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Post baggie meltdowns and salt

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>Not your keys
>Not your crypto

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That’s not funny, quite sad really.

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Being happy about other people’s misfortunes is absolute kike behavior and you should hang yourself

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Jesus christ why are we not profiting off of this? Fucking normies have so much money I guarantee none of those subhuman monkey niggers knows anything about crypto other than its a get rich quick scheme to them these fucking low iq millennial and zoomer faggots Jesus christ I want that faggots 26 ETH I could put it to way better use I have no sympathy for these rich normie faggots

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Get fucked

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How much you two faggots lose?

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All that anger can't be good for you, anon

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Yeah, thought I was going to get a laugh but reading those comments is depressing

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>greedy investors try to get rich quick without doing any labour or investing in anything helpful to society

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>my meds

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>capnbeefy at the end there

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These fucking idiots deserve to lose it all. I almost feel bad for them but the sheer monumental stupidity of putting money you genuinely can’t afford to lose into crypto, let alone your entire families life savings, just makes me laugh. Like how do you rationalize something that fucking stupid to yourself. These idiots either have no idea what they’re putting their money on or they’re just banking STONKS!! which are both equally hilarious.

Imagine seeing the Luna meltdown and STILL keeping all your savings in crypto. Lol.

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>I am disabled
Obviously lady, you use celsius

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>they should allow us to withdraw 5k/week
lmao already at bargaining stage

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Greedy fuck gets what he deserves.

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bro, what else would you do with cash? inflation literally kills you, you just HAVE to invest SOMEHWERE just to beat inflation
are you that retard who keeps cash under mattress? lol

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>Put all your money in an obvious scam promising 20% returns
>Agree to the terms that say you can lose it all if they go bankrupt
>Get scammed


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its ok craight wright will give his son all the money he needs.

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those tranny pills ain't cheap

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nigger i was literally saying tranny pills out loud in my head

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welp time to exit all cex

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Someone smarted than these people it seems.

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No, I just don’t put my money into crypto without accepting it could be lost any moment for any reason. Which it can as evidenced by all this bullshit, and all the other exit scams/rug pulls over the last decade.

If you can’t afford to lose the money, yes, it should be parked in low volatility shit like cash. Who gives a fuck about inflation, rather have my entire life savings gone than throw it all away worrying about inflation eating some of its purchasing power. Literally put that shit in Microsoft stock or something. Literally anything besides random crypto projects.

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holy shit

the fabled triple crown

i kneel

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What was the Bitconneect moment of this cycle?

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>fake money isn't reliable

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>what is PM
>what are off-grid solar panels
>what do you mean by cash is king

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>get your shit locked up
>liquidate and send everything else you have
what the FUCK
do these people ever stop to think about what they're doing?

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How can people be so open about their suffering? I don’t know if it’s the Anglo/Irish in me, but I don’t share my problems with anyone save close family and friends and only sparingly.

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i pulled the little money i had with celsius after watching this video last year. mashinsky is clearly a conman.


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>like please

Read the fine print.

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no. this is necessary. those fuckers never had "100k", they had 5k that went 20x and they thought it was real money and they didnt sell. they thought they were going to cut the line and retire early - not by working hard, but by gambling on crypto and doing zero work. those types of people never succeed at anything

get fucked. thats what you get for trying to meme your way to financial success instead of doing the hard work it really takes

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Holy shit. Imagine have this much loyalty and faith in a company. What a fucking SLAVE.

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No funds either

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>on crypto board
>mad at people making money with crypto

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>Can you actually let people withdraw now?
>they should let us withdraw 5k a week
They don't have your money. They lost it. These people really don't understand?
Also, some of these have to be larps.

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>Celsius Prostitute

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This is a story as old as 4chan and time itself; You let normies in and they ruin everything.

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>mattress hodler looses some to inflation but still sleeps comfy
>bag hodler looses everything and ropes

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you sound like you’re in crypto for “the tech”

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None of them are larps. None.

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>Shloimy Rosenfeld
friendly fire!

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imagine policing comedy.
comedy = tragedy
tragedy = comedy
you = faggot

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APY fags were so cocky last year kek

>I'm going to move to south-east asia and retire off a smart contract lmao

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>But if I don't liquidate everything I have I will lose the funds I already lost on Celsius.

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the only people who actually "work hard" are the workers. The further up the chain you go the less work and skill it actually takes to make money. People who gamble on option calls and invest in stocks over robin hood are taking the exact same risks and making the exact same value investments as these crypto simps. The only difference is stocks and bonds are respected by the industrial machine.
Stop acting like middle management and ceos do any real work at all. Please fag.

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they're not even hodling, they gave it all to someone else

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I bought tools with my money
I bought land with my money
I got hard wood that I used a saw mill to sell to furniture makers

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>Stop acting like middle management and ceos do any real work at all
yea. they do.

