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ayo wytboi bought?
dump dat shit nigga

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gimme yo effs

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you aint touching my effereums nigga

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Nigga got dat Draco. Aka da street sweeper. We really doing dat outchea in chiraq on gang.

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It's that easy to make it huh, why do i bother with waging and market research again?

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my black niggas doing work. git dat bread fool fr fr nocap deez foolz be straight bussin on the grind. doze sneaker r mid though fr fr

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My nigga I jus hit a lick on some old ass cracker. He hand over he wallet like a bitch ass nigga. Got a quick 300. Blue hunnids nigga. Ima go flip me some pints of mudd. My nigga be making fake wock n we flip them mfs for 3 bandz each. We stay finnessin

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is that that nigga spottemgottem?? damn that lil nigga been on my mind lately

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damn cuh tf u on about muh nigga got on em white fazos them shits timeless frfr