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9 years ago when I got into crypto I thought crypto was quite amazing.
What I never in my wildest dreams would have thought is that we would still have Bitcoin, a useless, expensive and slow crypto as the largest one.
Even stuff like Quark and Feathercoin made more sense to me.
Smart contracts was an interesting concept but in the end it seems like it just lead to fucking leverage and speculating on JPEGs.
This fucking tech is still pretty useless for the average joe and I am amazed that the tech is still so fucking clunky to use, the UX/UI is pretty shit and the people developing dApps seems to autistic to think about the average joe.
This shit went as mainstream as it could with the current UX/UI.

I became a millionaire and of course I am happy about that, but 9 years later, and this is what you have to show?
1996 - 2005 made huge leaps for the internet.
2013 - 2022 not any meaningful have changed, as I said, more leverage and speculating on JPEGs. Whoopi-doo!

Maybe I am mistaken, maybe there are some good crypto's for the average mf out there.
But I haven't really seen it.
If you know any projects with good UI/UX please share!
Cause this is fucking ridiculous and almost no one ACTUALLY use crypto for anything.

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checked quints
Crypto is still where the internet was in the early 90s, we haven't hit mass adoption.
I know biz thinks we have but most normies aren't using crypto day to day.
We're still waiting for someone to make crypto easier to use and normie friendly so you don't accidentally send your net worth to the wrong wallet address.

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checked and nigger

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>Crypto is still where the internet was in the early 90s, we haven't hit mass adoption.
You need to look up some stats mate.
There are hundreds of millions who own crypto.
In many countries about 25 - 30 % of population under 40 owns crypto and about 15 % for whole population.
Sure, a majority of them probably keep them on exchange, but that's exactly my point. No one fucking use them other than as a lottery ticket to get rich.
But yes, it's as mainstream as it can get with this shitty UX/UI.
But there is an assumption at the end that the average normie can even handle decentralization.
Keeping a private key or not signing BS random contracts online is nothing normies will ever be able to handle.
They're safer under centralization unless someone figure out a more clever way to make decentralization normie-friendly.

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Crypto has never been a useful technology and was never meant to be. It wasn't even new when bitcoin first made headlines. It has been and always will be a ponzi scheme and anyone that says otherwise is either disingenuous or a fucking retard.

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Well crypto was formed in 2009
The internet was formed in 1983
Imagine the internet in 1995. People are quoted in saying their favorite use for the internet in 1995 was 'email', there really wasn't all that much you could do.
I'd say were pretty close to on track, no?

you do make a point though.

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Lol, I keep seeing that shit shilled HARD by redditoooors.
What's soo amazing with Algorand?
They have like 300 tps and like 0 actual dApps anyone use?
What makes Algorand better than shit like Polygon, Cosmos, Avax or Fantom?
They got that old guy in charge who's suppose to have a really big brain, right?
Is that the argument?

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Crypto did its job, made some folks rich.
This thing where we leverage billions into trillions to go 2x, 3x... lmfao.
OP is right anons.

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I've had quite a few cryptos but Algo seems to be the only one that is just easy to work with is fast cheap and just works on phone or desktop with no hiccups or confusion. OP asked for a crypto that does that so I provided my take.

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there are entire institutions and enterprises investing in crypto right now

Google, IBM and Boeing along with many others are already on the Hedera council and are supporting the HBAR foundation with their efforts toward expanding the Hedera ecosystem.

this shit will bring a ton of usecases to the crypto ecosystem. how is it useless anon?

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>Google, IBM and Boeing
They're all run by trannies.
They jump on the band wagon.
I'm even invested in Hedera, I saw that too, but this was like 3 years ago.
Have they shown any ACTUAL use case or are they just sitting around at the council and jerking eachother off?

