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the absolute state of Celsius baggies

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These are fake right?

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Wow that is sad af damn.

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>buy btc for 10 years
>put it all into a shady service offering unrealistic returns

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Typical women they abandon ship always lmao and man just puts up with it

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damn that rough.

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This actually isn't too far off reality desu

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Wrong image

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time after time after time white people get anally destroyed by trusting jews. when will you guys ever learn?

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about a year ago I was mocked for having a savings account and suggesting that you shouldn’t use crypto as a bank
not laughing…but lol

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Where did these people think the APY was coming from? 13% on stable coins ffs

Shouldn’t it be intuitive that generating a return means Celsius is taking a risk somewhere along the line? Or did they just think their coins sat in a wallet doing nothing

Imagine trusting one of these websites with your life savings, I don’t even keep all my fiat money in a single bank and the chances of them going belly up is substantially smaller that Celsius

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not your keys not your crypto
this is what happens when people who didnt know they were gamblers fall for their first scam

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The greed and idiocy is hilarious to me. Well deserved for every idiot that ignored all of the many, many warning signs.

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Never tell a woman about your crypto, even if she's a good woman who won't use it against you it won't change the fact that female anxiousness can't handle thw swings of the market and she won't be able to ignore it even if it's not her money or her problem

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Since the username is censored in the screenshot:


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it's called the cycle of bagholders. the best thing u can unironcially do is u missed the top is to baghold. either that or short and risk losing everything.

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I put about 2-3% of my crypto on there and I'm a bit miffed but haven't lost any sleep, though I did lose hours from looking into the drama (though I also spent a long time looking into terra but had none so there's that). Can't imagine what others might be going through.

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>ruins his life and his family's
> alex's fault

and this folks is how you ngmi

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I can't believe how such a pathetic failure of a man can have a wife, yet I'm alone just because I'm ugly.

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it's their own fault, everyone says not your keys not your wallet. This is the lesson, let's hope they learned instead of crying about celsius 2.0 going down

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Anybody got the deets on the wife? I'm tryna fuck.

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this guy also has a Tesla model 3, lives in LA, and is currently looking to start the overworked scheme with a second white collar remote job
some people are just destined to be fools

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i moved everything from CELSIUS to NEXO and I feel extremely safe.

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There is a difference between losing all because bad shit happens outside of your control and losing all because you are a greedy drooling retarded who can't even into risk manage or take profit.

This man is emotionally broken for life, probably going to suicide in the next month. The female is doing one thing right and that is taking care of her son and cut losses with the empty shell of a man that his husband has become now.

He fell for the meme of retirement with 100 lambos on his private island and paid the price of being unreasonable retard

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Whites are accustomed to the high trust societies they create consisting of (under natural circumstances) other Whites. Some East Asian cultures are also capable of replicating high trust societies such as in Japan. It’s for these reasons that the pinnacles of human ingenuity and civilisations have generally came out of these demographics.

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you should still feel bad for the families of these retards, my dad did a similar thing during the financial crisis in 2008 with real estate and it did insane amounts of psychological damage to both him and the rest of the family. That guys son and soon to be ex wife will resent him for the rest of their lives

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>white people think so highly of themselves that they lose any kind of protective filter when another seemingly white person is out to scam them
is this true?

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What’s wrong with overemployed? Isn’t it just a side hustle scheme? You take 2 remote jobs you can essentially still get done in a day

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deserves it for being a cuckold who accepts his wifes whore behaviour

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found the subhuman

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if that women doesn't leave him asap she's as retarded as him desu

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To put it bluntly, yes, that’s unironically how Jews have historically been successful in scamming Whites, sometimes nations at a time.

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arent you supposed to take dumb risks like that when youre solo, not when you have 2 people depending on you?
what the fuck is wrong with people, Id never gamble if my family was at stake

also, keep quiet about your investments until you can take profit

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Which shade of slave are you? And cease using European technology.

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I’m black
Most of the communication patents in a cell phone are Israeli fyi, the phone was manufactured in China
And the whole success of modern western society kind of depends on *everyone* buying things, including blacks. try again lol

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>lives in CA

lmao lol

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happy juneteenth are you going to eat watermelon to celebrate this glorious day? also nice trips

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>buying things
spending your welfare check on crack does not boost the economy

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most of them probably, but you underestimate the ability of stupid people to convince themselves that they're gonna get rich.
There was no doubt in his mind that he'd become a multi gazillionaire with this move.

