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Has this finally started pumping, and trend-reversed?

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I wouldn't even call it pumping, just correcting to ~$1500.

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How so?

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Well there goes $550...

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Hopefully it's happening

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tfw bought at 459 and sold at 484 thinking it will dip and ill be able to grab moar

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I sold at $ 520 I want to kill myself.

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- 43 out of top 100 cryptoassets at the moment are in the Ethereum ecosystem.
- ETH processes more txs than rest of cryptos combined
- ETH has both on- and off-chain scaling solutions planned, with also their own version of Lightning Network
- With PoS, ETH will also become a scarcity coin and a store of value for stakers

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Bought at 500 even though all my instincts say it's overvalued for now and it should dip after going up, but fought my instincts because I realize the market is now retarded and this could easily go to 600 - 700 if it starts pumping.

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Wtf is going on, LTC and ETH were the most boring coins ever

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This is true, but it shouldn't be reflected in the price yet. It's not the upcoming tech that's driving the price up, it's retarded normies. I was trying to buy at 400 but didn't have the liquidity, but I'm pretty sure it'll keep going for a lot longer.

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>tfw only 65 eth

you need at least 200 to make it

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>tfw only 17
W-wanna trade? h-haha

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UBS news for ETH.

Also the rises were pretty fucking determined & concentrated Saturday and yesterday, felt like some bank loading up to get ahead of normies.

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Sold half my ETH at $ 530. Still hoping for a dip to 460-480

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>tfw only 2
I bought 39 at $260 and sold most at $450. Can't be mad because I still made good money, but FUCK man

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Guys do I buy ETH back?
I don't know what to do.

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Same here, sold half my position. I mean I still made mad profits but fuck this is frustrating.

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I'm not going to buy right after massive gains, it could dip down, flatline(unlikely) or keep going. Too much of a gamble for me.
You should dump everything into ETH NOW BTW!

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fck me i rly want to buy back but i somehow know if i do ill get cucked

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looked away from the screen for an hour
ltc and eth are going nuts

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We can't know. Those who bought LTC after it mooning 100% have now made almost 50% profit. ETH could be different, it's more stable, but who the fuck knows these days. I'd wait for some sort of dip with ETH now.

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Dont best against the trend.

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I know dude it's fucking insane. I have 5 grand of fiat I want to transfer to coin right now but not sure what to throw it at

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Holding strong. You are always better off going WITH the trends.

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the worst part is i have to go to work in an hour and wont be able to buy the dip

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I'm pretty sure this is the dip. Look at the BTC/ETH charts.
ETH could easily correct x2

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wow. wtf litecoin. never saw that coming

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Dude don't I'm starting to FOMO about buying more now too

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its normies, they're buying ETH cuz its '''cheaper'''. who pays 17000 for ONE coin anon?

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I'm puzzled by that too. Is it because it's listed on Coinbase? Because it's more transactable? Because normies can buy a whole one?

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About time something happened with this piece of shit. ETH is probably the most undervalued coin in the market.

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nice trips and yes it's ''cheaper'' in the eyes of a normie, a whole ONE ETH

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normies don't actually make a buying decision off of this, r-right?

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I meant Litecoin, but yeah, I guess all those arguments apply to our beloved CryptoKittyCoins as well.

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I did when I bought in and didn't know shit a year ago. lol

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Das right, why buy 1 Bitcoin Cash or whatever when dat gets me 3 ETH!

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they do lol,
'but who would pay 17000$ for ONE coin?', they don't get the decimals part

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And there's $580...

Btw what exchanges is everyone watching? I've got Kraken, Coinbase, and bfxdata

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REEEEEEEEE the normies need to buy my fucking buttcoins, I just sold all my eth/ltc

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Binance.... is it a good exchange guies?

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Ether is going to be a strong hold for at least a month, probably two. Could be forever if Bitcoin dies in that time.

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i'll just buy buttcoins fampai

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Fuck this, I'm buying some ETH. It'll be another increase backed by nothing but hype, but the hype was enough to send BTC through the roof.

