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>he doesn't work for multiple FAANG companies from home

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hmm yes now that you put a basedjak to it, i do find the superior working arrangement to be one where i an uncompensated for my commuting time and uncompensated for the operating costs of my vehicle (which is more or less a condition of my employment.)

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Agreed, work from home is good

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I'm not sure why you like WFH so much that you make a whole thread about it OP

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Why does this trigger boomers so much? Why do you care if people work from home or not? I like it because it saves a fuckton of time and energy

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they unironically believe that the workplace is like a second home and people should enjoy going there in spite of all logic

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Working from home is based you retard. You get paid to not actually work

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they hate their wife and children (which is why they kicked them out the second they turned 18.)

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if you're not at work you're not doing work. WFH leeches will deny this but paradoxically brag on 4chan about how they do 2 hours of work and play video games all day during their shift. i had to fire 2 people who refused to come back to the office and had no sympathy.

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boomers only joy is torturing people

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what an easy work from home job?

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Söijack and greentext?
Well shit, better stop doing my job where I can fuck off to coom to fat 2D in the middle of the afternoon and instead come into the office where I can listen to Nancy in Receiving snot laughing over Minions memes
Thank you for showing me the errors of my ways

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>but paradoxically brag on 4chan about how they do 2 hours of work and play video games all day during their shift
Does this really happen though? Seems like a problem with an easy solution. For example, in my previous job work computers had a program that allowed the supervisors to monitor everything we do at home. We also had to meet a certain quota every day so it was pretty much impossible to dick around.

When covid restrictions were lifted, everyone was forced to go back to the office. I was literally one of the top guys in our team in regards to performance, so I asked why can't I continue working from home. The answer was that the company wanted to utilize the office lol. I left immediately

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>get liquidated and homeless from home

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>that hourly worker poorfag who thinks professionals clock in and perform exactly 8.00 hours of work per day

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The boss vs the superstar employee
Who will win?
Who is right?

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gas station cashier hands typed this. maybe you'd be able to work from home if you had the capacity to provide something other than a menial service. keep crying though, if you complain long enough you'll get attention like the trannies and suffrage movement.

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Do you unironically believe people work 8 hours a day at work? It’s more like 2 hours max. Boomerfags only want to see you in your seat because it gives them some sort of pleasure; they also hate their wives and family so they see work as their home.

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it's vestigial, suddenly middle management has nothing to do if they're not baby sitting. this is just growing pains and bad employees/managers will weed themselves out. I'm never commuting an hour each way again it's "bad for the environment" ((get fucked))

>wfh for 3 years
>6 figs
>get to raise my kids with trad wife rather than put them in daycare

anyone that objects is a faggot

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I’m working from home today, feels good man

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>absolutely fucking furious despite having had a decade and a half to learn to code

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Humans only have so much capacity. An employer shouldn't waste your time or money.

With productivity tools like chat, document sharing, screen sharing it just doesn't make sense to go into an office building anymore.

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Joke if you want but the pandemic and the whole work from home thing basically ruined my life
>worked comfy office job
>making 17 an hour with at least 800 extra each month from incentive
>pandemic happens
>they send us home
>company was not prepared so work slows to crawl
>managers/supervisors become lazy fucks, won't do anything except spam PDF files at people
>our incentive flow basically dries up
>start treating us like Amazon employees, barely able to even go to bathroom with how strict they are
>end up quitting and going to work for old job
>old job has got worse since I left before
>every single day dread going in
>desperately looking for new job
Liberals and chinks took everything from me

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Thats because the employees get all the actual work done in no time and don’t need to spend 6 hours goofing around in their seats to appease an obsolete clown who hates his wife.
Like others said, WFH pretty much destroys the entire concept of middle management. If employees can get some cheap company computer to do their stuff at home that tracks what they’re doing then whats the purpose of some lazy boomer in a suit who does fuckall but act like the office janny? However I personally also think that rental companies are pulling some serious heat somehow to get people back in. What company is going to bother paying out the ass to rent a building space when nobody goes to the building? Basically like everything else wrong with the world of today, old people and petty greed ruin things yet again.

