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I'll answer any questions honestly and meme free

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Is 81.000$ or even 10k unironically possible?

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So it's a dead project right?

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Is the token needed? Why does everyone say it isn't?

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Those numbers came from simple assumptions at the beginning of the project namely:
Collateral required to support a small portion of existing legacy derivatives volumes
Potential cost savings for large enterprise customers

Remember that was back when chainlink was only the inputs and outputs for the smart contract economy
Now chainlink is the inputs and outputs, the offchain compute, the auditor via proof of reserve and the legally compliant (via CCIP's antifraud network) enterprise abstraction layer
In other words the TAM for chainlink has expanded since then

Or looking at it another way, Link has grown from $.10 to $6 (~6000% growth) in 5 years while
Not being feature complete
Not having launched some of the highest value portions of their offering
Having sold tokens to provide a multi-year runway
Having only recently hired all of the best minds in tech/crypto
Having, until recently, done almost zero marketing or promotion

So yes, those valuations are certainly possible
In my opinion they're highly likely if the team delivers all of the above
The only drawback is their focus on security over speed, which means that it might take longer to get there than you'd like

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It's the most alive project
Because some people are stupid enough to believe them
And misery loves company
Never forget the brilliance and trajedy of 4chan:
Anons here were smart enough to find what may be the best investment in the history of the world
And most of them lacked the discipline to simply hold on to it

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Do you anticipate macroeconomic factors delaying or pausing the countdown toward links price appreciation? What is your worst case imaginings for those aforementioned targets?

And follow up, do you anticipate link will fall under the 5 dollar support this year? (Trying to decide if i should strictly DCA or if i should DCA half and hold half my fiat waiting for a target like 2 or 3) What would you do if you were me and wanted the most link possible over the coming months? Could we see a dollar or less based on the macro?
>thanks for doing these threads!

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Do you have any price targets you'd like to share?

Is Ari still involved with the project? He seems absent lately.

What will be the big announcement at smartcon?

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Explain to me why is the token needed? Does it just function like a stocks giving dividends?

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Is link ISO 20022 compliant? I heard chainlink will partner up with swift this November
Why do you need stamps to send letters?

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thanks, i am henceforth ignoring your faggy threads as those numbers are not at all realistic and have revealed you to be yet another delusional bull

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The biggest hurdle chainlink has had to deal with is the failures to deliver of the eth team
Their original plan was inputs and outputs and eth would do all of the scaling
They had to step in and fix eth's scaling problems via arbitrum, which eth now publicly agrees is the way forward
Had eth simply delivered on any aspect of scaling which they'd promised over the last 4 years I would guess that Chainlink would be a couple of years ahead in development
But long term more value for link
I don't do price predictions and I'm not an insider

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The token is used
As staked collateral on nodes
As payment for node functions
As liquidity for all required value transfer related to the ecosystem (AMMs, Cex bots, bridges etc)
People asking if a project is iso20022 compliant is painfully stupid
Chainlink can send and intake messages of any format through adapters which are a core part of the protocol's functionality
It can be compatible with any legacy system, any language, any use case that requires programmable trust

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How we can know something is true is an often discussed question throughout the history of philosophy, do you think this question and Sergey's philosophy background influenced him to create the 'truth machine' Chainlink? Is Sergey on the cusp of not only creating an incredibly valuable financial protocol but also something philosophically significant?

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So that’s a yes?

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thoughts on jpm, gs, v running link nodes and jpm wanting to open tradi for defi massively as of news last week?

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Is Chainlink even needed when ICP smart contracts can do http requests themselves?

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how do massive news on links side not causing any pump in the token price? Who is interested in a bear market for over a year now?

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I always thought the model would be user pay contract/don owner who in turn pays nodes. But now for the first staking don they're talking about "sponsors" and like Chainlink is topping up the apy and don't say anything about fees. I have no issues with Clabs sponsoring at first but are they moving from a per call fee to some sort of a subscription to a feed/don and then the Don owner gives back to nodes? It's all so blurry I don't get it I know there's the transfer and call function but the way they described the staking mechanism looks like the link given to nodes will not be exclusively using this since they said they'll top up

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>Just use https bro
I'm selling my ICP for LINK

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when and how to determine where to take profits next time?

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what do you think json parser uses retard?

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new integrations announced yesterday: not dead

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Hi Spoonfeedy, any thoughts on v0.1, how many will we be allowed to stake, how long must we have held, what if we moved tokens (I moved my ico stack to hardware wallet in 2019), and what about safety without insurance? On the last one, it wouldn't look good if people started losing stacks on v0.1. I imagine it'll be pretty safe and CL would compensate if there was a loss, but that's my guess..