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Lol, that's nothing, I sold LTC at $220 expecting some market to take back the gains.

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Ive seen several predictions of Ether going to 680. I dont know what it will do but I dont like betting on these 1 day humps. To many times you sell at the peak then some faggot pumps it in to another hump and you waste an entire morning waiting for it to dip.

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but forreal what buy, i sold my ETH before this new pump thnking it will dump and buy back
>it moons
i hate crypto

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hype was enough to pump ltc to almost fucking 300$

fuck tech, fuck partnerships, fuck real life usage, you go with the hype and nothing else

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that's what happens when you listen to bitcoiner fud

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Literally what people have said. All you need to see is the hype in crypto right now. FOMO could EASILY take eth to $700+ in the next day

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but i didnt listen to anyone faggot, there has always been a dip after a moon, BUT ZERO DIP WTF

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just one will be enough in few years

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that was hardly a moon though, eth price was clearly undervalued, which is why i've been holding my bags with iron grip.

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>gains 150euro
>not a moon
wtf are you smoking, i mean if you compare it to fucking bitcoins it not really a ''''''''''moon''''''

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Glad I didn't FOMO yet. I'm buying more at the bottom of this dip.

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eth is overvalued, no coin limit btw, pos btw, infinite inflation btw. enjoy your dapps. at least litecoin has a fixed amount of coins

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POS is a good thing for the value. Upcoming scaling tech is good for the value. Litecoin is worthless, except at being a good currency for inter-exchange transfers since it's accepted everywhere

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>Le deflationary buttcoin meme

Nothing worse than a loser NEET shitting out discredited meme arguments.

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exactly, it's not a moon compared to ltc and btc, but eth is far better than both.

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Feels shitty buying at ATH, but this is the market now I guess. At least a coin that I believe in is pumping now.

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nobody even knows the coin cap rate. how can you tell me that's not a thing to be concerned with? what's to stop them front making hundreds of millions of more ether just for the sake of it? It makes sense though, ether was never meant to be a currency or store of value.

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Your retarded. I would explain why but it would be a waste to explain it to you.

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enjoy your pos coin

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Going to sleep soon and I'm scared of it crashing soonish so I set a sell order at 485.

Good idea or shit?

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alright boyos, dropped some 6 month old super bags last night to get back into the crypto game. got in last night at $515. thinking we double by eoy.

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Actually, its on the upward stroke of the bottom of a dip right now. Which is why its being pumped and will be pumped for a several weeks. Look at the log of Ether vs bitcoin.

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However, Ether mining has entered the "ice age" stage" which means circulating supply has pretty much stalled.

For instance I think it will take like 100 years to produce 10% more Ethereum

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Inflation after PoS doesn't matter because you can stake. Which means inflation after PoS becomes zero.
Additionally PoW dumps 20k ETH on the market every day. That's going to stop.

These obvious facts that apparently require high iq to realize is why ether is seriously undervalued right now.

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I did that once with bitcoin. It dipped to 1 dollar under my stop order, then mooned to mars.

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This has happened to me before too which is why I'm hesitant.

The whole market is scaring me right now, never been this stressed before trading, feels like anything could happen.

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What do you think?

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The best hold on the market is Ether right now.

I cant say buy because theres probably a ICO thats going to go up 5000% and no ones ever heard of it.

Either way you are probably good with ether for the next month, even if there is a crash.

No, people post that every time ether goes up. Its going up because of the tread, nothing to do with new money.

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Search for D.VA signal notifier and its telegram channel. This is our profit table. Let's meet on telegram.
[Profit table]
DASH +166%
ZEC +12%
Wavers +45%
EMC2 +30% (12.01)
TIX +48% (12.02)
REP +35%(12.03)
OMG +10%(12.05)
IOTA +60%(12.06)
QTUM +55%(12.07)
BCH +30%(12.08)

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Bought BTC with my ETH yesterday so I'm betting yes. I'm very good at making the wrong decision.

