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>welcome back, wagie!
>remember when you were able to work in comfy clothing all day?
>we bet your pets are feeling very lonely since you’re not around anymore!
>now get back to work!

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Bosses should beat their wagies, i think it would increase profits and compliance

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whips need to come back into style

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>feeling bummed, wagie? how about a company-wide dance routine to get our blood flowing and energized for the day!

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>You will refer to me as massa
>Nah clap your hands! Thats it like ya mean it!

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There is no reason for this other than to torture your employees

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The daily humilliation ritual.

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mna i wanna open a store and get a bunch of nigger wagies and make them do humiliating stuff

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just become a walmart manager

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customer: "Hey where can I find the phone chargers?"

"Just give me one second. I can show you after this two step"

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My company started requiring us to come into the office once a week and I literally just do not go. I'm valuable enough that nobody is willing to say shit.

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There's truly braindead boomers who will see this and think "heh, that's pretty funny. they sure got me lmao"

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There are people who resign themselves to this level of work and are perfectly happy doing this. They do not feel ambition, not really anyway. It simply is not a personality trait they can understand.

What's even more interesting is that this absence of ambition seems to be entirely visible by the time they become teenagers. You can tell who's going to end up like this by looking at kids in middle school.

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>There are people who resign themselves to this level of work and are perfectly happy doing this
>What's even more interesting is that this absence of ambition

you contra yourself. people without ambition are not happy doing that kind of stuff, dancing around being happy requires lot of ambition. people who have no ambition at all are not working

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I'm not bragging, but when I graduated college and worked as an English teacher abroad, people around me were like "You went to THAT school? What the fuck are you doing here? I mean I love it here, but you shouldn't be here."

People resign themselves to what they think they're worth doing.

I can imagine the same scenario with a CEO that gets stuck doing the kind of office job I have now. He would feel like he's way below where he belongs. I think people who go to work for Walmart or whatever do so because that's the level of society they feel they are supposed to be at.

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Plenty of people with no ambition do the bare minimum because they need money to survive. That's not ambition.

I do more than the bare minimum because I want more money to survive better. It's the decision that "I'm supposed to be making more money than them", probably not even a conscious decision, that dictates where I fall in society.

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Amazon wagie here. I am told this a lot and sometimes people mix it up with other bs, all times it’s said it’s very condescending and snide. Personally I don’t want to rise in the company because I don’t have the heart to tell some other wagie to do some stupid bs that some corporate schmuck came up with. It makes me feel like a sociopath and I’d rather be a low plebian tier wagie and deal with dumb shit for my wagie bux. It sucks ass but in my mind it’s better to work this shit job and use my wagie bux to invest in this amazing clown market then it is to spend years in college for most likely another shit job I don’t wanna do anyways that at the most pays double of what I’m currently paid.

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My old company said we were going back in July so I immediately found a new job thats remote and pays 10k more. Best feeling in the world. Fuck em.

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I'm sorry for sounding condescending. My best friends are all blue-collar or teachers and I can't stand my coworkers, most of whom went to Ivy League schools like me and act very serious and politically correct 24/7 around me.

But when I speak to people who work in low-paying jobs about why they don't just take exams/get a better degree/apply for competitive career-oriented positions, they say they simply don't want to do it. They either do not see the social hierarchy as I do or they refuse to put effort into moving up it.

>I'd rather be a low plebian tier wagie and deal with dumb shit for my wagie bux
That's basically what I'm saying. You are aware of the hierarchy here and you have chosen your place in it. In your mind, the difficult task of going to college and searching for another job that you also consider shit just isn't worth it. In my mind, it is.
So you don't see the "hierarchy" the same way I do, or you don't care about it.

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Pretty sure this company got called out so hard that they issued an apology and removed those posters.
When I was in my early 20s I had a job at a call center and it's honestly depressing how many 50-60+ year old folks were there doing brainless shit for horrible pay for so long.
I also have a childhood friend who's 40 now who is still working at a grocery store...