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nope, that shit's real. that really happens. if that was fake it would have gone on about how he's thankful that his wife's boyfriend bought the kid the bike.

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>buying things
Bahahahhhahahahahahahahahh. Your demographic in its entirety is actually a net negative on USA gdp. Almost impressive right?

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they're just so gosh darn adorable, we can't help ourselves

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These are all real, I work in construction and all people talk about these days is crypto, complete insanity.

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I did eat fried chicken so that counts I guess. Maybe I will play basketball later
sorry Cletus, but your political overlords only give welfare to women. I’m sure I work 10x as much as you do

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>sorry Cletus, but your political overlords only give welfare to women
okay toby

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>I really wish Alex
Do these poor souls really think a goy can appeal to a jew through emotions?

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now this thread is derailed into a black statistics thread… baka this is what happens when you let niggers on the internet

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a real tragedy. anyway..

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black guy has distaste for labor, more at 11
what you meant to post was "whites are genetically predisposed to maximize the division of labor both in terms of efficient/productive output and the minimization of negative social externalities (crime)."
yes, it is true.
>is any other race?
doesn't look like it.
>Some East Asian cultures are also capable of replicating high trust societies such as in Japan.
they've been disarmed by force. before WWII they were savage farmers. this puts a huge dent in the thesis, nonetheless, at least as concerns japan, we should take what we can get.

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>reflexively posting something you got from /pol/ without making an actual attempt to break out welfare recipients by sex
was hoping you’d be smarter cletus

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I don't mind if my women get welfare

>> No.49848545

>what you meant to post was "whites are genetically predisposed to maximize the division of labor both in terms of efficient/productive output and the minimization of negative social externalities (crime)."
you’re making whites sound like the insect society slur that you guys usually mock Asians for

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you should actually try and get with a modern black chick instead of arguing with me on the internet. that way she can take the rest of your stuff that you lost getting jewed in crypto

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>literally one of the "stay poor" retards


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Thanks toby I'll keep that in mind next time I drive past the social services building

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no problem Cletus. make sure you have enough cash left over to fill up the tank in your 1999 f150, it’s getting expensive!

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Mate. Asians LITERALLY look like bugs. Is not rocket science cunt.

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Sounds fake. Wife pleased to sell at 68K which just happened to be the absolute top. Yeah no, that never happened.

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No. There are really people that dumb. Also is the same people who took the jab.

In some aspect, we kind of agree with the globalists in wipping out the midwit from Earth. It is just the method of forcing innoculations that is wrong. They could convince the midwits just with propaganda, nothing more.

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unfortunately it seems pretty real. somebody in the thread posted their actual account if you scroll up and their post history checks out

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ok incel

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Except it's the leverage that got it that high in the first place. For btc to reach the level again it would have have to rebuild its investor base and then double it in a deleveraged environment.... in the middle of a recession when everyone is broke.

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We’re going to crab for like 18 months

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This is fucking tragic

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That's the reason why there is so much regulations for non-institutional investors, and why non-wealthy people are virtually barred from investing in private equity. A lot of individual investors are stupid and greedy beyond reason.

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>spending your welfare check on crack does not boost the economy
Not him but it literally does lmao, drugs doesn't operate outside of market forces and I would even go as far as say that buying crack helps the real economy more than buying stocks

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Had a client ask our firm for an income letter above a certain level for Celsius. This is a couple who make >$1.5 mill per year. They had significant crypto "assets", both software engineers.

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Oh, never fucking mind then

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While thats true its just funny a woman's first instinct is to find another host. Its their parasitical instinct.

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>incels getting upitty because his wife doesn't want to stay with a man who is ruining their finances and can't actually provide for their family anymore

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>swing trader's paradiseee

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>you must stay with your gambling addict husband

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then it is an excellent time to run a 'bot
or swing trade...
Nickel & Dime them to death.

yeah boy. mai nigga

I fucking hate Plebbit.
I'm taking it like a godamn man.

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Eh, I still think this is just an attempt to farm pity and get some loser plebbitors to send him money.

These made me laugh, thanks.

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>silly anxious woman, i would never sell at 60k
>two weeks later moron wants to kill himself because he didn't sell at 60k
Little timmy would've gotten his bike already.