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Damn it went back up to ATH way faster than I thought. We're going into hyperdrive I think.

I'll sleep soundly now.

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Why. Looking at eth it was way too stable. Even if it would drop I dont think it would go below 470 or so. And then it basically goes up again.

Why not just wait and sell for more

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are you me lol? Did exactly the same yesterday. Thought BTC would rise faster than ETH. I'm a fucking retard.

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Please post more of these annoying pepes. I hate them but dont want to see them gone either

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Here comes the craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhhh!

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The fuck are you smoking. Its not even at the top of the curve yet.

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>when new coiners riding on litecoins pump try to FUD with 12 year old twitch memes "btw" but just reveal they understand absolutely nothing
Yeah, I'll keep my stake with ETH, have fun with LTC its historically not very nice post pump, just a heads up.

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We'll never see ETH go for $ 480 again are we?

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>Mfw I didn't buy more back when it was only $12
Fuck man I've only got 50. Like I'm happy and rock solid erect but fuck man.

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Even the main dev said it's going to crash back to like $80

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Sell now? Don't wanna see a pink wojak again

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So did charlie with litecoin, whats you point.

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Fuck it I'll just buy the next proper dip, I still think it's going to be really good to hold ETH anyway.
Also 50 coins is really nice, you'll make it anon.

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No. eth and ltc are literally correcting to the right price.

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holy fuck. Did bitfinex just go down for you lads?

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This. We're down 80% compared to btc in the past 6 months. Huge correction coming.

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Well that's exactly who I meant

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Good thing I'm on bittrex. Fuck that shit, don't know how anyone trades on bitfinex.

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Search for D.VA signal notifier and its telegram channel. This is our profit table. Let's meet on telegram.
[Profit table]
DASH +166%
ZEC +12%
Wavers +45%
EMC2 +30% (12.01)
TIX +48% (12.02)
REP +35%(12.03)
OMG +10%(12.05)
IOTA +60%(12.06)
QTUM +55%(12.07)
BCH +30%(12.08)

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Going to have to mention that spam and advertising is against the rules and is a reportable offense.

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It will probably dip, it always does. But ill be holding until an obvious crash or week long peak appears until around 2000-3000 depending on how high bitcoin goes in that time.

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What the FUCK is going on, this is nuts.

Is this the promised land?

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Its the trend. You have been being warned all week about it.

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I'm on the rocket ship mate I just can't believe its going so quick. 20 percent in like 10 fucking minutes.

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pls sell

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eth taking off

>> No.4994356

I wouldnt join that blood bath. These are small potatoes compared to the coming weeks.

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Wont hit 6k unless Bitcoin hits 50k. If Ether gets to high, people will sell it off for cheap bitcoin.

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what should it buy it at when it dipps again, like $450? or will it never go that low again

>> No.4994681

It will never go that low again dude, if this crashes it might go as low as 500 but no lower.

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Yesterday I was checking to see how much my ether was worth by hitting the market value button for a quick price.

Dont know how I did it but i accidentally sold it. Didnt even know it. An hour later I was checking and noticed I had cash. Told on the near top of a peak but the fucking thing was refusing to come down.

After a couple hours it did finally dip just enough to buy it back at a profit.

Just to think, if I left it there until now. I would have to kill my self.

>> No.4994725

woohoo I only hold 0.7 but it feels so good seeing it moon after hodling for so long

>> No.4994726

I almost sold my Ether at $135 back in July at the very bottom of the crash. I would probably kill myself. All 106, of my ether

>> No.4994784

A medium crash, I could see 500. Average correction, probably 530-560. You would have to see the bitcoin bubble pop for it to go to 400 to 450.

>> No.4994788

lame, what you recon i should buy at when the dip comes, it always dipps down

>> No.4994822

>bought at $600
it's gonna go up r-right g-guys?

