late and have young children.
The thing is you don’t really realise it and think it’s abnormal because most people you went to school with have Gen x parents, and got cars and their license as soon as they could. All the people at my school who didn’t drive or have a car were all children of boomer parents like me.

It sounds trivial but having your car and license is such a basic fundamental in todays life that you’re basically disabled without it. I struggled so much for so long while I saw Gen x children zoom past me in a brand new car while I was walking in bushland for an hour just to get to the train station. I was shown no mercy that’s why I guard every cent of mine. It’s made me a selfish person out of necessity.

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>Boomers worked hard day in and day out.
>Literally the laziest generation ever

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I mean of course not every commie dipshit deserves a free house, but regulations that put predatory institutions and foreign investors in their place would be good. It shouldn't be legal to rent out suburban family homes. If you wanna play the landlordnigger game then keep it for apartment buildings and commercial buildings only.

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Holy fuck I’m going to cry for you guys. You actually have monsters for parents. My parents are x and they bought me a car before I could even drive even though they’re truly not that wealthy. They actually got the money for the car out of the mortgage redraw. Holy fuck, walking an hour just to the station everyday.

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Same thing happening today is written on 4000 year old Sumerian tablets too.

Fractional reserve schemes always benefit first entrants (key 1971), and, since taking extractive rents like landlordship is easier than actual productive labour, banks print money for mortgages instead of factories for workers. the economy stops producing and starts a downward spiral of more aggressive rent extraction. Getting to a point where people like OPs post think they are entitled to a civil society while profiting off several tenets

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Cars were THE status symbol for boomers. As it was said they all rushed out to get licences and cars IN HIGHSCHOOL.
It really does seem like an effort to deny children any form of status that they had growing up. Im sure they tell themselves that if for their kids own good. That it makes them stronger to scrape by. Like when I left home and they gave me exactly zero dollars to help start a new life.

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How fast would the housing market crash if housing was declared a human right?

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And then you have me, people who actively try to self destruct. My grandma skipped her daughter (my mother obviously) in her will, because she already has a condo and I don't. Me being me, I refused to receive this inheritance, and since I have the only copy of the will, condo went automatically to my mother. And you know what? Fuck all the silky skin bitches who are to good to work hard, who want to be served on a silver platter. If any of you cunts have this attitude - know that I truly despise you, fucking weaklings.

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You have no idea. The worst thing is that my parents are now getting extremely sick and want me to put my life on hold to take care of them because they don’t want to go into a nursing home. For the first time in my life I stood up to them and said I’m busy with my own life and just don’t have the time or the financial capability to put down everything and take care of them, even if they left me everything as inheritance. We haven’t spoken in about a month now.

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Oh look a greasy wog trying to start generational warfare in a country he doesn't belong.
Fuck off, we're full.

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My Boomer mom pulls the same shit. She always finds a way to poke a hole in anything good I have going on. It doesn't even matter that I'm doing better than like 90% of the people my age. I also have a sibling that makes 160k a year before taxes and he can barely afford the townhouse that he bought. Everything is so totally fucked it's not even funny.

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They are literally the "me" generation, they have spent their entire lives being pandered to by advertisers (who were using all kinds of fancy new advertising tactics on them from the 40's onward) who tell them that they matter more than anyone else and if they allow their own children to take their place they are conceding that they are not the most important in the room.

You can also see this in the job market where boomer executives/management raise all kind of arbitrary and unnecessary barriers to entry to slow the upward mobility of younger workers and ultimately delay their own replacements.

That's an oversimplification and doesn't apply to all boomers, but I think that's a decent synopsis.

The old are supposed to be replaced by the young, they are the first major generation to try and rebel against that natural order and it is wreaking havoc on society as a whole.

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Yeah it’s some weird thinking they have. Honestly it’s bittersweet that people here can relate. I have never received a single dollar from my parents. Once they loaned me $500 yes $500 Australian dollars to buy uni textbooks. And they asked me when I was going to pay it back, constantly. My dad said “we don’t need the money but you need to learn that nothing in life is free”. I was 18.

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Wah-wah fucking wah you entitled bitch. Go look after your parents. You're disgusting.

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They woke up one day and they were 40, and they realized that they were turning into their parents. They realized that all of that hippy equality stuff was all bullshit. And they still won't accept it. The wealthy boomers live in their bubbles and will go to their graves never accepting that they were wrong.

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this was a clear and concise explanation of the problem, which is a nice change for the shrieking retardation we usually see on /biz/.
The spiral also perpetuates further because winners catch onto the game (sometimes unknowingly, like people believing things 'always go up') and those winners are able to grow in influence politically.
In jurisdictions where people can leave, they will, especially if there is less resource wealth. In places where there is resource wealth, there is going to be revolution.

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Cope, you boomer scum. No one will be taking care of your generation except nursing home niggers

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You did the right thing. My mom wanted the same. She treated me like shit her whole life till she was dying. We’re going to see a lot of boomers die miserably like this because their children just won’t come to their aid.

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In ancient Greek city states, your slaves were taken away from you, if you couldn't provide shelter for them.

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I used to get up at 4am to start work at 8am so I could catch a ride into town with welder neighbour (that’s when he started every morning)

He’d drop me off on the outskirts of town where I would weight for a bus.

I was 20, no license because neither parent cared, had to lie and wing the test eventually

My dad is literally a multi millionaire but because his parents never helped him he’s gotta pass that baton onto me

I’m all good now but fuck boomers

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You’re the entitled one though. Why should he help parents who basically made sure that his life was as hard as possible? His parents are lucky he isn’t a psycho.

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Who do you think they learned if from. Live by the selfish die by the selfish.

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Bro this is the same thing my dad tells me. “My parents didn’t help me so why should I help you?”. He’s helped me with absolutely nothing not a cent. What’s funny though is that I want to make it in life so I can help my children a lot in life. How come I don’t have the same attitude as him? Where did his attitude come from?

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You’re a fuckhead, working hard is good for the soul; but it’s not the moral absolute you’re making it out to be

You should take every opportunity that comes your way

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>It’s extremely common with boomer parents who married late and have young children.
No, it's not. There was actually nothing more awesome than being a Millennial born in the late 80's-early 90s with rich, older Boomer parents that spoiled the shit out of you. The party ended after we finished college and burned out in our late 20's from a bleak job market and no opportunities, but hey it was awesome before then.

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Boomers can go to hell.

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I would help my children if I had them. I’m only selfish towards my parents really.
If I had children and the means I’d give them everything.

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I'm not a boomer just not some entitled faggot loser.
This is victim mentality writ large. This faggot had loving parents. They moved from some shithole in Italy that probably was built in the 1500 with open sewers to God's chosen land. They raised him to be independent and taught him the value of money. They installed a work ethic in him and fed and clothed and supported him his whole life. They lent him money when he needed it and attached a valuable life lesson to it. Yet allOP sees is himself as the victim in some dark cruel play. That his evil parents didn't gift him a golden toilet and raise him to be a coddled piece of shit with a brand new hotted up VW golf. His parents are sick and his twisted mind tells him it's ok not to go help the people who discarded two decades to his ungreatful ass.
You loser faggots who point fingers at boomers need a fucking punch in the face. No one's life is perfect.