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My grandpa lost everything twice in his life and my grandma never left him. They got rich in the end. Women only leave you if they don't smell potential.

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Hope he didn't put the rope money into BTC

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The wife is right, he is a useless bum now

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That's still stupid. But it's also a major risk to lend your money to a Centralized Crypto company using DeFi but trying to masquerade as a DeFi company.

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idk man. My mom wanted me to sell my NFT at the pico top. I didn't wanted to sell then but sold later after it dropped 30% from there. Can women sense the top? sounds pretty sus to me desu

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no. I had told her to sell when I was banging her

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That was like 7%, not 13%. Where is Nexo's yield coming from?

>> No.49849739

Where can I short CEL as a US citizen?

>> No.49849764

Do you really want a wife who wants a divorce the moment things get dicey?

Did you put any thought into your post or did you just want to post a "cool" Rock pic?

>> No.49849783

I think it depends on how the man deals with the loss. If he's like 'yeah that venture didn't work out, I will have to start again'. And he's calm, very much 'this is a set back but I'll get over it', type reaction, a lot of women will be fine. Especially if you bounce back and find employment again quickly. What women don't like is this pity party 'woe is me' bullshit. If you act like a child and get overly emotional about it, like it's the end of the world then she's going to pick up on that desperation and panic and it's not going to feel good to her. And frankly I don't blame women who leave in those kind of situations. There are situations in life that are 100% out of your control to stop, but you are always 100% in control of your reaction to it. I have zero sympathy for people that can't even take the smallest ounce of responsibility for their actions.

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found the cuckcel

>> No.49849865

That's kino

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Womens intuition is strong

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Remember if having an asset go from a few grand to 68k is not enough, then nothing will ever be enough. At least fucking recover your initial investment if you are gonna be a to the le moon retard

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The first couple are. Designed to bait retards into doing it and subsequently posting their losses. The rest are real retards.
NPC's = NPC's. Someone has to get murdered by the orc army or starve because of the evil wizard after all. What would we strive for without them? Champion them by winning at life. They will love and ahte you for it.

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>crypto investors
You don't invest in crypto, you speculate.
At best you could call staking an investment.

>> No.49850729

>arent you supposed to take dumb risks like that when youre solo,

The number 1 rule in investing is to not lose money
The second rule is to not forget the first rule.
Celsius and Luna and similar events cause 100% losses. To get back to even you need to invest the exact same amount as you lost and then let it compound in the stock market for 10 years. Just to get back to even. Total of loss of capital is not acceptable. It doesn't how young you are or what your situation is; You need risk management.

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Women are better investors than men. Overconfidence is a typical male trate. This is a good thing in many many many situations but not in investing. I can definitely believe that women managed to see through the greed and realise that the party was over before men did.

>> No.49850874

Kek, this has to be a larp, imagine handing over all your money to some shady company. If that's real, then that's a harsh 'not your keys, not your crypto' lesson

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nah i think it will scale up gradually based on fundamentals now. the effects of recession and rate hike stuff is overblown given the state of debt in non crypto markets, people are forgetting that the usd is also in a bubble and there really is only one realistic exit when that pops

>> No.49850945

>Overconfidence is a typical male trate
what about orthography?

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Lol he's gonna need all the money he can get taking care of his wifes new son in a few months.

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Imagine crying because you asked someone for their stuff and they said no

>> No.49851127

Sadly this one is, yeah

>> No.49851199

Mashinsky is jewish you dumb nigger.

>> No.49851282

Celsius had about a million customers. That’s a shitload of money they stolen.

>> No.49851302

>Do you really want a wife who wants a divorce the moment things get dicey?
Getting fired from your job is a moment when things get dicey. Losing every single penny you made in life so far before posible ww3 + hyperinflation + recession + having your job market destroyed forever by pajeets is another realm of things getting dicey.

>> No.49851308

nuts. this is worse than luna, a lot of the nominal value on terra was just imaginary, celsius had real deposits that are now just fucking gone

>> No.49851307

I see, then why do you shitskins keep coming to white countries if there's nothing of value here? Why don't you like staying among your own race? Is it because deep down inside you know you're subhuman.

