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Prices are a function of supply and demand. Sure, higher rates, inflation, credit card debt, and job loss will kill demand BUT there is no inventory! Asset bubbles never pop so we're bullish in the long-term.

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Not until interest rate hikes force people to default on their mortgages and dump all those houses onto the market.

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Immaterial difference.

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What percentage of people realistically have adjustable rate mortgages? Seems like most people are locked in with low fixed rates, especially after 2008

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This guy is going back on all his previous advice. I'm starting to think he's trying to create a new generation of suckers he can tell to eat rice and beans.

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>banks need to protect their balance sheets
>mortgage rates go up
>"sorry, you're not real demand below 6% anymore"

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about 4% and mortgages are only 50% of current sales so if ever single arm defaulted we would have +2% supply increase.

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This one boomer along owns about 50 houses. This is who the FED is trying to protect till they pass of old age

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If we enter deep recession, all the useless Zoom and Uber tech employees who bought new home over the last two years are going to lose their gay jobs. Good luck paying the mortgage on your $1.8 million house in a mid-tier city

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>doesn't understand what a 30 year fix is


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>he doesn’t know about the pending HELOCalypse

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That's not the issue. Many people sold their overvalued home and bought a more expensive home. Many people will not have a job next year. Many people will not be able to pay the mortgage. Many people took out equity loans on their overvalued homes. Many of them will not have jobs next year. Many people will have a job next year but will need to choose between paying for their necessities and paying for their mortgage. Many companies are balls deep in real state and will need to sell off. It's not going to happen right away but it's going to happen.

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>no inventory
Blackstone et al. are currently unloading their bags.

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they'll auction his property on the courthouse steps

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People are paying the highest percentage of income ever recorded towards their mortgage or rent. If a recession triggers mass layoffs, plenty of people will no longer be able to afford their homes. The housing market crash will happen as a result of a recession vs. it being the cause like it was in 2007

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I think It's a combination of factors like these listed, and more. None of which will happen immediately, and will most likely happen over the course of months until the end of the year, or maybe longer. The point is, the FED will continue to raise rates which have an effect on alot of different things, the economy will continue to get worse most likely, or it will get worse before it gets better. There will be lay offs happening, which I believe will effect people differently, regionally. The reason why I say regionally is because not all housing markets, or rent, are the same country wide. Bubbles exist which, given the factors above, will effect people differently.

The same way it took a while to even get to this point, is the same way the housing market will "crash" or in my opinion, over time, will "correct" to the new norm. Who knows what those levels will be price wise. Keep in mind, rates will make monthly mortgage payments high for new buyers, even if the value of the home drops significantly.

With the way the FED is raising rates, how much rates will raise and for how long, and the status of the economy as a whole and unemployment by end of year, to me seems like it will be a slow burn down to the "new norm", whatever that price will be. For months I feel like we've been on a roller coaster, slowly rising to the top, and now that it seems like we've reached the apex, instead of a fast and sudden drop, the way down will be just as slow as the climb. We will all look back in hindsight at the end of the year and realize this was the point where the slow decent started.


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Kek and cope. HAHAHAHAH

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>Supply of new houses
Newly available or newly built?

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>The months' supply is the ratio of new houses for sale to new houses sold. This statistic provides an indication of the size of the new for-sale inventory in relation to the number of new houses currently being sold. The months' supply indicates how long the current new for-sale inventory would last given the current sales rate if no additional new houses were built.

So yes I think first chart includes newly built along with newly available.

Picrelated is just new ones being constructed.

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All the people who HELOC’d their home in place of a mortgage

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Slurped by Blackrock, they won't even be listed on the market.

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why not just create nests up in the trees like the birds? qom does the same thing and even gets free food at his shiba hunt.

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>low IQ garbage
Imagine not understanding how easy debt affects demand.

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Even if he's wrong, the 2008 housing crash dropped prices like 20%. So if this is a repeat of 2008, expect that McMansion to only cost you $325k on average instead of $400k.
I'm thinking he's more likely to be right than OP. We'll see a pause in home price growth and maybe even a drop of a few percent and a slight uptick in foreclosures, but don't expect to see 25%-50% off like doomsayers think.

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I’m so ready to pick up some incestment properties when prices come down a little

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>Prices are a function of supply and demand
the supply and demand for credit, which is a function of interest rates.
you thick fucking bastard.