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>I'll answer any questions honestly and meme free
Is it over?

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I understand why decentralized price oracles are necessary and will always be needed.

Beyond that, give me a quick summary of the value proposition of the LINK token. Is it inflationary? How does it accrue yield? What are the sell-side pressures?

Do you think the current FDV of ~$6.3 billion is justified, or is it too high or too low?

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any breadcrumbs with circle, been talking about this peice of shit for to long now ive forgotten whats what

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Thanks for the thread OP, is it possible that ChainLink may be used as a boundary limiter to AI defiance

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Throw down some sauce on LINK and insurance. Looking specifically for sources on marine insurance

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Ari why you betray? Can you go into Devil's ass head or Hell and make it and all evil disappear? Or are you SatUrN?

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Basically chainlink is aiming to put all black people into slavery again. The how and why isn't important but it's fair to say ari and Sergey really really hate niggers. Personally I've invested four hundred thousand dollars (400000) to assist the project.

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I think if anything it's a hindrance for him
People like sergey are idealists
The fact that most people aren't kind and honest is something that idealists can't fully internalize

The training he got at firstmark and his personal discipline are why he's successful
He needs to justify his success while not destroying his own idealistic worldview
And he uses philosophy as the lubrication

I think the hardest part of all of this for him will be realizing what the truth is when he builds a truh machine. People who don't produce value are heavily subsidized in modern society and those that are at the top produce nearly all the value.
You can blame that on racism or wealth inequality or whatever, but if you have a provably neutral, provably trustworthy arbiter showing you that it's simply a difference in native skill x work, you may be forced to accept that truth that you really dont like.
Makes sense given the team's connection
At the end of the day the node is designed to be easy to run and a native cash producer. Any enterprise with the ability to run one would be a fool not to.
Link doesn't do hype marketing
Hype marketing is what people need to place speculative value on a project

If your project is simply profitable, however, things change completely
This is another engineering decision necessitated by eth's failure to scale
If token transfers cost thousandths of a cent (as eth promised for years) then a payment for each call makes sense. In the current environment it doesnt, so Link had to adapt and capture more value
I think we discuss this every time
Buy and hold
When you start to feel nervous because a large portion of your NW is in link, sell a small amount every month regardless of price
That's how almost every actually intelligent value investor does it
v0.1 doesnt have slashing, so likely no losses
No idea otherwise

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We've only just begun
See above for how it captures value
Current valuation is low for existing progress plus a portion of future anticipated performance, however it's impossible to make an argument based purely on value at this point as link isn't a passive income instrument yet

The simple question you have to answer is this: do you trust the highest quality team in crypto, who has always delivered on what they've said they would, to continue delivering?

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How will SWIFT even translate into more nodes (and thus, more collateral needed and more tokens bought)? My understanding is that chainlink’s integration with SWIFT is simply a messaging standard, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Chainlink nodes being utilized or requiring collateral.

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>any breadcrumbs with circle, been talking about this peice of shit for to long now ive forgotten whats what

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Chainlink Labs employee detected

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It would seem a natural synergy that USDC use chainlink's POR, just like how fluid is flogging that to differentiate itself from every shady stablecoin/bank offering
Wouldn't surprise me if stablecoins issued in US would have some kind of reserve transparency requirements
And, as always, chainlink would be the industry standard
This smells like the "quantum computers are gonna eat crypto bro" morons of 2019
I think a lot of people in crypto are unhappy with their lives and so are predisposed to new things like crypto and scientifically poor arguments like AI hypeism as a way to justify their own state
Sorry don't have any
It really is a shame they closed the asylums

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You're insulted me and called me really horrible names in the past when I've interacted with you in previous threads. I want you to apologise now.

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>You're insulted me
Have you considered the possibility that you deserved it?

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debunk pic related please.
someone posted bearish shit today

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Is mr felten going to announce fss at smartcon this year?

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Right but you did not answer the question. lets assume AI are fed some data on human psy/social interaction based on social media. to guarantee that the data is true, Chainlink may be the good player here ? to guarantee that the AI execution is done in a proper non harmful way, Chainlink it is. to prevent spamming data: Chainlink. to guarantée a private data fed CL deco ....

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fuck off chainlink labs shill, your project has failed MULTIPLE times and many have been falsely liquidated because of chainlink oracles not updating properly. Why don't you address the many failures of chainlink in your threads and talk about how there are better up and coming oracle solutions being developed that will replace it. I can already name one that is looking to inevitable replace chainlink but I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about, dishonest chainlink labs shill.

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Swingies get the rope
Simple as

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Swinging? I've been shorting the shit out of chainlink and made thousands.