>option calls and invest in stocks over robin hood are taking the exact same risks and making the exact same value investments as these crypto simps
no, they are not. with the exception of robinhood - they all got liquidated too and they deserved it

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That’d be the Irish

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Are you doing your part?

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These people have obviously never been scammed before. When it happens to you once in your life it will never happen again. I lost a mystic robe set and a granite maul back in 2007. Haven't been scammed since.

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This shit made me think. Should I withdraw my funds from Binance to a hard wallet? Are they safu?

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This is a defense mechanism to make reality bearable

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i don't know if it's funnier if that's real or a troll

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more like incelsius

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They literally are though. What is the fundamental difference between stocks and crypto? You're investing now to hope for greater returns later with out actually producing anything of utility for society.

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Is that all it takes for normies to lose their wealth? A literal "doubling money" runescape type scam ran by a jew?

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stocks are partial ownership of a company that provides value / utility for society. 99% of crypto has no utility. it's a lot different

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How can you be this fucking dumb?

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kek, all my money's gotta come from somewhere

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>we not profiting off of this?
I am. I buying cheap bitcoin lmao

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least intelligent investor award goes too...

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I have never once used celcius

I must be a god damn genius

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gotta do it the right way bro

lending your crypto out to shady companies for measly interest aint it

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there are no smart contracts involved in celsius. its a cex.

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True, it's not funny, it's hilarious

Dumb fucks still trusting centralized services with their coins deserve everything

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>These people have obviously never been scammed before.
Aint that the truth. Back in the day somebody stole my Cloudsong. They rolled over to AS and zerged my Cloudsong. If I ever find out where they live I'm gonna fucking kill them.

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Ever asked that to yourself?

>> No.49700546

Executive did porn, that's a fact.
So you either didn't know it, so you're to blame for not doing your research, or you knew it and fell for the globohomo propaganda that it's ok and she can be competent and trust worthy, in this case blame yourself for allowing globohomo's propaganda to brainwash you, I for example didn't sell link at 50$ so I lost stackSize * (50 - 6) and I blame no one but myself for trusting a man who can't trust himself with food.

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this^. fundamental difference between stocks and crypto. baggies holding worthless shibags dont grasp this.

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UST, no doubt. Celsius pales in comparison. So many people lost everything when Luna collapsed.

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Not your keys not your crypto.

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>45 eth
> house

What house can you buy with a $20k down payment?

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I had all my BTC in Celsius
When Bitcoin crashed and didn't manage to go above $60k again I withdrew from celsius and sold it all on BInance around $58k per BTC

I'm fucking glad I didn't let it sit in celsius lmao!

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It's some dumb boomer passive aggressive attempt to shame them into giving him back his money.
He's absolutely having a panic attack while typing that.

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estimated $45b with Luna and $8b with Celsius. now if Coinbase went bankrupt...

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i got some hard wood for ya

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No skin in the Celsius game whatsoever, but is there any possibility that they just come back online or something?

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i think they call that chutzpah where Celsius is from

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>go heavy into cash in early 2022 after realizing the transitory shit was bullshit

my max drawdown is I have to pay more for goods and whatnot....but so do the people that stayed invested, with much much bigger drawdowns for them! many such cases!

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These people need to be fucked even harder. It's either 100% full of paid shills or these types literally can't conceive of greed and evil.

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Sometimes life doesn't hand you problems where winning and being a big boss hoss is realistic outcome. Sometimes it's not about investing but diminishing losses when we're all facing a fucking tsunami. That said you could have just bought inverse etfs. I'm up 30 percent on my portfolio.

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Oops, one got cut off.

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You can also learn from other people's misfortune

>> No.49701099

Since we don't know all the details of what's going on behind the scenes, who knows, but the most likely scenario is that they can't just come back online because they lost their customer's money.
Most likely scenario:
>Celsius got margin called and liquidated on their leveraged investments when crypto tanked. They didn't have the money to cover, so they locked withdrawals and sold their customer's funds to pay off their debts. Now they're hoping for a reversal so that they can turn withdrawals back on and cover the projected amount that customers will withdraw. They'll still be negative and practicing fractional banking, but they'd at least be able to give the appearance of "everything is fine, nothing to see here".

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DESU there were some chads who farmed 100000000000 APY for like a week then sold the top

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Are you commiserating with these guys because you've taken some big crypto losses recently too?
Or are you all well-off assholes laughing at those less fortunate than you?
Because the latter would be pretty disgusting.

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Futures babby here, why do funds use leverage and then not immediately pay it down and close the moment there's a red candle?

What are they doing???

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I'm sorry you lost money but Celsius was an obvious scam. Do better next time.

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>That’s not funny, quite sad really.
It's pretty fucking funny.

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The problem is that the only utility of crypto is to earn yield. There is nothing else you can do with them. Unfortunatly, all ways to earn yield are ponzi schemes.

