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So realistically aren't they fucked when all their pending withdrawals go through?

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No because BNT is no longer getting printed to cover IL.
I mean, they're fucked anyway, but not on such a short timescale.

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there are a lot of people that just started the cooldown because it doesnt hurt to do so
also i think the hope is that the desperate whales like celsius will withdraw with IL and take the hit instead

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Withdrawals are not going through, this is a rugpull.

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the problem is more when they reenable il
people will want to get out with what they can now that trust is broken
when that happens the price of bnt will collapse, not sure about the carnage that will come from that but as bnt in paired to the other token it could fuck that amount of the token you'll receive due to il
maybe they'll slowly reenable il
dunno but good luck to them

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stfu withdrawls are going through with a 7-days cool-down period

However, ILP is off - for now - to fuck the juice

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>7 day "cooldown"
>for your protection

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My cooldown is up in 3 hours and if I withdraw now I will lose 10,000 link
Do I wait for IL protection to come back if take the insane haircut
Fuck Bancor

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Chainlinkgod said everything is okay

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your a lier and a retard go back to twitter

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it's funny how discord's new meme is ripping on twitterfags when discord users also have profile pictures and usernames and "muh online identity" so are literally doing the exact same thing.

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srs bro chainlinkgod said do not panic

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for real? source?
shut up fudder

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this is 4channel sir
on twitter

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based thank you anon I trust in chainlinkgod's judgement. i will stay in bancor v3 for those sweet sweet gains

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i know bro i have no fear about the loss of impotence loss protection and it has the official chainlinkgod seal of approval

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imagine hating being anon because "noobdy knows who i am" so having to flee to some discord shithole where you can have imaginary "frens" who know your username and love your avatar picture lmao

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i know man imagine not enjoying those sweet gains on Bancor V3 and caring about things like Chainlinkgod.faggot. What is the world cuming too?

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So shorting BNT is the right move, the key is when

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aren't you all ripping on him for being a namefag attentionwhore when that's literally what every discord fag is as well?

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nice try tranny. mad that sergey and the team frontran you by re-releasing the steaking blogpost early? how did that feel when he kicked you square in the axe wound?

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this is not discord or twitter tranny you just outed yourself. go dilate your axe wound

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I'm an ICO LINK holder who has never used discord because I don't need an online identity and validation from other namefag frog retards.

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you aint shit nigger. five years later and you are still poor as fuck. you are just like me anon

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stop being antisemitic

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>Chainlinkgod said everything is okay
just shorted it