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I guess it really is over

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Buy signal

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traded it in for this tommy bahama looking shit I guess

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Why is Ari such a cuck with his mask on

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Doesn't want to smell the goyim.

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He's too fat to fit in it now

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To hide the smug ass smile he always has

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I'm thinking now that he doesn't want to smell Sergey. I mean look at Sergey, he bought a new shirt so he wouldn't have to take a shower.

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>Ari with a mask on
That's it I just sold everything

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Fuck off Bonerchamp.

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It never was just one flannel, dumbasses.

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He got his second flannel in early 2019 I think. Weird how so few noticed it.

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True but this is the most the design has depegged

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Jesus, did he get bigger? Is this the power of meme magic?

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those are the stupidest fucking chairs i've ever seen. no one can look good sitting on one of those chairs.

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It's only evolving, this is the third iteration. A new timeline starts

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6XL shirts have limited patterns

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>announces Chainlink economics 2.0
>changes flannel a few days later
We're about to see some shit

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Wait... who's that lurking behind the partition? I think it's... oh no

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What a faggot. Just like Sirgay

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>Jesus, did he get bigger?

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He now feeds off the pain of LINK baggies. Literal gigajoules of energy are flowing into him every second.

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Transparent if anyones feeling creative

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Somebody Photoshop him sitting at a mcdees

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did he get fatter?

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>people wear masks in June 2022
Why? I literally have covid now for the second time apparently and don't even feel anything (finace got it and had flu so took a test to get time off work and I took it too since there was spares in the pack)

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Leave Sergey alone
He obviously put on some weight because he's working endlessly and grabbing quick food (snacks and takeaway), as soon as staking is released I'd like to bulk cook him some homemade meals to get his health back on track

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Obese people stink

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Sergey obviously stink so much

His linkies stay very stinky

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>ari with a mask

unironically just sold everything

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>Hey, Ari?
>Yes Sergey
>... I love you Ari
>I love you too baby

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>that filename

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Fucking kek

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>the design has depegged

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Wtf is happening bros?
This either means we're hitting singularity soon or Sergey is rug pulling

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this. the shirts are supposed to get more and more dense in structure a la >>49725170
but this shirt is significantly sparser in design, what does this mean??

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Ahhh, it's a new era. Chainlink economics 2.0
Same thing but completely different

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It’s not that the network is getting less complicated, it’s that we’re moving closer to it.

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it is denser - color goes towards white

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It's a new cycle.
He'll switch shirts every new version but always maintain the underlining design (chainlink) 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
I expect this shirt to become more dense with Chainlink 2.0

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oh nonono sergey dont die of diabetes

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It's official. Sergey's recent weight gain correlates to the internal growth and developments within the Chainlink ecosystem. The question is what will happen once we reach critical mass

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One flannel for each new era, this is sergeys staking shirt

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>let me tell you about how excited I am for the future of decentralized oracles, they will minimize paper trust and....

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i think less of him now

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It's better to blend in and be hidden in plain sight

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looks like a total loser
he isn't though because he took the money of so many incels

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he is a complete fucking brainlet

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segey stinks

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Morbidly obese piece of shit and ccn mask/vax npc, these 2 scammers stole over $1 billion USD from you and made you miss the bullrun. And they still have over 50% of the supply unlocked KEK

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>Ari wearing a cuck muzzle
Ok, this is the first time I’ve ever gotten a sick feeling in my stomach. Unironically pretty scared that this guy is the genius leading key technical decisions on how this fucking project is gonna work.

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>if i pull that off will you die?
>it would be extremely painful
>you're a big guy
>for you

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I am straight but I would unironically have sex with him and cuddle his big belly on bed as we're spooning

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That's a cute picture

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You just KNOW

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He looks hungry, I'd be worried sitting next to him or even the front row of the audience.