>> No.49701289

If you own anything thats not a stablecoin you took massive losses recently, but the difference is we could have stabled anytime wheras these retards trusted a CEX to not fuck them over because thats never ever ever happened before

Retarded normies going all in are why we had this bubble in the first place

>> No.49701369

>go to roulette table
>bet all you got on red
>noooo pls give money back I didn't mean it noooo
why are normalfags like this

>> No.49701465

Hahaha is that not why we're all here

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LOL'd @ the "I may lose my life savings but at least I have an anonymous and unverifiable tweet pic that I can rub in to somebody"

>> No.49701609

I'm laughing because I knew this would happen and I sincerely find it gut wrenchingly hilarious

>> No.49701611

Gamblers fallacy, they think that every other chump was an idiot and THEY'RE the super special 1 in a million one who is gonna be rich because they're so so much smarter than everyone around them

>> No.49701728

>What is the fundamental difference between stocks and crypto? You're investing now to hope for greater returns later with out actually producing anything of utility for society.
The fundamental difference is that one the following: With stocks, you can both invest & speculate/gamble. With crypto, you cannot invest, all you can do is speculate/gamble. There are no crypto "investments". An investment is when a company uses your money to boost it's productivity (e.g. by buying better tools for it's workers or building a new factory). That concept barely exists in crypto and is why 99.99% of crypto assets will go to zero over the long term.

>> No.49701762

There are investments in crypto. Not many, but they exist. If you don't know what they are yet then you probably don't care about crypto, but they are exceedingly obvious to anyone that isn't a fucking retard.

>> No.49701783

arguing with no-coiners/bitcoin maxis is futile

>> No.49701795

I have faith in Celsius. Crypto-backed loans are the only loans I'll take. I will never get a mortgage through the bank.

>> No.49701825

and sending it to my personal wallet. Its mine and I can move it whenever / wherever. Fuck jewish yields

>> No.49701902

the. token. is. not. needed.

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In other words: just diamond hands bro

>> No.49701935

I don't care that you think that. I disagree. I'm not here to shill though or I would have, so I'll leave it there.

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Why do baggies put up with their npc speech pattern? and not feel insulted.

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Why would you kill yourself instead of killing the guys responsible?? Just drive to NJ/NYC, it’s not that hard.

>> No.49702259

>family puts over a million in crypto shitcoins
>has the audacity to call celsius' decision 'reckless antics'

>> No.49702264

I’d love to buy a house from someone who lost it all on crypto. How do I do that?

>> No.49702339

to be fair there's nothing reckless in holding $1mm of eth or even btc
the crazy part here is trusting a custodian with that money
let alone a custodian who promises you 10% APY

>> No.49702356

Is that guy the King Faggot or something?

>> No.49702403

This lesson is worth every cent, needs to be repeated once a decade.

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File: 955 KB, 1400x2151, Screenshot_20220616-180334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I refuse to believe that these people exist.
They seriously put tens of thousands, if not more, into an app. Which had a porn actor as the face of it, and a CFO that was arrested last year for fraud.
Celsius was promising up to 18% interest rate returns, in what fucking world could that even be done.

>> No.49702672

>gamble father's pension
>refuse to face him

>> No.49702683


>> No.49702720

>if you own anything that’s not a stablecoin
like UST?

>> No.49702749

Algo stablecoins are not stablecoins

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>track CEO
>blows his brains out
>suddenly funds are released
bunch of cowards

>> No.49702893

>I refuse to believe that these people exist.
That top one looks like a bot, a great indicator of a bot on twitter is having a bunch of random numbers in their user name

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AHAHAHA these people absolutely deserve to get fucked for shilling their poor families to invest in something like Celsius

>> No.49702993

i read you could get returns like that from bonds in the 80s but i think that blew up in a similar fashion

>> No.49703098

Why would it even be one? I don't think so. That might be an indicator but many users have numbers generated by Twitter to their usernames and they don't change it to something unique. The posts of an account show more.

>> No.49703115

I have never understood this. Not a single scammer in crypto has ever gotten killed. Either withdraw it all or kill the scammer when he scams. I decided to withdraw it all on 30th of May. All the red flags were there.

>> No.49703138

wait is greg a bot

>> No.49703159

When creating a twitter account, if you don't specify a handle it'll create one using your name+random number

>> No.49703160

>Why would it even be one? I don't think so. That might be an indicator but many users have numbers generated by Twitter
>numbers generated by Twitter
Usually the people that create these bots are using scripts so they don't even bother changing the names, yes the posts matter of course and usually the date that the account is created is another indicator too. Additionally the no profile picture

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>> No.49703245

Why are these retards willing to send more money into this bankrupt ponzi company? Are they that retarded? "your" loan is gone and your collateral is liquidated and youre not going to see a fucking dollar from these scammers

>> No.49703251

He's probably not talking about LINK or AVAXXED.

>> No.49703278

After luna i pulled all my usdt from celsius. Happy that i did

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I hope these fags commit suicide.

>> No.49703306

Except some are actually currency like bitcoin.