>> No.49851341

they're honestly probably going to fuck a lot of people over on top of the money because if they actually go bankrupt and lose it all. so many people are invested with them they might end up getting the SEC or some other agency on their case trying to regulate shit

>> No.49851753

they need to go bankrupt and lose a million people's life saving so that this event is written about in textbooks so it never happens again. people need to stop treating random internet platforms like a bank.

>> No.49851851

I suggest not, retards on Twitter are trying to make a short squeeze. Fighting imaginary FTX traders

>> No.49851856

90% of everything you read here is fake, screencaps from Reddit and Twitter are often written by the OP to further their self bias and sell the point. Just laugh then ignore. The one thing 4chan will teach you is smelling bullshit from miles away, and be so cynically doubtful that scams can’t touch you.

>> No.49851876

No, don't make fun of this man. Just like us he just wanted to make it so he could get the fuck out of his horrible wagie life and spend time with his kids. All women are whores and would pull this kind of shit in this situation, it's not his fault. What the fuck has she done for their financial well being? If all their money was in crypto it likely means she's doing fuck all. And now she's going to take some other dudes cock after this guy put his entire life on the line, waging day after day and throwing his spare cash at a dream, just for her and his kids.

No, I won't be shitting on him. Sorry, OP.

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Based and fren-pilled.
>T.guy losing .58 BTC in Celsius.

>> No.49852118

I think that Celsius is just getting their shit together, if they were going busto they'd have done so already

>> No.49852120

Poor people are retards.
>I'm going to put all my money into virtual tulips
He deserves it

>> No.49852260

I will. Suck my dick

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>> No.49852332

You’re delusional, they already completed the robbery. Now is just some tidying up to do.

>> No.49852408

Not just because you're ugly. But because you have the personality and social skills of a mossy rock.

>> No.49852433

Check this out

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i question the CEL token pumping.
I consider my monies gone. But it would be entertaining if Celsius gets out of this.
Nigga has only 2 ways home:

Death or Victory.

>> No.49852508

If you don't post the video you're dead to me

Also I think that Celsius is going to pull through this it will just take time

>> No.49852547

kicking em while they're down, not my style but I can appreciate it.

>> No.49852560 [DELETED] 

nigger monkey. I hope you die soon, worthless parasite

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fuckin' GOT

>> No.49852633

Wow, even niggers insults reveal that taking care of things is an anathema to them and they really do think mindless consumption is good. Gross.

>> No.49852774

No, she didnt leave because society and even laws werent favourable for women to take that kind of decision
Today women may do what they want, so their biological instincts kick in and they are always monkey branching, or looking for a better partner

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File: 74 KB, 1024x430, poverty does not explain inner city crime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49853153

Hey go Bruins though! At least he still has his favourite sports team!

>> No.49853247

> nah i think it will scale up gradually based on fundamentals now
Lol bitcoin has no fundamentals. It’s pure speculation. Nothing is stopping it from going to $1 or $1000000 because it literally represents nothing.

>> No.49853281

for some reason that makes me feel paranoid and I have nothing on celsius

>> No.49853435

>Shouldn’t it be intuitive that generating a return means Celsius is taking a risk somewhere along the line?
average people have no idea what risk is or where yields come from

>> No.49853689

bruins fan, deserves it
get rekt marchand

>> No.49853753

Implying you wouldn't pull the same shit if your wife did the same move.

>> No.49853824

No it's just never-ending, and their confirmation bias causes them to believe they can sense shit, when in fact, they're just anxious 24/7.

>> No.49853893


>> No.49853931

please stop posting you are embarrassing

>> No.49854006

He's not wrong, thats probably why hes not upvoted

>> No.49854084

muh white hightrust
>what is the wild west
>what is never ending euro wars
>what is individualism
whites trust each other so much they literally murdered, raped, pillaged each other more than any other group. cope faggot.

>> No.49854151

>nah i think it will scale up gradually based on fundamentals now
Which it has been unable to build for the past 14 years?

>> No.49854329

That's not true, a society that flourishes is where the young don't have to worry about wage slaving their entire lives, when women take care of the children and where average looking men get to have a shot at pussy so they are motivated. Men can be hell lotta creative when they are back crushed by wagie waging and complete inceldom. You know kind of like how boomers grew up in.

Unironically that high trust you valued so much is what ended up destroying you. You trusted your women, you trusted the jews, and you trusted the niggers, look how that has worked.

