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I just lost my job and I have $8,000 saved. Is the bull market starting now, what should I invest in?
> No shit coins
> No memes
> Based blockchain projects are welcome

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It's a trap. Run

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Should I short everything instead?

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Crypto is dead newfag, run for your life. All projects will be like Celsius and Luna. It is just a matter of time

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I already have some bitcoin and I trust it. Even if all crypto fails, bitcoin will not.
> Maybe I can short it for now

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No wait two months

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>is the bull market starting now
Anon, you realize we are just now starting a global recession, right? How do you people wake up, look at the world, and say "yup, today is the day my Shiba doge cum coin will do a 1000x"

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> No meme

> global recession
Would prices remain this low or will it go lower? I would not want to miss the cheap prices we have now.

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Faggot because of its toll on our environmental resources, Bitcoin will the hit harder. Go for ecofriendly blockchain projects

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You people told me it's going to keep falling down today & that I was an idiot for holding TQQQ still
Fuck you all

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Start small and don’t use more than 5x leverage. No more than 10% of your stack per trade

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Ethereum will soon be PoS with the 2.0 upgrade.
When it does, I will add it to my bag.

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"Global recession" is a big retard Bobo meme. Look at the U.S to OECD inflation comparison, it's not even close, just a u.s problem, specifically a Biden/leftist problem. I wouldn't say now is the best time to buy, but sometime in 2023 we'll already be back on the way up to new ath 2024, with red tsunami and new president creating market super boom, and the fact China will have reopened by then and Ukraine Russia affected supply issues would have been fixed. All other metrics other than inflation are actually not bad at all, just need to get inflation a little under control to prevent super hyper omega inflation, and those rate increases are already priced in. You have to realize even though there's little upward potential, the downward potential has really over pushed down, like a rubber band, all it takes is one little sign that things are improving and we'll spring back up like crazy. But me myself, I'm thinking we'll go down to 17k, before that run up, so I'll buy then.

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Who knows when the bull market will start, My advice is that dont buy with all the $8k else you go broke

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Short and you loss, accumulate more instead
Qanplaform is ecosystem friendly at least

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ETH or stablecoins
If you going to wait for long you might buy it at the top

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ETH 2.0 is taking forever to happen, that's a no for me other PoS projects are better

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Yeah Proof of Randomness consensus algorithm made sure of that.

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ETH 2.0
Launch Date; 2050

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ALGO, QANX, ADA is my top pick for you

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I'm not looking forward to PoS. It has a "highest bidder takes most" design.
I prefer Proof of randomness that is better decentralized and also energy efficient.

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>Bull market now?


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+40 in 7d

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wen launch?

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The bullmarket only begins when the last bobo loses his stack shorting sub 20k.

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It will truly be dead when quantum computers rise to destroy elliptic curve cryptography. Until then, enjoy your unsecured shit coins.

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STFU fag. There's no such things as quantum computers powerful enough to do damage. You need like 1000+ qubits to be able to do that.

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>Wait until 17k
>Buy all the gems I know
>Sell in 2024.

Thanks anon.

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Librescan is also a landmark achievement by the project

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QANX will be a top gainer when the market recovers

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>Based blockchain projects are welcome
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week

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All this shitz are large caps & ain't safe for bull hunt.

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Someone has not been doing their research.
IBM is coming next year with their 1121 qubit quantum computer.

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Buy some EGLD

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I've been hearing about this in a community.
It's that open source explorer that people can use to scan any token they want, in any chain.
When it is launching?

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looks like Q-day is so freaking close
>Is this the end for crypto, because top blockchains are not even talking about this threat

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Don't act like a numskull and short your life modafuvker

Damn easy to always spot the LUNAtics on each thread

>Even if all crypto fails, bitcoin will not.
Not just BTC alone, even those with the post quantum solution ahead of the launch of quantum computers won't fail you Jeet.

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2 more weeks

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I saw a news on china heavily funding quantum computer tech, although it equally have a good sides but anything can happen

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>I have $8,000 saved. Is the bull market starting now, what should I invest in?

Checkout for those with bull potentials and those backed up with real and adoptable utilities such as BTC, ETH even the quantum-resistant blockchain token mentioned on the thread as well before the bulls come around again.

