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That third post is cringe as fuck.
Funny how these retards never gave a shit about energy consumption until they realized normal middle class folk were getting rich off Bitcoin.
Funny how these retards never gave a shit about the speculative market in stocks until they realized it was more hip to shit on digital assets. All the while these tards probably spend hundreds on video game skins kek
I feel bad for Celsiusbros but it's still kinda funny.

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It feels good because my life isn't as shitty as a moron that lost his money to a coomer exchange.
The moment I saw the Peter Schiff interview with Mashinsky I knew that guy was a sleazy fucker.
Same with UST/LUNA, Nexo, and TRON/USDD. Imagine looking worse than Kris from CDC. Atleast Kris knows how to get out of a shitty situation like he did with Monaco.
Those are all garbage humans.

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>Funny how these retards never gave a shit about energy consumption until they realized normal middle class folk were getting rich off Bitcoin.
Energy consumption has been a topic for decades in almost every circle of life.
>Funny how these retards never gave a shit about the speculative market in stocks until they realized it was more hip to shit on digital assets. All the while these tards probably spend hundreds on video game skins kek
What makes you think the people spending hundreds of weapon skins aren't Crypto-investors?

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>until they realized normal middle class folk were getting rich off Bitcoin.

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I will never understand these people. Putting retirement savings in crypto is stupid enough but levering the idiocy by also putting it into a crypto ponzi scheme is a whole new level of absolute degeneracy.

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>normal middle class folk were getting rich off Bitcoin

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Can Alex just fucking rug it already so I don't have to see how retarded people can get in their Copium?

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>Funny how these retards never gave a shit about energy consumption until they realized normal middle class folk were getting rich off Bitcoin.
The only way for you to get rich off Bitcoin is to directly siphon the value from someone elses investment, since most of it's value is based on speculatory pump-and-dumps. In summary, for one person to get 'rich', thousands must have lost.

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>What makes you think the people spending hundreds of weapon skins aren't Crypto-investors?
Some definitely are, but most gaymers seethe at crypto.
Are you kids retarded? Plenty of people (out of a population of almost 8 billion) got rich off Bitcoin. No where was it implied that the average BTC investor did. Work on the reading comprehension.

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>i wouldn't wish for people to lose money
no shit faggot lmao we didn't either
we told you and you were a piece of shit about it

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>i would agree to a one-year lockup if only my money was guaranteed to come back
LMAO holy shit can you believe this? if true, then why the fuck didn't you settle for a 1-year US treasury or like a certificate of deposit? there is ZERO RISK and you get a POSITIVE RETURN.
yield chasing faggots blown the fuck out, learn to live off 2%

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>they have lots of assets and funds! funding received!
>uh yeah but you can't come have yours that would be a "run on the bank"
hahahah you love it, you love to see it
>low information
this is a dumb person using terminology they "know" is "smart people words", icing on the cake

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Materialistic greed = dumb fucks

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>I don't understand shadenfroida.
There, was that so hard to say? Why do these faggots have to write so much to say so little?

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>one side is a bunch of retards who thought they found a free money hack and went all in
>the other side is a bunch of retards who think that retards losing money means crypto is bad
not sure which side i hate more

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it's like a cult

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the third post IS the person the first post it talking about, that's why he's all cringey

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I enjoy the constant copium salt supply

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These fucking idiots, every fucking time. Some genuine idiot gambles theirs or someone else's retirement money on bullshit, and then are surprised when it turns out to just be a bubble, a scam, or a pump-and-dump

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>they stole our funds
>let's give them more
just when you thought you've seen it all with the luna/lunc/lun2 debacle

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this is so fucking funny, im convinced this dude is fucking b8ing or trolling

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I am losing a ton of money in Celsius but I've accepted there's nothing I can do but wait for a response. It's probably gone but on the off-chance it's not maybe I'll get like 20% back or something.
I wouldn't dream of making a post on Reddit about this shit.

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To be clear, I had 10% of my life savings in there. Still a lot, honestly, but like I said there's nothing I can do about it now.

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but think of all le karma you could get

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It's weird but I actually feel fine losing it to Celsius because this was the one area where I knew I was overextended and came to peace with it. In other words the risk was proportionate to exactly what I thought it was, so I don't feel bad about losing it.

I lost about a year of my salary by the way.

