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You have a button in front of you. Every time you push the button, you get $10 million, but 10 random people around the world die (it can never be you but it can be anyone else.) Would you push it? How many times would you push the magic button?

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Till everyone are dead.
My money would be worthless but i would have whole Earth for myself.

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Crypto is dead Anon, time to push the button
Billionaires push the button every day, why can't you?

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I don't think I have the patience to keep hammering the button for more than an hour
I wish I could do more to solve over population

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I would spend a good day pushing it to be honest if not push it at least 100 times and never bother with money ever again. If it is ANYONE on the entire planet statistically the chance it's someone close to me is very low even if you pressed it 100 times. If it is someone close to me I doubt I wouldn't get over it. Yeah my wife or parents dying would suck but my parents would die anyway as they are quite old and I think I could forgive myself for losing my wife meaning it would net me a billion dollars. But then again, the chance they die is so small it's worth the risk. So killing 1000 people is okay with me. Not even edgy or a psycho or anything but more people die from driving per day than that. A billion dollars is a lot. If I would know the people would die, would give them a good sum of money too to their family like 100K or something

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>at least 100 times
That's barely a couple of minutes
You can definitely do better
I believe in you Anon

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As many times as the 4th Reich tells me to

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Yeah but 1000 people dying is a rounding error. 10000 and they will start looking for what happened. I don't want anyone to come looking for me or find out it was me. So 1000 is a reliable number to kill before people start asking questions
Makes me think about to explain the income though. I'll just assume that is sorted out in this scenario and the money is post-tax

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It would be impossible to prove that those people actually die because of me so sure. I wouldn't even know if it works or not. Hell I could be pressing a button that kills 10 people randomly right now on my keyboard, how would I know

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>10000 and they will start looking for what happened
No they won't be, not if it's completely random heart attacks around the globe. If the rate of heart attacks go up 1% globally that's not exactly a cause for a manhunt for a heart attack creating magician

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it's supposed to be a metaphor for the current system

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I will press that button until I'm the last man on earth.

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Nobody is going to notice 10k random deaths
You could easily do millions before the trend is even noticeable globally
You're right about the unexplained wealth though
That will be noticed unless you're very careful

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What system? There's a system that converts 1 life into 1 million? Not that I'm aware of

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You've never heard of chinese organ harvesting?

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10 million are enough for me, but I would press it faster than SC pros click their mousebutton. Fuck humans.

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Just once, sorry unlucky random people but I'm just not cut out for the wagie life.

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then it's a flawed metaphor as the current system is based on infinite growth

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That's why it's metaphor
You have to work someone for years to get a million out of them
The scrap value of a human is in the region of a few hundred thousand at best

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Once is enough. 10 million is a shitton of money

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Nah, not pushing it. Better to live life with a clear conscience.
Besides, for all you know this is some kind of satan's trick and he'll have your soul if you press it

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Sacrifices must be made for the greater good, and with infinite money I can finally push back against my enemies... who also have infinite money but also very divided attention.
So I answer, as many times as it takes.

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Am I the only one who gets to push the button or does everyone get to push the button?

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I would push it ten times them use the money to save 100 people that would otherwise die.

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One means the burden of 10 dead people weighs on me. That's too little a number and I'll fixate on who they were. I think maybe 1,000 is enough where they become a bit flurry and the individuals become just some dead group. Less personal that way.

So I'd take 1000 turns thanks.

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i would sit and bash that button until I died of a repetitive strain injury or drowning in the money, whichever occurred first

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Won't even need the money. :)

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600 000 times

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It's your button, only you get to push it

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you will go to hell though

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8 billion times
Then burn the money

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Yeah, I'll push it a few times. Hopefully they're all democrats.

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based and checked dubs with green ID you are gonna make it fren

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Once at first, then alternate presses every now and then being VERY careful to avoid any kind of pattern. I suppose it will average to once a year or so. I don’t need all that much to be happy, fuck a superyacht.

After the first press there will be a long time before the next one though, got to create covers for where the income comes from, secure the button, etc.

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So, there are about 20 people in the world that I care enough about right now, if I am being generous.

So, when I push the button, there is a 0.00000000257964658842% that someone that I care about die.
I guess that I am hitting it one million times, which will kill ten million schmucks, at a 0,26% chance that I kill someone that I care about.

No point in getting more, at ten trillion money really becomes irrelevant, and time becomes the most valuable asset.

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I would sell access to the button and live guilt free.

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I won't because I'm a moral person

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I want it all i want all power and whole planet for myself.

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Just slam the button 24/7 until your anime tier plot gets found out and you get assassinated. It's not about the money.

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It will take me something like 300 hours to push the button, so I guess that I am doing it for a month, 10 hours of pushing every day, rest of my time spent investing the money in advance to secure safety first.

I would be looking to move somewhere small like Uruguay and eventually just buy the country and lead it towards prosperity, would have enough money to privately fund welfare in exchange for compliance before I could just turn the country into a giant corporation with me as its owner, which should take eight years or so.

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I would only press it once or twice. Also it would be much more exiting if you dying on the same odds as everyone else. Still would press it at least once.