>> No.49854480

It's exactly white trust and altruism that allows shitskins to come to white countries to rape and pillage. If it didn't exist your subhuman kind wouldn't be here.

>> No.49854698

That’s one reason why Bernie Madoff was so successful. It’s known as an “affinity scam.”

>> No.49854825

Well she was 100% correct here and timed the top perfectly

>> No.49854849

Clearly even shitskins think highly of whites because they do everything in their power to come to white countries.

>> No.49854931

This is nowhere near DEFI you stupid fucking retard gorilla nigger. This was a kike scam some absolute retards fell for.

>> No.49855026

Sorry bro. i can't deliver.
she wasn't worth it to me.
That's a hard fap.

>> No.49855060

No, they just always want to sell.
Coin down? Better sell. Coin up? Let's sell babe. Coin crabbing? Honey, use that crypt money and buy me these 200 dollar lulemons.

>> No.49855172

>I knew it would fall
A clock is right twice a day
Same applies to Peter Scliff

>> No.49855330

Despite what the ladies men of 4chan will tell you from their rich experience of reading posts about women on /r9k/, most women after a certain point will absolutely accept reality more totally than men and that includes knowing when to get off a sinking ship. while this guy had the typical confidence of a 13 year old thinking that the titanic would just fucking refloat itself

>> No.49855368

>white alturism
Quit coping its absolutely embarrassing. Whites are not known for alturism and northern European countries aka nords/dutch are stingiest and least hospitable people on the planet. The reason you are being flooded by immigrants is because you are the most cucked race by far. No other race is subverted by Jews and ruled by women like white Europeans. Its literally the most feminist and cucked place on earth. You don't do it out of your own good will, you are subverted and docile. Unless you are implying whites love to invite foreigners to fuck their women and live on welfare, which is even more pathetic.

>> No.49855418

yes, hence I choose to allocate the majority of my portfolio to Cathie Wood's arkk ETF

>> No.49855474

Yes, or longer. It's just time to buy safe holds and look for new promising projects.

>> No.49855552

i don't know what's sadder, that he lost 230k in a scam or that he supports the bustin pooins

>> No.49855743

Men have higher risk tolerance. They can see red pnl and still hold as long as they believe itll go up regardless of whether their belief is justified or not. Women fear losing much more than they care about winning. Under stress gender differences are exaggerated so women will always turn risk averse while men take more risks under stress. Men shoot for the stars in career, sports, and even video games. Mediocre plebs and midwits love making fun of the risk taking retards who fail big but at the same time seethe with jealousy at the men who made it. Every single person who made it big had to bet big at some point, in most areas of life, and its no surprise those are always men.

>> No.49855787

Yes if anything this "muh hightrust" is what enabled cuckoldry, yeah im sure my wife is just staying overnight at her friend stacy's house yeah I totally trust her I'm sure nothing's gonna happen.
Fucking idiots keep putting pussy on a pedestal.

>> No.49855938

Lmao nigger your people are the most jewed and ran by pussy people on the planet. The whole reason you made it to burgerland is because Jews bought you from African niggers.

>> No.49855952

Dammit. It’s too late for me to change the post.

>> No.49856012

I doubt it. One of my best friends bought 50k of Shibu inu at the absolute top. I begged him not to do that. He still hasn't told his wife about it and that was back at the end of October

>> No.49856055

Don't hate women for it. Hypergamy is the reason you're on a computer and using the internet right now and other animals are outside eating their own shit in the summer heat

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>> No.49856083

>muh what aboutism
face your reality you cuck dont cope with bullshit made up excuses about why you fell from grace and became so cucked. As if not being a voodoo nigger is some kind of achievement. Its the bare minimum.

>> No.49856107
File: 286 KB, 1280x788, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i did the smart thing by selling my cel bag and buying matic instead, since polygon is now literally outperforming its "competition"

>> No.49856142

You're literally 20% white. Your entire race is the epitome of cuckoldry. The greatest achievement of your people is that you're so pathetic that people feel bad for you.

>> No.49856193
File: 76 KB, 748x1004, when your shoes are sus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


We live in a sus-iety.

I am sorry.