>> No.49704220

>actual currency
top kek, you're just like celsius baggie

>> No.49704735

They're meant to. But these guys either didn't have controls in place or too shit or doesn't know what they're doing.
Good managers (disciplined) will liquidated at a certain loss level no matter what.

>> No.49704745

On what planet ? These middle management fuckers not only have no life at all, but on top of that they have to pretend to be enthusiastic and politically correct every day of their life.

>> No.49704764

>anyone save close family and friends and only sparingly

>> No.49704774

You don’t know that

>> No.49704792

define hard work.
so you think you can just work and make it? no investing whatsoever? wtf

>> No.49704824


Fucking morons I don't mind leaving shitcoins on exchanges but once you own 1 BTC or more than 2-3 ETH and don't have a cold wallet you deserve to lose it.

>> No.49704842
File: 108 KB, 1280x720, 1646930922941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look, it's sad and all but I really just want retards like BitBoy to lose all his money

>> No.49704956

I also don't understand why these fags don't just stick with CZ and/or Coinbase instead.
Coinbase is an actual company you can easily track and sue.
CZ has proven time and time again he's extra reliable and trustworthy.

Why go to some shitty Celsius crap that offers obviously exorbitant returns

>> No.49704967

>bro, what else would you do with cash? inflation literally kills you, you just HAVE to invest SOMEHWERE just to beat inflation
>are you that retard who keeps cash under mattress? lol
I'm not sure, maybe you should hold it somewhere that doesn't have a decent risk of being insolvent and going to 0?

>> No.49704977

>gets rugged not once, not twice, but thrice, all within one year
And you know it's gonna happen again.

>> No.49705110

I tried to buy a thing with Bitcoin ONCE. I wanted to get a 4chan Pass so I could dump some manga easily. But we only take payment through crypto now, so instead of just paying with cash, I sighed up to some horseshit coin base account, wrestled with a dogshit UI, spent 22 dollars for $20 of Bitcoin, and then it turns out I couldn’t spend or sell the coin until 5 days had elapsed, at which point it was no longer worth $20. Bitcoin and crypto are not and never will be currency.

>> No.49705114

You cunts are legit fucked. You have brain damage if you think this is funny no wonder you can't get your dicks wet

>> No.49705137

it's funny because we know something about how the world works and were able to predict this

>> No.49705173

what happened with this coin? i checked the chart and altho its down bad like most coins it doesnt appear to have been rugged

>> No.49705249

it sucked a few cocks... even ate some pussy

>> No.49705256

It's more than a coin, it's a "bank", you would send them your BTC or ETH and they'd hold it for you and give you 10-20% interest. Now they stopped allowing withdrawals, so if I sent them 10 ETH earlier I can't get it back.
Most likely they're insolvent and cannot honor all withdrawals and are trying to figure out how to "fairly" screw over their customers.

>> No.49705290

They cant ever blame their own ineptitude, stupidity or greed, it always someone elses fault.

>> No.49705291

>Most likely they're insolvent and cannot honor all withdrawals and are trying to figure out how to "fairly" screw over their customers.
Why not just declare bankruptcy since it literally absolves them of any kind of liability and get to screw over consumers?

>> No.49705325

I used Celsius a few years ago, just to check it out. First thing I did was check how easy it was to withdraw and they put arbitrary holds on withdraws for "security". You could only make 1 withdrawal in 24 hours. Got my money out and never looked back.

>> No.49705340

Its become their fucking identity, jesus wept.....

>> No.49705393

Thats a last ditch coping mechanism, this poor guys way of begging for mercy

>> No.49705418
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Imagine using leverage. Hope every nigger that used Celsius dies.

>> No.49705433

It doesn’t make sense to use this when defi exists.

>> No.49705459

Junk bonds, but they werent risk free and you knew you'd get screwed if interest rates rose. You were rewarded for the risk. Most of these crypto-fuck thought they could get 20% risk free.

>> No.49705503

>p-plz gibs me bak my m-monies I t-trust youuuu I support youruuuu
the second they get their money back
>getting the FUCK outta here lololol

stupider games = stupider prizes
Celsius should cash out all their chips and buy up an entire nation and live like kangs

>> No.49705538

>your reckless antics

You put your money in a fucking ponzi scheme. No one made you do it.

>> No.49705539

save = except

>> No.49705561

dude defi is also a insolvent ponzi, if ethereum goes below a certain price shit like AAVE will go insolvent

>> No.49705569

Every single one of these greedy retards who put their life saving into something so risky deserve to lose it all

>> No.49705608

??? Did he not have his own crypto wallet? What the fuck.

>> No.49705619

Let me rephrase then. It makes no sense when Bancor exists.

>> No.49705629
File: 134 KB, 750x750, 1614073389635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m a poor asshole

>> No.49705633

name one.

>> No.49705699

LOL they trusted a kike

>> No.49705716

I don't think anyone could do this badly on purpose

>> No.49705735

Not true. I can purchase CP and drugs on the darkweb using Monero (ticker: XMR). This is utility.

