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What would Trump do?

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Rage and seethe. Try to get J-pow fired most likely

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fuck off JlDF

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He would be trying to get Jerome Powell fired for raising rates and blaming the Democrats and open border or something.

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Biden is a puppet.

Donald J Trump is the greatest leader we have ever had. Without his selflessness in service to the nation, his love of the USA and his business acumen, Operation Shadowprez would never have worked.

All the things Biden is doing are for show. DJT never actually handed over power. Biden's inauguration was a farce. His EOs will never actually go into effect. Haven't you heard? WE HAVE NOT LOST. IN FACT, WE HAVE WON.

Donald J. Trump is STILL PRESIDENT.


The plan was enacted over the weekend… Only you never saw it.

Biden, his cabinet, and tons of both Dem and Republican senators and other officials were arrested. Proof of their vast crimes was shown. They were court martialed and found guilty. However, it was decided this was too much for the American people to accept. Overturning the election and showing the crimes of these politicians could lead to Civil War.
So an agreement was reached: Biden and other deep state elements will be allowed to move freely and serve their terms. President Trump would "concede" and leave office. But this is all for appearances. Behind the scenes, Donald J. Trump is still President.

This plan, known as Shadowprez, was seen as a last resort. But it worked. Anything that happens during Bidens term is actually President Trumps doing.


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You know the economy is in the state it's in because of him, right?

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Blame someone else and his supporters would theorycraft some incredibly elaborate q-tard trash to make it someone elses fault.

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>i miss the massive money printing and gibs that brought us here
Reminder that everything would still be fucked if trump was president, with the exception that gas would be a dollar cheaper

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shitlib cope

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Print more money for infinity inflation

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Also watching a lot of fox news and ragetweeting as usual

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Tf do they have to do w this? I’m a /pol tard that got successful during his term and partially thanks to /biz. Now everything is fucked.

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everyone point and laugh at the retard

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he would enact more lockdowns and do project warpspeed 2

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we took him for granted

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>shut down economy
>pump money to keep things afloat
>companies empty labor force
>turn switch back on
>extra money proceeds to cause inflation while lack of labor force jams production lines
I can't be certain how Trump would have handled things but I can tell you no Republican with any power has the balls to gamble on not having QE. That's essentially what he means, all the causes stay in place.

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This is the most retarded thing I have read all day, and I had to read "BTC is a ponzi" multiple times today alone.
The sheer amount of troon cope jesus. Repeat with me: "Biden closed the keystone pipeline on his first day in office and manufactured an entire energy crisis"

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>I’m a /pol tard
At least you admit you’re a retard. Now fuck off back to pol

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Why the asset price markets for fucked for past 12 years. They needed a correction. I think Jpow and Brandon are doing a good job. Just because you baggies bought some magic internet tokens at the peak doesn't mean its someone else's fault.

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>it's okay for the fed to print retarded amounts of money can't afford if it's donald trump doing it

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go back retard

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if you weren't rich the first time he was around what makes you think you'll be rich the second time? ROFL YWNM IT

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The sanctions against Russia hurt a lot more, but both parties voted for that

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Do people really believe this?
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Overheard some leftists talking about how the price of meat is going to go up because 1000 cows died. Just goes to show how little they no about supply.

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>two years later
>libs STILL seething about Trump

pathetic. time to move on and admit your senile president crashed his bike and the economy into the ground

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He’s tell oil executives to keep that fucking price down instead of writing a strongly worded letter like Biden kek

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back to your containment thread. Stay there until you learn how to assimilate into a new community >>49779005

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probably promise all the people that lost money on crypto that the government would bail them out if his party won in the midterms.
Then never follow through on the promise, lol.

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Repeat with me: "Trump warned against European dependency on Russian oil and called Germany 'Russia's captive'. His strong stance in global stage prevented any major actions by China/Russia."

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It's a brilliant plan.
>print money into oblivion during your term
>Biden's economy is fucked by inflation and they pretty much have to start to kill everything in order to stop it
>people mad, get reelected by a landslide in 2024

5 dimensional chess.

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not getting elected for 2020 was a huge blessing in disguise. we can all argue how poorly bid3n is managing stuff but this crash was ultimately unavoidable.
trump can tell his low iq supporters that this is all bid3ns fault while getting none of the blame.

