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>Your college major/career
>Do you regret it

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No datamining allowed Ranjeet

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nep thread

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Dropped out of highschool, no college, no degree, no GED.
No regrets.

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I regret everything. Just going to NEET and wait for my bags to moon. I work 2 days a week to pay bills (have to love with parents, but I could move out and still be in the same situation with a roommate, but fuck roomates. I would do this lifestyle with a gf, but women hate males with no ambition).

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>Your college major
Domestic abuse
Beating your mother
>Do you regret it
Yeah. I skipped a day and you grew up to be a faggot.

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I make money, but there is a cost. Everyone I work with is a bugman

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>Gender studies.

Nope, I literally make more than half this board considering half of you can't leave your parent's basement.

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I didn't ask for "your father's most recent conversation with you" but I appreciate you sharing nonetheless.

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more like I regret being born to work

There isn't some other major I desperately wish I picked instead. Working sucks

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I failed out of pharmacy college, not I make $200k/year. I regret nothing.

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Based, what career?

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Mechanical engineering
Pure, unbridled regret

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What sucks about it? My cousin does it, he's weird though. Makes good money at least.

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Clinical Research/Regulatory Affairs

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Kind of depressing sometimes but interesting to work with people

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Mechanical engineering
Mechanical design engineer
I regret it every day except some Saturdays

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I regret going to college at all, I should have just gone straight to building my own software.

the Social Network convinced me that college would be the place to make smart connections and start a great company. Nope. Just braindead liberals.

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which one? I have many degrees from bachelor to various postgraduate and have worked in many areas/sectors. I regret doing evil. Do not do evil. Do not kill, lie, cheat, be greedy, dishonour your parents or God, be jealous, have no dealings with the occult .Go to church on Sunday and be charitable, kind and forgiving and do not be hateful or angry. Get a dog. Pray every day. Do not smoke, drink or do drugs. Read books. Write books. Study. Defend the innocent from violence, Do not borrow money. Do not lend money. Wash regularly. Do not eat more than you need to stop being hungry. Learn to be completely without other people.

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Rural fireman/engineer
No, it’s a cake job

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Have you ever seen someone possessed?

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how bad is accounting job in terms of dealing with people and social stuff? can i make it if im antisocial or do you need to be a extroverted psychopath to climb the ranks? and how did you get your first job, did u need a internship?
t. about to graduate in accounting with no summer internship

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Traditional Animation/TV Character Designer
Not really, I really like what I do...just hate people, which is basically the norm on biz, Anon.

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Finance, best decision ever.

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>Computer Science, NEET
I've got mixed feelings about it.

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Finance (pronounced FIH-NANC btw)
what other choice is there truly?

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I got OP pregnant. AMA

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i sincerely doubt anything else would've been something i could go all the way with

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>yes, very much regret it
haven't had a real job since graduating. i work at restaurants washing dishes or mow lawns. it fucking blows and it's cause me to be an alcoholic.

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hug, fren

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>Physician assistant
>in ortho spine, so busy don't have time to even take a pass between patients
>I want to get out bad, but the 125k salary is good
What can I do guys? Like literally what can I do to get out? My wife works part time as a nurse so makes like 40k a year. 1 kid, 1 more coming, so I can't just stop working. Bunch of student loan debts.
My dad's a truck driver makes good money, this is something I should of gone into. What options do I have? I'm gonna look into the slowest most basic specialty in 2 years.

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You don’t need to have good social skills. The whole field has a massive shortage since the boomers are retiring and they were like 50% of the industry workforce, so you’ll probably find a job easily after if you get certified. Getting certified pays way more straight out the gate

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No one has shown interest in you? Not even academia?Why and what level of degree did you achieve?

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>deck major
No I don’t regret it. I had a fantastic time at college and have worked two great careers

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What do you do for work mate? I'm about to start an MBA

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Nothing. I keep applying for remote positions of all varieties but keep getting denies.

For some weird fucking reason, I keep getting job offers from New Jersey and Arizona even though I live in California and it says explicitly in my contact information. And I don't mean like two or three: I mean over a dozen. Shit is weird.

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First degree chem, second degree CS.
I enjoyed both from an intellectual standpoint, but both have been dry as careers. I wouldn't change anything because money, but I wanted to be a soldier or archaeologist growing up.

