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Holy shit its happeningggggg

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Look at the shirt ffffffuckkkk

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he is a fat cunt

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What an hysterical mongoloid.

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bring back bullying

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>What an hysterical mongoloid.
fat people smell bad though and the mask is a polite way to block the smell

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why does it look like they're floating

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Why does he wear the mask?

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because we're still in a pandemic, people like you slow us down.

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the kike manlet fears the slavic BVLL

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those chairs are comically large now that i think about it, kek

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Ari is in their club. He wears the mask because he plays their game. He wants you to eat bugs. He wants you to die.

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why does he wear the mask?

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>because we're still in a pandemic, people like you slow us down.

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ugh, reddit is a better place than this shithole full of morons, at least the popular opinion gets the most upvotes and you sir, would get downvoted to hell.

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Oh, you're trolling. Stop it.

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Who dressed Sergey? Who sat them on babby chairs?

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Hereforth known as the staking shirt

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i market selled

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Someone make their chairs taller

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>uv phone sanitizer

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>Use a phone sanitizer

Sorry just sold all my 4k link stack

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Ppl wear masks like this to make others comfortable, but sure lets pretend you are smarter than Ari Juels

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jews have naturally weak immune systems

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they had to get geriatric chairs, one for ari too so that sergey wouldn't be upset

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Obviously a gift from the germophobe

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sergey looks like picrel

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Dude what the fuck is up with these chairs??

He looks like a toddler.

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Does this guy not own any other shirts?

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KEK linkies paid for this

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enjoy your monkey aids you fucking cuck

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Ari is not only wearing a normal mask he is wearing a n95 medical grade mask.

It's over

I just sold.

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The shirt looks good on him.

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Its got to be some weird fucking power move. You're both perched on ludicrously large chairs, him staring at you with a diaper mask like god damn bane from batman.

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Ok who has the basedboy linkie wearing a mask meme.

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Yeah I don’t disagree but many based comments get downvoted to hell so it’s a give and take with 4chan

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God, what a fat, disgusting slob. For years I tried to ignore those memes about sergey selling millions of LINK to buy McDonalds Big Macs, but it truly looks to be true. Absolutely disgusting, this person is the reason LINK didn't hit triple digits in the bull run and dumped into oblivion for months and month while everything else mooning

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why do people do this

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It’s common knowledge that 90% of LINK OG’s came from /pol/, and are thus unironic Nazis and extremely racist. This is evident when you look at the chats whenever Chainlink presents at conferences such as consensus or smartcon. It’s always N word this, N word that.

I personally don’t want to put my money into a project like that and keep that sort of company. Moreover, I question the intelligence of people who shill LINK given their backward and racist political views.

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not only are you a faggot but you're a nigger too

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Blah blah blah nigger

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jesus, he REALLY does always go with plaid huh

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hes gained weight

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>Ppl wear masks like this to make others comfortable
its makes people uncomfortable

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Sergey is a massive guy!
Big Mag large fry!
Can I get an apple pie!
Big Mac Coca Cola!
Link ain't goin any lower!
Big Mac large fry!
Sergey is our fucking guy!

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I'm thinking of predending to be a tranny so I could hired in Chainlink I've checkedniut they're career page and the qualifications they're looking for is no joke, I was thinking I could bypass it by prentending to be a tranny. Should I go FtM or MtF?

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It's over Ari. I have the high ground.

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it's not needed

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While the truth has been suppressed, real /pol/acks know the primary covid infection vector is the so called fecal route. Ari is very short, so he's at the height of most people's buttholes and is therefore at increased risk of infection anytime anyone farts.

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this is fucking hilarious

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>You're a big guy

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for reference this is a study that ari juels (h-index 93) conducted

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they have transcended

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bro stop shopping Sergey to be extra extra so so so fat

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Best biz post of the year so far kudos anon

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two more sneeds
why's he wearing his yarmulke on his face?

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>UV phone sanitizer
Yeah fuck this I sold.

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Sergey looks like he’s stuck in 2007 and Ari like he’s stuck in april 2020

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Shouldn't've had that last big mac on our dime, YOU FAT FUCK.

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>but sure lets pretend you are smarter than Ari Juels
doesn't take a lot of imagination.

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Do you feel in control?

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I know people like Ari. PhD in mathematics, apparently very intelligent.

But stuck in their little academia world, trusting "science". They believe what other "scientist" say, and if that is Corona being a deadly airbone Ebola-like virus, mask work and vaccinations are safe, then they believe it.

Another proof that Ari is a bit lacking of critical skills is his belief in climate change when he testified on these crypto-hearings (by the Senate I think?) that PoW is evil and a relic of the past, and we all should move to ETH-like PoS.

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i sold

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Dr. Ari refused our offer in favor of yours. We are to find out what you told him.

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How do you know he isn’t immune compromised?