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>His strong stance in global stage prevented any major actions by China/Russia

Well, I won't repeat that because I don't think it's true. If anything, his skepticism of getting America involved in foreign conflicts would have made Russia's invasion more likely to succeed. We probably wouldn't be sending nearly as much military aid to Ukraine if he were in office. And maybe that's a good thing! I don't know, but the idea that Trump had a lot of influence on Putin's decisions, I just don't buy.

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Didn’t Trump want to dismantle the Fed? Only reason we got Trump bucks was because of a fabricated emergency. He did what he had to, Biden and Pelosi continued it to try to get funding for retarded shit.

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Whichever way you painted (not an american btw), America had a decentish president and all of you either replaced him by an incompetent corrupt aging fool or let him get away with fraud. And the reason to justify this move was quite literally "orange man bad". Trump didn't want to lockdown either, your governor's forced him to as well. Every step of the way, as imperfect as he was, he actually was significantly better than the last, maybe 80 American presidents (who all committed severe human rights violations).

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He was quite literally telling Europe to stay away from Russian oil. Do you seriously believe things would have been the same? This was 2 years ago. You are coping really hard right now.

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you keep telling yourself that, money printer boy. maybe if you rationalize it hard enough you can pretend your country has a future somehow, or find a bogeyman that helps you sleep at night

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Because I was a brainwashed liberal. Then I got redpilled. So yeah. Trump completely changed my way of thinking.

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That's not the part of your statement that I said anything about. Please learn reading comprehension.

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>Well, I won't repeat that because I don't think it's true.
You're gonna need to cope a lot harder than that.

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>kick the free money can down the road so you can shitpost about inflated Dow numbers
>leave office before it blows up in your face
>chudoids blame Biden anyway

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Undoubtedly he would have got pissy and fired some people. That’s enough for me.

Imagine how much worse the media would have made things if Trump had to fix this economy.

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Oil would be much cheaper and Putin would not invade Ukraine.

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Do you really believe the 40 fucking billion dollars sent to the corrupted Ukrainian government will get used for their armed forces ? Are you really that gullible ?

Don't you think those 40 billions wouldn't be more useful to rebuild power lines or roads in the US of A ? Why are you such a cuck anon ?

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Based more-American than most American’s non-American.

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I mean, yeah, I explicitly said that it's maybe a good thing if that money wasn't sent to Ukraine. Please learn reading comprehension.

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Ok so you're just a raging smooth brain.

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You're not funny

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Trump lost, and your civil war fanfic was cancelled by reality.
Back to work.

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>closed the keystone pipeline
He cancelled an expansion that never started. The keystone pipeline is up and running, not that transport infrastructure fixes a low production issue. I swear when it comes to oil conservatives become the biggest, most delusional autists.

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My point being that the major issue in the russian-ukraine conflict was the fragility of the Euro region. Your major complaint about this view is simply "well I don't think it's true". My point is that this could have been prevented, and even if you don't agree with this, the American aid sent to Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on the Russians only guaranteed that this losing war would be continued for much longer than would otherwise have happened with Trump. Either the conflict doesn't happen in the first place or it does so swiftly with Trump in power. This is in spite of your belief that Trump affected the Kremlin's decisions at all.

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Not a political post. While I might be retarded, I’m still capable of making money, buying low, and selling the top.

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Yeah but English isn't my mother language, sorry.

That's the power of the medias. In my country people hate Trump just because he posted cringy stuff on Twitter and our medias we're only reporting negative news about him. It's crazy really.

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Couldn’t have planned this shit if he tried. Trump is gifted or the luckiest sob alive.

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Sure, while I disagree that the war would have been prevented, I'll agree that the lack of aid to Ukraine could possible have been a net positive in the long run. So I'll say that Trump being in charge could have possibly led to a better outcome than the present, less inflation, etc.

With respect to the aid itself, I think it's a mistake to entirely blame the Democrats - the package was supported by majorities in both parties (and the general public), though in fairness most of the votes against it did come from the Republican side.

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It’s the Keystone XL dipshit.

Market sentiment is a thing. Who has any confidence in the ones regulating our economies right now? The market went up under trump partially due to the fact that he’s a Billionaire/Builder/Businessman

t. Oil Fag

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>i got successful during his term
But you didn't get successful *because* of his term.
I got successful too while he was president, but it wasn't because of him. I put in the work, I believed in myself, and I kept working even while lazy nigger faggots were getting $1000/week to watch Netflix.

Stop trying to give Trump credit for shit he had nothing to do with.
>but everything is fucked now
Not for me, because my success was never dependent on Trump or biden.