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In hindsight, he did you a favour by being so selfish because the hard times his generation created/is creating is going to take out a lot of people, even mental resilience is an asset these days when you consider the 'safe space' crowd.

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holy shit i never thought of that. maybe that’s why tptb push prescription drugs on kids so much now, to make up for their lack of other brain poisons.

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You think youre based but really you’re just supremely retarded.

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Cope harder. Torturing your children then calling them entitled. I would die before I let my kid walk an hour in bushland to the train station everyday while his peers had new cars and were ahead in life with better job opportunities and prospects.

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I know what you mean
Ultimately I’m not hateful towards the situation or him. Just hard to understand

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Typical melted boomer brain. Hope you die soon.

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You were not tortured, wake the fuck up to yourself.

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Learn delayed gratification retard. If I had been taking every opportunity for free "stuff", I would had ended up with addiction to blow and some nice collection of STDs. I am a grown up man and I don't take shit for free, period. If you receive something you haven't earned, then you owe these people. I swear to god, you useless people shoot go to prison for a year or two and you would quickly learn what it means to owe somebody

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Define human right. I do think I have the right to build my own house in any fashion I choose without the government interfering.

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I agree, I’m thankful in a way, and I never actually asked for anything

It’s more just a funny display of hypocritical juxtaposition of how he perceives himself in him own mind vs the reality

Worth noting I moved in with him later in my life after living in poverty with my mother and stepdad that beat the shit out of me, I just can’t imagine allowing my own son to live a similar childhood

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I am self made

I’ve never taken a cent from anyone.
That doesn’t mean I’m a faggot that can’t stand others getting a free leg up in life, if it’s there, take it

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They were richer than their parents, that's why.

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As long as there are people who understand what has happened, and can witness this shit, survive (mentally or otherwise) whatever 'transition' is ahead, humanity will win out. Just witness as much as you can and let's hope we don't go down some dystopic digital slavery timeline.
Ending up in a Blade Runner world is looking more and more possible.

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>30 yr old boomer
My parents had no idea how to raise me once I hit 16. Sent me out to figure it out. I see now they just didn't know. I don't blame them or hold resentment. I wouldn't do it the same either. You're a moron who is falling for Jew tricks to split apart your family with your retarded mentality. Just like your parents fell for Jew tricks when they made mistake raising you.
Now go back faggot.

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Exactly. Semantics contrary to popular belief are very important, and there is a whole fucking spectrum between taking and receiving. I've been a loanshark, so trust me, I know how to squeeze mentally weak people. And that's the whole point - create a situation for yourself and seize the opportunity, not fucking wait for someone to die so you would get something for your patience.

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Go back to your containment board homo

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I used to believe I was just “entitled” for wanting a TINY amount of help from my parents too. My mom passed away when I was 16. Dad died when I was 36, two years ago. He was worth around 10 mil at the time of his death. We had a good relationship my whole life. I took it on the chin and literally worked hard with zero help from him and never complained directly to him. When he died I found out I wasn’t even in his will. The sole beneficiary of everything was his girlfriend who he had just met 3 years prior. They weren’t even married or anything. She wasn’t a young trophy girlfriend either. She was 2 years older than him. She refused to hand anything over to me out of 6 properties, a massive stock portfolio and 3 luxury cars. I tried to dispute the will in court because a lawyer thought I had a good case and lost 100k in legal fees. I don’t know why my dad wrote me out of his will. I was in all the previous ones. And I’m not even doing that well in life. I own a really modest apartment and an average car and just getting by so it’s not like he thought “oh he’s rich anyway, let me just give all my money to this woman I met 3 years ago”

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Boomers are delusional with their heads in the sand. Nothing new.

>> No.49910277

I don’t understand how a life of waging isn’t enough to own a home. Surely your tens of thousands of work hours should equate to a home that didn’t take nearly the same amount of effort as a life time of waging to build

>> No.49910304

It’s more common than you think anon. I also wasn’t in my parents will, even though they went with me to the attorneys office to make sure they were in mine. Still haunts me to this day. That I would have died and they would have gotten everything, while I thought I had the same security.

>> No.49910314

Are you fucked up now? On drugs? Been to prison? Been around junkies your whole life? Struggled to eat? No?
Your parents did pretty well then.
This idea that you made up and use to justify why you hate your parents or boomers is all in your head.

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I usually think the stories in these threads are shitty but tame but yours is actually evil.
In fact Im more willing to believe you and >>49910249 are the subject of foul play instead of shitty parents.

>> No.49910430

I thought that as well, but our long time family attorney confirmed that the will was lawfully changed without any coercion or anyone else present. When I talked to a wills and estates senior he told me this kind of thing he sees a lot in his practice. He didn’t say “a lot” but he said “not uncommon”

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Protein is a waste. Other than that, you are correct on all accounts

>> No.49910477

Post physique

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They left me with a stepdad that held me down tortured me with pliers a few times a year. No one ever did anything or tried to make it better afterwards. They are the most selfish generation on earth

Yeah I had to skip meals too

All I’m saying is that other people who are given things aren’t less of a person just because they didn’t have to work as hard. Working hard isn’t a moral standard you should use to decide human worth

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Sounds like that bitch got in his ear though. Sucks anon, sorry to hear that one.

>> No.49910537

That’s fucked bro

>> No.49910541

I didn't have a vehicle until I was 24. I couldn't get my license. They flat out wouldn't teach me to drive.

I walked everywhere. Begged for rides. Had to do everything to stay above water. My parents were both boomer who pissed away their entire lives with dead-end jobs. My mom bought a house and lost it. My dad just didn't even bother to help with my life in any way. All he did was drink his inheritance away and expect me to take care of him. Haven't spoken to him since I was 16.

Good God I just want a home. I haven't lived in a house since I was 8

>> No.49910560

Yet that's legit. I got beat too but never literal torture. Kids need a wack sometimes.
>All I'm saying
I agree with everything you wrote ITT tbf. You attacked me kek

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The best thing about the bugman future is all the boomer suicides it'll take to get there

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Don't fall for it.

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What are the chances that we discover some life extending technology within the next 10-15 years?
You ready for the eternal boomer?

>> No.49910640

Damn, that's my dad too and he's not even a western boomer.

It's like he's always been competing with me rather then helping me.
The worst is when they wanted to kick me out when I lost my job

>> No.49910653

I’m shocked at this driving pill. I thought I must have been 1 in a million who’s parents didn’t buy him a car and literally didn’t want me to drive. When I got my first part time job and started paying for driving lessons they asked me why I was in such a hurry to drive. I was 21. They outright got angry at me getting driving lessons. What the actual fuck?

>> No.49910658

>age 32
There's your problem. You see in your head you think "wow I'm sure old compared to where I was at 22" but your 70 year old dad is insecure. He's mad you're young. He's mad you can get cute 25 year old girls.
>prevented me from driving until I was 22
Kek literally me. The answer is, like I was saying, he's mad you're young and he's not. They have all your money but they can't buy youth.

Make no mistake if tomorrow a medical treatment was devised to transfer youth from the young to the old, the old would immediately and unblinkingly demand it for free from their kids, to sacrifice their lives to prolong their own. The boomer has only ever been about himself and you 'stole' his youth. He will never forgive you.