>> No.49856213

i know 99% of biz was too smart to fall for these scams but I feel damn sorry for everyone that got burned mostly because I fucking hate the scammers in this space. if I got burnt so bad my life was ruined why not engage in some vigilante regulation and show there is is IRL consequences for being a shithead in this space. crypto has to be the only space where people lose millions on millions of dollars and just take to twitter to whine about it and do nothing.

>> No.49856255
File: 131 KB, 603x621, 1637608514153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You read my post and you inferred from it that I am a nigger? Are you american by any chance?

>> No.49856277

Mongoloid IQ take. The woman shit is a result of Jewish subversion, which is a result of successful jewish shapeshifting entrapping white men to trust “fellow white men”. You see this isn’t new, it’s the reason 109/110 is a meme. Jews seethes at Whites more than they seethe at anyone else.. because no one else is even close competition

>> No.49856296

18% is good and feasible, just don't give it to a fucking Jew.

>> No.49856447
File: 9 KB, 225x225, 58318F94-CECC-4F61-887D-164FA0E19F61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As dumb as /biz/ is sometimes, Reddit/Twitter is magnitudes dumber. Echo chambers in politics lead to echo chambers for other shit (like crypto), and retards will silence sound opinions rather than hear out contrarians.

>> No.49856483

No, nigger

>> No.49856498

It's good you bring up that other kike scam.

>> No.49856529


>> No.49856556

Thank you for apologizing

>> No.49856724

>before WWII they were savage farmers.
savagery is directly correlated with peacefulness

>> No.49856783

Women are naturals at investing. She was right on timing. In my own My gf made a large purchase recently and it's doubled in value. Unironically listen to what women say at the very least because they might be right

>> No.49856902

What did she buy

>> No.49857072

After all these years and countless cycles, how are people still falling for the "safe" crypto shit and actually investing all their money in single coin, even if i time traveled to 2010 I still wouldn't invest all of my shit in bitcoin

>> No.49857427

A newer Nissan leaf for 23k Canadian. Worth 40k now. It was a decision she agonized over and ran every calculation. she's a better investor than me for sure

>> No.49857493

Sometimes it's okay to admit you are owned

>> No.49857525

Most Canadian men are total pussies and prefer the women making the bigger life decisions for them.

>> No.49857633

Water is wet, Jews like money

>> No.49857703

Do you consider a car a big life decision? I call her my research assistant, good at fetching info for me that I'm too busy with actual important things to handle. The best men know when to delegate.

>> No.49857815

Non-shit women have an incredible sense of timing

My wife's investments arent inspiring, but she can call tops and when to GTFO of something bad like you wouldn't believe

>> No.49858214

No you shouldn't feel bad. Next you'll be saying you want government regulations to prevent this sort of thing. No. People need to learn their lessons. And by ruining their reputations, the DeFi scammers are limiting their own influence. The free market is better than the alternatives in this case.

>> No.49858286
File: 55 KB, 331x385, soijak shocked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy probably had 8 figures if he was buying since 2012 continuously. 8 figures, 10 years in crypto and he thought 'put it all into this one thing and never sell' would be a big brain move.

>> No.49858332

It's not true at all
>in sickness and health
You retarded fags are posting this because you think your girlfriend will always suck your nuts and then in 30 years you'll be the middle aged chump in a bad spot.

>> No.49858365

>sold of parents house
> bought crypto in $100-$1000 increments

but was is actually making a profit.

I can buy 100 of something a week as well, but if it didn't make any money or it lost money, I'm still losing.

>> No.49858494


>> No.49858525
File: 337 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20220621-120347_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the same poster

>> No.49858542
File: 217 KB, 1050x1094, Screenshot_20220621-120538_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49858586

No it's not, it's obvious ponzi tier.

>> No.49858593

He would've been a millionaire if he should at 68k like his wife wanted.

>> No.49858674


There is a 20 Million dollar bounty to found out who made the attack on Celsius. Does anybody have any information on this?


>> No.49858688

Nothing if it's for profit, if it's to overextend yourself buying onions luxuries and living the city life it's sad.

>> No.49858716

This board is full of men who turned $1000 into $50,000. If you'd invested in them you'd have done a lot better than 18% APR.

>> No.49858724

Wrong audience bruv.

The old 4chan would've been able to, but everyone here including me is too much of a drooling retard to track that down these days

>> No.49858789
File: 33 KB, 579x268, Celsius.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just saw on the plebbit page. The office lot was empty and most workers were told to not come in until further notice since last Thursday. Apparently they were receiving too many death threats so I guess it's for safety reasons. Doesn't look good though inCEL bros.