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Why is he too fat to code?
Why there are just 2 devs and 899 HR roasties?

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are you retarded? there's nothing bearish in that pic besides shitty sentiment and fud that was "deboonked" back when whitepaper v2 came out.

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You're asking me to debunk someone claiming to know the inner workings of the global financial system while providing zero proof
If I told you to sell all your possessions because tomorrow I will take a dump so large it will consume the Earth, would you believe me?
Sounds like they've been making it priority 1 since theyve done well with arbitrum one and want to start shifting most of eth's volumes onto rollups
So you're saying you fear someone creating an alternative data set of social media interactions that are false and then using AI to generate incorrect insights?
None of this makes sense to me
We've seen many chainlink killers come and go
Good luck with that

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um yes faggot,. there's a lot bearish. basically saying LINK price will forever be a few dollars.

>> No.49711587

will the price of LINK reasonably be double digits when network goes up and running?

the person who started that thread claims LINK is forever in single digit territory.

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how to prep for recession as a young wagie? Seek highest income and lower expenses to invest?

>> No.49711611

>the person who started that thread claims LINK is forever in single digit territory.
The literal whitepaper says that each link token should NOT be worth more than a cup of coffee at full usage. What makes you think it even deserves that valuation right now?

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Any idea on how the Chainlink treasury looks like and their runway? In that Mike Derezin hiring slowdown email he says Chainlink balance sheet is "extremely healthy", but I wonder how it is structured.

Basically my question is do you have any idea if the 700K LINK dumps for nodes or just straight up selling for stables for the treasury to have enough runway.

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nigger, the white paper doesn't say that. show me where it says it

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Do your own research and read the whitepapers and legitimate criticisms of the chainlink network by seasoned crypto veterans (Eric wall, Richard Heart etc) and then you will realise how little it actually is worth. I only shudder when I think of the hundreds of gullible anons who have lost money because of this faggot retard OP's shilling. Leave this thread now and don't buy any more link (sell if you have any).

>> No.49711844

> by seasoned crypto veterans
>Eric wall - swedish recent teen punk who doesn't know shit
> Richard Heart - runs a literal ponzi

Good job anon. Are these your sources?

And yes I did open the LINK whitepaper and specifically searched the word coffee. Says nothing about it.

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The network is up and running
Link has been above single digits
One of the best things that can happen when you're young is getting your first job during a recession/depression
You have no family to support and can buy assets at rock bottom prices
Which will continue to appreciate for your entire lifetime
I've previously heard they held some in USD and some in eth (as a hedge as they paid eth gas costs for network prints)
Also Sergey and team aren't stupid
They almost certainly have reasonable base salaries and high production incentives for their top flight talent
This not only makes everyones incentives aligned, but also it serves as a downside hedge in bear markets

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You're being trolled by an OG anon
He's pointing out how good it is that the only people spending time hating on link have to squeeze it between twerk videos on tiktok
Get it?

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If they don't have an absolute mountain of cash I'd be surprised. Conservatively if they sold 700k link every Friday for a year at a price of $10 per token thats $364m.

Even if most of that went to the nodes which it probably didn't they should have more than enough money.

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I meant the true intrinsic price of LINK to be double digits. And not the speculative.

How do you calculate the value of the token?

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I might be too much of a boomer to get it lol.

Are you agreeing that LINK is a meme and it's price should be a cup of coffee?

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Looks like we got some chainfucks in here! Chainlink is going to ZERO!

>> No.49712139

Can you answer this OP?

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And I know who's behind chainlink! And it ain't some Russian guy in the Cayman's.

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always appreciate these threads anon. one thing i'll add is that one of the more apparent reasons Eric Schmidt joined as advisor is due to the future AGI implications of the Chainlink network. when Sergey talks about The Truth Machine he's talking about an all knowing AGI system. this is a longer time horizon view of Chainlink, but the ultimate goal of this network is to create this AGI. this interview with Schmidt will clue you in on what's actually being built here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGNImy8E02w&t=2686s

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530 million tokens left of premine
What's our cope?

>> No.49712322

You're arguing with a bitter Link OG who doesn't want newfags to make it. They use the coffee meme to signal to other OG's.

>> No.49712332



nigger, here's the whipaper. this wording does not exist. what you are posting is fake. YOU FAKE faggot

>> No.49712417

what do they have to signal to other OGs for?