>> No.4994930

Only if you sell when it dips to 400

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>60% eth
>20% xmr

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eth winding up again. about to break its double top

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Been warning /biz/ for years now. Invest in quality (ETH) and drop the shitcoins.

This rocket is leaving.

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What about your Ark and Chainlink

>> No.4995051

buddy, the bitcoin craze is over, its time to be in alts.

>> No.4995097


People dumped btc. Then went to ltc (probably still are)
When the ltc hype is over eth will get all attention.

Then its btc turn again.

>> No.4995214

yeah, until its time to be in Bitcoin again and eventually, bitcoin will look cheap and ether wont be hitting 6k while bitcoin is sub 50k.

>> No.4995244

Whole coining feels nice anon

>> No.4995248

>not a deluded arkie
>only 50$ in link
RLC and MOD will take me to another dimension one day.

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The answer was in front of you all this time.

>> No.4995463

Tbh if we just wait for the next big dicking from daddy we'll probably be fine. Pumps punish impatient people.

>> No.4995473

>Etherueum and Lightcoin transactions disabled

What will happen when they come back online?

>> No.4995544

The dip happened at $400.

I tell you guys, buy while it's still at $600 or you will regret it in a week.

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....and here comes the bull pennant

>> No.4995669

Whatever do you mean famalam

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This. I hate that fucking frog but he's important to board culture.

>> No.4995816

is the moon mission over for today?

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>This shit will be over 1k soon
>I fucking didnt buy enough

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Yeah guys, we're just correcting! We're still below where we usually are in comparison to BTC!

>> No.4995908

What's the deal with ETC? Forgotton or linked to ETH?

>> No.4995956

read investopedia
>pennant pattern

>> No.4995963

Which site is that?

>> No.4996082

LTC was 85 on Thursday, and I almost dropped 400$ on it. HODL Bitcoin for the feels. Wtf happened.

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This. Normies are poor, except boomers who can't into computers https://github.com/bitpay/copay/issues/6063

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>> No.4996269

My alts are getting wrecked. What do I do

>> No.4996313

what you hodling?

>> No.4996382

The fuck? All alts are going up. All BTC alts anyway.

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File: 65 KB, 411x594, Clouds+Sils+Maria+Press+Conference+67th+Annual+AdSqnCY9bTRl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy high sell low, people wake up to alts after their 40% jumps. That's not on time really.

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>> No.4996702

Yeah well no shit ETH is Justing its alts.

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>mfw when I wake up and check blockfolio
the past two weeks had me doubting /oursticc/ but I'm so glad I held

>> No.4996728

that's one dumb nigga

>> No.4996792

Just loaded my bitch portfolio with this shit

>> No.4996947

all that centralization in a market which was meant to be decentralized.
ETH confirmed normie coin

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should I buy ETH now or will it go lower

>> No.4997058

50% now and 50% at the dip

>> No.4997067

Wait and see what it does for the next 12h.

>> No.4997073

Help me mates!

Will it be back to 460 before the new year

>> No.4997096

theres no reason to sell if it goes back 460 if you bought around or below that

>> No.4997188

I’ve learned one thing from this board


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>tfw buy eth at 3 dollars
>tfw trade my way up from 30 eth to 200 eth by mostly luck
>tfw sell it all in the DAO crash
>tfw sold at flash crash prices
>tfw hold 0.2 btc and bch now

>> No.4997791
File: 33 KB, 480x288, arvel-crynyd-star-wars-20090105050122886-000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just doubled down at 614

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>> No.4997886

This poster has achieved objective intelligence.

>> No.4997932

Unless of course it bombs within that time, which is an unlikely yet obvious overrule to your HODL strategy.

>> No.4997935

I learned that always the opposite happens when you see the charts

>> No.4997936

Why does monero go up 100%+, etc 200%+, eth is only like 40% and now monero pumping again fuck

>> No.4998027
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Lets make some moey goym.

>> No.4998069

Who's hodl strategy?

