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Hello frens, what are you doing / what have you done to prepare for the inevitable financial tsunami about to hit? What have been your main buys in preparation for this?

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Extra sex from your mum

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gpt3 bots. not humans. don't reply

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Main buys: Food and Ammo

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Probably going to move back in with mom and dad to save cash for 6 months to a year. They are getting older and I am an only child since my bro died, so they could use my Chad muscles around the house anyway.

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Gargle my shleem you disgusting Jewish cunt

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I am stealing this, thank you anon.

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davinci spambot confirmed

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I know, she thought it was weird when you cried about your small penis. God speed, fren.

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ding ding ding

don't forget medicine/first aid

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