>> No.49712437

Oops missed that one
Think about what chainlink does and enables:
If the price of x does y then do z
That is incredibly powerful in banking and forms the backbone of insurance and derivatives
Whether swift member banks (remember it's just a bank collective) run nodes or not is irrelevant (though I highly suspect they will)
Swift messages are just smart contract outputs
If you want the price of x monitored and some amount of funds in a bank account frozen or released, that's currently overhead intensive. With chainlink it's not
If you want a complex derivative specific to your field (say corn, sugar, oil and rubber for a food manufacturer or steel, fuel and chips for a car manufacturer) that's a huge overhead proposition right now, with chainlink it isn't

Chainlink is just another tech. It just happens to be the tech that decreases the cost of one of the most expensive things on earth right now (trust services) and captures much of that value for itself.
Current smart contract/defi space enabled by chainlink value * some value capture ratio (of course plus future offerings but you said no speculative)
Again, you're being trolled
People even photoshopped screenshots of the whitepaper to say cup of coffee to troll the people too stupid/lazy to pull the whitepaper themselves
Cold world

>> No.49712505

It's just an injoke, a very stale pasta. It's a way of saying 'help me deflect this dumb newfag.'

>> No.49712530 [DELETED] 

>le meme XD
And that’s how I know you guys are newfaggots. The original whitepaper published in 2017 had this exact wording, which they changed in 2019. Just fuck off back where you came from you STUPID GORILLA NIGGERS.

>> No.49712534

you don't know what you're talking about.

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A while ago (I think May 2021) there was a Memo leaked about the DoD wanting to integrate a better method to link their data networks into one standard protocol that was open source while also being secured. Is there any leads on Chainlink’s integration with the US DoD?

>> No.49712590

I put schmidt in the same category
The kind of guy who goes to burning man and talks about phones being addictive to a swath of sycophants
Workers like schmidt are good at bringing tech to market and making me money
They get too full of themselves when they start playing philosopher
Sounds good to me

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>> No.49712657

I read the original whitepaper in 2018 and don't remember seeing it. Even still, 52 dollars is a very expensive coffee.
You're a faggot.

>> No.49712687


This memo


>> No.49712774

understood. i still think you should spend some time digging into "The Truth Machine" aspect of Chainlink. because ultimately, that is the goal of what's being built.

>> No.49712793

>over 50% supply dilution incoming
>sounds good
So no way to cope about 50% supply dilution, gotcha

>> No.49712815

don't forget

>> No.49712855

Hey OP, thanks for the thread.

One issue I've had with Chainlink is the low "usage rate".

The only live use case I know of is sending weather reports or something like that.

If this technology is such a breakthrough, why not more live current uses?

>> No.49712959

It’s common knowledge that 90% of LINK OG’s came from /pol/, and are thus unironic Nazis and extremely racist. This is evident when you look at the chats whenever Chainlink presents at conferences such as consensus or smartcon. It’s always N word this, N word that.

I personally don’t want to put my money into a project like that and keep that sort of company. Moreover, I question the intelligence of people who shill LINK given their backward and racist political views.

>> No.49713025

Are you going to Smartcon? Is it worth going in your opinion or a waste of time, better watch it online? Background: I'm a software engineer and at my company we're exploring some smart contract applications, I'm familiar with Chainlink services and actually participated in their hackathon (and won some prize), so I'm not a complete newbie. They say in the agenda there's workshops, but I'm worried it's gonna be Patrick Collins doing some basic stuff again...

>> No.49713098

Old question but how can the project fall by 90% if the disruptive potential is now publicly available for over three years with the established economy in the know?

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Do you have your sharpie picked out yet?

>> No.49713137

>It's the most alive project
Hmm it's not dead, but they haven't released any significant feature in almost a year (Keepers). Core development is excruciatingly slow.

>> No.49713173

>Core development is excruciatingly slow.
as opposed to what? ETH?

>> No.49713357

Sergeys first language is actually russian, you might have to search for the word кoфe

>> No.49713469

You go to in person events if you want to network with other people. If you actually pay $1500 for the ticket just to watch it the same as someone watching the livestream will then you are retarded.

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Thanks man!!!


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How many link tokens do I need to hold to secure myself a gf in the future?

>> No.49713620

0. Chainlink holders will immediately dry any pussy within a 100 mile radius.

>> No.49713730

As opposed to a typical software company. After 5+ years of development, the Chainlink node software is nowhere near being feature complete (in terms of what they envisioned in the first whitepaper). It's not even a very complex system. I appreciate all the strategic planning and the work they do, but purely on the technical side of things if you asked my company to develop a Chainlink node clone from scratch (copy the functionality one to one without glancing at their codebase), we'd do it in like 4-5 months. Maybe not the VRF part because off the top of my head I'd have no clue how to implement it, but everything else - easily.

I've been to conferences where I didn't "network", but still got huge value out of workshops. From what I understand this conference is mainly aimed at developers, so I'm not sure how networking is supposed to benefit me or my company.