>> No.49910666

Maybe we could be bros after all...
Calling people faggot is half the fun of posting I’m just bored at work no actual I’ll feelings

>> No.49910678

Australian Xer here, I noticed in the 1990s that the media always presented rising house prices a good thing, like weekly photos of happy couples who just flipped a house for 40% gain in one year, while I was 22 and couldn't get a deposit together. Couldn't understand it. This country's entire "prosperity" has been built in the real estate game, kept in place by restrictive planning schemes and massive immigration. It's a joke of a country where everyone puts up a facade and is dying on the inside trying to keep up.

>> No.49910693


>> No.49910706

Kek I wish.
No, they're just children who never grew up emotionally.
Imagine being bosses around by an 11yr old your entire life. That's the boomers

>> No.49910717

This is actually extremely true. My boomer dad often complains about aging and how short his youth felt, how “it’s so sad that a human being reaches 60 and can barely get through half the day before having no energy, random aches and pains”. They’re suffering in a different way so they want you to suffer in at least one major way, financially.

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File: 1.31 MB, 1226x924, gov-houseing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not a human right? I say we go ahead and give anyone that wants it cheap housing. An interest free loan, one per ssn, of up to 100k home value.

>> No.49910745

Are you retarded? How the hell do you expect any country in the world to be able to offer free housing? That's not how economics works.

>> No.49910768

Yes but why? Why don't they love their kids having a great life? I can't fly but love to see my pet birdie do it.

>> No.49910777

Sad thing is, I think this is just around the corner. Boomers will live to 120 at a minimum. I follow David Sinclair’s work and they’re basically at the edge of discovering this treatment. They already know the underpinnings but the “how” remains

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we just fkn build it mate. Take all the shit from the landfills they made, make earth ships.

2021 social media + crypto, what would happen if we just all at the same time left our parents basement, and just started building with shovels late 1800's style

>> No.49910789

Who cares

>> No.49910798

Boomers don’t love their kids. They believe we are entitled and they’re jealous of our youth.

>> No.49910805

I honestly can't wait for the biggest blackest nurses to neglect that entire generation

>> No.49910824

day of the pillow draws ever nearer

>> No.49910826

Could there be a chance his girlfriend somehow altered the will to her favour?

>> No.49910836

The lead poisoning shit about Rome has been known to be false for decades now

>> No.49910860

I feel ashamed but I'm in the same position at 32. Never even had a gf before...

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Explain to me how economics works

>> No.49910872

These boomer stories are brutal. I was close to someone who won a division one lotto prize. It was only $1 million AUD, just your normal Monday lotto. His parents demanded half of it to build a second home on their land to rent it out to “secure our financial future”. Friend said no. Parents told him to fuck off out of their life and they haven’t spoken for over 5 years. His parents kept telling him “it’s not like you earned that money, you just won it”. Which is ironic given that boomers out of sheer luck bought their first property when the bubble was starting. He actually wasn’t going to tell his parents that he won because he thought they’d tell him what to do with it but he never expected them to just outright ask for half.

>> No.49910915

My mother would scream at me in highschool because she couldn't go be drunk with her friends because she had to work. I was a good kid who never got into any trouble. She almost called the cops on me once when I was out with some classmates finishing a project. She has stolen 80,000 dollars from me and still thinks I owe her. The answer is that they are evil pieces of shit. It's actually amazing you get people who defend them. Boomers stole most of my youth and they're still not satisfied. I will enjoy watching them waste away though.

>> No.49910924

Day of the Reset cant come quick enough

>> No.49910941

Hardest thing about having a gf is the expenses. It’s impossible to do on one income unless you’re amazingly wealthy and extremely hard to do on 2 incomes. Girls have so many expenses. I thought I splurged a bit but girls want to go out for dinner a few nights a week at nice restaurants, need new clothes all the time, buy fitness programs, jewellery, want to have a newer car. I’ve tried dating a third world immigrant and a first world white girl and they weren’t any different. Women cost SO much.

>> No.49910986

When I was 16 my mom refused to help me. When I was 18 I completed a driving course but needed to visit the dmv to get it sorted. She lost her shit and said that I needed to take a driving exam even though completion of the course -is- the exam. I didn't get my license until my mid-20s. She 'helped' me get a car, putting it in her name then gave thee spare key to my younger brother and he totaled it. Promised the 3k she got from scrapping it would go to replacing it. Kept the 3k for herself as a downpayment on a brand new car for herself, but I got her old car which has had 5000 dollars in repairs since I got it. They are very wonderful, generous people.

>> No.49911013

no need to feel ashamed in this shitty economy anon

>> No.49911027

You wog cunts make me sick

>> No.49911037

You did good anon.
Mine want me long gone despite losing my job and no Neetbux coming in.

If I'm actually kicked out they still think I'll take care of them when they're old when I'd be poor or close to homeless.

Family in their eyes is an accident caused by cooming

>> No.49911059
File: 168 KB, 864x1113, 1655778132379.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dad made $45/hr as security guard.
>Union allowed people to work double time 7 days a week for the final two years of retirement pad their pension
>Dad retired at 60 with 6 figure pension
Those days are gone for good.

>> No.49911065

Mothers stealing money from sons is the worst man that is fucked

I had my first $1k yoinked but your ma seems absolutely fucked I hope everything is going better now

>> No.49911074

You have the same exact mentality as boomers.

None of us asked to be here. Our parents had us to enrich themselves and take care of them when they got old. They will always be limited in what they can see for the future.

Calling people ungrateful when you forced them into this world. It's like raping a girl and then telling them their ungrateful twats because she went to the police.

Most people have realized this about their parents and when you reach that precipice, you realize we don't advance, we just run around in circles because my life was hard, so I have to make your life hard.

The only person who needs a good punch in the face is yourself.

Eat shit and die.

>> No.49911120

I’ve noticed this too. Those $200-300 dinner nights which are just “normal eating out” nights are so fucked. Every girl I get with is extremely materialistic. I’ve tried almost every age, every ethnicity.

>> No.49911145

socialists are negative IQ
they think that houses just spawn out of thin air
if you are entitled to a house as an inherent human right, that means you're entitled to up to 1 year worth of labor of dozens of construction workers and up to 100k$ in construction materials (and naturally, the hundreds of hours of labor that was spent acquiring these materials)
and since people don't work for free, the state will have to pay, regular and maintain a worker class precisely to constantly build houses. this also increase construction costs, as now even the most destitute of people can create demand. who is going to pay for it? make a wild guess! again, socialists believe that wealth and assets just pop out of thin air. when they ask for free stuff they genuinely don't understand that they pay for it via taxation/inflation

>> No.49911147

>Housing is not a human right
So not to be killed by unhoused is'nt too.
A simple conclusion, sure you're not able to grasp.

>> No.49911165

every civilization in history has had periods of credit expansion and inflation. this is just the end game where there is so much inflation that your money has no purchasing power.

>> No.49911215

you think all this affluence has made people more giving and charitable or more conniving and vindictive?