>> No.49858897


>> No.49858951

Six figures in cash is comfy

>> No.49858971

Another poster claiming to work at that office says they were just told to work from home since Friday because of random people showing up at the office. It is pretty sad

>> No.49859024

I sent one of those threatening emails myself since I had 15 cents on Celsius.

>> No.49859144

Don't delude yourself, the board is full of retards who turned $50k into $1k

>> No.49859152


>> No.49859197

You are a coward who comes here hoping you can shed it.

>> No.49859616

it's ftx/alameda
wheres my 20m at

>> No.49859709
File: 1.40 MB, 400x400, 1655640133712.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49860004

The blacks are only there cause your women demanded that they be there to breed with plain and simple.

>> No.49860429 [DELETED] 

I'd still rather live in the Wild West than a contemporary nigger country.

>> No.49860462

>name censored

Fake and gay. Only reason you would censor that on 4chinz is so we can't go see all your other faggy bait posts.

Celsiusniggers are deservedly rekt but this is fake and gay.

>> No.49860534

damn you are insufferable nigger, you post this shit on literally every thread

fucking uncreative jeets

>> No.49860632

I feel like this scheme is only compatible with programming jobs as most other jobs require you to perform a task constantly. Good for them though.

>> No.49860740

What's wrong with being stingy? Asians and blacks suck with money because they blow it all on status symbols.

>> No.49860769

>the wild west
lasted like 30 years
>never ending euro wars
bro there has been a conflict in the middle east and africa like every day for the last 200 years.
>whites trust each other so much they literally murdered, raped, pillaged each other more than any other group
Nah,we definitely fucked up you third world retards worse than anyone because you couldn't even fight back. It was like the equivalent of if aliens invaded Earth today. You homo erectus niggers couldn't even invent the wheel after a million years

>> No.49860879

>so stingey that you create massive safety nets for people
Anon you are so fucking retarded that you can't even distinguish between something like making someone a meal when they randomly enter your house vs healthcare and social security.
>whites love to invite foreigners to fuck their women and live on welfare
No, jews like to do that. Whites, unfortunately, have been falsely taught to believe that you niggers are the same as us and that it's everyone else's fault you're fucking worthless, violent, retards, and if we all just hold hands and give you an opportunity that you'll assimilate and become productive functional members of society which is clearly has been a complete failure. Unfortunately too many of you got your dirty nigger asses in our countries and made them worse off and there's still a lot of Whites who are too retarded to do anything but feel sympathy for you but more and more Whites are waking up and realizing that you're the problem and that we don't fucking want you here.

>> No.49862020

Nobody takes responsiblity for their actions and I don't think they should. Blaming something for your failure is literally baked into your brain from birth.

Everyone is to blame for everything, because everybody contributes to society in one way or another and that ripples through everything else.

If you believe that you are responsible only for your actions and nobody elses, you writing a post on 4chan is an action. That action can have an effect on somebody else which will influence future behaviors.

Will you take responsbility for your post influencing somebody elses mind? What if that influence yields their demise? "Well I didn't tell him to jump off a roof."

No you didn't, but regardless words are far more powerful than we like to admit.

There are so many factors built into the whole "I wanna get rich quick" paradigm that squarely sit at societys footstep.

You think people come out of womb wanting a Lamborghini?

Yea people are assholes and dickheads, but so is everybody else. Just because I bake apple pie for the entire block every Sunday, doesn't make me any less of an asshole.

People react like children because they're mentality is kept in a child like state. Who keeps them in a child-like state? Society. What do you think a sucker is? You think we would survive if everybody was a shark?

The only scenario where 8-billion souls are brought up to the same IQ level and all become sharks is when we have another species to feed on, instead of just ourselves.

>> No.49862073
File: 217 KB, 680x425, 1622163963208.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I TRUSTED you with this TRUSTLESS process WTFFFFF??
Yeah I am mostly just disappointed in Sergey for giving that faggot scammer Mashinsky a platform. He didn't make VoIP. He didn't make shit. Sergey Nazarov, this is your fault.

>> No.49862170

I usually enjoy financial gore but for once this one makes me sad. Or rather, it's much more pathetic than funny. Fuck you boomer for not being funny in defeat like your peers.