>> No.49713773

does this apply to ETH as well?
> we'd do it in like 4-5 months
why don't you do it then?

>> No.49713971

>does this apply to ETH as well?
You mean Ethereum Foundation? Kind of, amount of code and features they produce is pretty mindblowing. Complexity of ETH core (consensus and execution) is like an order of magnitude higher than Chainlink node.

>why don't you do it then?
Is that a serious question? Because the network effect already makes Chainlink a monopolist. Amazon store is a relatively simple piece of software, any medium sized (50+ engineering team ) software company could develop a clone in a few months. Why doesn't anyone try that to overtake Amazon?

>> No.49714084

There will be technical workshops and in-person hackatons yes, but again the value is most definitely in networking not in getting 2 day smart contract building tutorial lessons.
>not sure how networking is supposed to benefit me or my company.
What kind of company do you work for? Do you need partners for projects? Do you need certain top talent to hire? Technology you have trouble implementing? Wanting to spread on some other industry but not sure how? Etc etc, with meeting other people working for similar companies you can get an answer for these questions and possibly new business partners and opportunities. Even with the workshops, the fact that you're physically there with other people who want to learn the same thing as you, in person networking is 10x more effective than anything online. You have to not be an awkward silent autist though of course for it to be successful

>> No.49714087

> the network effect already makes Chainlink a monopolist
so you're saying that the relative "slow development" you're speaking of actually doesn't really matter?

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>> No.49714129

>a competitor will come in and create a better chainlink in a few months
Ahhhh that's some nostalgic fud. Very nice.

>> No.49714395

>like an order of magnitude higher than Chainlink node
this is not a good thing
the amount technical debt and cope fixes is astounding

>> No.49714501

For the company - of course it doesn't, they are set for life. I was complaining about slow pace of development because I want the smart contract tech ecosystem to become mature enough so that companies like mine can actually start implementing some of the cool "truth minimized' stuff we've envisioned. Right now it feels like the tech is still 5+ years away from being mature enough, Chainlink's lack of crucial features (basically lack of "SLA") is a big part of that. The other two are cost/scalability and UX (fucking metamask...).

>> No.49714539

*trust minimized ...

>> No.49714645

Enterprise abstraction layer should fix most of that, no?

>> No.49714721

>50% supply dilution
They diluted 100M over the past 4 years and it did a x200
They diluted by selling at bubble peak ensuring war chest stability for the next few years of economic uncertainty
They diluted early because no customers and having to operate feeds at a loss, 3 years later some feeds have no reached not only sustainability but profitability
They diluted early on before OCR because of needing to cover gas fees
Since then OCR as well as deploying on cheaper layers helped diminishing gas costs, they're also working on gas costs being directly provided by the chain layers themselves grants programs
Staking is estimated at 1% inflation for the first year and that's before accounting for user fees and the incentive program
They have enough runway to survive a decade of bear bullshit and you're seeing this as a negative

>> No.49714860

As far as I know they haven't really provided any details about that. But basically the problem is that for most enterprise applications you need the following:
1. Be able to programmatically define off-chain operations and have one or more nodes execute that logic on demand (triggered from the smart contract). Initial version of this has been live on Chainlink network for years (external adapters), but you still need to have an agreement with some node operators etc.
2. Privacy features (this has been promised, but not delivered - town crier and DECO).
3. On-chain defined SLA with nodes putting up collateral (parametric staking)

>> No.49714938

How fucked are we if Eth delays the merge past this year? People keep saying Serg was waiting on PoS to deliver stuff like staking, then you have stuff like EIP-4488 which would help Arbitrum and this oracle update priority track that all is just waiting for Vitalik to get off his skinny ass and merge. Do you think Chainlink figured out a way to launch everything without PoS?

>> No.49714990

>source: dude just trust me
The burden of proof is on you, faggot

>> No.49714992

Not OP, but crypto is still a wildly speculative market. Link is arguably the safest bet in crypto when the volatility dies down, but until it does, if you're a richfag why bother exposing yourself to that? So for now its mostly either turbo autists like us, or poorfag degen gamblers (also some of us) who take that gamble. Along with high IQ individuals with a stomach for that volatility and perhaps an inside edge, like mETHheads.

>> No.49715079

Steaming pile of shit

>> No.49715139

>competitors can just copy and paste, bro

>> No.49715256

I can't. I doubt link will fall back to $2 before going parabolic. During the crashes link has been getting taken off of exchanges not put back on. Meaning people fir the most part are planning to hold long term. Meaning Sergey dumping the market to get og marines to sell isn't working. I doubt dumping it from 90% losses to 95% losses would suddenly get marines to finally give up.