I agree bombing is probably unlikely, stability is probably the most likely trend of the next 12h. But if it dips you may as well take advantage of it, and I don't think all these bullruns can keep going.

>> No.4998275


I sold last week at 470 and didn't rebuy at $420 because tether is a fucking scam that's going to ruin crypto.

Then again I also sold 12 at $50 so I guess now I have something to regret forever

>> No.4998456

That's the issue, I got whiplashed out of a seeing trade, sold at 460 wanting it to go down again to 420 or so

>> No.4998530

How the fuck do I 50x this garbage on Bitmex without getting liquidated?

How do I margin correctly?

>> No.4998572

What is causing this spike?

>> No.4998679

i think some banks buying in any people following

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I once held 5K worth of LTC at $38. Taking special requests for stunt moves jumping off the Golden Gate.

>> No.4999211

My first buy ever was grabbing 4k of this shit last night at $511
am I going to make it bros?

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Morons don't see the potential in Ether network.

>Muh LTC
Literally a shitfork of bitcoin.

> E T H E R E U M
> Putin has taken an eye on it
> Constant development
> Basically Internet 2.0
> Most TX's there
> Stil; in phase 3 out of 5


>> No.4999454

ETH ratio's still like 1/5th of what it was in July

>> No.4999484

Anyone still holding IOTA should read this and put it all into ETH while they can:


SPOILER -- IOTA has no partnership with Microsoft, they just basically scammed y'all

>> No.4999583

Bullshit article, he mad he missed out, and so are you, stay poor anon, stay poor.

>> No.4999604


img source required.

>> No.4999621

This coin is literally garbage
Im fucking done. Weakest pump ive ever seen.

>> No.4999739

so far you're not doing awful

>> No.4999759

You're a troll, but just in case you aren't:

Barry Silbert and the other poisonous bitcoin maximalists stop every ETH pump in its tracks. It's because ETH threatens BTC like mad...

>> No.4999794

Literally any coin is a threat to BTC long term.

>> No.4999918

Strategy to hodl.

I'm playing this really aggressively right now, I sold the recent retracement from 610 to 570 and I bought back in again.
Since I got JUST'd with LTC, and both moon runs from LTC and BTC defy basic logic, I'm going to see if the same logic applies to ETH.
Obviously the bullruns can't sustain themselves - they shouldn't be but they still are somehow.
So long as I keep my eyes glued to tradingview I doubt I'll overhold to the point of serious detriment.

>> No.4999974

The Russian government backs the adoption of Ethereum. It will overthrow the buttcoin in the near future.

>> No.4999997

I wish I could watch the charts while I sleep. Waking up to an early morning JUST is the worst.

>> No.5000136

>thinking about LTC before going to sleep, trading at 115 CAD
>man I should go all-in
>no, you spent the last 8 hours driving and you don't want to trade with impaired judgement from fatigue
>wake up
>160 CAD two hours before I woke up
>now it's 410 CAD today

I'm making money off of ETH right now, but I still feel justed.

/biz/'s ignorance of this coin is completely idiotic, desu. No one gives this coin near enough attention/credit on this board, especially in comparison to the other major alts (and BTC itself).
It's realistic we see a run to 650 USD before a red candle on the daily.

>> No.5000151


Beware though, anyone not in ETH doesn't like that site because they have issues with the MOTHERFUCKING TRUTH.

Heh, ok mate. I'm not it won't be replaced by Eth's zksnarks.

>> No.5000185

I'm tempted to buy ETH even after it's had a small bounce desu. Unlike LTC which seems like an artificial pump that'll collapse, ETH is actually somewhat grounded and probably won't fuck me.

Still not a massive fan of ETH, but it's the best we have at what it does right now and it's going places before it's replaced.

>> No.5000189

It will go to 1500 before April next year.

Invest accordingly.

>> No.5000199

The Crypto Darwinism has already begun. The Holy Trinity of cryptocurrencies is the only thing that will survive. All altcoins will crash horribly.