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Manager just wanted an excuse to show off his moves to everyone

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"Fuck you nigger wagie welcome back"
would have made me giggle at least as I'm walking up to my cubicle.

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A lot of them are happy because they simply don't see those retail jobs as "low" the way you or I might. When I taught English abroad, I felt a constant sort of depression every day that I was "above this" and nothing I did could make it go away. When I started working in a large financial firm that feeling completely went away and I felt like I had been appropriately placed, so to speak. Most people I know simply work for pay and don't see themselves as the kind of person to accomplish anything more in life.

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To be clear I'm not in any way advocating that people working retail are "lowlifes" or should be treated poorly in any way. I'm saying that many people recognize a kind of social hierarchy where retail jobs are among the "low-status" jobs in society. There's nothing wrong with people like that at all, but they're also the kinds of people that can do >>49688752
and feel zero shame for it at all.

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There is a third option for some of us, go the technical route and get a PhD or a bunch of certificates and become a subject matter expert in a few areas companies really care about. You may not be making quite as much as someone climbing the corporate ladder, but you are more or less free from most of the BS.

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You have a traditional sense of the way societies hierarchy should be and I respect that. But yes I do not care about it which of course is why I choose to opt out of it with the stock market. See in your circles woke culture and political correctness has done serious damage. In the lower rungs of society Nigger culture has already infected everything and is free from ridicule because of the woke culture/political correctness. It sucks but as you already know you can’t change people if they don’t want to change. The only way is to be an inspiration but doing shit like what OP posted just breeds resentment and deepens the lure of nigger culture and the destruction of society.

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it was thought up by boomers for boomers
boomers have the lamest humor imaginable

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I would consider that a highly ambitious route. It's not all about money.

Basically the people shameless enough to work at Walmart feel absolutely no shame doing this:>>49688752
so there's no point shaming them for it. If they had a sense of shame, they would be more ambitious.

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I don't disagree with you, but you're right that I can't escape my traditional sense of social hierarchy. Working a "low" job causes me to feel extremely inadequate, angry, and depressed, like I'm hardwired to obsess about status in a way. But the pervasiveness of "nigger culture" as you put it and the "woke culture" that refuses to call it out also irks me.

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retired from crypto last summer right before having to go back. feels good.

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I believe it is engineered that way purposely through social media and memes. You can see it with McDonald workers being a meme. On Reddit /wsb it’s Wendy’s now. Obviously here wagie is a catch all term. It practically dehumanizes and I’ve noticed at Amazon it has gotten progressively worse.

I don’t mind hierarchy but it needs to be loving and benevolent. Everyone has roles to play and every role is important for life to flow in the best way. This whole shitting down the pyramid and kicking the foundation is not good for everyone.

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>You can tell who's going to end up like this by looking at kids in middle school.
This is spot on. It's kind of depressing to see kids not give a shit about their life at such a young age already. From my experience they all share a set of common traits as well:
>highly obedient and easily impressed by authority
>alone or a few close friends at most
>not a single noticeable talent, below average IQ
>no significant interests and a low attention span
>not competitive
>strongly dislike any type of physical activity
>no strong opinions, on anything, at all

I couldn't even begin to imagine how utterly boring lives some people live. Imagine how soulless you have to be to stand behind a cash register at walmart for the rest of your life.
>Good morning sir/madam
With a fake smile, about 150 times a day, for more than 40 years. Panicking everyday at 11:20 AM about whether you should continue to say goodmorning or if it's appropiate to say good afternoon already.

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I agree with this.