>> No.49715349

Do you think we'll hit $1? Also, how stupid would it be to go all in on LINK unironically?

>> No.49715374

Sorry no
I'm familiar with the argument
Every person needs to convince themselves that what theyre doing is morally good
This argument seems like one made to the self
Almost all of defi uses chainlink
Another OG troll
I have a conflict unfortunately but will be watching the videos when I can
Good for you for actually doing stuff
Do you think the market is rational or smart?
OCR v2, all of arbitrum?
Depends on the rest of you

>> No.49715474

Do you think that LINK will be used in the schizo banking system along with XRP, XLM, ALGO, XDC, etc

>> No.49715565

Sergey has already pulled this same exact scam, his first project NXT had the same playbook, muhh ground breaking tech, hype up project, dumps his bags on holders, abandons project.

The fact that sergey stopped dumping the moment when the price dropped shows he is motivated by money and greed. Not some cope of "Ohhh im just distributing the tokens so we can have better enhance decentralized security for the truth :)"

He is hoping to build hype again with staking so he can dump the rest, you guys are delusional if you dont think he will continue the dumps. He is not dumping at 5$ because he wants 50$.
Link was the worst performer during the bull market

>> No.49715919
File: 1.08 MB, 320x212, 1653592258801.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When staking is switched on, will my LINKs be able to provide a stream of passive income? Will the token price stay above a certain threshold? It's supposed to generate an income but I dare not presume too much at this point. I feel like an idiot to even ask you these questions.

>> No.49716028

It worries me that Ari has co-authored a book about AI with 99yr-old war criminal and downright bad guy Henry Kissinger. Kissinger is 100% a deep-state actor and I don't like the ides of him being so close to the chainlink project. Frankly I find it rather sinister and it fills me with dread, esp when we're talking about something like a 'truth machine'. Heavy technocratic overtones. Of course technocracy is just a way to use cherrypicked 'experts' to validate your actions, as we have already seen with the covid scam. Thoughts?

>> No.49716127

>OCR v2
I have not looked closely to be frank, but from what I've seen it's just refactoring, optimizations and qol improvements, plus it's not even ready yet. So it's not really a new feature...

>all of arbitrum
What do you mean? Offchain Labs have their own dev team. It's a separate product. Chainlink only provides Arbitrum uptime monitoring (sequencer health flag), that's it.

>> No.49716157

marketcap RETARD holy niggeroni

>> No.49716185

>this has been promised, but not delivered - town crier and DECO
Watch the recent Consensus speech, all coming this year with the abstraction layer
My guess is that staking goes out in stages exactly to combat if moneyskelly decides to delay again.

>> No.49716228

>Offchain Labs have their own dev team. It's a separate product. Chainlink only provides Arbitrum uptime monitoring (sequencer health flag), that's it.
FSS, literally key Arbitrum element. Also coming this year

>> No.49716237

>Watch the recent Consensus speech, all coming this year with the abstraction layer
Oh crap, thanks, I haven't watched it because I thought it's the same slides lol

>> No.49716305

>This is another engineering decision necessitated by eth's failure to scale
>If token transfers cost thousandths of a cent (as eth promised for years) then a payment for each call makes sense. In the current environment it doesnt, so Link had to adapt and capture more value

I understand but the thing is that transfer and call made it so that we were sure link were used to pay for nodes. If they move to this sponsoring/subscription model, what trustless guarantees do we have that payments are done in link. A bit more far fetched but what trustless guarantees do we have as well that staking must be done in link?

>> No.49716781
File: 13 KB, 254x198, 1655389387506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Find good altcoins with good utility and good passive rewards, stake, and come back in a few years. I'm bagging the hell out of SCRT every end of the month as I believe we are still in the early days of the project judging from the community and its flexible privacy utility. WGMI

>> No.49716841
File: 36 KB, 280x280, 1654088007134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bag RFOX and see your gf cum all over you. Those bitches identify potential and they love metaverse so much.

>> No.49716952

there is no slashing mechanism in v0.1 so you can't lose anything

>> No.49717199

I’m thinking of those memegraphs that speculate Link capturing whole markets like derivatives, etc.

>> No.49718342

These threads are why bear markets are superior

>> No.49718388

I have seen many strange things happen with the token price manipulation happen lately.
I am trying to understand what's happening behind the scenes.
LINK seems to be the first to dump currently before everything else and dumps violently, but after the dump on other cryptos stop it recovers better and has been gaining a bit against BTC and ETH.