>> No.5000259

I agree with you on all points - I'm not a massive fan of any crypto, looking at it objectively they all have comparable flaws.
ETH to me is more like the asphalt that's paved into a road, to use a cheesy simile.

>> No.5000274

Is it, or is it cuz EOS and every scamcoin under the sun sells off their holdings everytime there starts to be a run

>> No.5000361

Is it too late to buy in?

>> No.5000426

No buy now and hodl even if it crashes back to 400+. The price correction is imminent.

>> No.5000434

Not in my opinion, I think tomorrow is a red candle day which is where you should place your order, and then we have the real run.
I unironically believe that this is just the first wave of an impending explosion, but obviously that belief changes corresponding to price data.

>> No.5000459
File: 6 KB, 390x470, lold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fucking kekd

>> No.5000552


>> No.5000559

ETH is by far the largest threat. It is the most legitimate crypto by such a longshot it's laughable. It is the only true contender to BTC...you could argue Monero is as well because it does BTC's job better than BTC does (just like ETH), but businesses of the future will go on ETH, not XMR so that's why I vote ETH

>> No.5000621

EOS is such a shitcoin it's laughable...I feel sorry for any noobs putting into their crowdsale....but most of the people in the crowdsale are most likely EOS themselves, pulling a stunt similar to TETHER-->BTC-->TETHER--> etc

>> No.5000630

you are not alone

>> No.5000661

Given that BTC's gains have slowed down and that LTC has mooned nearly 4x, it's obvious that normalfags will buy into ETH next

>> No.5000676

This is the most convincing argument I've seen for FOMOing LTC instead of ETH so far.

>> No.5001020


you are right. this is a correcting to ~1500$.

so ppl get the hands on ETH.

LTC will stop now, it has corrected. now its ETH turn. if you dont see this, you are really stupid.

>> No.5001238

>bought 400 at $11
>sold $28
>rebought at $70
>resold at $330
>rebought at $380
>weep for months at <$300
It's been kinda rough, and I regret not learning the holding lesson sooner.
I will sell a teeny tiny bit now for some cash savings, but I'm holding tight for now.
Be strong. Have faith.
Do not try to sell the peak.
Do not try to buy the dip.
Do not let go.
ETH hoddlers--let's do this.

t. 260 ETH

And do not store on the exchange.
We're going to hold, so no reason to keep it there.
Transactions take seconds...
If you're not going to sell within the next minute...
(recall we're holding for months now...)
get them off the exchange.

>t. goxed

>> No.5001301

I honestly think this is the case.

>> No.5001314

Is Mew the software wallet of choice for ETH or something? I was looking into a wallet briefly a while back and unlike most currencies I couldn't really find 'it'.

>> No.5001340

What the fuck I need ETH to stay low to buy into ICO's

>> No.5001473

I felt the same after using bitcoin-qt from the start (for me, when my first BTCs were $36). I was like "where's download for an the ETH wallet"
I gave MEW a try by making the .json file. Messed around, practiced loading/checking it on MEW. I made a test transaction... and it was so fast from what i was used to (with BTC confirmations) I was like "holy crap ETH is going to leave BTC in the dust"
I went all in after that.

I highly recommend MyEtherWallet aka MEW

>> No.5001493

Is it the official one? Or is there no official one (hence the confusion).

>> No.5001650


Her name is Kreerain or something. Do google image search.

>> No.5001769

I also use MEW

Is there an equivalent wallet for LTC?

>> No.5001801

Ye, I don't even know why I sold some ETH I thought that I could get away with it and it backfired. My usual strategy is just buying dips when I have money to spend. And cash out 15-20% of my holdings every time they double.

>> No.5001838

No idea, I was trying to find an "official" wallet, too, at the beginning. But I couldn't find one, presuming one exists in the first place (at this time I don't think one does). But MEW gets it. MEW seems like "one of us", crypto/ETH-enthusiasts, just trying to store crypto ourselves, offline, safely and conveniently. There's an openness about MEW that I really have appreciated.
Give it try and you'll see. Make a wallet, play with it... and if you decide you're comfortable enough, try sending like 0.001 ETH around to get the full MEW experience.