You're brain is probably too pee-pee-poo-poo too realize that big companies run by trannies are sitting on a council is not a proof of any real utility.
It's proof of circle jerk.
I think it's been 3 years since I got some Hedera cause I saw Google getting involved, but do they have anything to show.
At all?
Cause I haven't seen any cool Hedera dApps so far.
And yes, anon, 3 years IS a long time. You should have SOMETHING to show by then.

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>been in crypto for 9 years
>still on /biz/
You are a sorry piece of shit

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>Keeping a private key or not signing BS random contracts online is nothing normies will ever be able to handle.
>They're safer under centralization unless someone figure out a more clever way to make decentralization normie-friendly.
I have an uncle who is an incredibly accomplished MD who said essentially the same thing about the internet 30 years ago. It used to be difficult and slow and take a lot of knowledge to connect to a website, but now kids are learning how to do exactly that as soon as elementary school. The people developing this stuff will inevitably make the right adaptations to appease King Normie and lead to mass adoption. I'm not talking about a few hundred million using crypto, I'm talking about the entire civilized world making use of it on a daily basis. I'm not 100% convinced that that's a good thing, in fact I'm surprised there hasn't been a black mirror episode or something related to the impact crypto will have on the future since there are plenty of bad directions such a concept could take us. But it seems almost inevitable at this point and making some investments in decent projects today could easily be equivalent to investing in the microchip a few decades ago.

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>It used to be difficult and slow and take a lot of knowledge to connect to a website
Problem is that a mistake could cost them a large chunk of their net worth.
It's been 13 years and the ease of use isn't really getting much better, because decentralization requires responsibility on the part of the user.

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>Problem is that a mistake could cost them a large chunk of their net worth.
True, but it wasn't that long ago that people were sending large chunks of their net worth to a nice Nigerian prince who sent them an email promising to give them more money back.
>It's been 13 years and the ease of use isn't really getting much better, because decentralization requires responsibility on the part of the user.
Don't forget that ARPANET was first created in 1969 and it wasn't until the 1990's when the internet started to become a household utility. But even before then the internet and primitive computers were still available at universities to students who had the skill and know-how to operate them. I wouldn't count crypto out yet just because the average normie can't explain what it is or what it does after a single decade.

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>What I never in my wildest dreams would have thought is that we would still have Bitcoin, a useless, expensive and slow crypto as the largest one.
>The largest one
Yep. That’s pretty damn pathetic, and the greatest mark against crypto as a whole that literally nothing came along to replace this inefficient piece of garbage that can’t even be used as a real currency like it was originally intended to.

The longer Bitcoin remains dominant, the more scared you should be, because that means crypto is fucking stagnant if not dead.

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What unqiue things can we do with decentralized systems that centralized systems can't do? How will it will revolutionize the world?

We have already seen with its applications in Finance, that for most part crypto has been a failure. Web3 has also mostly been a meme so far.

Not every technology is the next internet. I have lived through 100s of hype bubbles already.

5G, AI, Internet of Things, Autonomous Driving etc. Yes these things have some utility but during the bubble people literally thought the world will change forever due to these techs and every company in this space will become next google or apple.

This hasn't been the case. AI has been hyped since the 80s and we still see its limited in its uses.

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Web3 and IoT make me kek. Worthless buzzwords that nobody actually understands. It really shows how retarded even big businesses are that they'd shill this shit despite the fact that it's not even real.

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Also, AI is fundamentally impossible. You cannot write a program that can do anything the programmer can't do. True AI, as in an intelligent system that can learn and write its own code, is an impossibility. Its not that we haven't figured it out, its that it is, in actuality, an impossibility. We made it up, its pure fantasy.

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Thats the problem. Most people in Tech and Crypto space are autists. They don't understand what people want.

No one wants their toaster to be connected to Wi-Fi but tech bros tell us this what we need.

Same with Web3, yes people hate big tech companies and some monopolies should be broken but no one wants "decentralized web" as its being sold because it is by definition more clunky and less efficient than centralized systems. Right now its just a hive of scam artists but I can't see it being any use in future either. Decentralization in this space should look like a project similar to Wikipedia. Where content is decentralized but the servers etc are not.

