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very underadet, now it begins, just +14% rising fast

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Going to 578 then we will see some resistance

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it's going straight to 800$, it's normies first pump

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what makes you say that

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600-700 EOY???

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Idk I can't tell, who fucking knows, but I know btc pumped when normies flooded in, and ltc did the same. With how many millions of users coinbase has, I'm sure eth will benefit a lot too. With POS, I think we'll get over crypto-kitty situations relatively soon too.

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ETH has to gain up with BTC and all other coins.

and every normie see +18% last 24 hours. so it will go up 800$ till tomorrow.

as easy.

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ethereum doesnt have the word "coin" in it and has a weird name so normies are scurred

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>first pump of eth
what did you call it going from 300 to 450 shit brains?

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Anyone else notice that ethereum price movement is no longer tied in with Bitcoin? This is good. We Moon times.

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but its listet on every fucking exchange next to btc and ltc. for example coinbase. only these three.

normies will try to invest in eth also, they trust coinbase and exchanges, when the coin is listet.

thats why first bts raised, then lts, now its eth turn.

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I was thinking the same thing today. Probably the reason fucking litecoin of all things went up instead of eth.

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Literally nothing, it was 420$ sometime in Summer

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you might be right actually based on google trends. But I think this indicates more about people seeing the price and then googling it.

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got $47 in btc, should i transfer it to eth?

(i am a college student so my portfolio is only $210 total lmao)

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ok I got .5 at 515, lambo when?

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it just dropped to 475

nothing personnel kid

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damn brb killing myself, I lost it all biz

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put into bcash, it'll go a good amount up first day it's introduced to coinbase.

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Big buy walls going up, pump round two.

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this. based nosferatu is a code genius but don't know shit about marketing.

Don draper would smack him with his dick.

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