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as a poorfag, the way people are so casual about losing $$$ is insane

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>lost a years salary
Dude. I hope you make 20k a year

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She was fired from Celsius like 4 years ago right? I mean it's good she was fired but people are still posting this.

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I lost about 70k in this and I lost 250k in LUNA. I'm at peace with the 70k loss. The LUNA one still stings.

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It's the 5th stage of grief

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What else can we fucking do? It's literally either kill ourselves or begrudgingly accept it. There isn't a 3rd option as far as I can tell and thinking about it is tempting but it ultimately leads to this circular train of thought in my head that feels futile and suicidal, but even that train of thought feels suicidal, so there's nothing I CAN do except try to find something else to work on.

That "something else" ends up being my career, if I have the energy for it. At least I can be somewhat productive.

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I think a lot of people are genuinely still unaware of what's going on. A lot of people with large amounts in Celsius that simply don't read crypto-related news, ever, and have put their money away to forget about it are just now starting to hear about what happened.

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>The next day, on June 12, Celsius halted withdrawals, citing “extreme market conditions.” CEL, a coin issued by Celsius, has fallen 32% since then.

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Mashinsky? More like MaSHITsky

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>If Do Kwon had been born in Israel

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I had about 1 PAXG on there so I'm not too sad (3% of my holdings) but I was wondering if I could do files a claim for small claims court like this guy says to:


Basically, Celsius is stalling, but small claims court s move fast, so if you can win against them +since they won't bother defending), you can then get your money back from them from any bank they have money at. Is this true?? Also I am a leaf, so I would have to file in burgerland right?

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I feel an odd mix of schadenfreude and sympathy for these retards.
On one hand, they deserve it, but on the other hand these are families that will have their dad commit suicide or be depressed for decades over a lost fortune.

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Where’s the full vid?? Need to coom.

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What do you think it means that they are "Working non-stop". Like day to day, what actual work is being done by them right now? Working how?

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This situation is just like my marvel movies :)

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I'm a father of one 2-year-old son. I'm not going to kill myself over this, because of him. And I will try to hide my depression because of it. I've decided I'm going to buy us a home for him to grow up in as I originally planned, even with the recent shortage of funds. I refuse to let this mistake of mine impact my son's life in any way, and in 10+ years I can tell him about it and laugh, and in 20 years he'll be able to understand my recklessness and hopefully learn from it.

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wtf ever happened to @adyingnobody and where are the telegram files?

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imagine jerking off to other people getting fucked while you just seat. disgusting

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imagine learning english

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Based and good luck sir

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What happened to Celsius having insurance for their custody accounts? I thought this was the point of being insured, but nobody seems to even remember that.

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In fact I'm thinking to call my own father now and just tell him honestly what happened and see if he has any advice for dealing with it.

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I look a couple that sold their house and put it all in bitcoin. Start of the year.. I told them not to and tried to explain cycles and halving etc. I been in crypto since 2012. They also believe in chem trails and nano bots in covid vaccines, kek. They didn't even know how to set up a stop loss. Ouch

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it was a ruse

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This whole thread and general tendency on this board is unnecessarily cruel. It's great to make lots of money shorting or whatever but losing money in any project or investment (esp at this magnitude) fucking sucks for anyone. Cut this shit out, it's truly low behavior

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This is what I see when they say they're "working non-stop"

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I think the point is to genuinely desensitize yourself as much as possible. When I can't take it anymore, I will duck out and close the browser. It makes you stronger against some things in the real world.

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hey faggot, I've lost more crypto from scams than you'll ever own. cloud mining, cex implosions, ponzi schemes, etc. I get to laugh at you getting schooled because I warned all of you here that defi apr's work during a bull, and collapse in a bear.

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I personally thought Minecraft was kind of dying out, but right now it seems like it has never been so popular. Lots of activity on the Minecraft servers right now.

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Minecraft servers run in London and New Jersey. Wonder which one is bigger.

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That's a good idea fren

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The Freudian slip in the second paragraph "United we stand, Together we fall".

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I feel bad because I told him I was a millionaire recently, and he breathed a big sigh of relief and said he no longer has to worry about me financially. That felt really good. I don't want to call him up and say I lost a good chunk of it.

But I also recall when I was younger he talked about losing a lot in the stock market bubble around 2000, so I think he might be able to relate or offer real advice. I'm not sure.

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>I'm at peace with the 70k loss
is your brain working?

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What, in practical, actionable terms, do you expect me to do?

