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Would now be a good time to get into crypto as a no-coiner?

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yes buy

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everyday is a good day to become a coiner

t. bought the literal top in 2017 and still doubled stock returns over 5 years

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Maybe just wait until all the recession fear fades and see how low BTC is by then.
Don't trust this anon's advice, while it's true that he made a 2x return over 5 years, he could've made a 20x return if he cut his losses and rebought close to the bottom.

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The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time to plant a tree is after a nigger tongues your anus

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Yes, ignore the retards saying crypto is dead, the bottom will still be higher than the previous bottoms (mid 2021 doesn't count it wasn't a real crash) so you only really stand to gain by buying now.

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They desperately need you to buy

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Please buy

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You could do worse than right now, much worse.

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every time I see these retarded soldering stock photos a voice in my head goes
>dear diary...

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Why doesn’t that soldering iron burn science woman’s hand?

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yes that is why it is funny

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t.greedy market timing gambler

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I'm mostly thinking of getting BTC and ETH for now, but what about alt coins? Are they too risky in times like this? I've had my eyes on DOT.

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Ha ha

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That would be a hell of a lot better than me, I got into it at the ass end of the bull run
Anyway I'm pretty sure the downward spiral isn't over, I'd wait more before buying if I were you

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Just buy BTC, ETH and wait for the next bullrun when new alts will be spawned.

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*turns on power supply*

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i love this old pic.

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The best time, like buying when I got in back in 2018

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>Today patti wore sandals to school, her toes were just there for all the boys to see!