>> No.49911216

yes but they are from greece
they had a med mindset, they idea of being hostile to your children is snowniggerism/protestantcuckery

>> No.49911232

That's just pure fucking evil. And these people wax poetic about hard work and dedication.

>> No.49911233

This never fucking happened kys

>> No.49911266

what affluence? most people here are talking about not even being able to afford a roof over their head.

>> No.49911271

im 26 at 65k/y, i live at home and my parents charge me $550 for "rent," even though the mortgage on their 7000sqft house in the city is 1500 a month and they clear about $300-400k/y combined.

I get to watch them waste my "rent" money on new TVs and BBQ pits, etc.. and they expect me to help redo the floor, etc..

>> No.49911273

It’s believable to me. I’ve heard a few similar stories from my friends. He could be lying but this stuff definitely happens

>> No.49911292

why didn't you buy a piece of shit 2nd bike for $100?

>> No.49911299

Can’t imagine charging my own child for rent. These people have zero dignity.

>> No.49911302

>I must have been 1 in a million who’s parents didn’t buy him a car
These are Jewish shills, right?!

>> No.49911304

550 isn't really that bad and life is more secure than living in shared housing with strangers and an asshole landlord.

>> No.49911330

The thing that gets me is that I barely talk to her anymore. Sometimes she'll send some gay little birthday card with some shit like "s-son I love you!". It's so fucking tainted and evil, because it's clearly just emotional manipulation. Words are fucking cheap, years of lost waging are not. And especially when people are like "aw but clearly she loves her kids, you should forgive her." My hatred for boomers is indescribable, matched only by my hatred for stockholm syndrome normalfaggots who think parents are entitled to filial piety no matter how badly they fucked up your life.

>> No.49911334

your father is just a cunt

>> No.49911335

If anon was walking in bushland riding a bike would be harder. With the hills and stuff. He would just have to walk with it for a lot of the journey. Plus where does he put the bike? Nobody puts their bike at the train station because they just get stolen. Simple scissors can cut through the strap that connects the lock. Thieving teens are always at train stations

>> No.49911365 [DELETED] 

If you read his posts you'll see he says his parents used to beat him. I'm not an internet psychologist but he's probably coping with trauma by pretending it 'made him a hard and strong man'. To acknowledge that his parents fucked him up would acknowledge that beating your kid is a bad thing.

>> No.49911371

Why don't you just leave?

>> No.49911380

>Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
this includes but not limited to :
water, food and shelter

>> No.49911392

All these excuses and justifications. All you're doing is convincing yourself.

>> No.49911404

rent in the area is like $900-1000 for a studio
I have just decided to join the air force, so I work as a data engineer for 65k/y until I become a golem

>> No.49911420

At that point I'd just kill her.
I'd make it my mission to befriend her, buy fentanyl and drug her.
Perfect crime and the money is yours.

She's just plain evil

>> No.49911421

probably because for 550 he gets to live in a mansion.

>> No.49911440

they just want you to finally gtfo to you own place, you entitled cunt. parents are the happier when the children finally leave home

>> No.49911481

>takes his money
>want him to leave though
It would make more sense to pay him startup money to get out if that was the case, instead of bleeding him white.

>> No.49911487

oh and also
>Article 25
Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

>> No.49911498

Anyway, not sure it's "boomers". I think some of us have to acknowledge that our parents may not be good people and that in some cases they just don't love us. Be real about them, cut them out of your life and move on. I'm not saying this applies to everyone's parents, by any stretch. But be real, recognise and accept it if it does apply.

>> No.49911511

Relax Satan..
Life is precious you ungreatful nihilistic retard.
I grew up in a generation where if you fucked up you got smacked. All fair. The generation before me had their teachers smacking them. Kids are wrapped in cotton wool today and look at the result. Crying because their parents didn't but them a car.

>> No.49911534

>Be real about them, cut them out of your life and move on.
And there's the end goal of this shill thread. Jews pushing anons away from their parents. Just like they pushed shitty parenting advice on the boomers.

>> No.49911535

The lead poisoning from gasoline cars is very real though. And society saw a noticeable decrease in crime as lead was removed from gasoline.

>> No.49911543

The reason why is that boomers are extreme capitalists. The only reason they had you is for financial reasons, to give them some money in the future when you make it or to take care of them into older age so they don’t have to go to a retirement home. Boomers want a piece of your financial life. You didn’t give it to your dad and instead you escaped from him and started your own life. So he’s wondering why he even had you.

>> No.49911587

There are two things that turn every American communist in a capitalist: for boomers it's housing, for millenials it's tips

>> No.49911588

>Fell for the human hole
Kek. They're godless consoomers anon. They might seem sweet, innocent and naive but they only exist to be taken advantage of by the rich and powerful.
She lost she started but that doesn't mean you have to suffer.

Dump that spoiled child and live alone

>> No.49911641

Based. Shit parents can get fucked and rot.

>> No.49911647

Meanwhile in Libya
>Get $50k towards a house
>Free electricity
>Oil sales go back to the people
>Interest free loans
You're a brainwashed retard at the mercy of his banking masters

>> No.49911690

Any links to said info?

>> No.49911697

i'm a libyan, and every time i see this god damned copypasta i laugh myself to near death

>> No.49911731

i think it's better that we collectively pay to house everyone using taxes(like most countries do with healthcare) rather than having landlord leeches sitting on them and pricing goughing a basic human need

>> No.49911762

28, 70k a year, paying 300 a month to live in my mom's basement. She rents though so I'm not upset about helping, it just sucks that even at this fairly decent pay for the Midwest I'm having to do this to save for a down payment

>> No.49911763

Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Piketty is similar

>> No.49911764

To all the crying zoomers.
No one fucks up your life but you. How you choose to react. How you learn. How you take action. It's the exact same theme over and over. Blaming others for your conditions. Your life. Take control. You can stop caring right his instant or continue to wallow in self pity. You can hate or forgot. It's all you and no one else.
Blaming anyone else is pure cope. Best learn this early.

>> No.49911783

basement suites in canada cost 1500

>> No.49911792

Kind of telling that avoiding absolute rock bottom is “pretty well” to you. What’s the point in making it if you don’t spend any of the money on something for the people you love?

>> No.49911813

>13 posts by this ID
>all of them sound like a demented boomer trying so hard to cope about the fact they had life handed to them for free and fucked the next generation
just die of old age already

>> No.49911832

>implying I can't take action and keep hating the boomer
Yeah, no, it IS boomers fault we are in this mess. Don't shift the blame on to us

>> No.49911848

>no one fucks up your life but you
yes i'm sure all of those rape victims, thalidomide babies, blood diamond miners, etc, etc etc are entirely responsible for their actions
what about aborted fetuses? did they choose to be killed?

>> No.49911865

If you ever make it you'll learn money doesn't buy happiness. You probably won't, but IF.
>Waaaaahhhhhhh waaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

>> No.49911866

>No one fucks up your life but you.
I agree with the general idea of the post except for this. People don't choose to be victims of inflations, recessions, or depressions. They don't get to choose to be victims of war or poverty. Also the fact is hard work and being responsible increase the chance for a better life but by no means guarantee it.

>> No.49911890

just remind them that nursing homes are a thing and Jamal's elderly daycare is right around the corner if they keep it up.