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look into Verasity

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But still, a quantum computer poses a serious threat to the crypto industry, so we need a quantum-resistant
blockchain like QANplatform!

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top signaLs > ITT

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This is your brain on MSM narratives. Delusional

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>I have $8,000 saved. Is the bull market starting now, what should I invest in?

Checkout for those with bull potentials and those backed up with real and adoptable utilities such as BTC, ETH even the quantum-resistant blockchain token mentioned on the thread as well before the bulls come around again.

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Short until the upcoming recession gets into full swing. Still probably a few months away, going by how many news anchors and normies are still in denail. Once the streets fill with blood (and you'll know when that is), then you cash out, take your earnings, and buy back in.

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Many of them are not understanding the seriousness of a quantum threat anyways I am with Qanplatform a quantum-resistant blockchain

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This does not mean they will be able to hack a wallet right at start. They still need to figure out the quantum error correction and only then, look for the biggest addresses to hack. That's why most articles says it will still take some years until the code is broken. My prediction is 2027, and is not just bitcoin they will break, it will be the entire system, including cellphones, social media and bank accounts. I think bank account will be even easier to break, because they use obsolete cryptography.

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Lol exactly before that we will have QANplatform's mainnet live which is by EOY

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>quantum computer poses a serious threat to the crypto industry
It's not just a threat punkass
Get covered!
>Within a decade, quantum computers could become powerful enough to crack the cryptographic encryption that protects mobile phones, bank accounts, email addresses, and bitcoin wallets, you guessed it – all cryptocurrency wallets.

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I don't believe there is a single quantum-resistant coin in existence yet, but it will eventually happen.
These sponsored as quantum-resistant are usually scams to bait techboys into losing money.

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Eco-friendly Initiative to mine the QANX tokens with a mobile phone or a raspberry pie soon after the mainnet desu!

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The 1st decentralized blockchain explorer Librescan, it will be very user-friendly it seems, lets see that

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You are a moron calling Qanplatform a scam project then why the fuck would they be audited by an authorized IBM platinum partner? You better die faggot you are a burden to the world

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The goddamn team is really babysitting pajeets from time to time like it's some orgy parties for the faggots and bitches.

>AIBC Summit in Dubai
>Quantum Enterprise event San Diego
>Money20/20 Fintech Conference in Amsterdam
>The next will be at the Blockchain Economy Summit in Istanbul next month.

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Stop acting like an old wagon ready to be dumbed when you can hop on promising but cheap QANX with strong fundamentals

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lol yeah man it's gonna go parabolic. green means go and the market is saying "go all in" and maybe you should max out your credit lines because really I'd say that the nasdaq will get at least 15k points and bitcoin will be 100k eoy. there are so many buy signals right now

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Get mad, shill.

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Cellframe is another quantum resistant blockchain

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No still in a bear market, up next is the accumulation phase and after that it's bull time. Just look at the graph for fuck sake, these things take time.

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Hi fren.
1)/biz/ is generally comprised of market-illiterate neets and scammers using you as a exit liquidity
2)Don't invest if you just lost your job
3)Crypto is like an inversely leveraged dollar-cycle. With rates going stratospheric, you should be able to deduce where neetbux will end up.
4)Bear market is only just beginning. Trust me on this one.
5)Get a new job

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$8,000? bitch

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Emotional Damage
Has the testnet launched yet

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I'm not going to tell you to look into any shitcoin cause I've been looking at a few, specifically in the Metaverse and have seem to found them decent but somehow not convinced about how one of them - LoveLace - can still guarantee a 200% APY irrespective of how the market is.


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Sorry its dead
>Has the testnet launched yet
I'm aware it has launched since the beginning of this year and has been audited too

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there's no way something like that is promised, run anon

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But still, these faggots will not understand the use case of a quantum-resistant blockchain that is compatible with EVM! All these pajeets are fit to jerk off only

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If you can secure a spot on alliance block, you are never gonna regret it cus it's a Blockchain project with real time utility... Be careful of scammers ...

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QVM will happen before then

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You fucking fool the testnet is live and it has been audited by Certik, Hacken, and by an IBM platinum partner VIR!

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play it safe and invest 1000-2000 on some coins dont go all in just one

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Quite thrilling anon.
It's QVM multi-language has come through for devs, faggot gets rewarded for writing high-quality code reusable by others.