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Where is the money coming from? How do I file taxes on it?

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>10000 and they will start looking for what happened
Sounds like fun.
I'd press it repeatedly only to see the chaos of everyone panicking and authorities trying to figure out what is going on

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I would press it once. Then use the 10M to start s charity to save 20 children’s lives. Once the charity is working well I would have an automated system to press the button pending confirmation of children being saved.

All this for a very small 10% commissions for me and my team.

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Yes im jewish and yes my rabbi would approve this and yes it is in line with the talmud.

Seethe goys.

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I wouldn't even count, I would rapidly hit the button until it breaks or I become too fatigued.

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press the button all day, check news channels to see if people are figuring out what's happening
keep pressing it all day every day until there's mass panic and no news is being broadcasted anymore on nearly any channel
then press it a couple more days
then go looting and build a homestead

nothing personnel humanity

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I'll do it for 1$ per push

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push it a few hundred times, fund research for specific diseases to karmaic wash from the deaths on your hands, continue to help people for karma purposes and then live comfortably with the rest

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also I'd keep the button in handy and do the same thing in about a decade or two, if I'm still alive. If I die before then I would bequeath the button unto someone whom I'd know would do the same thing with it
I'd build my homestead out of money and use it to breed termites for my chickens, since it would be worthless at that point
I honest to god don't give a fuck about money, it's all a means to an end in this shitty world and it annoys me that I'm forced to care about it

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*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*

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i wouldn't push it
and my dream is to make it

Praise Christ

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>(it can never be you but it can be anyone else.)
nah this part is gay. you should be at risk too

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Do I get the money right away?
Do people know how i got the money?
Do i know who dies?
How do they die?
Do they die right away?
If I don't press it, how much longer will the ten people live?
How long do I have access to the button?
Do I have to decide right away?

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>How many times would you push the magic button?
At least a million times

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>10 random people around the world die
Statistically speaking all of them will be chinese or jeets...

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Every time I get cut off in traffic I’ll push the button. It’s like getting paid to play the lottery.

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I would push it about 10,000 times. Still pretty low odds of someone I know dying.

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The random people dying and people you care about dying thing is a red herring, think about it - if the first press actually killed everyone you care about, what's to stop you from spamming the button afterwards?

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would christs love not protect those who truly accept him, are the 10 dead people not admitted to their peace even if you are the cause

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zero times you fucking monsters

havent you seen 'the box'
it ends up being your little brother or your mom who gets killed sheesh
or the next guy who gets the button presses it and it kills you

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600,001 times just to break the highscore

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The next guy is probably going to press it millions of times. Better to keep pressing until that guy dies first.

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Maybe like 5 times...

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That's not real life, we're talking about this seriously.

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I wouldn't press the button because I love my family and friends too much to risk their deaths.
If the rules said a black /african/ muslim/ asian/ jewish/abo/ non euro for that matter would die, I would pin the button down with a book and go to sleep, waking up in a way better world.

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give me the fucking button already

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Would I be worse than a black company in Japan? Instead of killing 13 overworked people, I'd only kill 10

So yeah, I'd press it once

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Based Kira

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24 times

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Zero. That way when the next Hitler comes you can say you could have killed him but didn't so the fourth reich is all thanks to you.

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Until all the Khazarians I don’t know are gone.

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>kill everyone
>no demand
>your money has no value
This is who you are trading against, men and gentlemen

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You will cry your whole miserable life for having killed 10 persons for your crappy pc and house and flashy car

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not going to lie im pressing it a lot the odds of someone i love dying are very, very low. Maybe press it a few thousand times I think.

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Until all my finger fell off or the button stopped working. I'd simply tell myself that I could save more lives with the money, if my conscience ever started bothering me in the process.

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>niggers, chinks, and poo's make up like 90% of the worlds population
I will push the bottom until they're all gone, even if it's just me left at the very end.

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Interesting. I like the morality hedge. That does it. I'm pressing the button! (I will NOT be saving more lives with that money)

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I’d probably be okay to push it around 2 billion times. My hope is to control overpopulation. Statistically, most deaths will be India or China.

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Thats 20 billion people retard. More than twice the world's population

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I keep pushing it until I have confirmed that every single one of my enemies (including ALL boomers and bankers) have been slain. Though, I think that the bankers need worse than to have a random aneurism or whatever the button does - I'd use the funds from the first button presses to hire an army of thugs to rip them limb for limb and then feast upon their entrails, after which everyone involved will be ritually sacrificed in a firebomb explosion which destroys all the buildings that once housed said banking houses.

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you watched too much death note, relax nigger

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I'd be slamming that shit non stop. I'd ingest all manner of stimulants just to get up the pace.

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I would rent a basement or a garage, buy some supplies (water, solid & canned foods), lock myself up and end this gay world

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I'll push it 750 million times.

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There are 400k births a day or 266 births a minute in the entire world.
So, I would have to press it 27 times a second to make an impact on the world population.
Yeah, I'll slam that bitch button harder than a Skinner boxed-pigeon.

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Based on world population 9 would be asian and 1 american so not a big deal