>> No.49911898

I agree with the general idea of the post except for your first sentence.

>> No.49911936

some retard faggot that experienced the best economic growth of all time has the gall to say that kek. If you're >40 and not 7 figs you're a waste of oxygen

>> No.49912027

I graduated into the 08 crash.
Are you comparing blood diamond kids to anons walking to the train station or not being bought their first car?
They choose how they allow those conditions to effect them.

>> No.49912041

>They choose how they allow those conditions to effect them
I'm sure soldiers choose to get PTSD

>> No.49912070

Housing is the first thing a community of humans guarantees to one other, at least to productive members. It is a right.

It's right next to food, and the earliest stories from every single culture concern hospitality to people without shelter.

>> No.49912073

My own father deliberately sabotaged me after university out of spite that I had a better education than him. Boomers deserve slow, painful death.

>> No.49912079
File: 124 KB, 600x390, cf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are zoomers all sociopaths that see their parents as nothing more than living wallets?

>> No.49912087

Jesus fuck you guys are pathetic.
My parents sacrificed a lot for me - my mother especially. There is not a day I can imagine not taking care of them. Even now they are well off and have a nice pension being retired.
But I still want them to live under my new home.

You guys just have shitty parents and a shitty childhood.

>> No.49912119


fucking hell this is one of the most evil. why the hell would they do that. like WHY I can understand but cringe at each individual part. But all those things together is just so evil.

>> No.49912139

why do younger generations feel entitled to a home? how can housing possibly be a human right? the provision of housing requires the labor of others, who are you to say they deserve to provide the product of their labor to you at no benefit to themselves? are you all fucking retarded?

>> No.49912140

No you're not and it's actually true.
Ghadaffi was so loved that they tortured his killer to death for 90 days, in Paris of all places kek

>> No.49912142

More on point you don't get to choose the society you were born into, the policies that primarly benefit those that came before you, increasing population and life expectancy on a global scale make it more difficult to compete, obtain housing and other assets

>> No.49912169

They chose to be soldiers. And conciously or subconsciously they chose to have PTSD. It's all in their head, they can cure themselves when they're ready.

>> No.49912182

multiple countries and the state of Mississippi have programs to build housing for the homeless

at the very least allow people to build their own homes in the wilderness as people traditionally have

>> No.49912210

Why do some of the poorest countries have some of the happiest people?

>> No.49912296

why the fuck would i work hard when i can be smart and hold matic that will eventually make me a millionaire, stay poor with you grinding mentality

>> No.49912357
File: 922 KB, 1277x1702, Hitler Painting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A boomer making the median wage at 20 years old could pay off their house in 3 years. Making the median wage today a 20 year old could pay off their house in 40+ years. Plain and simple.

>> No.49912393

Yeah I know, it's not too bad here. I just got back from Canada and holy fuck how do you guys survive

>> No.49912406

There are no human rights. At the end of the day it's a doggy dog world. You are only allowed freedom of speech because the government has a monopoly on violence and would retaliate against me taking that right from you.
You ever see wild (not domestic) animals napping out in the open? That's right, it's because they need shelter to protect them from predators and the elements. I need shelter. Why am I not allowed to build a favelada on the corner of the street? Again, because gubment says so
If shit continues this way I wouldn't ve surprised to see Hoovervilles make a comeback
Yep, we're becoming Brazil LMAO

>> No.49912420
File: 91 KB, 960x1280, 298340234824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are delusional anon, the guy who killed him died in libya a while after, he got killed in the fighting with loyalists
none of the shit in that dumbass list is true
aside from fuel being cheap which was paid for by taxpayer money in the first place and did nothing but encourage smuggling it to other countries

>> No.49912429

Because they have more autonomy about how they make ends meet

>> No.49912450

>There’s a coldness and psychopathy in boomers you don’t see with anyone else
this is the absolute truth, they fully believe that everything is fairly earned, even if they have nothing and are vaguely aware of the "deep state" establishment. if youre poor they blame you and any talk about the system is met with accusations of communism , gaslighting, and ridicule. if you treat them the way they treat you they act offended and punish you

they'll put you down after stepping on your your whole life then act like you need to stay grateful to them

>> No.49912587

They live in poverty with limited opportunity.. still you can go join them too if you believe that.

>> No.49912636

>And conciously or subconsciously they chose to have PTSD

>> No.49912659

If housing is a human right then there must be slaves to make the houses.

>> No.49912703

I'm sure it would be fun, but I just can't live like that. I'd do it if there were no other alternatives. Guess I'm just too attached to my way of life here

>> No.49912738

there are lots of people who would be happy to build their own homes. too bad starts are bogged down by insane red tape and costs

>> No.49912807

The guy who spotted ghadaffi got tortured, my bad

Didn't you guys get free electricity and subsidized everything?
Other Libyans were saying Ghadaffi was pretty popular

>> No.49912821

They believed they would live forever. Unfortunate that the vaccine was so soon, we could've used covid to quietly clean house like has been needed for the last 20 years.

>> No.49912840

Okay, housing is a human right. Now can all environmental regulations be suspended in the pursuit of building entire cities worth of residential high-rises, China style?

>> No.49912844


>> No.49912862

Everything about the financial system is kiked. If you had more freedom everything wouldn’t be so fucked. Cunts want MORE government to give them their one special interest thing.

>> No.49912917

You really think this guy got nigs to build his home. I'm not even advocating for allowing faveladas to be built on random lots, just that more houses should be built to meet demand.
Henry George was right, landkikes will be the end of this country

>> No.49912930

It's another subject but ultimately you can't control your subconscious, but you can limit what it's exposed to including your own thought patterns and manipulate it.
We all become accustomed to what we have. Want is the cause of many problems.

>> No.49912952


>> No.49912954
File: 453 KB, 812x827, 1654907427235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My parents were/are pretty cool...

>> No.49912961

this is the guy that discovered him, not the one that shot him
>wasn't electricity free
no, it never was
>subsidized everything
only food which was mostly done to make sure we only buy stuff from his allies and nothing more
it sucked, he wasn't popular but like all dictators some people liked him cuz his rule made them rich

>> No.49912962

Singapore, one of the world's most advanced capitalist economies, though small, has an extensive public housing program.

>> No.49913029

>just cope with it, bro
>lmao i'm like so stoic
Yeah, no, pham. When you have a gangrenous leg you lop it off or it will be the end of you

>> No.49913061

this reads like satire

>> No.49913073

Was it normal before america destroyed it?
I can't believe they have African slave trades there kek

>> No.49913103

Then you should move to Libya, no?

>> No.49913119

>Life is precious you ungreatful nihilistic retard.
not according to you, you don't seem to only value it under certain conditions. Frankly it should be legal to kill unthinking useless fodder like you.

>> No.49913125
File: 38 KB, 720x713, 1623638624810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do oomers pretend they lived like the WW2 generation? They always seem to want to take credit for what their parents did and act like they lived through the depression/ww2 despite actually having the cushiest lives of any generation.

>> No.49913135

the lack of respect for elders.
boomers are the worst generation in the history of humanity, they deserve no respect.