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bsc. had research experience before graduating in math modelling and data analytics (basically machine learning). have applied to hundreds of junior software dev jobs, data analyst jobs, and machine learning. never get past the hr interview typically. and yes, ive improved my resume over the years -- its literally the only people say to do. i just gave up though, can't fucking do this shit anymore.

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>Starting a postdoc

Pay is shit and there is no job security but I basically do what I want all day every day and I like that.

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Its fun and interesting, job prospects are obviously bleak but at least I'll have the paper

kind of wish i had picked to study some foreign language though. Speaking several languages fluently is both fun and extremely valuable for certain jobs.
If you guys don't know what to study, study languages

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>not jumping at the chance to move to Arizona

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Yes, I grew up interested in programming and should have done a comp sci degree. I even took a year of comp sci classes just for fun and didn't bother to even minor in it.

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>Business Administration
>Bank Teller
>Dont fall for the business school meme anons. You can literally do the job im doing with no college, and remember, its not what you know, its WHO you know.

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i originally wanted to do linguistics
and then the teacher who started me on that path acted shitty to me when my grades began lacking, so i just shitcanned any idea of that happening

the guy you thought was a model to follow talking you down for your lacking performance (caused by personal family issues) is one hell of an infuriating position, i'll tell you that

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The only good graduate degree for history majors is law school.

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Majors in chemical engineering and masters in industrial engineering. Regret? No. It’s given me a good life. Wish I could know what I know now and change fields to my passion? Perhaps.

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it's steaming over there

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>Civil Engineering
>Work as a PM at a construction company
Meh, don’t really regret it. Job is stable, good pay, and only work 35-40 hours a week. Can be stressful sometimes trying to meet project deadlines and fighting over money, but I like my company and the people I work with. I’ve learned that’s most important thing in any field.

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And? Much cheaper cost of living than CA.
t. Fellow CA anon

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Rough man good luck, should move to AZ looks sweet

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We both know that math bachelors are seen as meme degrees. How have you tried going back to school or is that too expensive?

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oh, i know that much
i just had a family trip (worst week of my entire life) to puerta vallarta in mexico for a wedding

the heat made me want to die

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too expensive now. gotta pay bills.

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I’m staying in college until 26 the grad r8 can cry

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I'm getting a full ride to my state college even though I dont want to go, should i just major in Business? Would what I learn there be helpful for entrepreneurship? Thats my end goal, starting a tech startup

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May have to go back to college for accounting. My plain business admin degree is useless. Accounting is also not very social so id probably do fine

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I majored in Japanese and work as a translator. Thinking about doing computer science because I only get paid 60k a year, which just sucks.

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>I only get paid 60k a year
move to a cheaper area, holy shit
or do you mean yen or some shit

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What makes you think you want to start a tech startup if there's nothing in tech you're obsessed enough about to want to study it?

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Do your arents say anything about it? Regret ever going to college what a waste of money

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I dropped out of high school. No regrets.

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>ive improved my resume over the years -- its literally the only people say to do
I had that to.
>improve your resume anon! Itll get you thejob
What a lie. Especially when i see women with less experience and ugly resumes getting interviews while i dont even get a call to come in

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I majored in business management. I don't regret it but if I were to do it over I'd obviously have taken all of the money put towards school and put it into bitcoin when it was $100

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>physics major, astronomy and math minors
Could never find a job in the field near me. So I've done landscaping since college.

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my sister, who has no idea how the fuck she landed any of her actual big jobs, says the same thing

it's hilarious

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Being a lawyer has its ups and downs

Sometimes it sucks it literally just sucks the soul right out of you

I have a hard time solving the captcha I should ask for my money back desu

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mind your own business

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art field, yes I regret college, it was the single biggest mistake of my life. struggled to pay for it .... 4+ years wasted and saddled with debt. never even got a job using the skills I went to school for. Pretty much I got scammed.

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The worst part is when I do get the interview they don't like how I do the resume exactly how they want you to with the detailed answers. I'm getting to the point where if I get called in and they ask me one of those questions again they will get that sub 5 second answer.
>"anon please tell us your experience in handling projects"
>yes, Ive handled projects in job A, job B, and job C
>*stop talking*
>"...umm can you give us details on these projects?"
>*stop talking*
>*shows distress* "anon I want more details have you never been to an interview?"
>*stop talking*
>"well you know we want extensive details right?"
>that is a lie my detailed responses get tuned out while a woman giving the same responses does not have her answers questioned
>*stop talking*
>"that is quite rude and a lie, we'd like for you to leave"
>*stand up*
>*receive text message*
>*read it*
>all of you are fired as of 1 second ago, I know own this company

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it' all the same exact shit
and it turns out the jobs are basically bullshit and have you do nothing the entire time

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Similarly, business with me though. What a waste of my parents and I's money. I need to strike it big in stocks or if I dare risk it crypto or perhaps a business idea somehow, cause at this point I do not see any other way of achieving financial success.