>> No.49705757

The real question is how did they manage to entirely scrub that whores gdp video from the entire internet?

>> No.49705779

Someone somewhere WILL fall into this

>> No.49705792


>> No.49705824

Even if for some some reason the vigin mary came down from the heavens and gave them the liquidity they needed there is absolutely no chance that anyone would keep their money on their shit platform.
They are essentially in a position that even if they were honest and good faith actors the costs involved outweigh fucking off to the cayman islands and doing lines off nubile asses for the rest of their lives.

>> No.49705835

No traditional bank would have handled a run like this. The difference is the degens would be insured up to $250k by tax payers. Which scenario is better for society?

>> No.49705843

this celsius story is extremely based. they financially enriched themselves while destroying normies and damaging crypto. Celsius owners unironically deserve a medal

>> No.49705922

What I don't understand is how they even got the amount of money to invest in the first place

>> No.49705989

I know a guy that remortgaged his house and became a 'day trader' at the very top of the market end of last year. These are the kind of people that get fucked in these schemes

>> No.49706046
File: 66 KB, 1012x415, Screenshot_20220616_144221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.49706068

these idiots could have just locked their eth or tokens on something like bancor or aave. what do you think celcius does with your coins? instead retard fomo normies hand their coins over to an overleveraged centralized exchange and get raped by the market

>> No.49706156

lifetimes of wageslavery

>> No.49706207

You could have shorted, but you didn't, so shut the hell up, cause you would have lost it too.

>> No.49706260


The only use case for crypto is defi. Smugly sitting on your bitcoin like a rockboomer is a death sentence for the industry.

>> No.49706309

Well it's kinda like being a lawyer won't save you from getting hit by a bullet, or getting hit from a speeding car.

>> No.49706324
File: 43 KB, 500x665, rib-tickling-Wojak-Feels-Guy-memes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>never invest into crypto
>portfolio has never been red
>see the absolute meltdown of people who fell for the crypto scam
Is it weird I find this all so entertaining?

>> No.49706468

I don’t believe most of these, it’s just people larping. Nobody would see those returns, think it’s legit, then put their life savings in it. Crypto is a known giant scam and has been for a while, they are just pissed they lost a few hundred and want to make the owners feel bad. You see a 10% return or whatever and think “wow, that seems impossible so it must be and at some point shit will go south”.

They’re super fucked now that they left it close now. The second they open back up everyone will try and take all of their funds out and fuck it.

>> No.49706479

>he fomo'd?

>> No.49706553

they actual could have earned interest if they knew how defi works. instead they handed their coins over and got them liquidated

>> No.49706596

that is why you scam the stupid and lazy, those fuckers won't do anything

>> No.49706610

>real cost per BTC I own is less than $100
>made over $500k on Celsius and lost nothing
>withdrew everything as soon as the CEL token started crashing because I understood how the thing I was putting money into works
The claims of ~10% per year returns weren't accurate. In reality the first few years if you used CEL you got around 100% per year.

>> No.49706690

The entire defi space is a scam and isn’t even decentralized

>> No.49706707


calm down chuddy

>> No.49706759

They trusted a jew.

>> No.49706780


This guy gets it.

>> No.49706840

Only because you got digits. You got 3's so I will name three.
Chainlink: They are at the forefront of blockchain technology and have aims to utilise it for things other than shitty ponzi schemes and meme tokens. They have made good progress so far and could be a disruptive influence in 'real' markets. Their nodes actually turn a profit and they have a gigantic warchest.

Trac: Early days but this is going to be useful and probably pretty big. Actually being used by real companies and institutions.

Obortech: Another real-world use token with ties to not real institutions, but also real countries. Very early days but again, a proper investment in a proper firm trying to solve real world issues.

With each of these it's very early and there are no guarantees but they aren't just stupid memes and ponzis, they are attempting to use the technology to provide value and disrupt traditional markets. There are more besides but not many. 99% of crypto is a total fucking scam, but the technology is useful and when the space matures there will be lots more money to be made safely and sustainably.

>> No.49706854
File: 339 KB, 360x201, 1652405250489.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What did I miss, lmao?

>> No.49706870

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this giant clusterfuck reminds me of Dashcon

>> No.49706890

I know how to make money from this, I will get these losers to hire me to tell their families they are broke now.

>> No.49706957
File: 799 KB, 1024x768, 506cd5d76d7842988f1b56d3e11b1435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is it weird I find this all so entertaining?
I don't think so. Then again, I too, am a mentally ill turbosperg with a God complex, so I my opinion might not be worth much.

>> No.49706976

Your cowardice is nothing to be proud of. In a couple of years you can go back to seething for a year or so every other dickhead gets rich but you.

>> No.49706998

Well then he knows now that he has to TRADE his current job for one at McDonalds.

>> No.49707016

>What is the fundamental difference between stocks and crypto? You're investing now to hope for greater returns later with out actually producing anything of utility for society.
anyone who still thinks this in 2022 deserves to lose it all

>> No.49707183

I hate reddit so much it's unreal.