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housing prices will not drop unless we get a large spike in unemployment

its that simple

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Won't happen. Lowest unemployment ever recorded.

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THats how you fix inflation, by removing demand, so removing employment, which create inflation

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good luck buying that first house

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Check out the other thread

Also the house affordability goes down for buyers-not all buyers- when interest rates go up. So if a seller wants to sell then they may have to lower the asking price. HOUSE PRICE DROP.

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Just buy with cash.

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Not to mention when layoffs start to happens there is a psychological effect to it. People will be scared and not willing to buy a house at top price.

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Yeah, no one has too much house where cost of life increase, income decrease and job loss will cause them to miss house payments.

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So? How prices will come down to adjust for high interest rates. What you could get right now for 400k will be available for 340k in the near future so the fact that you can't afford 400k won't be relevant.

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There are a few tools that the government can implement to lower house prices and hopefully they will do it. 1. Deport illegal immigrants and suspend h1b1 visa for a while to remove demand for housing. Also, let in fewer immigrants. 2. Keep raising interest rate on loans.
3. Above all ban zoning laws.

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Dave-sama… please!!! save us!!

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>49689686 (You)
>le supply and demand
>well, demand is tanking, but it doesn't matter!
you guys are so damn annoying, what group of redditoids decided to raid this place tonight? >>49692276 shows that the months of available housing inventory is presently mooning.

last i checked, sales prices (comps) drive appraisals since forever. good luck with that once some people need to make a sale and the market settles at an equilibrium again.

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You live in fantasy land. EVERYBODY is on a fixed rate loan, rentoid.

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yea, just do what mochi inu did

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you might want to consider what happens when the idiots who all went 200k over asking are suddenly bordering on underwater due to decreased demand lowering the comps. it would take a single-digit percentage pullback combined with someone overpaying 15% for this to happen.
if they have to sell they get heemed, and they might actually have to after their GoyBase job got eliminated.

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>gas may literally hit $10+ per gallon
>families are paying $200+ per week on food
>used shitbox cars with 100k miles are $20,000
>half the population is working a meme "work from home" job that won't exist in 5 years
>most Americans have less than $1000 in the bank
>homeowners and renters have the worst income to debt ratio in history
>interest rates are going to the moon

ah yes, home prices will keep rising forever, better buy now before you're permanently priced out of the market goy!

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I see the main issues right now as a major problem with energy.

the problem is we are critically underinvested in energy right now. you have very little time (like 6 months) to stave off 6+ years of reduced access or an outright decline in oil, diesel, nat gas, etc... this doesnt even factor in production ramp-up and development which is something like a 10 year time frame. The ROI on shale oil and gas (the sole reason for north american energy independance) is basically entering its twilight, and we are something like 1100 average lifespan wells short on supply.

Recoverables on many of the existing wells are lower than 20%, and we are far behind the curve on actually developing a real uranium market that makes it technically feasable to even sell uranium. prices need to almost double for anyone to make money mining the shit out of the ground.

Side note about energy: there is no way we wont have food shortages because our ability to meet the demand for natural gas -- the main source of fuel and hydrogen for the Haber Process which is how most ammonia is produced these days. Without a sustainable supply of ammonia, you cant make artificial fertilizer which is how we can produce the necessary yields to feed ourselves.

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we went from total energy independence and $2 gas to an energy crisis with $5 gas (and rising). this is 100% engineered by bad actors and if we had decent men running things we'd have energy dependence again overnight

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Pretty much. The fundamentals of the economy are fucking awful

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wasted digits, thanks for the non-response i guess. have a good one

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Prices already high, loan interest is up making them even less affordable, cash out loan intrest about to jump up again inflation is accelerating making the loan you took out that much less affordable. Sure, all the data supports housing prices staying high... Are you high too?

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I bought my repo house in 2008 at a 50% discount from last sale in 2006. Localities will be hit hard, your average may be accurate.

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Yeah house prices will go down a bit to compensate for higher interest rates. That is now where near the same thing as the years long scam the banks ran billing up shit mortgages and selling them to the government as AAA.

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>Live in a small city, 15000 population
>Anything decent that isn't too expensive is still flying off the market in under 3 days.

Please let it crash...

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So, what will be the result of the housing bubble not popping? No one has money due to recession, houses arent being sold nor built (too expensive and no buyers) so building companies and all the connected businesses go broke, no one to build or repair, no houses to live in with rising demand. They will take it from you, and you will be happy coz u will own nothing. Housing will be a human right and you cant change it.