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probably allow the oil companies to drill and refine so that we don't get fucked so hard by gasoline that powell has to crush the entire economy

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Oil went to -40$ under Trump

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Thanks fren. I needed that.

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>until you learn how to assimilate into a new community
>You don't agree with our /pol/ group think? Get out of my safespace echo chamber reddit tranny soijak you will never be a woman seethe dilate and cope shill

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Yeah that sucked but from 2016 to March of 2019. I was able to put a ton of money away.

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He would have taken advantage of the situation through his twitter account.

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He spent more money than Obama did on his first term but I didn’t see anyone crying about him contributing to inflation

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I never thought I would see the day that bidenfags in their desperation to blame the economy on Trump would start using the "Trump 5d chess" rationalization. We've come full circle.

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Trump printed all the inflation bucks we have today during COVID’s beginning. Now that things are opening up all those dollars have started properly circulating. Trump was a failure in literally every regard, from social values, to immigration, to the economy, to politics in general. He did nothing and still gets sucked off by Republican boomers.
>inb4 troon/leftoid
I’m farther right than any of you subhumans. Trump was a civnat israel worshipper to end all israel worshippers.

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He literally printed all the money and wanted to print more

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>Uhhh, the sky is actually red

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Shale wells decline fast. You cannot cannot convince wallstreet to give those companies near-zero interest loans anymore if they're just going to drill and lose their investors money. There's no oil. We're fucked.

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shouldnt you be thanking the Fed for printing all those trillions of dollars instead?

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trans rights are human rights!

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Wrong. He called out Republicans on their bullshit and created a better economy by making oil and gas cheap af. He also stopped us from giving billions and billions to other countries in tariffs. The very same republicans you worship. They’re even telling us to drop our tariffs and suck China’s cock again.

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I don’t know where you got the impression I worship any republicans but you strike me as one of the retarded Qboomers always screeching “trust the plan” and believing videos of Obama era border fence construction trump posted on his Twitter to prove he built a wall.

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The golden age is over bros.
Only darkness now.

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Except I'm a Trump supporter and I do believe this was deliberate.

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I’m unironically voting democrat in the midterms, specifically because I know the retards you support are going to fuck things up for us to win with Trump again in 2024.

If Republicans still end up winning in the midterms, I’m predicting Trump forms a third party. But, I digress… getting into /pol territory now.

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Delicious shitlib delusions KEK

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I’m a fascist and do not supporter any politicians or political parties in the US. At absolute most I like Tucker Carlson

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He would be bullish on his own country, at the very least. Trump never spread doom and gloom like the Biden admin does. Even if shit was fucked, Trump would stay positive and keep speaking positive messages and bullish sentiment.

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We are in this shit because of this orange retard
Never forget:
He is the one that pushed crypto taxes
Taxes will go up every year for people that make less than 75k
Printed a shit load of money, more than obama and old fag combined

He was a fag for russian trannies

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One thing is sure: Ukraine would be in ruins by now and Putins cock would fill that orange hole on a 24/7 basis.
Russia and China both deserve to get fucked. Whoever thinks otherwise its either a non westerner or just some delusional mook who takes what he's got for granted.

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The Trump economy was built on the Biden economy. In other words Trump sold out the economy's future to enjoy the present.

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“Trumps Economy” was inherited by Obamas effort.
“Bidens Economy” was inherited by Trumps ‘effort’

It’s hard to get things moving again when literally manchildren are throwing a fit bc Biden isn’t a wacky, over the top, memes n marvel quips president.
Not that they matter, but it’s a bottleneck effect. We really need to separate from the flyover yeehaws.

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He would be fucking melinia live onstage and the entire world would love him for it.
The world would have continued reigning in peace and prosperity for all nations and such, except for the liberal lefties in their child rape dungeons with their dead supply of adrenochrome.
But as it is now its good for him to let the democrat party groomers fail and show how much they can shit everything up from food prices and oil to electronics and war.
2024 is the future.

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that all started in obama, trump just didn't want the music to stop on his term. and now you see why

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>no refunds

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>would you invest in this chart?
Yeah, Ukraine has done surprisingly well under Biden.

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Trump would lower gas prices and it would fix everything else. It’s simple as

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>Trump would stay positive and keep speaking positive messages and bullish sentiment.
The combo of this and lower gas prices would fix the majority of the problem. The Bidenstein admin is shooting for max pain and laughing in our faces