>> No.49707307

This is some massive copium

>> No.49707411

Not really. I decided I was fed up of being salty about crypto in 2018 and it changed my life for the better. I could have made more, but I made a lot, and I'll make even more next time round. Or, like yourself, I could have ignored it again and made nothing. The only one coping is you.
If you've already made it in other areas then none of this applies to you but if you're just some wagecuck like anyone else trying to make yourself feel superior to people at the beginning of a bear market because you were too much of a pussy to join in when the going was good then that's just sad.

>> No.49707804

Tony Montana with zoomer haircut.

>> No.49707916
File: 36 KB, 465x336, Screenshot 2022-06-16 094042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure the lending manager is figuring it all out now

>> No.49707960

>proyecting this hard

>> No.49708074

>crypto created so you can hold it yourself and don't need a bank
>normies put it in a bank and get rugged
>this is cryptos fault!

>> No.49708102

Times were easier. My father had a contract with a bank in greece, got 20% return for depositing cash there. He made about 4-5k just through returns with a bank account.

>> No.49708139

You're a psychopath if you think a man losing the ability to care for his family is remotely funny

>> No.49708193

These people were greedy for the "staking rewards" of 20% or so
They should have known that it was a pyramid scheme

>> No.49708260
File: 20 KB, 1797x171, Screenshot_163.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sadly the retardation of inCELs wasn't limited to reddit

>> No.49708337

>Is it weird I find this all so entertaining?
no, that's just about the average response of 99% of nocoiners
you are not special, your reaction is pretty standard. you even confuse "celsius" with crypto in general (just like your kind of people confused "bitconnect" with bitcoin years ago), another extremely predictable and boring response

>> No.49708433

>You're a psychopath if you think a man losing the ability to care for his family is remotely funny
I think it's hillarious. Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered.

>> No.49708578

>that's just the reaction of everyone who didn't join the same cult i did
okay buddy

>> No.49708609
File: 90 KB, 1024x778, 1655299510097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek what does this even mean

>> No.49708640

>please sir my family is hungry
kek, I thought the pajeet feeding his village with crypto was a /biz/ meme

>> No.49708650

The nose knows.

>> No.49708729

Fuck you, nerd

>> No.49708856

>shloimy rosenfeld


>> No.49708889 [DELETED] 

jewish Celsius cuck Maschinsky or whatever his name is hired a jewish prostitute as "head of lending".
she has her own forbes page

>> No.49708902

Qrd : the girl handling all the money behind the scenes was a 23 year old pornstar. when the news came out all the simps were fighting hard to defend her “honor” and right to manage their funds (2B $ in contracts + 300M liquid). Also other executive was a famous conmen and the CEO is a greasy jew with shady past

>> No.49708911

Cross Thread

>> No.49708925


>> No.49709081

Same but I can't actually remember what the warning signs were. Do you? Want to make sure I have a lesson learned take away. It was probably seeing that whore posted desu

>> No.49709089


>> No.49709261

Reported for racism outside of /b/

>> No.49709274

Oh I member now. In addition to the whore / kike thing it was when Luna ust started to collapse. And I knew Celsius was doing loan rehypothecation and it was all a house of cards (banks do it too reddit tards said, so it's no big deal)

>> No.49709352

>Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered.
Words to live by

>> No.49709439 [DELETED] 
File: 2.78 MB, 720x404, INTERVIEW AND FUCK WITH 20 YEARS OLD JESSICA [video_view]3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49709498

/biz/ incarnate

>> No.49709742

celsius has been a known scam for a while already, its ran by literal hyperkike israeli criminals

>> No.49709905

this is what the LUNCheads fail to realize, that trust can be obliterated and that's more important than anything in 'crypto' spheres

>> No.49709924
File: 29 KB, 510x510, 1651754205910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>to be fair there's nothing reckless in holding $1mm of eth or even btc

>> No.49710031

>Not a single scammer in crypto has ever gotten killed.

I'm pretty sure at least a few of the ones that dropped off the face of the Earth never made it out of the country.

>> No.49710086

Nice try CZ

>> No.49710155

low t

>> No.49710163

Found the Celsius baggie.

>> No.49710175

What a fucking fag. I should buy bonds, put money in cd's and be happy that things are retarded expensive because every nigger is granted housing, smart phones and medical resources.

Fuck yourself boomer, die.

>> No.49710183

kek, the future of finance

>> No.49710377

>Get liquidated
>Yea calm down everything going to be fine
That not how it work.

>> No.49710416
File: 107 KB, 1080x1330, 1653682263676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When i was a kid they got me with the 1000k trade where they remove 999k so only the k disappear and if u didnt double check then u've been had

>> No.49710422

I'm just gonna leave it here

>> No.49710523

Spoken like someone not in the know of Web3. We just had the GME short squeeze event to demonstrate that centralized entities have the ability to break their promises, this is why we want to DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING*. Crypto is used to incentivize good behavior.