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Yeah or there are different ranks but you all do the same stuff. Got bait and switched once for a job. Went in and it was for something else on the bottom of the totem pole with a different job title. Was doing the same work as those with the prestigious titles and more work on top of it....for significantly less pay and less down time then them (mostly women who'd chat for a decent chunk of the day amongst each other).

Im so tired of this I need to find a way out so I never ever have to wage again. That and help my family achieve the same.

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Probably west coast because Japanese and cost of living on west coast is fucking disgusting

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i know

2k+ a month for a decent place

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>Bachelor of Nursing
No, I don't regret it. I make $115/hr working for an agency that provides staff for understaffed hospitals. I work 12 hours shifts, and I pick up short-term contracts (6-12 weeks) where I can usually work 5-6 days per week (although some weeks I do less). The work itself is often shitty and I get why the hospitals are understaffed: the regular staff are often pricks, the hospitals are in a poor state of repair, there's often shortages of important supplies, and patients themselves are frustrated with all of the above, but the money is good enough that I don't care. Before that I was working in a public hospital getting paid $35/hr for the same job. As much as I liked my unit, my coworkers, and my manager (in healthcare, good managers are worth their weight in gold), but with inflation being what it was, eventually I realized that loyalty wasn't putting gas in the tank. So now I have to deal with moderately more bullshit for about 3.5x the pay.

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>No, I don't regret it. I make $115/hr working for an agency that provides staff for understaffed hospitals.
what the fuck is this? all the nurses i know are quiting their jobs to move one county over and be a traveling nurse for double the money. what the fuck!?!?!

seriously, theyre pulling like $1000/shift

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all of my jelly

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finance. I don't regret it. I wish I'd gotten another major in a complementary field. math or computer science.

the only person I can talk about stocks with are my dad. PEOPLE JUST DONT WANT TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE LINE GOING UP. and why democrats have such an easy time blaming the line not going up on taxing rich people.

which is why housing an investment.

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Yeah it's nuts, but can you blame nurses for not sticking with hospitals paying them peanuts, when that's the money that's out there? I was always saying to myself "I'm not gonna sell out, I'm gonna stick by my unit, I've got it good here," then an old friend from nursing school shows me a whatsapp posting from her agency, and ICU nurses are at the top of the list for $115/hr (again, I was making $35/hr at the time). That's when I realized that I could cry and whine about how unfair my job is, or I can make money.

The crazy part is that a lot of these hospitals are pretty small and out of the way, so even though they're usually a bit more run-down, they're also a lot quieter and slower in terms of patient turnover and patient load. I was in a big city before, and the units in big cities are generally more intense, by simple virtue of the fact that there's more going on, and more people who need treatments (people with chronic issues usually move to cities just so they can be closer to these services). So the hospitals themselves are worse, but they're not actually busier, so I'm pulling way more money for basically the same amount of work, if not less, than I was doing before.

Nursing is an interesting field because of how diverse it is. Most people think of the Mexican/Filipina/Jamaican ladies in hospitals, seniors residences, and going to peoples houses to make sure they take their meds and can get around okay, but there's all kinds of stuff you can do with the right connections and time put into it. If you want to work 9-5 hours in office, that's totally possible. If you want to conduct research studies, you can go into academia or health informatics. You can work in public health if you do a masters, or you can start your own business doing home care. It definitely wasn't something that I'd thought of before I started school.

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Gringe as fuck program/area of study. I can't look an employer in the face and tell them my major in an interview. Luckily I got an AAS in the field I work in now, and I've found it much, much more valuable.

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sneed major chuck minor
sneed's feed chucks sucks

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Information/archival "science"
Take a wild guess

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Winner winner chicken dinner

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hugs, fren
at least you have a career

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>history/variable products sales
>No, I genuinely love reading history books.

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Nope. Went to a good school and met good people.
Besides the relatively cheap housing prices there’s nothing to write home about with arizona. I guess living in northern AZ is really nice, esp compared to most of california, but chances are they’d be in phoenix

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Another Japanese major here. How did you get into translating? Do you work for a company or do you freelance?