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It's depressing to realize this is true, but i guess life in a society needs for people with these... qualities. I guess this is how people manage to do 35 years in walmarts or call centers. When i got my first job i used to meet a lot of people above 40 yo that had more than 20 years of experience in the same company, in the same position, doing the exact same chores.
I would literally kill myself before falling so low. Its no wonder people like that can't understand cryptos at all, like, if i told them i was using money to invest in a memecoin like qom or the likes of it, they would just smile and be horrified by the thought of losing money without ever thinking in the possibility of the profits

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That is the worst mistake! Telling anyone you are into stocks and crypto. I’ve done it and people are so petty. No one will ever take your advice. Instead when stocks/crypto is down they will talk shit to you and when it is up they will get all bitter and butt hurt. Your superiors will also try to sweet talk you into moving up when they find out (which can be good) but when you tell them no they get their panties in a twist because you upset their world view or something and will work you harder. Keep that shit to yourself. You may think you are a hero showing people a way out of the wagie system, but you are not.

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I'd rather dance in a walmart then work in one too.

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Afternoon isn’t until 1:00. That’s why it’s called AFTER noon, if noon is 12. Even the dumbest wagie should know this.

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I worked at a walmart as a teenager. I never did any of that shit. I wasn't present for any of the little pow wows and assorted bullshit. I even skipped the pre-shift meetings because nothing about my job ever changed. They repeatedly got onto me about it and I kept ignoring them. No consequences.

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>this stupid fuck works in an office and invests all his money on tron
>actually thinks he's superior to superboomers because he "might" make it after 5 years when bitcoin definitely hits 1mil

M8 you're confusion ambition with delusion.

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>sad mfs trying to cope with having two left feet

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So my office is now asking managers to push people back into the office for "the culture" after a hybrid schedule where everyone is supposed to be back once a day. I don't know if anybody is really enforcing it though. I'm still unvaxxed so I'm not allowed in the office kek. Sounds like they're getting ready to change their policy though.

So then I gotta figure out if I wanna die on this hill or not. Here's the thing -- I really don't think my boss gives much of a shit. (To be safe I'm gonna put my head down ad work a bit more now). Nobody wants to deal with the shit I do, and the average person would have capitulated and necked by now with how bad records are. Even if I feel like the shittiest employee, I got a promotion to a senior position and I get consistent praise at my reviews from my new boss and my old boss. usually it's just some tasks they want me to get up for metric sake but since I deal with all the bullshit nobody else wants to, again, nobody really cares.

So yeah, I really don't think my boss cares (my predecessor actually worked from home all the time back when remote work wasn't allowed, but didn't work in a main office like me) but HR niggers are another story. You can tell that corporate is absolutely SEETHING if they're already asking about this when I think we've only been on the new model for 2-3 months. No sure what the future holds for me. Boss might be chill and tell me it's my funeral if I wanna tempt fate if HR denies it. But I've got a strong enough case that I'm taking care of my mom right now and will be moving 3 hours away so we'll cross that bridge when I get there. Pay really isn't stellar for someone with my education but the raise I got kind of put me in an okay range that I don't mind it.

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whatever you do, just don't take the vaxx. you lasted this long and so did many of us here on 4chan.
we're already seeing SADS in the vaxxies. no job is worth dying

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>>we bet your pets are feeling very lonely since you’re not around anymore!
That's the only one I care about. I take my dog to a daycare but still

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Look man,I would gladly allow Walmart to pay me to shuffle and not actually work.

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Yep absolutely not taking it. I don't believe in any of the VAIDS or SADS shit though. I simply don't want to be a part of a system that works this hard in bad faith to make sure you take it
>no liability for companies
>any liability the government has is decided by a small program in the back of the room, still no payouts
>tons of illegal mandates
>tons of tomfuckery with data
The liability thing is all they had to do to get me to take it at first. Just make sure if that if it maims me, I can seek compensation in front of a jury of my peers. This is still a bulletproof argument and nobody can dethrone it because they can only justify that this is maybe not good but the benefits outweigh the risk. People have been MAIMED by this shit. Maybe not that much (it's likely saved more people than it's injured despite schizo talk) but to me, this has shown that the government has acted in bad faith and isn't willing to put its money where its mouth is so I didn't get it. I wonder if ruining public faith in health was worth all this shit. Fucking disgusting really