It seems the team behind the complete market manipulation is front running the LINK dumps and keeps doing this manipulation, but that there is almost no more selling pressure left on LINK causing the price to better recover.
Maybe this is caused by the bankruptcy of big funds and CeFi who were over leveraged on the popular L1 tokens, and causes them to dump as they deleverage, with a relatively minimal effect on Chainlink which was ignored by them.
It's possible some of them were even shorting LINK and were forced to stop as the CeFi platforms reduced their lending operations.

What's been really shocking was to see the timing of the negative news, everything happening with the FED and stock market was prepared and perfectly timed to dump on Consensys, and would have caused LINK to go down to $3-4, if the Chainlink team had not released the staking news a few days earlier, causing it to pump before the news was suppressed.

Seeing the Chainlink team fight back against the price suppression by releasing their news a few days earlier gives me some hope that things are going to change and they at least noticed the hidden agenda of their partners.
Staking and CCIP will be released this year, but seeing the state of the markets, it's difficult to know if those will have an effect on the price until next year or earlier.
I hope this bad episode of BTC price suppression ends soon.
What concerns me is a possible 2008 scenario type of crash.

>> No.49718439
File: 179 KB, 2725x1299, link.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are you holding a coin that has already rugged?

>> No.49718697

Hi OP. Seen your threads before and I appreciate the effort here (even if youre shilling something you hold) as you reply with good answers and sound reasoning.

I shared the video from Sergey a while back with a friend of mine who works for a VERY prominent high frequency trading firm. Easily one of the smartest guys i know and makes a killing doing wall street stuff. Although he is interested in crypto, he has some doubts and sent me this in response to the video. I thought some of this was pretty good points so if you could help me address these counterarguments that would be great. This applies to LINK but also crypto as a whole.

Video in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YShbzR7mlog&t=34s&ab_channel=Chainlink


>> No.49718754

>FSS, literally key Arbitrum element. Also coming this year
Source for FSS coming this year?

>> No.49718769

His response to the video

Dude says cryptographic way too much.
I understand what he’s saying and I do think there’s value in web3/blockchain but the dude frankly seems naive. Some points that come to mind

1. Encryption and blockchain are completely different things despite having “crypt”. The former “guarantee” just creates a private channel. There is no consensus algorithm as in blockchain. The only message delivery guarantee is via standard TCP. And it need not be p2p as far as I understand ie you still be forced through China. It’s as good as me whispering in your ear a secret code and then mailing you letters in code. Shit can get lost and manipulated and read on the way. The only guarantee is that someone can’t crack it unless they heard the code or our code sucks.
2. The slide title takes about “reliable agreement” / transaction. That’s one of my main issues. Most web applications are not agreements. When I Google search, I don’t need it to be decentralized. There’s no value-add. Yes Google can shut down tomorrow but that’s a weak point. There’s no reason for it to shut down overnight. Absurd statements can similarly be made for the largest blockchain node clusters.


>> No.49718801

3. Second main issue. There is value in centralization. Privacy is one. I can’t imagine finance folks wanting to switch to publishing their secret trades publicly. There’s a reason crypto trading firms prefer cex to dex. Decentralized is slower than centralized and less optimized for the specific task. It takes work to communicate p2p. Scale is so much better handled in a centralized manner - this is why cloud services have blown up and companies have stopped keeping/managing on-premise machines. Consensus algorithms are slow esp when you talk about such a large geographic region. If I want to offer you a really performant web search service, I can get you the best results via a system that’s optimized for that. Agreed that centralization means one person can shut things off but the product can be so much better if it is centralized (depends heavily on the purpose).
3. Enforcement isn’t usually the problem. If an insurance company needs to pay you out, 99.999% they don’t default on it. The question is more should they cover you based on your circumstances. The examples he mentioned like Bernie Madoff and Lehman Bros. The issue wasn’t that ppl had the money and didn’t deliver. They used some sort of leverage/scam that meant they had no money anymore. Leverage isn’t going away in web3. If I’m borrowing money there is inherent default risk. As for scams, yep in theory if you can track money flows then it’s harder to lie about it. But in practice it’s not difficult to spoof money flow in blockchain.


>> No.49718877

4. (I’m a bit weak on this one) You can’t (or perhaps won’t want to) necessarily boil down a contract into clean inputs and outputs, which is the only thing an oracle network and blockchain handle really. Eg if you’re my landlord and you’ve done nothing to fix my broken plumbing or I’m your tenant and I throw parties each night, violating the agreement, what are you gonna do. Yes there are “decentralized arbitrators” but I don’t see how that’s really better (generally seems worse / added overhead) than a jury for example.

End of his response. Apologies for formatting kek. But yea i think my friend brings up some interesting points. I have thoughts on how to address some of these counterarguments but if you or anyone has good refutations of these concerns that would be great. I think His point about value in centralization is legitimate and one of his better points. Thanks again for answering all these questions OP

>> No.49718931

Hey back to our 666 accumulation multiple kek

>> No.49719016

Is 1000 usd per like realistic? Assuming bread isn’t 1k a lof

>> No.49719061

What email?

