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Jesus FUCKING Christ bobros this is a massacre

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you're a weak Bobo. this is nothing

soon mumu is kill

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it's going to pump to 30k do us all a favor and shut the fuck up for a while

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cope. it won't even it 22k lmao.

the pumps are getting weak just like mumu

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if the bottom was at 17800 then the capitulation looked weak... I screenshoted it on a 10 sec time unit
bizarre double capitulation

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spy at 410 and bitcoin 35k eom
Get used to being raped and learn to shut the fuck up or ill cut your throat

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the capitulation wasn't that weak, but the return to 20k was. In a normal market this would be the bottom, but with the current macroeconomic conditions everyone is sitting on the sidelines waiting to see how things plays out. This week will be a snoozefest, next week we'll pick a side

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lmao meds retard

you can't stop the Bobo

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Bitshit retaking 21k is the worst situation that could happen to us, bobros. Confidence and hope will start growing like a tumor now, we will probably see 30k or even 35k.

I'm sweating right now... I already closed my shorts and I advise you guys to do the same because it's over for us for a while

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Don’t think there’s enough confidence for that level.

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you had 7 straight months of red to short the shit out of whatever you wanted
bitcoin even dipped below "MUH 20K WHERE I WILL GET CHEAPIES"
it literally hit 17k which is lower than the previous cycle's top
surely you made enough off your shorts to buy in at a once in a lifetime low right bobo?

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zoom out

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>mumus are larping as retarded bobos

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I have never been so comfy, made more gains shorting than in le epic bull run
Also its not even 25k lol

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I'm fucking seething

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>everything is green

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$10k of shorts on the way up left, 0 worries, btc $15k here we come