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Extremely high IQ take
Extremely low IQ take

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Go make an AI for me. I'll wait.

The reality is, they release a new "AI" every couple of years, and normies fall for it every fucking time. They just call any program they want an AI, despite it not even being close to what an AI is by definition. Why do they do this? Because AI isn't real, and never will be, because it is complete fantasy.

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>1996 - 2005 made huge leaps for the internet.
were you even around back then?
it wasn't some amazing boom of user-friendly awesomeness that you think
it was mostly crappy UI/UX and shitty connections for most people
why do you think the meme was that it would be as big as the fax machine?

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>Right now its just a hive of scam artists
I'm pretty libertarian leaning and I saw a lot of potential in a decentralized currency, but I am unironically starting to question this.
Lack of regulation just cause speculative manias and retards getting taken advantage of.
Not to say that the FED and central planners are much better.
It just seems like both ways are pretty fucked in the end.

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Yes, AI as it is currently labeled is absolutely a meme thrown out in VC pitches by silicon valley douchebags to sucker in normie investors just like the metaverse, IoT, Web3, etc. But just because something doesn't exist now doesn't make it impossible. We are a few years away from mapping out the human genome and the human brain in a way that can be replicated by machines. A biological brain is nothing more than cells that form an electrical network of stimuli and responses. There is no reason to think that a machine can't do the same thing. There already exists "AI" that can generate code just as well or better than some untrained pajeet with a crash course in UI programming. It's only a matter of time until it improves to the extent that it can outperform useless eaters in mid-tier positions.

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holy quints batman

this next bear will probably provide some opportunity for teams to actually build some new innovation. I was losing the zeal for where things could get improved, been playing games on blockchain and honestly it's nothing amazing but you can see where it's going. when all sites have (quick) IAP based on blockchain and you actually "own" the products, once there is some integration wherein you can actually switch those products around on platforms that's when the progress will hit parabolic strides. as much as we hate it, when normies can easily use crypto we will be there.

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Proof-of-work and Proof-of-Stake. Both are still acting like traditional markets. Either you do work and build or you’re born into someone’s stake. One creates a scarcity hoard mentality and the other further divides a chasm of wealth. It will not change so long as we use traditional stakes in fiat to build a new market. Regardless of ideals they still become a part of the same economy. They all rely on treasury or scarcity. Where Bitcoin got it right is they’ve managed to make something from nothing and then the creators dissolved into thin air. And even then we have to asks ourselves, why?

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>I been here 9 years
>still don't understand why btc is the best
Stopped reading your blogpost there

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I am not as libertarian as you. I think people should have freedoms but laws and regulations are necessary.

I know people hate Fed and SEC and the government but before these organizations started regulating and controlling the economy shit was really dire.

Bank runs were common and it was common for people to lose everything in such cases. Fraud in stock market was common. Huge bubbles and recessions like great depression, Panic of 1937 and the Long Depression (which lasted 23 years) were very common.

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Is this copypasta

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My brother in christ, the moment they unveil what they call a "True AI" that can actually do what youre talking about is the moment you'll know they've successfully implanted a demon into a machine. And then, we'll be well and truly fucked.

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BitDAO investing more than $500 million into developing new projects with usecases

OP is a retard

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Nah the council is a logo rental at this point. Many don’t even bother showing up.

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it looks cool https://opensea.io/collection/alt-keks

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I agree completely with you and I was never trying to say that this would be a good thing. I was only trying to say that this guy was a fool for claiming it was impossible because he didn't understand how it would work.