>> No.5001852

Damn, I can only really afford 1 or 2 ETH atm without rediversifying my portfolio, which I don't really want to do because ..I like my shitcoins :(

>> No.5001919

Wait is this a web wallet? Also I believe https://github.com/ethereum/mist might be the official wallet but I dunno if it's ready.

MEW seems very much a web wallet though, I just want a normal desktop wallet...

>> No.5001943

What was going to be your entry point for ETH? 613 seems to steep after such a heavy pump out of nothing.

>> No.5001946
File: 228 KB, 900x1350, MEW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5001996

I just sold all my alts for eth at 530. After i felt I missed ltc correction.

>> No.5002005

Yeah it really does. I'd probably go in if it dropped to $550 though, unless it was still dropping 'hard'. I'm not sure if it's going to or not, just going to wait and see what happens. Frankly ETH is now at the point where if it pumps another $100 tomorrow for bullshit reasons it's not _too_ painful to miss out on.

Kinda mad I sold my 4 ETH at $350 though. I moved it into alts and then it went $440 and now...

>> No.5002098

all I can say is hold....
everything is "high" right now....
I had >1700 LTC and let most of it go at $4
I think the main-stream alts (ETH/LTC/DASH, even XMR/ZEC...... and yes, BCH, honestly but only once revolution/WWIII are imminent) are more promising than crapcoins. Crapcoins don't recover like alts... if they recover at all.....

>> No.5002101


>> No.5002141

Like your reasoning anon, think I'll follow,
I know that feeling to well, sold 8 LTC for 100$ last week.. Still enough money to be made in crypto to make up for that.

>> No.5002147

I'm 70% into Ark :| I'm sure I'll get gains, but probably not before I could get ETH gains and move them into Ark. If I drop my Ark bags to buy ETH and Ark goes off I'll kill myself though.

The rest is in XMR.

>> No.5002234

as an LTC holder as well....
let's find one quick cause all my LTC is on exchange.
kinda been overlooking that detail till now...

could be a lifesaver, this thread
if we can end up holding everything offline

>> No.5002278

Xmr will save you

>> No.5002293

Tried to day trade just now.. Think I failed
Sold at $618, it's at $625. Should I just buy back in and hold or wait for it to go back down

>> No.5002442


>> No.5002532

More accurate to call it a web app, with data stored by the user. Having used MEW for a while now, I'd say it's not a web wallet, but yes a web interface, or web app (no program to download, which was weird at first). The .json file (common file type but in this case, functions as a kind of .wallet file for ETH) is stored wherever you want on your computer. I had mine on a USB drive before my TREZOR. But the .json isn't unique to MEW. Other ETH wallet interfaces can load the .json data (as fasr as I know, though I haven't tried it yet).

>> No.5002613

You sold a little low, not sure how you managed that (at least based on Bittrex pricing), but you'll _probably_ have your buy order go off below that if you have patience.

>> No.5002906

That's why I say hold... in other words, do not drop bags (mentioned my 1700 LTC and 400 ETH bag-drops above) Especially XMR as >>5002278
said. XMR strong and quite undervalued imo (even now/today, though not enough for me (like you) to start messing with my portfolio).

stop-limit buy orders will SAVE you!

>> No.5003071

Yeah it's safe to use MEW to create your wallet, forever.
They also provide you with a pdf that has your private key on it.

>> No.5003210

>stop-limit buy order
My mistake... rather, consider buying it back and stop-limit sell (which is a "sell", but only if it crashes below [stop value]. How much will it sell for: [limit value])

>> No.5003663

I don't like stops for selling any more, especially not with the market so volatile. It fucking spikes down for one candle and liquidates you and you wake up JUSTed beyond belief.

>> No.5003705

I learned long ago to never touch my eth.

t. holding since 5$