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Did you miss this token called Mithrilverse?

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obviously no because its your pump and dump you just started based on that chart timeframe

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You DID migrate your old mithril right anon?

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I like how you stretched it out to make it look far more impressive than it is

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>tfw the whore i was facetiming last night said the same thing

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Imagine starting a pump and dump with 60bnb liquidity

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Holy fuck you guys are still around? Unless you guys get some backing, I’ll just be swinging this run. Good luck

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i bought this shit soon after it came out and i forgot about it

can i still redeem? is there a new contract?

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Finally some improved tokenomics, now if we only had a bull run...

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red pill me on old vs new mithril and the differences in tokenomics

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Migration to the new contract has been available for 2 weeks and will continue forever. Trading and transferring of new mithril started today.

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Weird timing

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One of the main reasons for the new tokenomics is to have funds for development and marketing.

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New contract is not renounced so devs can do anything they want with it.

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I have 17$.

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Not yet, but I probably should. So I just send my tokens to that Rebirth contract?

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And that's bad if they're a dev team because?

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Migrate on the website. Don't send tokens directly to contract.


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Because they can rugpull you

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>did you miss this completely random shitcoin scam?


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It was one of the most successfull shitcoins of the recent short casino season and a biz coin born in the best fashion, a bored anon with no idea what he was doing

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Ah, right. Thank you, Mr. Frog Wizard.

Well, if they rugpull and I lose my 11 dolaridoos, I won't really lose any sleep over that.

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>token called the same thing as a chink coin from november
>a few hours old

fuck off curry hands

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Blessed Grub

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no, the project is migrating to a new token to better set it up for the next cycle

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Man, I remember when it got here. It shot up 10x in a week or so, then it went to shit and I don't even know how much in the red I am now, I just stopped caring and forgot I even hold it.

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It was born here, this thread literally airdropped the first coins and it made x100 on the first day wtf are talking about

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Yeah, I know it originated here. I didn't hop on right at the start, I "made" only 10x.

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>Have a 2k manletstack
I'm still annoyed I missed that original airdrop thread, I had it open on mobile but didn't post for going to bed. I ended up buying micro stack halfway through the pump and forgot about it after that.

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ok, but explain to me the reasoning for not burning the liquidity or verifying the contract? can't think of a honest reason.