>> No.49710601

Even if God was real he wouldn't help this ETH dumbass

>> No.49710759

>CZ has proven time and time again he's extra reliable and trustworthy.

This defeats the purpose of crypto if you're trusting X entity.

>> No.49710806

i bought some cause theres gonna be a short squeeze

>> No.49710818

dapps, nigger

>> No.49710898

Why did so many people have all their money in Celsius? Didn't they read the fine print on signing up for an account? It's not actually backed by anything, Kek! If it goes down your funds go down.

>> No.49710976

Like even Lehman clients, not investors in the stock but folks that their actual client portfolios under Lehman, ever single one of them got their money back, or they kept them in place under Barclays.

>> No.49711140

Yeah probably a fair assessment.
I bet you do not even know what a knowledge graph is. This is another retarded "AI" blockchain project.
More supply chain shitcoins for the retards who don't know about how fucked waltonchain and ambrosus baggies are.

in conclusion: you are a retarded faggot and 2/3 of these picks go to the poor house.

>> No.49711219

/biz/ absolutely seething at the idea of hard work

>> No.49711356
File: 375 KB, 1080x930, 1654865702266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're a psychopath if you think a man losing the ability to care for his family is remotely funny

It's not exactly funny, rather a sort of Darwinian justice that weeds utter retards
and their spawn out of the gene pool.

>> No.49711434

If you say so. I'm 97% Link 3% Trac 0% Obor, by the way, so I understand the criticisms. They are investments, though, even if they are bad ones. That is the only point I was making.

>> No.49711450
File: 128 KB, 600x562, F29B74E3-56A6-4B4E-9E48-6386CB0930AE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not your keys
>Not your crypto

>> No.49711474

Can someone explain to me what was the appeal in throwing all you money into something like Celsius? Was it just another pyramid where the advertised yield (Like Luna) was too good to be true and unsustainable? Like nobody's spider sense went off over what they were promising?

>> No.49711519

This is like the guy who got nuked in Hiroshima and then went back home to Nagasaki and got nuked again

>> No.49711547

Losing it? Not funny. Throwing it away? Very funny.

>> No.49711579

They were offering 20% apy on USDT. So yes, unsustainable ponzinomics.

>> No.49711601

You don't have to be happy about it, you just have to do it or accept that you're taking on risk.

>> No.49711642
File: 87 KB, 846x856, Screenshot_20220616-183012_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goy... I...

>> No.49711657
File: 128 KB, 1025x771, Celsius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This was from almost 5 months ago. You had an out I think...

>> No.49711669

Get jewed

>> No.49711709
File: 8 KB, 168x299, 1592344307594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

underrated comment

>> No.49711729
File: 467 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20220616-083115_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*Hava Nagila blares in the background*

>> No.49711730

pyramid scheme. its like 2017s bitconnect.

bear market couple of years now confirmed...

exept for link the bear market coin

>> No.49711743
File: 81 KB, 762x718, Mashinsky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Mashinsky told you himself to leave.

>> No.49711802

It isn’t enough for me to succeed but for others to also fail.

>> No.49711829
File: 13 KB, 212x238, proxy-image (25).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shloimy Rosenfeld

>> No.49711838

lol tf?18%. Come for the rug stay for the pull

>> No.49711862

It was a ponzi scheme from the beginning and people told you that. Ponzi schemes are bad. Being glad that bad things end is not kike behavior. Ponzi schemes are kike behavior.

>Noooo! my get rich quick scheme!

>> No.49711940

Buy stuff. Buy a house. Take a loan. Pay that loan down. Get a car. A TV screen. A phone. Upgrade your education. Literally anything that isnt magic fucking beans.

>> No.49711958
File: 110 KB, 749x1024, 34328B8F-78B8-4E35-9C31-F038D24AED71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even in the crypto Wild West, locking up accounts while also demanding funds for margin calls has to be illegal, right? Like, there’s no fucking way you could TOS your way out of this in front of a judge.

>> No.49711974 [DELETED] 
File: 624 KB, 1206x2208, kek baggies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is what an average celsius baggie looks like

>> No.49711989

why is /biz/ so fucking pathetic
these people are panic attacks over legit horrible things and all you faggots do is laugh at them. is this what 4chan has turned into? a board full of failures and incels laughing at the failures of others?

>> No.49712015

I'm happy when kikes suffer

>> No.49712017

It technically is currency just a shitty one with high volatility, worse than a zimbabwean dollar or a venezuelan bolivar.

>> No.49712039

I'm just more puzzled why so many Cryptos that made it were content to just let it ride like a Fucking craps table.

This is the problem when Hepcats don't understand the fundamentals of investing, and taking profits, and offsetting risk. All you had to do was go back and read fundamentals Shit like the Intelligent Investor or One Up on Wall Street.

