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What are the economic implications of, hypothetically speaking, being able to purchase real estate using Blockchain technology? Would it somehow make it more accessible for us plebs who don't fit (((their))) criteria?

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>being able to purchase real estate using Blockchain technology?
defi market for real estate sounds like something not needed. they already have a market op, can't you buy there?

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wouldnt that like, buying something via binance pay, or some transaction?

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So, the blockchain can work as title deed?

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it would be good said like that, but well

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explain how the fuck are you gonna validate that you're the actual owner of your shit
real estate is related with banks and the laws of your country, you can't avoid those rules using a decentralized finance

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dubs man knows what he´s talking about. Cannot say shit about financial freedom on biz before almost everyone comes to say shit about how ya handling things

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>something not needed
That's basically it, not everything needs a crypto alternative

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>actual owner of your shit
maybe using a platform with smart contracts, idk. you can find a way to do it, the real problem comes with the laws

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isn't gonna be more accessible, real estate is expensive as fuck and involving crypto in that market isn't gonna change it

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laws are shit, evade them and youll be ok

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>implying cripto is not dead already

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those pay raceipts are nothing but pure shit.

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I want to buy the squidward's house using crypto, can I?

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If only we had some kind of non fungible token or whatever.

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it could help on some people that have savings on crypto already and might be interested in expending it on something real for themselves

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shut the fuck up, jeet

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I think you’d need an Oracle for that wouldn’t you?

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imagine crypto alternative for public documents
literally the most shithole that could even been created

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you should take a look to Propchain, it allows you to invest on real estate using crypto and earn crypto with the rents and that shit (i don't know how the fuck that market works)

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Hello? Based? Yeah, dubs check'd