Maybe as a lecturer at that college he has to? Sergey on the other hand doesn’t work there

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Reminds me of this one

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Nah. Ari 100% voted Dems, his virtue signalling is a give away.

Totally opposite of eg Steve Jobs, when he went to uni to give a speech he went full schizo and said "got milk?" (pro milk campaign at the time) is a total psy-op, don't drink milk it's bad for you and went full bonkers on an apple-only diet (hence the name for his company).

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wtf sergey just punched ari

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word on the street is someone tipped Sergey off that Ari was making fun of Big Serg’s new shirt. Serg was already in a bad mood after he saw Ari show up in his muzzle. dunno what happens with Chainlink from here bros……

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He looks fatter everytime I see him. He needs to lay off the big macs.

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He looks so fucking fantastic, my wife wants to get fucked by him, I gave her the sirgay pass

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Doesn’t the whitepaper say that one chainlink shouldn’t cost more than an average big mac?

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what a pathetic faggot kike, i wanna holocaust the shit out of his grifting manlet face

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it is a nice shirt

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Nobody cared who he was until he put on the mask

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Is he really that fat? Jesus I would never trust a fat person with my hard earned money

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he did it to trigger biz

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> ari juels wearing a mask
fucking kek, what a pathetic fag

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that absolute madman

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Incredibly bearish

>> No.49738963

Bullish, he finally emerged from the cave

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Who's the cuck on the left with the face diaper? I'm shorting whatever he's in

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>my investment money in link went towards sirgay's big macs diet fund so he can cultivate mass

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Chudjak works at Link now?

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cope, Ari has a big jawline, the chad jew

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Getting strong Semitic vibes from this kike

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At least he's not wearing the placebo mask. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt

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What is this from?

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how does he do it?

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Insecurity led to him altering oracle feed data about his weight but he couldn't stop and now it trustlessly reports to the world that he is weightless.

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It reminds me of the blankets at my grandmas house

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double kek

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Yikes, big sell signal. I'm bailing.

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will ANYONE post anything they talked about there?

nu/biz/ is so beyond lost, there was literally not a single stream for Consensus, while a couple years back we'd not only have multiple streams but some autist direct livestreaming from the event on his phone. every single Sergey speech was known the milisecond it was published anywhere online, nowadays no one knows shit and just reposts pics from twitter and that's it

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I don't care if people wear a mask as long as they don't force others to play along. Just let people do what they want the world would be alright

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>I don't care if people wear a mask as long as they don't force others to play along.
They do force others though, we've seen that.

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Sirgay doesn't shower

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calm down retard. They didnt talk about anything interesting. They just do this talking sometimes so the scam isnt to obvious.

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I’m buying 900 of these shirts immediately

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I doubt Ari does. He probably did the math to make a decision to wear it

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>Aristotle was named a peripatetic, one who paces, for his habit of strolling up and down whilst teaching. For Aristotle, walking facilitates talking – and, presumably, thinking.

>> No.49740335

>I doubt Ari does.
Alone, probably not. But that's not what happened back then either. It wasn't just one or two, they felt secure enough in large groups to try and enforce draconian lockdowns and mandates. Maskers are a lot like blax, they won't act until they have numbers.

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based autist

>> No.49740415

WHY THE FUCK, DOES HE ALWAYS WEAR THAT SHIRT. I mean come on, atleast TRY to look good. Not like a massive floating piece of lard

>> No.49740456

> *talks whilst walking somewhere*
> "i consider myself an aristotlean peripatic"

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Extremely based, this tradition was started by the Pythagoreans btw
morning philosophy convo walk was part of the daily routine

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He literally looks like he's in the sequel for Chainlink. He knew this would happen... just what in the fuck did he mean by this?

>> No.49741168

Masks trap in odours and make them worse.

>> No.49741204 [DELETED] 

> *talks whilst walking somewhere*
> "i consider myself an aristotlean peripatic"

>> No.49741212

If you aren’t trolling, drown yourself.

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> *talks whilst walking somewhere*
> "i consider myself an aristotlean peripatic"

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why does he wear the mask?

>> No.49741627

how can someone as smart as ari (i) work at chainlink (ii) wear a mask?

>> No.49741680

jesus christ the fucking mask lmfao what a faggot

>> No.49741734

hired assassination nanobots in the air, you wouldn't get it

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holy shit.. he got the band back together??

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>Another proof that Ari is a bit lacking of critical skills is his belief in climate change when he testified on these crypto-hearings (by the Senate I think?) that PoW is evil and a relic of the past, and we all should move to ETH-like PoS.

Ari knew exactly what he was doing. He was deliberately fudding BTC.

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All I know is that I know nothing. My life is in this fat Russian man's hands

>> No.49742890

those are some giant chairs so i guess this must important

>> No.49743168


A lot of loyalty for a hired gun.

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damn, he really changed out the plaid. hmmmmmmmm

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>giant chairs
>sirgay big ass barely fit in

>> No.49743686

Actually made me kek. Godspeed anon

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Is making me feel some ways.