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The people actively sending MORE money to Celsius (since they accept deposits) right now as part of an effort to "save everyone" are truly insane. I have to assume they're larping in an effort to get some suckers to actually do it, but man. Even I can't imagine being that far gone.

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the only sensible thing to do is to scam others and get your money back to equalize karma

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wishing this post would get a response from someone wiser than me

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I really hate when people state things and the majority of the things they say are non-measurable. The only thing that you could even verify from that shit is if the team is working non-stop or not.

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Looks like someone plagiarized Do Kwon's twitter and hoped nobody would notice

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a crypto bank is the most plainly unsustainable and retarded idea anyone could throw their money at and contradicts the very reason that bitcoin was created in the first place; so that you could control your own money

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I think there is a difference from everybody getting crushed by a bubble or downturn, and losing your entire portfolio which it seems like LUNA and now Celsius folks have been hit by. When the market is down at least it will come back eventually, you just have to make sure you are spread out in good companies and don't try to time it which most people don't have the ability to do.

What's happening to Celcius and LUNA holders would be like only owning Enron in 2001, or only owning Lehman stock in 2008 and holding it to the end.

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So I should call him?
At least I didn't lose it all.... I lost about half. And the half I have left is sitting in boring USD right now.

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godspeed anon

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Yeah guys, take your money out of Celsius and leave!!!

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>Why can't we give you more assets to protect the assets that are no longer there

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The funniest part about these is that Celsius' team has blasted their twitter and emails and FAQ with information on how to repay them to prevent liquidation (not that anyone should. they obviously shouldn't). But on the off-chance that they do recover some of their funds, even a small amount, these people will get absolutely nothing. They're genuinely expecting Celsius to just go "oh you got liquidated during this period? We'll just forget about that. Here's your money."
It'll be funny when Celsius says flat out that they "never said anything about margin calls being different", etc.

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Buttcoins were bitching about us telling them to stay poor. Now they make up some strawman bullshit like we don't want them to make fun of us. Go ahead and make fun. Real coiners don't give a fuck because we know we are right. Its actually funny to us because $20k is still hilariously high for bitcoin if you are a long term holder. Buttcoin retards will be butthurt all the same when bitcoin breaks $100k, and $1mil, and then becomes world reserve currency. So laugh all you want right now. But I'm not the one who has to be a wage slave.

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not in your position but I was 16/17 when I saw my parent's business basically implode as a direct consequence to 2008. I could see the stress being unbearable for my dad in particular, I'd sometimes wake up at 3 or 4am and he was just sitting in the dark with a drink. The business lasted a couple of years before he basically handed the keys to someone else and sold it for just enough to cover the debts but not outstanding taxes.

12 years on, he's totally content and happy as a middle management wagie because he doesn't have to deal with the crushing pressure of trying to run a failing business and have it support a family.

I've started a business myself and he is very happy for me and encouraging, his experience hasn't soured his outlook on life and in the end most oldies are just happy that their kids are healthy and happy, everything else is secondary.

Give him a chat, everyone has low points and bringing them to light can't do any harm. He probably has some good stories and it'll get you closer. Life's fast anon.

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yeah they seem to think they can make this fag alex or whatever a "white-collar criminal" just because he isn't returning money he doesn't have. like somehow if he magically returns the money a crime wasn't committed anymore. at what return rate does a crime become not a crime? -5%? -3%? 0%, flat? a modest 0.1% gain for your time and trouble, sers?
they lost their own money using his platform but it's like they haven't even processed the facts yet and are just wildly making shit up

>> No.49723021

Ok. I will next time I see him in person. Thank you

>> No.49723086

People always see these return numbers, but none of them ever seem to think about how it could possibly get those returns. They're not a traditional business selling a product at markup, they sell a service that requires consistent person growth to actually get additional money. If everyone kept their money in a vault with them, they wouldn't grow without either spending your money on things or through alternate capital gains.

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I've stopped drinking altogether for a few months, except on business trips with clients, because of this (and to lose weight). I have a full cocktail bar set up in my study (work from home) but I haven't touched in in almost a year and I've decided I'm not going to until I feel better.

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>Cut this shit out, it's truly low behavior
No. Go back to plebbit so you can circlejerk with all of the other pathetic faggots coping about losing money they can't afford to lose because they are greedy.

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Don't look at the bitcoin price

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I lost a chunk too. The part that hurt me is I had a third of my dry powder there.

