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In the process of transferring 5k link out of cold storage and will be selling the second it hits my shitty exchange.
The face of this fat Russian scammer will haunt me until the day I die. Ive bagholded from 80 cents all the way up to $50 and back down to here. I honestly thought we'd have seen $100 by now which was my sell target. I just hope the feelings of wanting to rope will subside one day.
I will screenshot my transactions once I've made them as I'm sure you fucking morons will accuse me of larping. All I can say is if you are still bagholding good luck to you, you're seriously going to need it

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Why sell at $5 when you can baghold all the way down to $0.22 before the inevitable doom.

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>sirs i am selling sirs pls sell do the needful and also sell
you're a retarded faggot and you make dozens of these threads a day
/spit, s, and h

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No, you're coping. And this is the first thread I've made in months. If you can't see the writing on the wall you're insanely low iq
Still waiting for Link to arrive in my spot wallet then hitting the trigger.
Screenshotting your retarded response

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>selling out for less than 30k
pointless, desu.

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bump and same thoughts their hiding strategy, staking was soon since 2019 and we are 90% down.

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you will likely double your stack.
Or they might announce staking tomorrow and it pumps to 10$. Or maybe not. Fuck this uncertainty from Cchainlinlk.

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stinky linkie.

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proof or larp
you didnt buy at 20 cents either

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>didn't sell at $50
>didn't sell at $35
>didn't sell at $20
>will sell at $5

please be larping

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Imagine selling at $100 lmao what a fucking faggot enjoy watching the 4IR from the sidelines bitch.

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Learn to read you retard. Read my original post: 80 cents was my entry.
Not larping. Will buy back in once the entire market capitulates

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>Please fill my buy order
you first

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First 700 link sold

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Forgot to attach screenshot

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you might unironically have sold the absolute bottom going forward.
Capped your sells and will remember you once we are at 100$

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there is a possible 20% leg down
op is pedocords last attempt to have their buy orders filled

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> retard alert
> bottom signal

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I'll unironically be buying back in sub $2. Enjoy bagholding. If you think crypto is immune from everything else going on in the world you are mental and beyond saving. I say this as a fully fledged retard myself who could've sold at $50 so not claiming I'm any kind of genius. Interested to know who you think will be buying link at this point in the market kek

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In 1-2 years recession will end

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Are you poor? Why do you need the money? You realise staking and ccip are coming out this year?
Anyway your psy ops isnt working you i can see through your schemes fudding faggot.

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Thanks, just sold!

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You're in denial. Literally

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I've been fudding all coins for 5 months, breaking character to say: you're a fucking dumbass. call it bagholder cope idc, of all the things to sell you're selling LINK and AFTER significant crashing.

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But you're suggesting the crash hasnt stopped. I'm assuming at this point you're a bagholder who has never sold a single link?

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You shouldn't say your exchange is shitty Okay-ex member.
Your manager may fire you for insulting your working company after you get short squeezed if ETH keeps bleeding against LINK.

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omg noooo hes gaslighting me nooo please stop it!

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wow thank you so much for announcing your sell. i am now certainly feeling fearful, uncertain, and doubtful and will follow your lead by selling my 100k Chainlink tokens. thank you anon, sincerely

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You are capitulating doesn't that tell you something?

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You're still bagholding and thinking that your magic bean token is going to pump because of muh staking. Does that tell you anything about being in a cult and being in denial?

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keep yourself consistent next time you might get more responses

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dude seriously, fuck these faggot bagholders. you and me, we know a good sell low opportunity when we see it and all these gay bagholders can fuck off

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This, so much this!

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ok ty for telling us. I'm too lazy to sell, but i'll keep buying on the way down.

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see ya pussy.

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How is staking gonna help? Isn't it inflationary, so it will make things worse?

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>it's a bong
oh, so an overemotional loser retard through and through lmao

it's hilarious how <10K linklet wallets keep capitulating while >10K wallets are slurping it all up

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If LINK goes to 0.22 I'll sell a kidney and buy everything I can.

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You are a traitor

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> married to his bags to the point he doesn't sell at $50 but prefers to ride it back to sub $2
> accuses others of being an emotional investor

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there is a hard cap of 1B LINK. 350M dedicated to Node operators in terms of incentives once staking is matured and available for all DONs, then theres the team wallet and then currently 467M LINK on the open market. Link nodes are profitable in the way that, they make money from fees paid by smart contract devs and no more subsidizing. 25M and upto 75M LINK will be dedicated to staking in the ETH/USD DON which is approx 5.5% of the total available market. I believe we will see similar numbers of staked link with other DONs as the begin requesting staked link. viola, you can have an infinite amount of DONs and there will only ever be 1B LINK and LINK is needed to pay Oracles for data from a DON. There is also an infinite amount of data and all of that needs to be collateralized. congratz bro, staking helps, there are 18 decimal places and you will be earning 5% yield on your link stack yearly which is about 3 LINK per month, which will be $240K per month. enjoy the wealth buddy.

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Wait LINK is inflationary? I'm out, it's been a fun ride bros.

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>Isn't it inflationary
No. You had three years to read the white papers. No more hand holding

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No I sold a few to fund my own project then rebought. Never going under a sui. It's unironically not about the money for me with link. It's that holding makes certain people seethe and I find that enjoyable.

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imagine not selling at 30. this is what u get for being a greedy faggot

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Pathetic. I have 33k held since 20p and added 500 more around an hour ago. You just sold the bottom and are now NGMI

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Dude, you just swapped your linkies for fucking FIAT. The only thing it's backed by is ignorance and stupidity - and all the vaxxies won't be here to provide that by next year

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I think the money printing will resume early 2023 and the narrative will shift to easing economic conditions caused by inflation or something like that.

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Fuck off

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