>> No.49712041 [DELETED] 

lmao spotted the reddit tranny

>> No.49712055

>we are all going to get rich by just pooling our money into a ponzi scheme
What happens when you try to take it out? lool.

>> No.49712064

Cool it with your antisemitism.

>> No.49712076

It was always like this, newfag

>> No.49712090

was living under a rock so i need a qrd on this

>> No.49712096

How fucking new are you? We always laughed at the retarded behavior of others.
Oh this post is probably bait.

>> No.49712145

It's fascinating how easy it is to scam greedy people.

>> No.49712172

These are the same dudes that was flossing they shit 6 months ago talking bout they Crypto Millionaires and shit and Cats is stupid because they didn't invest in XYZ rugpull or Crypto Pyramid scheme. I don't feel bad for these Cats. I do feel bad for anyone they convinced to follow them. Ignorant friends and family and Shit that ain't never be invested before and they threw it all in Crypto and lost everything.

>> No.49712222
File: 50 KB, 276x425, 1C6924AE-D720-4226-8044-0F13451CE958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s funny because everyone involved in crypto is trying to scam someone else out of money, and
>Shocked Pikachu face
They all eventually get scammed by someone else

>> No.49712254

Zimbabwe nuclear power 2030

>> No.49712274

Just wait until the housing market finishes tanking. It started last month. You might get good deals by the end of year but Summer 2023 will have fire sales.

>> No.49712284

redditnigger detected

>> No.49712287

>Celsius offers high interest rates—sometimes as high as 30% APY, paid weekly—to encourage users to deposit cryptocurrency on its platform. The network then uses that liquidity to lend cryptocurrency to other users, but the recent crypto crash unleashed a liquidity crisis on the company.

>According to the Financial Times, the value of assets stored on Celsius had fallen by 50% between November and May. To avoid greater losses, some Celsius users began moving funds off the platform, leading to complaints that some users were having difficulty withdrawing their funds. The crypto crash is also sinking the value of Celsius’s holdings, like its large pool of “Lido Staked Ether,” a token that—until recently—was pegged 1:1 to Ether.

>Last Wednesday (06/08), Celsius said that it had no issues with withdrawals, and that it “has the reserves (and more than enough ETH) to meet obligations.” On Sunday, Celsius said it was freezing withdrawals to “stabilize liquidity.”

>> No.49712314
File: 40 KB, 1201x720, cz_binance_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Prease turustu me with your bitcoinu sans
Unironically binance is trustwrothy

>> No.49712324

The whole market is about scaming others, but in crypto it's the purest form since you trade something with 0 purpose in the world. Something that's on top of that swallowing loads of electricity.

>> No.49712378

>>49712287 this is literally and publicly admitting that the company is a ponzi scheme. normies voluntairly participated and rightfully got scamazzed. I hate normies and this celsius news warms my heart , knowing there are many more to follow. Normies won't touch crypto for a long long time until the next scam/hype cycle. crypto is fucking beautifull. It has zero productive value and enriches so many scumbags while rekking retarded normies. we should cherish crypto in this clownworld it's the symbol of the decadent times we live in

>> No.49712442
File: 328 KB, 561x561, 16647382994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ledger and trezor bros... how comfy are we?

>> No.49712545

How crazy is it now that Elon was right and the mass media and finance media all mocked him when he said Tesla was hunkering down.

They quoted and tried to Fucking DUNK on his "Super Bad Feeling" but looks like Elon actually swatted the Shit out of that Dunk attempt didn't he?

>> No.49712644

The Jew cries out in pain as he robs you blind

>> No.49712713
File: 47 KB, 763x478, Mashinsky2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This right here might be the funniest shit I have ever seen

>The next day, on June 12, Celsius halted withdrawals, citing “extreme market conditions.” CEL, a coin issued by Celsius, has fallen 32% since then.

>> No.49712798

If you're referring to Celsius then it's not my problem as I never used the service. If you're asking me about cashing out in general then I had no problem cashing out the tens of thousands last year that, as a poorfag, helped sort my shit out.

>> No.49713045
File: 2.92 MB, 1100x616, 1652673750271.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49713331

>Come for the rug stay for the pull
Kek, my new motto. Thanks for the laugh anon.

>> No.49713490

I had a chance to fuck Brook Shields last night. I was in bed with a hard on but she never came by.

>> No.49713577

I remember some discord posters bragging about their Celsius gains. I tried to warn them. I tried to warn everyone. My conscience is clear. "take your fucking profits" I said. I can now enjoy the show.

>> No.49713832

a+ b8

>> No.49713874

>i feel bad for celsius
>but i need access ot the stable coins i had in MY wallet
...did someone tell him?

>> No.49714049


>> No.49714119

holy shit it's all scam ban crypto immediately

>> No.49714211
File: 44 KB, 409x409, 1500761590187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never even looked into the whole defi/farming/yelding/yearinng/staking/lending/pooling BS, it sounded like a huge, too good to be true, scam for me from the get go

btc and link only chad, on a leger, reporting in