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Kinda regret not finishing my 2 grad courses during the first 2 years of the pandemic. Just need to write the bachelor's work to finish Physics and I have roughly 4 quarters to finish Aerospace Engineering, which I'm loving doing it. Career-wise I work in a big4, they don't pay that well but I WFH so whatever, at least I'm enjoying all the corporate environment though.

I'm just waiting my time, learning my 5th foreign language to gtfo once I'm done with Uni to live and work abroad.

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Business admin/management
Cost management in aerospace industry. Degree is dumb but convinces HR I'm qualified for my 6 figgies. Turnover is getting bad so I'm getting more work but have good relationship with boss and coworkers so pretty comfy. Also recession proof is a plus for when that matters again.

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psychology, never believe your high school girlfriend.

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Wuats a typical day in the ICU? Id be a nurse for that pay but the stuff that goes on in hospitals creeps me out

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> A.S. Pol Sci, B.S. Info Sci/ Working for the Feds doing IT work
>I only regret that I have to go through bullshit college degree requirements to do the work I could have done without a degree
>no one in the private sector takes me seriously even though I can do all the work they request and more

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>management information systems
>cloud sysadmin 100% WFH
>best decision I ever made

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elaborate. are u a femanon?

what was your bachelor degree?

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Wtf howd you get a job. I got the same degree and i cant even get anything besides work that doesnt require a degree or those jobs that just take advantage of new grads where youre basically doing the same grunt work non degree havers do but with a fancy title

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I'm a physical therapist assistant. I have an associates degree and got the Pell grant since I was poor. I don't have student loans and compared to others with just a 2 year degree, I make a good amount of money.

However, I made more 10 years ago as a new grad. Every couple of years more and more reimbursement is chipped away at by Medicare and insurance companies which is always reflected on the clinicians' wages. The rules are constantly change but never to benefit the workers that are doing the leg work. Pretty soon physical therapy will only be for rich people who can pay out of pocket. Fucking wild, there's literally an unlimited demand for what I do but it's billed at such a high rate that no one wants to pay for it. I'm riding the wave while I can and making the most of it, but if the entire industry experiences a "wage adjustment" then I'll be looking to get into another line of work........what that is I have no idea. I really don't like the idea of going back to school.

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Everything related to business administration, I am still looking for a job

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Women are unironically protected species

They NEED women in their jobs because the goverment demands it

I feel bad for people with degrees, not really they werent smart enough to not go through them in the first place

Now they face reality

>> No.49861854

If women were protected species they wouldn't be getting raped and tortured at every opportunity.

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What does a cloud system admin do?

Is this a job where you have to keep learning on your personal time?

>had to retype this due to it being considered spam grrr

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Ahem.. is aerospace degree a bad idea. I really like learning about it.

>> No.49861895

4 degrees needed them all to do what I did. No regrets. Also no student loans. Lots of grants. Now Im basically a happy real estate boss with 0 degrees needed and put females in their place on a daily basis with my huge White ballls

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Im being vague because my role is more niche in the industry. Mainly I do a lot of troubleshooting, a lot of log searching, a lot of reading and then I provide solutions or implement changes. I have to know the infrastructure of my environment like the back of my hand because I get those questions that have already gone through level 1-3 help desk, they end up being complicated questions/solutions.

Learning in your personal time is not necessary but if you dont at least have an interest in the industry and its trends youll do worse than someone who does. Id say I spend a few hours a week outside of work just passively or actively learning new stuff about IT.

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I chose a degree program that was 90% female and found my wife in the program which was worth the tuition.

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If you like planes, rockets and satellites go ahead. You see a bunch of Physics stuff. It gives you status to any recruiter, at least from the people I know, mostly end up in financial institutions.

>> No.49862045

is she a roastie?

>> No.49862205

Im in med school I want to be a surgeon and I hate people but I love surgery, it is what it is; I didnt know what to do in highschool, I was never smaet enough for STEM.

>> No.49862214

>Day shift
you do your assessments, give meds, perform basic care (bed baths, changing diapers, cleaning the patient, that stuff). A lot of it is monitoring, so it depends on what the specific issues are with your patient. They may be on a ventilator, in which case you need to make sure their airway stays clear. They may be getting a lot of different medications you have to give, or they may not. They may have continuous infusions of drugs to support their blood pressure, heart contractions, keep them sedated, or reduce pain. THey may have a dressing that needs to be changed, this is where things can get gross: I've seen diabetic patients who had dinner-plate sized holes in their backs and legs: you could see bone and contracting muscles surrounded by rotted fat and skin.

