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Interesting phenomenon on CT today, I wonder if you noticed it too?

Today half of crypto twitter was tracking all of the defi on-chain liquidations with none of them understanding how Chainlink works but only just now realizing how critical they are and starting to get curious, and while frogs schooled them, the links to the data feeds kept getting shared as reference, instead of checking the prices on exchanges or cmc/gecko because those displayed prices that didn't match with the on-chain prices.

And that's when it hit me.

They really do own "definitive truth". CMC was *wrong*. I think at some point we'll see a web2, retail-facing website like chainlinkmarketdata.com whcih will just be a CMC-like retard-proof retail-friendly website just displaying all the CL feeds data with a pretty UI and it'll become the standard even for retail just to check any prices. Any data.