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looking for new job doing what? if I can get you hired I get a bonus.

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> What company is going to bother paying out the ass to rent a building space when nobody goes to the building?
This is most likely the case, but at my wagie job we have a manufacturing floor attached to the office, so the building would be used regardless. We also have a lot of corporatefags who have offices here, but almost never use them, it’s a fucking joke. We’re required to be here 8-5 but they’re almost always working from home. I fucking hate my shitty job and should quit, but I only have a year of experience

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I'm very thankful i can work from home. I got up early to go to the gym and it reminded me how much I hate the commute.

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I envy you, anon

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>computer programming began in 2007
zoomers need to be gassed

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Depending on what you do take a look around. While work from home is not as prevalent jobs are still being offered that have it.

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I’m a supply chain fag. I sit in front of a screen in my shitty cubicle but I can’t work from home. I’m scared I won’t have enough of “muh experience” to get anything good. I’ve only got a little more than a year

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I prefer to slack off at home than to slack off at the office having to look busy and watching a screen where nothing is going on.

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Ah I see. Cubicle beats some offices. Ibe heard that one of my employer's offices is basically a libar now. You come in and can grab a table but no seating is assinged.
I'd say just keep looking on job boards regularly
If you see something you like, read about the position on glass door and elsewhere. If you like it, apply

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>I prefer to slack off at home than to slack off at the office having to look busy and watching a screen where nothing is going on.
Exactly. I hate the office because when there is nothing to do you have to sit there and make busy. With work from home pressure is off. When there's work to do, I can go ahead and do it. When there's not I can ease down

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Fuck off office kike

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I'm against work from home as well. I feel like it's unfair for the employers that you make money by "pretending" to work. I feel like it would be more productive if everyone comes back to the office, things like brainstorming ideas, drawing board meetings, etc., would be a lot more productive and would bring revenue to the company. Also btw, the watercooler talk that we all miss.

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WFH is great for that when I want to get shit done I can just focus without having to deal with noisy co-worker talking about some shit they saw on netflix or did on the weekend and when I want to relax I can just watch a youtube video in peace.

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>meeting = being productive
lol meetings are nothing more than busywork to do when you just don't want to work. Atleast from home I can shitpost on 4chan instead of paying attention and in the office I have to be bored out of mind in your stupid meetings.

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why is Elliott's car Europoor

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>commuting is bad for the environment
>heating offices is bad for the environment
>close gatherings are unsafe against pathogens

Fuck you boomers it's time to reap what you sow

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>about how they do 2 hours of work

I do that when I'm at work. The other 6 hours are just staring into space or pretending to be doing something. Might as well let me stay home where I have my switch.

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I work at a mega-large tech company who owns their office space, they already told us a year ago they've completely changed course to renovating large sections so they can rent it out

In fact they're fully onboard with 100% WFH. It's literally only shitty small companies ran by brainlets that are against it.

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What companies do you think actively think renting absurdly overpriced spaces is a good idea to begin with, anon? Objectively speaking most companies deserve to go under from their retarded practices that only happen so a few (((investors))) can leech off of them until the cadaver is bone dry.

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>I feel like it would be more productive if everyone comes back to the office, things like brainstorming ideas, drawing board meetings, etc., would be a lot more productive and would bring revenue to the company. Also btw, the watercooler talk that we all miss.
I can't tell if you are HR or management
Either way, no.

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he thought his womanly 3 series would be a chick magnet kek

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No problem sweetie you keep working from home just not at this company anymore. We hired few Ukrainians they are hard working and we are helping their economy to get back on it's feet. We wish you best of luck in your life endeavors and freelance.

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So you prefer they come to work and do an hours work tops? They're goofing regardless. I did a degree while working a full time job 5 years ago. Out of 40 hours a week I worked about 3-10 depending how busy we were, usually single digit.