At some point the doctor will round on the patient and give you orders for the day. Sometimes there won't be many, sometimes there may be a lot. At this point you can also raise any issues you think are important for the patient, like lab values, changes in assessment findings you've noticed on the charts, or their response to certain medications. There may also be procedures you need to take the patient off the unit for, like scans or the insertion of certain lines into their large veins (although on my unit they usually do that at bedside with a portable ultrasound machine). In my experience doctors are pretty cool: if they see that you're putting in the effort to try and understand the patient's condition and their orders, and not just smiling and nodding until they leave, they appreciate it.

Usually quieter. You have to do the meds/assessments/basic care stuff, and the doc will usually round on them, but the doc doesn't give as many orders, and no off-unit stuff (unless in an emergency). Oftentimes the doc just asks "is everything okay?" and if you don't have any problems, that's it for the night. You also only call the doc at night if a more serious issue arises.

>> No.49862231

College? No sir I dropped out of school at 16, higher education was unjustifiable

>> No.49862431

Any guides or resources to learning languages?

>> No.49862721

anon already won and we're all just chasing after his dream.

>> No.49862936

Took the unconventional path. Dropped out of community college after fucking around for a few years and got a blue collar mechanic job at this company which was my foot in the door. They helped pay some tuition to go back to school and get my business degree. Already knew our products inside out so jumped to the business side managing budgets for same products. It was hell working full time and going to school full time but well worth it now having no college debt throwing it all at more linkies. Also didn't start at 6 figs right away I just became very good at my job so moved up relatively quickly. Blue collar pill is not a meme.

>> No.49862968

I have a degree in CS and a successful career as a software engineer, great income, I own my own condo, have a car paid off. I regret all of it every single day. I have everything I was supposed to want and I wish I was broke as fuck living in a shitty house with my friends again delivering pizzas and smoking weed all day every day. Getting my shit together and trying was the worst mistake I've ever made

>> No.49863004

I've heard philosphy is a good major for law school, is that true? I'd love to be able to study law, philosophy, or history for fun, on a part-time basis or something.

>> No.49863037

not in the least. work maybe 6 hrs a week, make about 200k, remote

>> No.49863051

Audio Engineering. Love doing it, zero job opportunity for it in TX sadly

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>spent $28k on college
>get BAS in info tech
>make $220,000/yr as security engineer with only 6 years of experience
>Permanent work from home and only have to put in 25 hours of work a week
Gosh it sure feels great not being absolutely retarded

>> No.49863095

I only regreat spending huge amount of money to get that degree,
I would have bought a lot of BTC with that and would have invested in project like cro, xpress

>> No.49863120

English degree here, shitty state school. Make over 100k. No ragrets.

>> No.49863147

Never took the bar exam
Never worked a single hour after graduating

>> No.49863222

BA in business, I am a restaurant manager at a large casino, the job makes me want to put a drillbit through my temple but I survive by telling myself it makes me more interesting than a work at home neet

>> No.49863232

doing what?

>> No.49863512

Ahh okay thanks. Sounds a bit too much for me.

>> No.49863568

Philosophy and English are great if you are going into law. A course in accounting, anthropology, Latin, and Logic are great. Minors in history and math are viable options, just cater your courses to your preferences but don’t get into fucking law if you are an idiot or don’t have the money

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HR Manager

>> No.49863674

Third year college dropout

Having scholarships helped reduce debt burden (15K) and making great friendships was nice but I was in over my head at that age

After leaving school, I cultivated a lot of trades and was a risk taker. Sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Now I make high five figures/low six figures bartending.

Whether I regret it or not doesn’t really matter because I’m where I am now because of everything along the way.

Cons: Wasted time and money with nothing to show for it

> Lifetime friendships/connections
>Learned how to be resourceful when poor
>Increased social skills and broadened world view

All these things can be learned with or without college. Life is weird anon

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Well I can see why it pays alot. I am not the type that could handle that out of the grossness of it. Jeeeez man that is just gross I could not handle that for long before just quitting

>> No.49863910

Yes. All of the education I got I could have gotten for free online or at one of those extinct libraries