>> No.49913153

dude, countries, even third world shitholes outside the west, have made it a priority to house their population. they do this either by building public housing projects or through economic policies which allow for relatively affordable acquisition of housing. what they don't do is hold the entire housing market hostage at the behest of one utterly useless generation, aka BOOMERS.

>> No.49913154

It’s also one of the greatest trading hubs in the world and ruled by literal fascists.

I’ll give you free housing if you give me functioning fascism. Deal?

>> No.49913161

libya sucks now due to instability, that doesn't mean it was good
our normal is not your normal
does having a dictator sound normal? if so then it was, but having a dictator did mean there was police and army around to prevent problems and give a bit of safety (assuming you dont get on his or his cabal's nerves)
you had no rights, everything was corrupt and shit and or turning to shit, our passport sucks our healthcare sucked and our economy relied on exporting one resource as we produced nothing else
there was a shortage of housing so big that youd find 5 families living in one house or building more levels ontop of their ancient house that they inherited or something
the list is huge

>> No.49913170

So none of this is true?

1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free
for all its citizens.

2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are
state-owned and loans given
to all its citizens at 0% interest by law.

3. Home considered a human right in Libya –
Gaddafi vowed that his parents
would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a
home. Gaddafi’s father has
died while him, his wife and his mother are still living
in a tent.

4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 Dinar (US$
50,000 ) by the government
to buy their first apartment so to help start up the

5. Education and medical treatments are free in
Libya. Before Gaddafi only 25%
of Libyans are literate. Today the figure is 83%.

6. Should Libyans want to take up farming career,
they would receive farming
land, a farming house, equipments, seeds and
livestock to kick- start their farms
– all for free.

7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical
facilities they need in Libya,
the government funds them to go abroad for it –
not only free but they get US
$2, 300/mth accommodation and car allowance.

8. In Libyan, if a Libyan buys a car, the government
subsidized 50% of the price.

9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0. 14 per liter.

10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves
amount to $150 billion – now
frozen globally.

11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after
graduation the state would
pay the average salary of the profession as if he or
she is employed until
employment is found.

12. A portion of Libyan oil sale is, credited directly to
the bank accounts of all
Libyan citizens.

13. A mother who gave birth to a child receive US
$5 ,000

14. 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $ 0.15

15. 25% of Libyans have a university degree

16. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation
project, known as the Great
Man-Made River project, to make water readily
available throughout the desert

>> No.49913183

Keep in mind that the extermination of ALL zoomers/millennials is ABSOLUTELY a human right. Time to pull the trigger and enact generational eugenics NOW.

>> No.49913198
File: 31 KB, 600x600, 1650058938452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sent you out at 16
i dont even know what point youre trying to make other than you seem to take very well to shitty parents. its not hard to tell a 16 year old how the world works if youre honest, since your a moronic disingenuous cunt i assume they were too so thats why youre so fucked up and trying to pass off your being fucked up as something other than a severe handicap

>> No.49913214

Boomer thinks she's entitled to a high trust, low crime society that purposely economically indebts and makes it so an entire generation can't live happy lives and start families. If things get bad, people just start robbing each other and female white boomers are the first to be targeted.

>> No.49913222

She’s unironically correct
People don’t have a right to own a house
Retards blame boomers when the State is the one who enforces retarded building laws and land use laws which limit efficient development.

You never see any major politicians advocate for high density housing

>> No.49913230
File: 23 KB, 911x661, house prices.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just be born at the right time

>> No.49913247

He already said it wasn’t true, you nitwit.

Name these countries and name the housing projects. I’m sure you could find cheap housing in the US if you were willing to live in a relatively impoverished area, but let me guess: “i NeEd to Be cLoSE To tHe BIG cItY”

As another anon said, housing isn’t a right and you aren’t entitled to someone else’s labor or resources.

>> No.49913319

because they are angry at everything for their lack of ability to control everything, not even themselves

>> No.49913340

>housing isn’t a right
Neither is breathing k!kelord. Get gassed

>> No.49913354

I want to hear it from him, because I too believed the memes

>> No.49913365


Because they're so judaized that control, power, and competition with others around them - even their own children - is more important than being a parent or relative.

>> No.49913368
File: 227 KB, 900x900, boomers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49913430

americans are really funny people. they will conveniently claim "X is not a human right" when it fits them, but then ask daddy govt to give them free shit and help them when SHTF.
I wonder: have studies ever been done on the number of people and companies that have ever received govt help, subsidies and similar stuff (that is, not considering the people that got the trump gibs)?

>> No.49913475

there won't need to be studies because everyone who has ever lived in this country has benefited from government gibs, being a subsidy, stipend, tax break, stimulus check etc.

>> No.49913485

giving the homeless food is immoral socialism
giving large corps trillions in stimmies thru QE is just good capitalism

>> No.49913531

Boomers: weak men creating bad times

>> No.49913536

There are no human rights. Human rights are in place to benefit the people in power. They are there to give you a false sense of security so you can be a productive little gentile

>> No.49913580

The weakest.

>> No.49913598
File: 215 KB, 1181x866, the retirement scam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49913600

I'm still alive thanks to a state that provided me with free anti-cancer treatment, which came from govts who assumed health is a human right, even for poor people like me. tell me again how human rights only benefit powerful people? if anything, I've heard exactly the contrary: most rich, powerful people love bragging about their wealth (see steve jobs as an extreme example), so they'd rather pay for shit than let institutions help them.

>> No.49913651

Gaddafi was a great man. Countless interviews of him where he has told nothing but the truth, proven by time, while the USA was lying about everything.

>> No.49913652

Yeah, the kikes don’t want free housing for poor people. Get real, fag.

>> No.49913687

If he was so great then why couldn’t he resist western meddling? I understand love for Assad, but Gadaffi was a two-bit saddam hussein.

>> No.49913734

Exactly as I said. People will see this and gladly continue to toil in Mr Schekelberg's coal mines or (assuming you live in Europe like all you faggots do) ignore his exploitation of workers in other countries

>> No.49913744

The duality of biz

>> No.49913750

>Jews pushing anons away from their parents.
they pushed us away by indoctrinating us into this fucked up world where complaints of rampant inflation are met with "you should've stayed in school" and "work harder"

they did nothing right and instead of helping their progeny in their time of need theyre blowing record amounts of money on retirement, with most having no intentions of leaving an inheritance. they werent tricked, they know exactly what theyre doing and deserve all the hate they get

>> No.49913759

I forgot to mention: they love bragging about their wealth... but they also LOVE when the govt gibs their businesses free money

I live in south america, you fucking brainlet.