>> No.49723251

>Dumbledore said calmly

>> No.49723278

I'm sorry to hear that, really

>> No.49723280

This is unironically why we need the government to regulate things for stupid people

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Thanks, but 'eh got too greedy in a bear market. "Oh interest on my usdc then free swaps and transfers!"

>> No.49723437

I had all USDC in there too.
I understand your reason for this but I said yesterday and I will say again today that I asked for a completely unregulated financial environment and I got it. Sometimes it helps me but sometimes, like in Celsius, I get burned. I'll still take the bad with the good. Fuck government regulation of my money.

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>Fuck government

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Being on a margin and not being allowed to cover it has to be criminal no matter what industry it is. No TOS can cover that.

>> No.49723634

>only half the stack
>not dependent on drinking
My own personal rule with this stuff was only risking half the stack. It would have really hurt but I would have lived.
The most important thing is your health and family. I stopped drinking for several months too and it was eye opening to wake up well rested 24x7. Sounds like your still in a good position anon. Just do an honest reflection on what happened and what you would do differently if anything and keep grinding. Never lie to yourself is another of my personal rules.

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To be fair, Even in the crypto Wild West, locking up accounts while also demanding funds for margin calls has to be illegal. It’s one thing to rugpull with people assets, but there’s no fucking way you could TOS your way into forcing people to liquidate and have it stand in front of a judge.

>> No.49723865

>26 posts by this id
Anon you need to go out and do something else. get a night job or something.

>> No.49723899

There's probably too many margin calls for them to cover anything close to all of them by manually entering account transfers given their support team size. Depending on the state of solvency and restructuring plan, they probably plan to use the liquidations to buy themselves an extra few drops of time and they rush to unwind as many positions as they can and possibly pull back assets from borrowers with a premium reward, and afterwards roll back liquidations on a case-by-case basis either surviving it or as preparation for chapter 11 proceedings.

>> No.49724019

Go fuck yourself faggot. It IS necessary, and the fact that you can't understand this is why you will continue to not make it.
I am down $150k from my all-time high and it happened because I was a greedy fuck. I am fully responsible for it and will suffer because of what I chose to do.
If you can't handle this place, go somewhere else.

>> No.49724102

lol kucoin does this shit every 2 weeks whenever there's a big dump; they kill futures until enough people are liquidated and they don't have to pay out on the shorts

>> No.49724158

My mother has alzheimer's and my father is rapidly declining after heart surgery. My advice: if you have any reason to talk to your parents, pick up a phone.

>> No.49724170

>This is unironically why we need the government to regulate things for stupid people
has a regulated futures exchange ever frozen the system and then liquidated people when they re-opened 12 hours after a market crash?

>> No.49724254

The funny thing is I have a job I'm "working from home" right now. And I'm in pain, kind of, so I'm posting here.

>> No.49724259

Looks like Mike knew something and Mashinsky did dmg control to keep suckers from pulling money.

>> No.49724271

what was your ath faggot?

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that's what I'm thinking. faggot rode it to zero. HODL!!!1

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You go ahead and keep taking those boosters.

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keep holding. you'll get it back.

>> No.49724424

When Syscon was at 0.075 I wasn't here and didn't hear, when Syscon was at 1.3 dollars I heard the news but wasn't privileged. Now that Syscon is at 0.2 dollars this is my miracle beckoning. When Syscon goes to 100 dollars I will testify how I moved from miry clay to mansion.

>> No.49724436

i wonder what mental disability one must have to go from "trade agreement between 2 consenting parties" to "you are making money out of ruining others lives!"
guess that's why communist incels want all property/trade/commerce managed by le big daddy state; they consider trade inherently evil and need a wholesome (only 20 million deaths plus tip) totalitarian state to handle that evil for them

>> No.49724465

I told my fat fucking cunt for a "best friend" to get his money out of Celsius long before SHTF. Many times he tried to persuade me to invest so he could receive whatever bullshit bonus for procuring another ponzi scheme victim. That alone infuriated me. Additionally, he gloated how much he was making and looked down on me for my investments which I bought at all time lows. This selfish piece of shit had the audacity to urge me to come to his wedding and be his best man when he hasn't visited me once in my 10 years of being abroad.


>> No.49724492

I hope every fucktard that lost money on crypto ponzi schemes ends prostituting their children just to survive. Maybe that will teach you that strong economies are built on generating wealth, not kikery.