>> No.49743804

>keep my token's name out of your mouth

>> No.49743863

You have to be trolling

I know you could perfectly be a real low IQ redditor but holy shit how cringe would that be

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>> No.49745682

pathetic. why did he changed his shirt? green stripes is best.

>> No.49745877

high basic intelligence and specific knowledge in a field doesn’t save you from doing stupid things

>> No.49745944

They expect one of us in the wreckage brother

>> No.49745998

>hiding your face makes people comfortable
I'll be sure to say that next time I walk into my bank wearing a balaclava

>> No.49746020

why is Sergey so fat

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>> No.49746162

His blood is vaxxed™ (safe and effective), so he knows he can't develop immunity, and anyone breathing too loud in his direction can kill him.

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>> No.49749396

I got a job setting up those chairs
I got two origami frogs out of a Salesforce Executive catalog this year

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WAGMI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SuCMVmVwBE

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I saw a tortoise with the number 216 on its back.
I jewgled the number this is what it said.

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noone care who he was until he put on a mask

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>> No.49750732

what a fucking NPC lmao, imagine bagholding chainlink for this

>> No.49751908

Linkers couldn't afford the 100$ for the stream, since everyones down 90%

>> No.49752242

Except there was a stream and multiple threads about it
Shoutout to dat nigga Doug and his bud Skeeter and bitch Patty fr

>> No.49753432

>drinks Fiji

>> No.49753552

>they'll be expecting one of us in the wreckage

>> No.49755157

>cluttering your mind with other people's opinions and conclusions will improve ur own perception lol
whoever made that original pic should be killed irl

>> No.49755479

The number of stupid fucks holding Link who are going on about Ari wearing a mask is the biggest FUD I've ever seen for Link. Not a single time in 5 years have I been worried about Link, but now that I realize how many fucking midwits are holding it too I'm actually a little nervous. Who gives a shit if he wears a mask or not. It's his choice you fucking lemmings.

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>t. has nothing left to learn

>> No.49755505

Take your meds

>> No.49755613

I feel unsettled whenever I can't see someone's face, masks are creepy and gay. Just stay at home if you're worried, it's weird that these people think wE'rE iN a DeAdLy PaNdEmIc but won't actually do the only thing that would prevent transmission by staying at home and killing themselves

>> No.49755743

He didn't say he was going to force ari not to wear a mask, just that he was going to divest from his projects if he chooses to wear one. You have freedom of choice, NOT freedom from consequences.

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My sides

>> No.49756221

imagine knowing 15% of the population are already programmed hypochondriacs and a 20% crowd consensus will drive a heard. utilization of media for fear promulgation and you have the engine of modern society.

>> No.49756364

He means morally.

>> No.49756511

Oh shit it's Butterfield

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>> No.49758606

I didn't wear a mask at the airport the other day, and now I have the flu and maybe pericarditis. Still unvaxxed, but I do slightly regret not being more careful with my hygiene.

>> No.49758711

Ari created bitcoin. Btc is no longer needed

>> No.49758827

Has anybody ever dug anything up on Steve Ellis? He's theoretically a co-founder of Chainlink and co-author of the white papers, but I've never seen anything about him here. I don't even know what he looks like.

>> No.49759772

He outgrew the other. This one doesn't look long for this world.

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>uv hand sanitiser
Okay it's funny amymore, now it's just sad

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File: 574 KB, 893x1340, STRETCH-GROM-PLAID-WORKWEAR-LONG-SLEEVE-SHIRT-460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buys a slave shirt
I sold'd

>> No.49760174


He is basically if Big Chungus was a person.

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>> No.49761169

>It’s common knowledge that 90% of LINK OG’s came from /pol/
Not even remotely true. /pol/fags came over and bought the top and got obsessed with shit like GME. Not only that, /pol/ isn't natsoc or even hard right anymore, they unironically push voting red and normie republicans, boards a boomer-tier shithole.

>> No.49762050

its fucking doctor eggman

>> No.49762072

>why's he wearing his yarmulke on his face?
lmao i'm fucking stealing this

>> No.49762246

I think at this point even memecoins are more useful, as vinu is slowly getting his shit into the metaverse.

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What conference was this? Pls respond

>> No.49762487

you're a fucking idiot

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>> No.49763727

What if he has AIDS and would die if he caught covid?

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Here’s a Link

>> No.49764748

Someone put tallchair sergey into this pic

>> No.49765081

my desert. my arrakis. my link

>> No.49766654

looks like tech fest at cornell

>> No.49766809

anyone have the transcript?

>> No.49767173

>because we're still in a pandemic
eh... follow the science, you fucking idiot

>> No.49767499

same, good thing I'm smarter with those faggots that are still holding this useless coin. I did the right thing as I'm just waiting for the IDO of KOL and I'm going to bag a lot of this so I can stake and accumulate pre-sale tokens.