>> No.49913774
File: 170 KB, 704x981, 1652313550494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49913822

we blame delusional pussies like you who dont care about anything, not even themselves. you just dont want to admit your stupid pussies

if youre a kike youre doubly pathetic because you know were right about you but you still double down on your efforts, as Otto Weininger would say, like a woman

>> No.49913824

Figures. I'm telling you the whole deal benefits them. If you can't see it you are double digits retarded

>> No.49913828

2.yes, there is no interest in loans but you get such a small amount of "loans" from the state that you have to pay back eventually or they take all your shit
3. no, he said that nonsense in his green book but none of it applied in reality aside from making squatter's rights x10 times more
4. no
5. education and medical treatments are free everywhere that isn't america, such as europe and you pay for it with taxes
literacy in all of africa increased rapidly in the time period, libya was no exception
7. partially true, but you had to suck so much cock to get that and most people just die in libya
we wouldn't need that if we had functioning healthcare in our country
as for the accomodation shit, it's not true
you get like 500 dollars at the end of the year abroad if you are lucky, the embassy pockets everything
8. no, all of our cars were bought used from europe directly and weren't paid for by the state
9. yes, so is saudia arabia and most oil producing countries
10. yes, but we also had no production to speak of so it doesnt matter, we still have no debt
11. no
12. no
13. no, you get paid leave for having a child like most of the world tho
14. yes, like most arab countries bread is subsidized directly by the state, you also got 10 loafs for 0.15 not 40
15.yes? i dont know
16.a meme, it was never finished and barely works at 5% capacity.
i dont know who made that copypasta, i cant find it anywhere till after he died so it can't be him

>> No.49913877

Go fortnite dance the pain away retard

>> No.49913896

they have the highest rates of mental illness and depression, most are deeply unsatisfied with life you moronic nigger

>> No.49913910

I'll fortnite dance over your grave fr fr no cap bussin you old cuck

>> No.49913914

>govt spending a little money on their people = benefit for the rich
from some point of view, maybe, and I get your point (people would revolt if the social security systems didn't exist), but, seriously, people would work until their deaths under really shitty conditions some 100 years ago. you can't deny things have advanced, and they have advanced exactly because of these political frameworks. that and technology HAVE made our lives easier and better.

>> No.49913940

It's not stoic it's just not being a reactionary mongoloid

>> No.49913952

>Non-American boomer
Most of your parents' generation didn't have kids, so they're gonna consider you a status symbol and give you stuff

>> No.49913955

If it makes you happy, I'll be happy

>> No.49913968

Social security isn’t a human right !

>> No.49914014

Being rich in a poor place with rampant inequality sucks. I don't want to be a millionaire in South Africa or Brazil, I want to be a millionaire in the US or EU.

>> No.49914018

i will t-bag your daughter in front of you

>> No.49914025

>There was actually nothing more awesome than being a Millennial born in the late 80's-early 90s
Yeah there was something more awesome. Being born in the early 80s. Before faggots like you came along.

>> No.49914047

Imagine living through the most prosperous time in history and still having nothing

>> No.49914051

>entitlement meme

Yes that's it...this NPC's brainwashing is almost complete...repeat after me one more time: "I'm not entitled to own anything and I should be happy that I'm even allowed to eat the bugs"

>> No.49914055

Wow you guys have shitty fathers.
And here I am mad at my dead father for not leaving us with a house, at least he wasn't as much of a dick as some of the stories here suggest

>> No.49914077

No, what I'm saying is a happy goy is a productive goy. Feudalist societies were nowhere near as productive as modern ones and that have everything to do with the freedoms afforded to us
Nothing wrong with being reactionary
When the time comes let me know. I'll still be here—even after I make it. We'll have have us a gay ol time. I'll bring the best pinot noir money can buy and toast it to you my friend. Bitter to the very end

>> No.49914086

>It's not stoic it's just not being a reactionary mongoloid
meaningless nonsense

>> No.49914090

My father outright abandoned my family when he no longer wanted to provide and I still think he's better than half the guys posted on here. Fuck, I'm kinda grateful even.

When all is said and done, I still have no idea what the ever loving fuck is wrong with those goddamn boomers.

>> No.49914187

My Mon too,one of my Dreams Is buy her a house,we lose ours in venezuela with all bs going on there...

>> No.49914197

Too based for this board

>> No.49914201

>Nothing wrong with being reactionary
Look at the lefties who get all up in arms about any percieved grievances. How easily they are manipulated. Surely you can see the dangers of being so easily manipulated by outside forces.
Sorry fren it's a long haul, maybe in 50-60 years? You'll find me in the citadels cemetary.

>> No.49914230

If Ghadaffi wasn't stubborn and allowed Russia to set up a base like Assad did he'd still be alive.

I think he stupidly likes Obongo and his (((liberal policies)))

>> No.49914238

B-but an image on the internet would never lie to me!

>> No.49914250 [DELETED] 

It sort of is a right when you think about it. The government guarantees property rights. But it also guarantees life. Since it is basically illegal to just go onto public land and build a house the government should at least consider providing some shelter or at least a pathway for such.

>> No.49914358

respect is not a human right

>> No.49914583
File: 115 KB, 807x1024, 1613853097608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never ever

>> No.49914768
File: 1.44 MB, 200x200, 1655861022686.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its because the baby boomers are the most narcissistic, greedy, and entitled generation in history, and now that they are elderly and "not cool" they want everyone else to suffer so they can feel better about facing death. My parents bought new mototcycles instead of putting me through college (or caring one bit about my future), and tried to manipulate me into not buuing a house but renting a house they bought for me. Just level up and ignore them. Get jacked, get rich, and enjoy life it makes them seethe like nothing else.

>> No.49914924
File: 836 KB, 200x200, 200 (7).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No-one said houses should be free, but the ability to buy a house (both in regard to availability and price) should be protected by the state. The current prices are wildly inflated and not proportionate to what they cost to build at all. Young people not being able to start families or have the jobs they were trained to do due to housing being squeezed by speculators and landlords isn't good for society.

I'm currently in a situation where I can only do my job if I live in a small studio apartment nearby. A home to start a family in is so far out of reach; I can't possibly save enough money to keep up with the current price action. I can't even afford to live in the same place I grew up in.

>> No.49914951
File: 157 KB, 800x608, HimmlerAnimu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your offer is acceptable

>> No.49914995

This right here. If people are retarded enough to buy memecoins and lose their money they should've paid their mortgages with, then thats on them

>> No.49915006

i buy memecoins (vinu) and pay my mortgage at the same time, if people are retarded it's not my fault

>> No.49915182

>but the ability to buy a house (both in regard to availability and price) should be protected by the state
Retard, the state's "protection" (see: nimby laws and 55+ zones) are why houses are unaffordable for young people to begin with

>> No.49915257

Price/rent controls are absolutely terrible, I agree and I recall some socialist economist also saying they're the fastest way to destroy a city short of bombing it.

However, one thing that works and is actually working in real life is for the government to directly build, manage, and rent out housing. This is literally what Singapore does and is immensely successful, especially compared to similarly developed economies like Taiwan and HK.

>> No.49915284

55+ zones and nimby laws don't protect price nor availability, at least not for young people.

>> No.49915655

Merge mining with bitcoin serves two main purposes; it gives the syscon platform the second highest hash rate in all of crypto making it virtually impregnable.

>> No.49916021

My mom emptied my sister's college fund when my sister was in high school to buy a new car. Boomers are frighteningly narcissistic.

>> No.49916077
File: 242 KB, 3836x772, vinrug4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ser you will be rugged ser

>> No.49916114

Two words: Social Security

A Ponzi scheme to coddle retard boomers that never saved for retirement, paid for by younger generations that never voted for it. And they have the nerve to blame millennials. We should all vote to end social security and stop lazy boomers who don’t want to work. Fuck them

>> No.49916118

What's the downside?