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yes because then i can keep an eye on people who report to me easier. when they don't do their jobs i take the heat for it. live closer to work if commuting makes you seethe.

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>yes, I'm a digital nomad
>how could you tell?

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lmao you retard that's when millenials started graduating college, i guarantee i'm older than you

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I'm in your position now, if you're taking heat don't be a faggot and blame it on WFH, have an actual rebuttal to your manager who sees even less than you. Grow a spine.
Everyone goofs off, if works getting completed then leave them to it. People WILL do it if they respect you but that comes with time.

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>lol I work from home and do no work
fags are literally just lying and do have to do work or they're just straight larping and are neets that live in their parent's basement

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The only problem I have with WFH is dumb cunts who can't properly set up their microphone, or worse use the built in fucking speakers and microphone of their laptop.

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They kick their wives out the second they turn 18?

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because i make $100k and spend absolutely nothing besides on investments and groceries. WFHchads who live with their parents are the only people capable of building wealth in 21st century america

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My team manager and a coworker, both boomers, despise things like online meetings and working from home because they want to be able to see the people they're talking and working with. Going as far as hating on a Japanese coworker who wears a facemask, during flu seasons, because they can't see his face properly.
I genuinely believe that's it's because they didn't get to grow up with the internet the same way the younger generations did. We spent days chatting and talking with people we often didn't even know what looked like so to us, working without having physical contact with others, is just second nature.

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Hey guys, I know I am seeing a lot of back-and-forth on this topic, but I really need to push back and raise some red flags here...

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Kek it's so true

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>He commutes

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If work from home isn't explicitly stated MINIMUM 3 days a week in the contract they can fuck off

there's another recruiter whore waiting on linkedin

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I work like one day in the office at most. Supposed to go in tomorrow but I can't be bothered. The boss can sock me

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if I where an office space landlord I'd pay a social media company to post that shit everywhere

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Negotiate fully remote, fuck "hybrid" faggotry. I got a job offer from a place that refused to budge on being in person and then 4 months later a recruiter reached out to me for the same position that was magically now remote.

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Lmao an HR cunt

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Newsflash, people waste just as much time at the office, they're just good at hiding it you delusional sloppy cunt

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Data entry should require no degree. Basically you get badly printed documents and are told to put in the right numbers that the machine can't read. Try ziprecruiter to mass apply for jobs. Indeed is fucking gay.

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"pretend to work from home", fixed that for you cuck lol

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>be in slightly upper-middle management position at super mega corporation
>watch people in my exact same position check each other all day for TPS reports
>this is all they do, it's their only utility
>they do absolutely nothing for anybody else
>paradoxically we a department that everyone (even the government) agrees would get people killed if we didnt exist
>during covid these people get WFH positions
>watch their output of useless busy work slow down to a halt
>some dont even bother getting online after a while
>once covid peters off they are offered fulltime WFH positions
>however it comes with a 55% (yes really) pay cut as it's a new position and robbery is legal
>watch lazy boomers who dont actually do work have to choose between going back to work (where they have to prove they arent useless) or no longer affording their mortgage
>most of them throw in the towel
>that was a year ago
>still see boomer resumes up years later despite having two decades of "experience"
>to this very day the WFH positions have not been filled
>our employer figured out you can use them as bait, get competent people to show up, have them realize the salary is McDonalds-tier and then force them to accept the real positions

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That sounds horrible

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>nooo you have to do backbreaking manual labor outside! Its so trad and builds character! Im such a real man!

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When people post this here it's obvious to me they've never done it
Construction is hard on your body and you arent always working with exoeriences people. Ware house work is just as soulless as office work

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The people shilling muh based trades have never worked a manual labor job and just "know a guy" making $200k

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I wish I could man, I wish I could.

