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5th wave nao

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The price can't keep going up like this. It's not healthy, Money Skeleton.

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Please money skelly, I believe

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Wrong, actually. ETH is well within healthy ranges on the RSI, not overbought yet. On the daily chart.

LTC however is about 90 RSI and extremely overbought. It's going to fucking crash while ETH still has miles to go.

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Just look at that bull pennant anon.

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>The price can't keep going up like this
>It's not healthy
>BTC goes from 2k to 16k in a matter of months

You sound like a normalfag

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yea, normal fag is normal.

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I don't know where to get crypto RSI, because I'm a HODLer. What USD or BTC value would constitute "overbought"?

Look, imagine how much ETH Vitalik holds. Imagine the multimillion dollar swings based on git commits and Reddit comments. Imagine how much stress he's under.

There's not enough heroin and child porn in the world to take the edge off that.

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Yes you funkyassniggerqueerjew

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Vitalik is certainly skinny enough to get away with a heroin addiction

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$1000 / ETH by December 31st, 2017

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Yes please

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You heard it here first. Screenshotted. I swear I will send this Anon a lambo if we hit $1,000. Anon, what is your name, address and phone number?

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lets give it a pump, so it will raise to 1000$

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this is a july prediction, retard.

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Didnt vitalik sell most of his eth around 10-20 dollars? Still has tons for sure i know

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its not my prediction lol, its been posted before.
Like the McAfee's prophesy for BTC, but for ETH instead. Fuck lambos, I want a comfy new civic

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If you wanna spare a few shekels though, what the hell. Might trow new winter tires on next year, mine will be bald by then


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no lol that will cause dumping instead of stable growth

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every time

every fucking time I come home after selling it off it just goes way up my ass