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Bitcoin dominance is going down tho

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>IAP based on blockchain and you actually "own" the products, once there is some integration wherein you can actually switch those products around on platforms that's when the progress will hit parabolic stride
Yeah, I believe this will probably happen.
But there's still an issue with normies not being able to handle their own private keys or signing sketchy smart contracts.
I do believe that particular use case will become reality, i.e transfering "digital goods" between different games. I think this is already pretty big using the WAX blockchain.
But I don't see that as something hugely transforming or that it even should have a particularly large valuation as a whole, maybe a couple 10's of billions.. Maybe.

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This guy is me. Im the one that said it can't work. Because it can't. Its not that I don't understand how it would work, im telling you ive done the research and have found it to be fundamentally impossible. I had to go through a lot of bullshit to come to this conclusion, hundreds of hours of reading paper after paper on the subject, from 1964 to 2020. It is impossible. As I said, its not that we haven't figured it out yet, its that it is indeed impossible and a fantasy. Your point about mapping the human genome and whatever is not conducive to AI research, its a completely different beast altogether and cannot even be applied to AI.

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>Huge bubbles and recessions like great depression, Panic of 1937
These were a creation by the FED though, they pumped in tons of money during the 20's, just like they've done since the dotcom boom.
They fed/government has created/exagerated 3 bubbles the past 20 years, dotcom, housing and now the pandemic everything bubble.
They cause boom and bust cycles.
But after seeing how crypto falls out in practice, I don't think it would be any less booms/busts just because there was no FED.
It would probably be just as bad if not worse.
Human nature creates these problems I guess.

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No, why would it be?

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Lol at you thinking sinking $500M into some fucking vaporware dream PROVES an actual use case, fucking monkey brain right there brah!
You know how many fucking times we've seen this by now?
How many fucking 10's of billions we've seen getting burned in vapor ware dreams?
You're obviously a 2021 newbie who just got pubes on his pp, easy to tell.

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Let me give you bitfucks a tip, these crypto companies pay for these partnerships. HBAR and chainlink are the 2 worst offenders, nothing will EVER come from these "partnerships". Thanks for playing.

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You forgot to add
>no refunds

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True, saddest part is that I found biz in 2018 AFTER I became a millionaire...
Hahah, but I love you guys.

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I guess you must be the biggest fool ever possible because the gold ETF took almost 20years to reach trillion dollars but Bitcoin just one cryto currency reached trillion dollars in just few years is phenomenal. DYOR. I have used crypto payment gateways like Utrust to purchase products with crypto currencies what more utilities do you need?
They have more than 10k merchants pajeet

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If it wasn't for the money no one would give a shit about crypto lmao.

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Lol that's a good one, I too have used Utrust they are into defi since 2018 if I'm not wrong the adoption rate with them is just phenomenal and now they are trying scale into the US once that happens I'm pretty confident my UTK bag will moon

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Well, what do you have to say about crypto payment projects? They are useful because they are cheaper than fiat (use EGLD for low gas fees).
Utrust is a crypto payment platform and it was voted as website with best UI/UX. Check them out.

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Holy zoomer how old are you?
By 2003 there were perfectly fine, functional interfaces for everything and dial up connection was all but phased at that point.

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Do people on this board really fall for this type of marketing?

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It’s going to zero
Cope harder

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Crypto was becoming too confusing. There is literally too much going on. How can someone keep up with any of it. It was becoming overwhelming. 95% of it is a scam or useless to anyone. It needs to be streamlined.

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Why does the price action in crypto make you think things wouldn't be better without the Fed? The distortive effect caused by their manipulation of rates, debt and the supply of the overly dominant world currency has had major effects on EVERY capital market, including cryptos. I'm sure bitcoin would have still been more volatile than most other assets without them, but I'm also sure their actions have added greatly to the volatility of crypto.
I agree that human nature creates these problems. That's why when you let a group of humans have as much control over the economic, financial and even monetary system as the Fed does, it makes the problem worse. I think I hate the Fed as much as anybody, but I can't pretend like I would have done anything any differently if were in their shoes.