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>Be on meeting remotely last friday
>Four people, but not our manager in the meeting
>At some point my coworker says "Smoke blunts stretch cunts" in response to me
>I just respond "Yeah smoke blunts"
>I also stretch cunts, but it is pretty vulgar so I just say blunts part
>Everyone laughed
>Meeting ends
>After closing the slack window, (I was muting myself to smoke weed also), after closing the slack window I smoke weed
>I'm currently WFH and smoking weed

My story telling kind of sucks but true story

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imagine getting some busywork office job where you're told time and time again that your job is important and that you're the backbone of the company. your job essentially boils down to walking around the office a couple times a week to bug people about if they're doing their jobs or not, have some meetings where you talk about nothing, have lunch, have more meetings, maybe bullshit a bit by the water cooler, then leave before everybody else because you earned it. your actual work contribution is literally fucking nothing because you've deferred all of your responsibilities to the wagies beneath you, so you must justify your job by constantly making a show of who's doing what and occasionally firing someone. you do this for years, decades even, to the point where it becomes a part of your identity, because you have no hobbies other than watching tv. then, one day, some random chink virus comes along, and everybody suddenly gets to work from home, and without your constant, eagle-eyed guidance...nothing changes. the company keeps going, but you're not doing anything. you're not doing ANYTHING, and you assume that means everybody else is doing the same amount of nothing, despite the company still operating normally. in addition, all the messaging and emailing is confusing to your boomer brain, and there's no free coffee or work friends to chat with, so the whole thing sucks and is stupid and should go back to normal right this second and young people are spoiled.

that's why boomers get so fucked up about wfh. i had to hear my uncle bitch about this for a good 20 minutes a few months ago

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WFH friends, what does a good data entry resume look like? What do data entry recruiters care about?

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>Like others said, WFH pretty much destroys the entire concept of middle management
Quite the opposite, now that we’re working from home our retarded project manager keeps on scheduling meetings where only 2 people talk

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are you saying that the OP isn't just an ironic 4chins take, and some people actually feel this way? why would anyone give a shit? They can certainly find a job that still requires an office if they REALLY want to. I will continue to work from home, saving a (surprising, honestly) amount of money monthly just by not driving to work. It's also a lot easier to forgo the occasional drive-thru Goyslop, when you don't spend as much time in your car. Who the fuck cares how someone else pays their bills? I can work out when i want, I can eat what I want, and I'm still getting paid. Anyone that """can't seperate work from home""" would have been an utterly insufferable faggot in the workplace anyway, that's an absolutely bullshit argument supported by soii-based strawmen. 5 pm hits, i turn my shit off and go outside. It really is that easy

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Data entry is brainless as long as you can focus on monotonous and similar appearing numbers/text for ages. On your resume they'll look for experience with processes and attention to detail, so even a single job at McDonalds should do the trick. Also make sure to make your resume visually appealing and concise (I used to like the 3 panel resume). Make sure you also emphasize your tech focus and add your typing speed to your resume if the job ad has a minimum WPM.

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>work in the office
>part of a national strategy so we link virtually
>"guys remember you need to put good morning in the chat every day when you get in for DUTY OF CARE just to know your safe"
>"also post all of your tasks for the day and don't forget to notify if you step away from your desk for a coffee or bathroom just so WE KNOW YOUR SAFE"
>"also make sure you log off with a good afternoon every day!"

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>I can work out when i want, I can eat what I want, and I'm still getting paid.
i think that's the part that gets under their skin. it's a control thing, on top of it being an unacceptable change to their life-on-autopilot routine. my uncle kept saying things to the effect of "i KNOW they're not working and they're just screwing around all day" and kept getting flustered when i would ask if they're still making their goals or whatever because he would have to admit that they were. they can't fuck with people if they catch someone hanging out in the break room for a little too long or trying to sneak out early because they're done with what they need to do. i get the impression that they actually believe that they own people from the hours of 9 to 5 because of the money instead of it being an at-will job

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only really based boomers do this

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>t. boomer manager who hires peoples to increase his kingdom but has no work for them.

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Hahahaha actual boomer manager not even a meme.