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Confess anon did you ever “””play”””” an nft game unironically (aka for the enjoyment of it like, you know, normal and real videogames)? Did you ever have a good time with one of those??

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Yeah, and I'm proud of playing them. The games that I've played is

>Plant Vs Undead
>Rooster Fighter
>Thetan Arena

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Yes, but there was no real enjoyment, its just grinding for a couple of pennies and thats it, only a consumerist zoi retard from redd*t would like that shit

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thats a lot of rugs

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I think that I have played a lot more, but I don't remember the names of those games

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BombCrypto is still on existence dude, and it keep having big updates. It's also the same with PVU, a big rugged one, but the game is pretty nice and it has a nice looking design overall

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KEK all those games are going to claim they got hacked or something and they will rug

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Have you heard about platforms that runs prizes on tournamets, giving to the winners a bunch of tokens?

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why not a thing that is between the concept of game and app, that actually helps you stop being a lazy retard, yes im talking about stepn

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Yeah, I've heard about some platforms but I can't remember their names as well. Those platforms are like ESEA, you know what's that? If not, well, it was a client where the players had to pay a monthly subscription to participate in the prizes that existed weekly there, that's what I know about these platforms

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No, I'm not retard and I don't like to play with the money of my parents

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Oh god... but ngl that shit is better than those other retarded games to be honest

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shitty games, get actual profits by WORKING ya FAT SLOB

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that shit isnt a job let that sink in retard

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it isnt a job but it actually serves to gain small profits overtime, actually not bad when you go outside and walk a lot, unlike you

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