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Accidentally used "based" as an adjective to my boss

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>Boss used "cringe" as a noun in the stand up last week

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you're supposed to hide your power level, always

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I called something "a cancer" in a meeting and everyone stared at me confused, subtly shocked and frowning. The person I was talking to asked what I meant and I spilled spaghetti so hard I don't even remember what I said but I think they saw I was struggling so they let me off the hook.

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>HR says cummies on a townhall meeting

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>in meeting with division VP
>accidentally referred to something as being "niggerlicious"

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just larp as a hasanabi viewer

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But Hasan is retarded.


It would make a lot more sense to at least larp as someone who views leftist science channels like prof Dave. Hasanabi could have the opposite effect and out you as a dicksmurf.

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>project meeting last week
>almost said the R word in front of the whole office
>managed to pivot it to "re-eally stupid" just in time
Close one bros

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Just try to pass as redditors, everything will be fine.

Except you, prepare to have to part ways with your company sooner than later.

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one time me and coworkers were talking about preference for Mac or windows OS and I said something about I'm a 'windows drone, PC master race'.
they were all a little taken aback and said I have a sick sense of humor.
never put eugenics and pcmasterrace together until then.

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anons are getting lazy in their training it seems

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another time I was talking with the VP of engineering about some issue.
there was some latency in the requests.
I laughed and said that service is a bandwidth whore.
similar everyone shut up and stare like I just took a shit in their coffee.
well, be like Austin Powers and drink up, assholes.

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Kek I did this yesterday in UK. Thinking about it now nobody reacted. Normal behavior in Netherlands. Kanker juden

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I once said “unbased” as in “not based in”, and the hr roastie looked at me in disgust and asked me if i unironically just used incel lingo which was ironic in itself kek

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I'm too far gone and revealed my powerlevel like a week into my current job, I've been at it for a couple years now and I wonder if they just keep me around for their own amusement.

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whats wrong with being a rigger? someone must set up the scenery and cameras right?

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this is why i don't like zoomers and reddit tourists

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referred to Coinbase as "Goybase" when coworkers asked me about crypto

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White collar work must suck me and my boss finished a job early and were sitting in our truck talking about how much we hate niggers

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>Be me
>Refuse to acknowledge existence of my co-workers including my boss
>Only respond to emails
>Work gets done on time and I never ask for anything except to get paid on time
>Get left alone

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>called a black coworker muh nigga
>he said it's okay called me a nigga as well
WAGMI, Bros. Peak libshit is over, it's only getting better from now on

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kek i did this once but with a buddy and not at work

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>be me
>attend company presentation for Juneteenth
>one girl keeps saying, "mm-hmm"
>several spelling errors in the PowerPoint
really brothas? aren't we better?

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Also never going to be considered first for a promotion. Like it or not but being liked by the right people at your company makes a huge difference to your career prospects

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>"accidentally" made a racist joke to my non white female coworker
>she laughed

Turns out you can say whatever you want as long as you're funny

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>Make a racist joke at a meeting
>People laugh nervously and look around at response
>One follows up with a even more racist joke
>Laughs were had
>Good meeting

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They hated him because he told the truth

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Dance, wagie, dance for a cookie. Tf would I want a promotion? So I can deal with other people's shit because they're too moronic to administrate their own lives? No thanks anon

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Do you think "coonbase" would be better, or worse?

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Fucking bootlicking faggot wagies itt lol
Tradies win again

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Kek proud to be the most racist tradie in the shop

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Who said a promotion? I said career prospects. You'll also be first on the chopping block come layoff time as you've built no rapport with anyone so you're an easy one to get rid of

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Unless, yknow, he works and is an indispensable part of operations. talking to the boss about his gay weekend plans doesnt keep the lights on

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>Tf would I want a promotion?
Anon, why do you have a job in the first place?

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Doesn't work that way. Companies fire 'indispensable' employees all the time. Have you seriously never read any stories getting rid of key personnel and having no plan in place when shit falls apart? Sure, you might get the last laugh, but you're still out of a job. And in the more likely case you're not indispensable, the company doesn't give a fuck.

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The wagie mind can't comprehend the sigma grindset. Xhe must suck arse and pander like a fledgling faggot until senpai notices them
I can basically do what the fuck I want as long as the jobs done on time to a high standard
Worked subcontracting for 6 years, never been to a works do or team builder
Constantly call everyone a cunt
Life's never been so good

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Maybe for you white collar
Office work is for women
Grow some balls and get a job that's useful to society like a real man
Come the end times I'll eat all you faggots alive

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Spoken like a true bitch

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You weigh over 200 lbs.

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I said some company software glows
they didn't understand what I meant
I didn't elaborate

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>Who said a promotion?
You did you fucking moron

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Based on what?

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You’ll be dead by 60. Also, office fags can shoot guns too. See you at the apocalypse!

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>call my boss a fucking retard on a daily basis
>refer to my coworkers as faggots and beaners
>its all taken in good bants

I love the mechanical trade fellas.

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just say something like


all caps because you need emotion to sell it.

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I worked my ass off for 8 years in the trades and now I'm a programmer. Virtually everything about the new career is better than the old one.

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hard physical labor is for low IQ types, always has been and always will be.

t. former labor now a $100k/year wfh chad

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If he's an adult male he'd better do

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Chekd n kekd

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>fat american retard happy to sit in a car with his wagie master