>> No.49916276

Having “rights” means you have something which one cannot legally prevent you from enjoying; the “right” to housing means the government cannot stop you from buying a house, renting an apartment, or NOT give you shelter if they put you in prison. It doesn’t mean a free man must be given a house by Uncle Sam.

>> No.49916328

This is the generation who rarely had to fight in pointless wars, but had plenty of time to protest such wars; Vietnam and Iraq come to mind. They got everything cheap because the economy was very prosperous and it was hard not to be making money when things were good.

Most of them are realizing they barely had to struggle for much, they barely understand how to use the technology their generation invented, and they’re going to die soon.

>> No.49916390


>> No.49916441

what are you talking about? Yeah peasants in the cities, but the medieval serf worked considerably less than the modern poorfag today and had a better diet that isn't ze bugs or chemical bs.

>> No.49916448
File: 120 KB, 1172x860, 1639355570331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

boomers owe me a house

>> No.49916501

>However, one thing that works and is actually working in real life is for the government to directly build, manage, and rent out housing. This is literally what Singapore does and is immensely successful, especially compared to similarly developed economies like Taiwan and HK.
It only worked for Singapore because Lee Kuan Yew was an absolute chad benevolent dictator and he ruled over mostly high-IQ English-cultured Chinese/Malays. It was only necessary for Singapore because they're literally just a port. The single greatest period for housing in America's history was during the Homestead Acts era, where Lincoln engaged in the single largest privatization in world history to let hundreds of thousands of Americans buy the site of their future home for basically free.
>55+ zones and nimby laws don't protect price nor availability, at least not for young people.
kek, dumbest thing I've ever read. Nimby laws are the single greatest factor for why San Francisco has such retarded high property costs; you can't do any new construction at all because hypocritical Marxist professors will cry "BUT MUH NEIGHBORHOOD'S CHARACTER". I live in SoCal in a region filled with 55+ zones, all of which have market prices approximately 33% lower than equivalent non-55+ zones, because boomers can squat until they die at 100 and no new construction can be built without requiring 2 hour commutes.

>> No.49916504

yeah, no one wants to nignogs, there, I cleared the elephant in the room. Now if you put them in one section of the country......

>> No.49917317
File: 48 KB, 1834x188, erenvear12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related

>> No.49917345

boomers are the most saturnine generation in history.

>> No.49917367

you probably just have a shitty family

>> No.49917419

They were raised by the ww2 generation who were mentally ill from the war. Then there was more wars. Humans are fucking shit. All we do is wage war and create new conflicts. And the fucked up part is that the war destroys us even if we survive.

>> No.49917653

>Boomers worked hard day in and day out
So have I for ten years, doing skilled labor with a college degree. And I'm STILL priced out of the middle class which boomers who went from high school into a factory fell into by default.

>> No.49917774

Nothing that has to be provided my someone else can be your right. If it's a right, you can enforce it. If you can force someone to provide you with food or shelter, that someone is your slave. If food or shelter were universal rights, you would be at the same time also be the slave of that someone. So you would be each others slaves. A contradiction.

>> No.49917796


>> No.49917918


okay but would you prefer gadafi or whatever it is you have now?

also from what i understood it was just another proxy way to install an administration that would bend the knee to the USA.

>> No.49917941
File: 193 KB, 953x1282, 1629070927345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Work smart, not 'hard' you sanctimonious bozo.
You're acting like an ignorant boomer, you should've taken your grandma's inheritance, then you could've attempted to double its value if you actually loved and respected her so you could pass on the same courtesy to your kids.
Instead, here you are trying to moralfag others bragging about some stupid needless decision you made you embarrassing blowhard.

>> No.49917999

lol. white people have shitty parents. no wonder jews own you.

>> No.49918049

The night of the fluffy pillows

>> No.49918322

Grasshopper vs ant mentality. When value to society are you bringing but not working for your shelter, food, water? You will leach off of other's labor. So fucked.

>> No.49918341

everyday I thank God that my parents are decent people
we’ve fought, we’ve had disagreements
but I just can’t imagine my parents doing half the shit I’ve read itt
I consider family to be very important. It tears my heart reading about people treating their blood relatives, especially their own children, like commodities to be used and abused. Such misery
I can only pray that you anons find your true family

>> No.49918426
File: 3.29 MB, 624x640, skeleton-spinning.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, that's why I said nimby laws and 55+ zones don't protect price nor availability for young people. As I see it, these laws only protect boomers

>> No.49918528

This thread is brutal

>> No.49918661

Look, I'm actually fine to oppose socialist housing because it's a bad system. I don't think 'elders' automatically deserve respect. That might've made sense when most people didn't make it past 40 but not today.

So people have to earn a house. Entitlements are bad. So let's take away medicare/medicaid, social security, disability and so on. Chances are there's a lot of boomers happy to leech off that, that young wagies' income tax and so on is helping to prop up. And then boomers will lecture them about entitlements? Yeah, fuck that.

Also, one of the unfortunate things about socialist house is that there's always a demographic (usually blue collar) that earn enough to disqualify them from getting their discounted house, but also not earning enough to qualify for getting a mortgage.

>> No.49918685

Reading this shit I'm glad I had parents that actually loved me, what the fuck. Here's some of the things they did for me and my 5 siblings:

- Let my brother stay in a house they owned rent free for years
- Before that let him live with them until he was about 30 and finally moved out because he's an autist
- Bought a house for two of my sisters, let them stay there rent free and then sold it to them for a much below market rate
- Gave me money to pay for tuition fees
- Basically never let their children pay for anything if they're involved even though we're all adults with good jobs
- Oh and paid for 4 weddings because I have 4 sisters

My dad is around retirement age now, is selling his business and has been talking about making sure we have a bit of the proceeds. Been to talk to an inheritance planner etc

I get that I'm really lucky that they were wealthy but I think even if they weren't they wouldn't have done half the evil shit in this thread, surely its common decency to want the best for your children? I know I will try and act as my parents did.

>> No.49918686

You want to hurt the boomer ? Deny them their funds for social security and medicare, stop working. Let that fund dry up.

>> No.49918693

its because they are jealous of your youth anon. all older people are

>> No.49918720

the pipes poisoning Rome has been debunked. but that artifical sugar they made out of lead crystals arguably caused the crisis of the third century

>> No.49918731

>And then you have me, people who actively try to self destruct
And yet you STILL havent commited suicide, curious.

>> No.49918756

Living is not a human right, there is no such thing as human rights, i will break into your house and murder you and take what is yours from your old frail hands.

>> No.49918760

>T. Parents born poor in Greece, moved to Australia, made it, and set us up for life financially.
>My parents are shocked when they hear other boomer parents not helping their kids out considering how much harder it is to get into a house these days compared to the 60s/70s/80/90s
Too right. It's near impossible to buy property on your own here without help from mum and dad, it's unreal.

>> No.49918765

>you entitled bitch
>btw you need to drop everything and take care of me
>what?! how dare you call ME entitled!

>> No.49919262

My parents refused to even pay for my sisters wedding. She had to delay getting married for 2 years just because of that