>> No.49724532

They are allowed to cover it. Celsius gave them resources to do this, as far as I know. People just don't want to send more money to Celsius to cover it, and with good reason.

>> No.49724569

>down from muh ATH

you dumb nig if you didn't sell you had nothing. think long term unless of course you were a doge faggot which sounds about right.

>> No.49724618

It's likely, but if not I paid lots of money to learn. Mental toughness is required in this market. If you believe in this, just keep accumulating at these prices.
This is literally the only chance most of us have to make it. I'd rather die trying than be a wagie for decades.

>> No.49724628

>haha it's your fault i scammed you
>if you don't agree you're a communist

>> No.49724637

I agree with this.
~300k lost from LUNA and Celsius.

>> No.49724658

This thread is a circlejerk. The odds that Celsius recovers aren't as low as you reddit tier retards think.

>> No.49724664

based + wish u were my friend irl

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By that definition art is also a scam and so are expensive magic cards and the housing bubble and every single stock transaction that goes wrong to somebody since when you lose others win. What really matters to distinguish from scam to not scam is looking if there is scammed person at some point in time and being careful to see where the scam came from, if that person is in the infinite then the bubble becomes stable and is not a bubble anymore and then value that didnt exist is now real. Words have meaning and so gotta be careful, ponzi has a meaning that is aplicable to some specific platforms that pretended to deal with coins. Its like calling sodas or potatoes or magic cards a ponzi scheme since you got ripped by some dude

>> No.49724873

Why do companies and CEOs think we give a fuck about how "hard" they work? What matters is results

>> No.49724907

This is what happens when you get greedy. These people could have put in less than their live savings and got a decent payout if everything went well but no, they had to go all in because they're blinded by money and want the maximum amount possible. No sympathy.

>> No.49724942

if they act like they are not responsible for all of this and that they're trying their best to protect their userbase, maybe they will not get minecrafted when it becomes official that all funds are lost

>> No.49724979

Some subreddits have a minimum word limit for posts.

>> No.49724985

It all depends on whether they were making market-based plays on their DAI and stablecoin loans, or whether they used these loans to lend out stablecoins to DeFi pools and institutions. If it's the latter, they can draw down the positions over time an come out unscathed, assuming they aren't below AUM due to BadgerDAO, LUNA and etc. If it's the former, they are in the red and will, in the absolute best case scenario, have to bail-in haircut users. Likewise, it depends on whether the intuitional borrowers are still solvent themselves and can actually cover the assets the borrow in same-asset value.

>> No.49725016

Uhm actually sweaty we’re all a big family. The community is what matters. Please don’t act in your own self interest so we can act in our self interest in your dime instead. Because we’re in this together.

>> No.49725023

Redditors are fucking pussies, they'll probably offer to be his human shield in the hope of getting funds back lmao

>> No.49725055

I will. I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you.
The difference is I can no longer judge myself based on how much money I had, because I lost so much of it so fast. I will just quietly keep grinding and be less judgmental about it, really.
Basically I'm shifting my focus in life from money to other things, while still working my career job..

>> No.49725067

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simple as

>> No.49725109

It's legal-speak 101. It's painful to read it so I've stopped until there's measurable results. I learned from Do Kwon that updating Twitter every 5 minutes for a week straight because of lost money is extremely painful.

>> No.49725219

>I refuse to let this mistake of mine impact my son's life

Thank you very much from my kid version of the past, thats the right fucking atitude. You can't even imagine the amount of ridiculous reasons why parents jeopardize the well being of their sons. Yours is the fucking attitude, never surrender. You are worth a lot and your cause is the most noble there could be, never surrender

>> No.49725225

for you

>> No.49725237
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>> No.49725325
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>> No.49725348
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To think this boomer shilled for them, lost all respect and credibility i had for him

>> No.49725370

That isn't the point of my post.
The faggot I quoted said that /biz/ is unnecessarily cruel. My point is that the market is just as cruel, and it's good practice to build up mental toughness to be in this game long term.
Celsius may or may not return to be trustworthy, but I can see why people are concerned about what the company has been doing recently. These actions erode confidence and could end up being one of the reasons why they never recover.

CEOs know no one cares, but no communication is even worse. If you think about it there is nothing they can say here, so they came up with empty, meaningless words for damage control and you can bet they'll stick to this narrative.