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This. All the homes were bought up by investing firms like Blackrock, not actual families. Once it becomes apparent that no families want to buy your overpriced homes what do you think the investment firm will feel? What does it feel like to buy bitcoin at 65k and there's no one left to sell it to?

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yep, they'll be holding dead assets.

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His advice is great for people who want to stay poor for the rest of their life. For everyone else, I recommend you learn how to take calculated risks.

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If the government pumps crypto, or causes it to pump with bullish news regarding it, the influx of foreign money to US citizens will not only prevent a housing crash, but help dramatically with inflation. I dont think the government realises that crypto (the greatest ponzi of our time) is a seamless way to get billions of dollars from other countries.

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People gotta live somewhere. They'll just rent them out.

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>demand never goes down
what if people die lol

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I'm sure our birthrate will overcome the boomer deaths. Women are just lovely mothers nowadays and everyone is looking to start families.

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It literally won't the population is in the process of plateauing. Every developed country literally just stopped having kids, the US is no different even with immigration.

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Just import more brown people

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Yea they might not just have money motives. They might want the power to dictate terms to residents and orchestrate their preferred constituencies by building, block, and neighborhood

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It was a joke dumbass. Every country that gives women rights gets extinction level fertility. In fact, this demographic shift is so bearish and so unstoppable that all investment with a time horizon longer than boomer lifespan is contaminated.

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They literally bought from me last week. Gave me my Zillow Estimate -5%. Not a chance in hell they're "unloading their bags".

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We will all live in pods?

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You're so fucking stupid for not picking up on that sarcasm.

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The US population continues to increase. Fuck people who want to buy houses I guess.

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Not everyone is smart enough to take risks. His advice is great for anyone under 100 IQ. Some of it is good for people above 100 IQ.

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i thought mass layoffs and interest rates going up would affect real estate prices but i guess i was wrong, gotta trust the experts

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This. I feel like I lost $200,000 by not buying two years ago. Not that I could afford it then but I regret it all the same.

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What do you mean no buyers? Aren't they flying off the market? Why does no one make more houses since they're all selling for a fortune?

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Hehe :^)

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His advice is only good for absolute, financial retards who can't figure out.
1: turn on auto pay on your credit card
2: spend way less than you make
Caller: Dave I spend all my money on hookers and blow and Im 200k in debt
Dave: save money

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no one wants to come here anymore.
babies are too expensive to create.

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You seriously sold to them? Unironically kill yourself. You are the problem

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What do you think the Fed is trying to "fix"?

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Not poor just haven’t bought a house yet cuz realtors are scum so this is exactly what I was hoping for

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>energy independence
Oil is a global market. Are you really going to tell Exxon that they have to sell solely to Americans when a European is willing to pay twice as much for it?

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So long as America is white majority we shouldn't have a problem attracting immigrants. Not productive immigrants capable of pushing forward human flourishing, but immigrants.

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Those are just going to be bought by land management firms and international owners looking for tax havens for their wealth.

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anon, rednecks are just going to go crazy again and start shooting them. You're just going to have to accept we're turning into japan 2.0.

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That is just a flat out lie, how can you build a new house when shingles are fucking OOS across the country? When copper wire is 10x what it was a year ago? When windows are fucking backordered 9+months?

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Shut the fuck up moron. We literally have to ship people back by the thousands because illegals want to live here so bad. Even with the tech drought every tech worker around the world wants to move here for us tech salaries. We are nowhere near Japan 2.0, absolute fucking moron take.

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hahahahahahaha. You bought at the top didn't you.

>> No.49699555

Can't. How many carpenters you know under 45? Plumbers? Drywallers? And that doesn't even touch the materials shortages.

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We import one million people per year anon. There's no shortage of people who want to move here.

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You sound intelligent, and what you say makes sense. But this is not how crashes tend to happen. Because when Joe Sixpack realises things are going south, he'll be pulling his money from BlackRock and Vanguard. And you'll get a stampede of village idiots using a mountain path on the way out of investment land not understanding why the way leading in was an 8 lane highway.