>> No.49862237

My half Filipina gf looks like a mouse lol I find cartoon mice sexy now lol

>> No.49862281

this guy is obviously a retard who lucked into reproducing. hopefully he can no longer muddy the gene pool with retard genes.

>> No.49862320

Girl do porn ep 349

>> No.49862347
File: 361 KB, 1818x890, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 8.34.05 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why is CEL mooning?

>> No.49862394
File: 30 KB, 637x506, 1652974072328.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49862436

and for once, I felt for the norman.
But please, if there is one thing we owe him and ourselves it is this: learn from his mistakes.
Self-custody your crypto. And may God have mercy on us all.

>> No.49862545


>> No.49862604

Syscon is a blockchain protocol with powerful features that'll surely impress you. It's a revolutionary crypto currency that offers near zero cost financial transactions, incredible speed & provides businesses the infrastructure for trading goods. Check this out today!

>> No.49862647

Basically, the team is actually paying the debt back and is not giving up in the project which is very bullish
Also, if this keeps going the shorters that caused this fall are going to get liquidated

>> No.49862656

defi still works

>> No.49862668 [DELETED] 

Source on this plebbit breakdown?

>> No.49862680

I wish its basically impossible to lose money then and you can just set your orders and leave

>> No.49862702

>Afound 10 000 dollars.
Imagin killing yourself because of 10k dollars. I lost this year alone around 4k euros and that didnt make me even feel really depressed.

>> No.49862745

>doesn't want all drugs legalized
deserved the loss

>> No.49862768

this literally happened with mt.gox and no one learned anything

>> No.49862800

it was a good fap for me ngl

>> No.49862818

fuck OFF nazi

>> No.49862819


>> No.49862826

>says the guy that doesnt sell when btc is at 68k


>> No.49862829

because they're married thats literally what they're agreeing to

>> No.49862840
File: 56 KB, 563x215, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Verification not required.

>> No.49862850

>what is the wild west
a complete meme

>> No.49862946

wow. White women truly know no loyalty do they. The absolute state of burgers.

>> No.49862998

This. Once she said sell at $60K she will just keep repeating "see, I told you to sell at $60K"

>> No.49863010

Whatever happened to don't invest what you aren't willing to lose?

>> No.49863040

>Celsius baggies
kek they aren't baggies cause they aren't holding shit.

>> No.49863069

>he was dressed up
>made me think he was a tough fighter


>> No.49863110

this sounds fake.

>> No.49863214

>nords/dutch are stingiest and least hospitable people on the planet
Then why are their countries filled shitskins raping and murdering while staying on welfare?

>subverted by Jews and ruled by women
I thought 'white replacement with shitskins, done by jews' was a 'crazy right wing conspiracy theory' that only 'inbred rednecks' believe? All of the sudden shitskins say it's true now.

>> No.49863228

>woman knows how to sniff out a scam and tells her dumbass husband that its time to get out
>nah babe, its fine, 20% yield p.a. think about it, we'll be rich
This guy deserves it, he didnt lose his coins or had a freak accident, he simply handed his money over to uninsured ponzi scammers who fucked everyone up in the end, greed and stupidity. She should find a new man, this guy obviously is too dumb to plan 2 steps ahead and in a less civilized world he would probably have gotten her raped or killed or used her as a bailout to the local big boss. Totally understandable that she feels betrayed and not attracted to this degenerate gambler

>> No.49863341 [DELETED] 

If the women demanded it than why do they have to rape women to have sex?

>> No.49863356

Yeah, it's so unlike Wakanda in Africa
Or those peaceful utopias without any conflict in South America or Asia

>> No.49863372

Someone sounds upset XD.

>> No.49863394

If the women demanded it then why do they have to rape women to have sex?

>> No.49863640


>> No.49863659

you forgot the best part xD
>retard on /biz/ falls for idiotic larp reddit post

>> No.49863734
File: 30 KB, 600x505, 385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>On his twitter he is dressed in Roman armor.
>That made me think he was a tough fighter like Russell Crow in gladiator.

>> No.49863774

Based response

>> No.49863802

I ain't clicking that shit nigga

>> No.49863827
File: 633 KB, 1013x799, 1655369911123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fucking poorfag

>> No.49864037

>woman cut and runs the moment there's any hardship