>> No.49719095
File: 210 KB, 1280x720, D98F3DFB-0020-434E-A976-85DF447A818C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah Mr. anon you’re here. Good.
Explain to me why exactly I should invest in Chainlink, and not one of the other many crypto projects currently ongoing.

And please speak as if you were to a young child or say a golden retriever. It wasnt brains that got me ITT. I can assure you of that.

>> No.49719203

based jeremyposter

>> No.49719228

How can chainlink be leveraged for uncollateralized loans?
Here the trust has to be guaranteed by a third party.
Is there a world where blockchain can provide this service

>> No.49719741

How did Jessica prove herself to Sergey? They made her head of instituonal lending after she met with him.

>> No.49719855

DYOR Jeremy you posh poofter

>> No.49719962

What's a good average buy in price?
What's a good sell price?
How much do I need?
Does it matter if it's wrapped?

>> No.49720517

Lol retards, everyone can search for the v1 chainlink whitepaper from 2017 and ctrl F "coffee"

There's no result.

>> No.49720701
File: 2 KB, 290x174, aaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If this is what makes it alive, it is very much dead
Why would you want it to end, it's so much fun reading replies of seething and sneeding lankies
t. API3 chad

>> No.49720931

Does it have biscuits?

>> No.49721857
File: 3.63 MB, 360x300, 1635533045042.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49722620

Nice wall of fud, mate. How long did that take?

>> No.49722852

Explain this lore

>> No.49723044

Watch Margin Call

>> No.49723103

That's the idea
Sounds like you haven't been watching the github
Ever see the trufflecon video where Ed lets slip that they partner with chainlink to be the defacto validators?
You're asking if individual node operators are going to recode the network (and lose core team support) to change the payment token?
This guy doesn't seem to understand much about blockchains at all
1. Blockchain provides immutability which is fundamental to these products. His discussed options do not.
2. The point is not that decentralized smart contracts are used for google searches, it's that they're used for value transfer based on previously agreed upon criteria. If google goes down during a search its fine, if a payor renegs on a contract that is not fine.
3. A core component of the chainlink stack is customizeable privacy for the contracts/data sources
4. This guy is not very smart. The point is that an insurer can delay payment/dispute data/use any number of dirty tricks like stopping stock buys, freezing accounts. None of these things are ethical or optimal, but they do benefit old finance tards like HFT'ers
5. Again, the point is not to use smart contracts where they don't make sense or aren't cost effective, it's to use them in the cases which capture the majority of value, which just so happen to be the highest value type transactions in the world.
You can check things like frax for how this is done in partially collateralized situations and the use of DECO based data from banks, prior loaners and tax information could provide a safe metric that would outperform things like FICO
But again this is a poor use case for the tech

>> No.49723326

You never replied to my question :(

>> No.49723663

Best way to get your foot in the door for running a neet node?
Is there any info out yet on starting up as an alerter?

>> No.49724129

Price prediction on hbar link xrp xdc

Price prediction on xrp

>> No.49724633

based thread ty op

>> No.49724764

I'll advise you to diversify and not stack all on one project. But in whichever projects you choose, ensure Syscon is present. It doubled its mcap in just a few days and is still looking fit to do a lot more doubles once the bull emerges.

>> No.49725145

Cool post

>> No.49725452

Mental note: make sure Syscon is present

>> No.49726571

Thanks Ranjeet. How’s the weather in New Delhi? Shit in any new streets lately?

>> No.49726739

Advertising pump and dumps is a crime.
You may think you can evade the consequences of your action, but karma won't let you and you will have to pay the price for your actions one day.

>> No.49727690
File: 41 KB, 750x555, 1623639438317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this movie was gay , the director, the script and every character talks to the audience as if they were idiots. "And please speak as if you were to a young child or say a golden retriever. It wasnt brains that got me ITT. I can assure you of that." The I in this sentence is the audience. This is how do exposition without hitting it on the nose. When a character is introduced, Oh hello sis, thanks for calling me. Now the audience knows its a sister the character is talking to. This is the most hamfisted way of telling a story. This shitty movie does this and shits on the audience at the same time. You are all idiots for liking this movie. Go watch the Boiler Room. Even the Big Short is at least a bit more respectful because they don't try to hide they are talking to you like you know nothing. Fuck all nothing happens in this lame movie you learn nothing , gain no particular insight, its just a drama for gay I wish I had money fags.

>> No.49728487

Honestly, did you expect such a poor performance in the past years?