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You and me both mate

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Mine is fixed at an all time low interest, cope

>> No.49701147

>tin roof
>aluminum wire
>no windows (better privacy and r-value)
bada bing bada boom, new house

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>with a real time market valuation of $100k
quit the cope juice
anyone who didn't sell their real estate and moved it all into pic rel is ngmi

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Talk to somebody who bought their house in the 90's or early 2000's and ask them what their monthly mortgage payment is. It'll make you seethe. They will, however, be upset with how much they pay in taxes, but their mortgage will be far less than what people are paying for rent.

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They weren't getting ARMs so that's a very small risk. Plus mortgage rates are actually still very low.

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his advice is great for turbo retards that are stupid enough to get themselves into mountains of debt and don't have a base level of intelligence to plug the numbers into a spreadsheet and make a plan on how to get out it
his advice is completely solid, it's just not designed for you

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I bought recently and my mortgage payment is about 1/3 of what I would be paying on the equivalent property in rent
granted I did have a large deposit but it's not like I can enter an arrangement with a landlord where I stick a bunch of money on deposit and he'll lower my rent as a result

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Kek at all the landcucks' salty replies

Tick tock landcucks!

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This is why you buy instead of rebt

>> No.49703654

US has plenty of room. Higher unemployment and continued immigration in the US will free up workers for building homes, economic collapse in Europe will free up building material.

I think WFH is going to cause a second suburb explosion, but a little less sterile this time.

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Its not the mortgage that will get them. Its property taxes which are based on area comps. Counties are adjusting property tax each year and are sending out new adjustments. So even if its a fixed mortgage theyre not also paying a huge new tax bill each month.

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Markets crash when buying stops due to high prices. Simple as.

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Prices are high because there is NO inventory.

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Tiktok is full of fake news. None of those guys have property.

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My interest rate is fixed at 2.25%. Anyone getting an ARM in 2021 was a moron.

>> No.49704696

wtf are they renting out all those ?

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>You sound intelligent
He litterally just said 'it depends,' stated a bunch of stuff that is common knowledge, and gave opinions with no explanation or reasoning.

>> No.49704734

>mortgages are only 50% of current sales
Really? I would have thought it would be more like 80%. How does that compare historically? Did there used to be a higher percentage that were mortgages?

>> No.49704754

do banks just not bother doing affordability checks when providing mortgages to guys that are buying via their LLCs

>> No.49704796

do you think banks are full of competent people ?

>> No.49704802

Not in most areas out west. That's an east coast Midwest thing.

>> No.49704820

This. The biggest problem is affordability. If wages dont catch up we may get a deflationary crash on the backend of a inflationary recession.

>> No.49704843

I thought after the last housing crash there were a bunch of new requirements on affordability checks when issuing mortgages

>> No.49704859

i thought that was watered down to nothing.

>> No.49704898

Based Caller...you only live once, unirinically.

OK, Century 21. very low rates, bro just sign on the dotted line and buy the top of the market, bro.

>> No.49704937

>OK, Century 21. very low rates, bro just sign on the dotted line and buy the top of the market, bro.
It was a refinance bro I owe only 110K on a home with a market value of 450K bro

>> No.49705043

>Prices are a function of supply and demand. Sure, higher rates, inflation, credit card debt, and job loss will kill demand BUT there is no inventory! Asset bubbles never pop so we're bullish in the long-term.
mother fucking boomers don't realize people can't buy homes with shit wages, they can seethe all they want, they won't sell their crappy 100k house for 3 million anymore

>> No.49705282

If Cali is anything to go buy, people will start sleeping in their cars and showering at gyms.

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Personally I also think the housing crash will not happen, or it will be another flash-crash

however I spoke with someone working for a hedge fund and he said they were expecting a domino effect housing crash.
Which leads me to bet that we will see a large crash and recession.

>> No.49705991

look house hater bros, all we have to do to crash the market is to spread as much FUD as possible everywhere so that every normalfag thinks it's about to crash. it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy

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I blame the bears.

>> No.49707920

Construction down over 14% since April. NO SUPPLY.

>> No.49707965

No one smart has a variable rate mortgage you fucking retard.

>> No.49708160

People with no/bad credit history and people with no down payments do.

>> No.49708870

Almost 50% people in canada do.

>> No.49708913

The housing market will crash last because people are going to kill to hold onto their 2% interest rates.

>> No.49708959

this guy is one of the biggest retards i have ever seen and a permabull when it comes to any financial or hard asset. He is basically a shill that traps normies like you OP ... you are just a baggie to dump on

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20% of all 2020-2021 mortgages are ARMs.

