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How would you explain the Chainlink Token to them?

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They're very well accustomed to chains and links, so I don't think you need to do much explaining

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like this

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"not needed"

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They’re perfectly fine without it. (The coin is unnecessary).

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I would warn of the betrayals from the fat deity who says he comes bearing gifts.

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Doo jah truiist a reggie*clicks*mubobawahzo? Mean neetha shaky warroir, but witha witch magic from ghostskin fannelphant, wey won hav too!

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the same way you would explain it to anyone else, "not needed".

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holy KEK I love this bread

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oook eek ooga booga booga ooooo ooooo ooooo

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ooga booga link long

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these guys are only hostile because some white guy who first found them was measuring their dicks and other weird stuff

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ooga booga ooga booga
pee pee poo poo
see see i pee

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Or alternativley they came to the conclusion that outsiders are bad.

There are natives that stick to the amazon in south america who are well aware of city slickers and the whole history of getting raped by the Spanish and Portuguese, who just don't give enough of a fuck to try and change their ancient way of life.

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Why would you? They live a natural life their genes and body were designed for.

They don't need to trade digital meme tokens under artificial light, eating refined food to be fulfilled

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I will bring them religion.

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They have one, it involves ritual sex on the beach.

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The abos of australia would still be like this if the british didn't dump their prisoners there

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Why are all disconnected from the modern world tribes are black ? Isnt this indicate something.. like they are incompatible as a race to the society.

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umm no becuz if ypipo never colonized dem den dey wud be wakanda n shieeet

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You bring up a good question, but the race in the OP aren't black.
Nigreto island people are similar in appearance to African races but are actually closer to Australian abbos. Dark skin is always an adaptation to proximity towards the equator.

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These guys have black skin because they live near the equator but they aren't at all related to africans. They're between india and indochina. I don't think there are any uncontacted niggers.

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Pretty sure they are literally Africans who figured out how to build boats

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>Does not understand convergent evolution
Niggers evolved multiple times.

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>figured out how to build boats
[Doubt] But no really, they're not and they don't even really look like it up close. Genetics confirm they're basically living fossils of the natives of the region from before chinks arrived.

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They're also strangely attractive. Someone post the webm of the Negrito girl with the florel head dress being filmed. You know the one where her husband looks like a Jojo character. These people have perfect teeth.

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They're an uncontacted tribe, not niggers, you uneducated POLTROON

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They are pretty clearly niggers though you tranny just the unga booga variety

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I swear to god, when SHIB moons, I'm going to buy a Spitfire and strafe these motherfuckers.

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God protocol

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Santa Claus ?

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>find out their equivalent for the demiurge/saturn
>fat man is a sorcerer spreading influence of Saturn in unprecedented ways
>traps your soul in the material world, do not engage

yes, show me

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>Dark skin is always an adaptation to proximity towards the equator.
Fake and gay

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mupdadoo mufuggin chainlink bixnood

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>guys, Linkies are like eating your christian missionairee AND get a hot sauce with it

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>They're not niggers

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> They're Uncontrolled and black
Square nigger

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This one?

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There is no need to explain the token because it's irrelevant. Like, in general.

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white man scam

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They're not uncontacted you fucking retard kys

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They have iron tipped bows and arrows.

They are very advanced compared to the indigenous Australians.

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I will now join your religion

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looks like Cheldorado

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"Give money to fat man"

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If they're uncontacted, how did Sergey meet them? >>49806824