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This depiction is the only visualization you need to understand how the world power structure really works. Money is a form of power, once you understand the process you will understand how to read the situation and take effective action. There is no free market, there never was. There is a reason (((they))) fund both sides of every war, every trade, everything.

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can you just shut the fuck up?
jesus fucking christ.
Money can be tobacco leaves, shells, condoms, gold, crypto, dollars, debt backed by massive fuck you army that kills millions for oil, sheepskins, lightbulbs, rice...
first with the covid thing, and then the war and the inflation, and now there's fucking aliens..
Just shut the fuck up.

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nah dude a bunch of schizo babble is exactly what we need. the funniest part is is im a full blown nazi and my life got rekt by reading mein kampf but these kremlin trolls and their golems are out of hand, stay in your containment zone faggot

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You will never ascend and you will never be a woman.

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Im trying to be a human male but holy fuck i'll be whatever you people want me to be you want me to be wormkin? if you leave me alone i'll be wormkin. I'll be fucking foxkin ffs.
Can we fuck off with the nazi stuff for now? One thing at a time, rn aliens or whatever just get in line guys please.

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What is the effective action based on this OP?

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>now there's fucking aliens
um... no one mentioned aliens anon. do you have something you want to share with the class?

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evil truly overstepped, now good will have an advantage until balance is achieved again

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The idea is not to play the game, but to be an observer. Most people who “invest” are too close to the situation, too warped by contact with the system itself, over socialized, designed for enslavement or they are simply just too dull. Wealth is never lost, it is merely transferred. The whole world is a stage, look at it like a story or narrative, only then will you learn how the story ends. There are many stories, life itself is a meta story, stories within the greater story. Invest not on metrics, or numbers, or material indicators, invest exclusively in the great drama narrative happening before our eyes. Pick a story, learn the characters, learn their lines, learn their “enemies”, learn allies, learn their motives, then learn when to enter the stage for yourself.

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The best financial advice you will ever receive will not be financial advice itself.

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reptilian.. one is a lizard, the other is a snake.

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That image is actually a modern piece of art but it's still accurate.

YHWH = Satan

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Nice trips, but I'm afraid the bags you're holding are very heavy

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Truly based post
Detach and observe
Look at things from above
This is what the most successful people I know do
Big picture thinking
Neutralize yourself

Very based advice OP

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Yahweh is not Satan, Yahweh is the God of the white man, the only race he ever took credit for creating. The serpent and his seed are collectively Satan, do your research before you parrot Jewish lies and disinformation

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If that's not an alien then wtf is it?

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May God have mercy on your wretched soul

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What do you mean ? Can we make short squeeze happen?

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checked holy trips of truth.
just bought another 333 ICP.

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