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The problem is that Dave is the de facto #1 midwit financial advisor. You will never ascend out of the peasantry by following Dave Ramsey's advice. Funny enough, he has captured the Bible Belt with his pseudo Christian undertones and I am pretty sure my churchgoing family members all follow his advice. They will never know the joy of buying assets which generate cashflow.

They are the kind of people, who, if their child is granted admission to Harvard Law School, will turn down the offer, because instead, they will choose a full ride scholarship opportunity at Shithole State University Law School. These people are so risk and debt averse that they will refuse a life changing opportunity because they are afraid of the tiniest amount of leverage. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN MY FAMILY.

I agree that allowing retards to amass large debts on high interest credit cards and expensive vehicles keeps the lower class in their ranks.

Here in Texas, wannabe macho wagie slaves strive to buy shiny new F-150 pickup trucks. These dumpsters on wheels chug gasoline faster than Heather Harmon drinks cum. Nobody actually uses their truck for work; it's just a status symbol projecting fake success. A real work truck is going to incur dings and scratches and is likely old as hell by the time it's actually getting used in the field.

My wife and I make a combined $400k a year. I drive a very modest Japanese car because not spending money on our vehicle lets us have more "cash bullets" to invest as the market slides and eventually hits a bottom over the next 18-24 months. Poor people, and ESPECIALLY NIGGERS, are so myopically focused on maintaining social status that they will spend the last cent on their paycheck on low value items that give the appearance of status.

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>Poor people, and ESPECIALLY NIGGERS, are so myopically focused on maintaining social status that they will spend the last cent on their paycheck on low value items that give the appearance of status.

Think of this gif the next time you are at the mall and you see a line of peasants queuing to drop $2,000 each (approximately half their monthly take home pay) at the LV store. That's not luxury. That's unwittingly suppressing one's chances at success.

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File: 51 KB, 1168x450, fredgraph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cope. He's right.

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>Buy truck
>Comfy ride
>Use it for business purposes
>What is a gas price?
>Trade in old truck for new truck
>Get highest trade in of any vehicle

>> No.49710002

True. Imo nothing screams "closet gay" like an unscratched truckbed.

>> No.49710497

Looks like BlackRock is going for the kill, every single property will be brought down by them

>> No.49710600

Housing is correcting now and will continue to "correct". Listening to this boomer is akin to catching a knife through your hand, running it through and stabbing yourself again.

>> No.49710777

> if we didn't have bad actors running the show
Unironically yes. Why should the US deprive themselves of a strategical asset?

>> No.49711273

Prices are still at all time highs. Not enough supply to crash.

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File: 1.01 MB, 768x924, dallemini_2022-6-16_10-55-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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there will be supply when people start selling off hairbrained investment property or when forced to downsize when they can no longer afford it

>> No.49713502

Unemployment rate is super low. No layoffs happening.

>> No.49713746

no, they’ll petition the government to redistribute land from the wealthy to the homeless without compensation (or under market value). once that idea gets floated, boomers will race to unload their housing bags and the real fun will begin.

>> No.49713840

he tells people not to declare bankruptcy when they are $100k in debt with no assets. fuck that nigger.

>> No.49713931

perfect example of why the guy is a faggot. his advice should be:
1) declare bankruptcy
2) save money
he is a hired tool put there by the banks to discourage people from the one avenue they have to legally steal money from the rich.

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the "housing shortage" is by design

>> No.49715260

Why does it keep failing?

>> No.49715317

While I agree that it won't crash (at most, minor dips in only some markets), Ramsey is biased since significant amounts of his portfolio is real estate and it would ruin him if housing crashed.

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>People will pay prices (for rent or purchase) they can't afford with money they don't have to keep the housing ponzi propped up forever

>> No.49715559

He's right if you idiots wanting to get a house think it will drop a lot you are retarded

>> No.49715578

This retarded boomer redneck is always on my radio station at work. I wouldn't take advice from him even if the sun was exploding.

>> No.49715621

Tiktok is akin to beliving shit people post on 4chan

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Dave Ramsey is the definition of midwit bait. If he is so successful, why does he have to charge you for his fag attracting courses?

>> No.49715856
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>>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686 >>49689686

>> No.49715987

Yesterday Dave did another segment on real estate. Again, even with a recession, PRICES ARE NOT COMING DOWN. No supply! There's never been a better time to buy AND sell. https://youtu.be/GAvpTfWv_YI