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If youve been around for that long you should understand that bitcoin was intentionally crippled in 2014, destroying its use as a currency, and ever since then the industry has pretty much been dead except for smart contracts and everything relating to that

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What happened in 2014?
t. a guy who hasn't been around that long

>> No.49839503

>2013 - 2022 not any meaningful have changed
based non-arguing in good faith gorilla nigger retard, even just the dinosaur piece of shit Bitcoin a huge amount changed in that time period, whereas in the rest of the space shit only really started to kick off in 2016 onwards and there have obviously been massive leaps and bounds in the industry in that time

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Wall Street financed Blockstream got commit access to the bitcoin repo, kicked out Gavin Andresen (who Satoshi himself had given the keys to), the implemented replace-by-fee and abolished block size increases, those 2 changes made it unusable as a currency and ever since then all we’ve had is reverse adoption.

Also Gavin is kind of retarded and Craig is certainly not Satoshi and I dont support BSV. But the blockstream kikes literally intentionally destroyed bitcoin. The only reason to be in this space ever since then is to get rich.

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The purpose of bitcoin is to destroy the fed.

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>Maybe I am mistaken
You are not.

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For real? Just go look at the secret network and that will be your best. A lot of developers coming up on the network.

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That is not true.

During and before Great depression US was on gold standard. There was no pumping of money. In fact deflation was the big problem from 1920 onwards. The issue was banks being unregulated and just lending money willy nilly.

I made a typo there, I meant to say panic of 1837 not 1937. This occurred before Fed was a thing. There was a similar organization to Fed called Bank of US. However, Andrew Jackson defanged it and this caused a massive collapse in Banking and Real Estate markets.

These depressions were much more devastating than dotcom bubble or even 2008 housing bubble. Dotcom bubble for most part only really affected stock markets. And after 2008, it took 5-6 years for recovery. These previous depressions sometimes lasted decades.

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>most normies aren't using crypto day to day.
Why would they when it's worth more tomorrow? Nobody actually wants crypto to spend, even you are just hodling

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Utrust is a crypto payment platform and it sure has a good UI, I have been using it close to 2 years now

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Qanplatform will soon be the leading blockchain, Just wait or it
>Quantum resistant
>Allows Mining on mobile phone
>Allows Devs to develop in any programming language

>> No.49844593

>Allows Devs to develop in any programming language
This will be a breakthrough in the crypto space, I heard it testnet has launched already

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Faggot, the usecase of Utrust would stop you from throwing this tantrum. Sit this one out

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It doesn't have to be more than a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are a well tested concept throughout human history. Every generation spawns new possible victims so even though the concept is unsustainable and essentially a scam people are born financially illiterate and never learn anything so it keeps on working.

>> No.49844779

>>Quantum resistant
This unironically could become important.
Still sounds kind of meh though

>> No.49845286

Makes more sense anon, being able to enjoy the conveniences of buying your groceries, a house or that big real estate investment all from your portfolio is one of my biggest flex using that platform.

>> No.49845426

>put some funds in
>drive to market
>as you shop market volatility has financially ruined you
>card declined at checkout
amazing use case

>> No.49845526

He's such an asshold anon.There more to achieve using that,like you can buy yourself a house in Cyprus, along with a Tesla car, and paying using that and still get up to 5% cash back.

>> No.49845821

Good one anon.The rate at which businesses are integrating Utrust payments is fucking increasing, signalling a powerful shift towards Web3 technologies that bring additional juicy for merchants everywhere.

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Crypto has always been useless.
It is about dumping on smoothbrains who you convince to diamond hands and "be in it for the tech".
Always has been.

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if only there was a token for HTTP

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The problem with crypto is that you make money by not using it. An internet company makes money by actually using the internet, which incentivizes making it better. If you can make money by just holding something, why would anyone bother to make it better?

Crypto gained attention too quickly and should have just remained a niche thing for autists andlibertarians for a decade. Now we got influencers and finance niggers attached and all they care about is returns