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what's next bitch?

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enough box to fuck some metaverse bitch

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>trust an audit made by a partner of the same company that is building the quantum computer to break crypto

What could go wrong.
Anyway, show the github.

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it's enough to make it desu

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Such for some wet motherfuckers as the chain is EVM compatible, so Lazy developers will be able to port their already existing metaverse projects from the Ethereum network,

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>I just lost my job
>should I take all my money for rent and spend it on shitcoins

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holy shit we are just entering a multi-year besr market.

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That's right anon building a Dapp with any programing language is unique indeed. And QANplatform gives royalties for the devs when the dapps are used! The devs on hearing this will be like so horny

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>enough box to fuck some metaverse bitch
Will can bring pornhub to metaverse?

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Here are two projects that could end up moonshots:

1. UTNP- a secretive Russian DAG built for CBDCs and Smart Cities. The rumor on the street is that this is the chain that Russia is going to use to replace Swift.

2. Candle Chain CNDL. This is an EVM compatible L1 built from the ground up to host metaverse DApps. It has 0 transaction fees and 80k TPS and is running bounty and grant programs for people who want to help the project.

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The rumour on the street, according to.... you?

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I think it is necessary to invest in mid-cap gems from now anon. Boba Network is one of them. It's a quality L2 project and has a hard working team. Its market cap is low compared to its competitors. I think now is the perfect time to buy it.

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Invest in your self first, get more knowledge about the industry, to crown it all, build a career and also get more passive income in the space via DeFi

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Bitches so feeling funky all day.
Imagine, Retarded developers are enjoying
a lifetime pussy reward after each smart contract deployment and transaction with QANX

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Must it be pussy reward?
What about other incentives?

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Don't rush it anon. Firstly because this >>49868215 could be true, and secondly because precog finance (tickr PCOG) is about to launch

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Any recommendation on DeFi token to stake now?

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get a job

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That was a good one actually, lol regardless of anything we need to fight against the quantum threats to save our assets, for that we need a quantum-resistant blockchain like QANplatform!

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Man, that would be a dream come true for a dev variety of pussies for a variety of Dapps he creates on Qanplatform!

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You can always start investing into the metaverse, if you want to go slow you can start using LACE and make your way straight to META when they release, since they're partnered

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Only humans could invent something as world/reality changing as quantum computing and the first thing they think about is "ohnoes it better not take all muh internet moneys".

We truly are a bunch of apes.

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CNDL is what? Don't get rekt dude, Start to buy QANX an L1 which is EVM compatible and a quantum-resistant blockchain with a 1600tps and 5 mins could deployment. Now talk you fucker!

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I think quantum computers are being found by the fucking aliens, maybe Johann is a superhero with technical knowledge building a quantum resistant blockchain to safe guard are assets

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Waiting for the audit results done by the IBM platinum partner VIR on QVM integration, hope it comes in clear!

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Hey motherfucker, heard there is a fixed price range for transaction fees and are also low compared to other blockchains like Ethereum.
>Will niggas be able to get some bitches for low fees too?

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>newfags asking for another bullrun after we just finished a 2 year bullrun

Yeah this bear has just gotten started

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Poor fucker is still talking of investing, just get yourself a job, McDonald's is paying $15 an hour.

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Why arent we dumping?

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I couldn't just leave the crypto space, I've tried a couple of ambassador programs, and I'm currently in Subsquid's. It is not bad at all.

>> No.49874065

I was the Dotsama prague and watched the hackathon in action. I guess that's one of the reasons Polkadot is holding up.

>> No.49874090

ambassador programs generally are shit, you are paid peanuts.

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>I just lost my job and I have $8,000 saved. Is the bull market starting now, what should I invest in?
You should invest in unemployment benefits. I'm in a similar situation to you, but further along. Spent the last 5 months on unemployment while trying to play the market, benefits run out next week, and I'm down to about 13 grand after getting completely buttfucked by this market crash. So basically, get on unemployment and wait.

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Based gambler

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CAKE & XPRESS are good examples
xpress offers 60% apy

>> No.49875516

They are some that pay, I think those project with feasible use cases

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Bet it on LUNC