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>I simply don't want to be a part of a system that works this hard in bad faith to make sure you take it
precisely. my reasoning is if it's being pushed so hard, then there's some agenda. but i'm a shizo who trades based on moon cycles

>People have been MAIMED by this shit.
long covid is literally brain damage. i'm not even joking

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Now THAT i believe. Long covid definitely exists and I'm not a retard who pretends that it's just the flu. I mean this shit definitely killed people and fucked other people up. But I think a certain point got hit where young people were held hostage by this unnecessarily and any risk wasn't worth what we've sacrificed along the way (NYC just now releasing toddlers from the muzzle).

I urge people not to get this shit if they can avoid it, but i had it and I'm still kicking so fuck that noise.

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This is not your personal blog

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Checked, but I'd still rather dance at a party than dance because my manager told me to at work.

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i care i asked

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>nigger thinks his only talent is a valuable skill
Yeah, dance for us monkey.

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It would be fine if wagies learned their position on the hierarchy, but then they get power trips. The most notable case recently is mask enforcers during the pandemic. Those low class people suddenly feel empowered telling everybody to wear their masks.

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Yeah, yeah, being unemployed gives you a lot of time to practice your dance moves and free throws, we get it.

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>t. lowest caste neet still seething about a mcdonalds employee making him look like a bitch

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How do normies that have gotten a small taste of the NEET pill not go postal at the sight of these posters?
There's no context outside of maybe the most extremely sterotypical of boomers that a normie would see this and think "Yeah, that's fucking hilarious that I went from working comfortably at home back to a soul-crushing 9-to-5 hell while gas prices are getting astronomically retarded"
I mean fuck my blood is boiling and I'm not even a wagie.

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I'll be completely honest. My company recently RTO. 2 days a week. I was completely anxious about it and pissed off. Worked from home for more than two years and was so comfortable with it.

It was weird at first, but now I don't mind. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm definitely more productive in the office than at home. I still prefer WFH for obvious reasons, but can't deny that my productivity was fucked and I was slacking off a lot. Now I just use my two in office days to get my shit done then take it easy when I'm at home.

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Dude shut the fuck up it's a vaguely related thread to the board topic with nothing of substance worth discussing why are you even in this thread

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no one cares have sex incel

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get your booster

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What a stupid fucking opinion. You sound desperate.

>> No.49698956

From what I hear a lot of normies are quitting jobs that force them back into the office and taking WFH positions for less pay. Once the boomers die off I believe the insane middle management bureaucracy will largely die with it.

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What about the miserable corporate wagie who just want to be a cattle rancher but took the white collar job because people expect me to climb the ranks like my dad?

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This is my motivation to succeed


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Are you so retarded and unskilled that if crypto fails that's really you're only other option?

>> No.49699532

Noon is 12:00:00 so anything after that is afternoon.

>> No.49699533

For the most part, hospitals murdered people with high doses of opoids and blew out their lungs on ventilators. If they survived that, their kidneys were destroyed with Remdesivir. Anyone who survived the months long ICU death destruction chamber is fucked up for a long time, when they could have more likely survived with preventative vitamin D3 doses and niacin + melatonin therapy to replenish oxygen transport. And bill gates recently said it was all more like the flue than anything, and we should be ready for the next one.

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I didn’t say crypto dumb incel

>> No.49699604

Canada is a disgusting cuntry.

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>simply work for pay and don't see themselves as the kind of person to accomplish anything more in life

Not that I think that most people do this either but it's possible to accomplish meaningful things in life OUTSIDE of work.

>> No.49699792

>I'm a NEET
>Have been NEET mode for over 2 years now
>Could probably maintain full NEET mode for years longer before any major problems happened
>Am trying to get a job anyway because doing nothing all day stopped being fun a while ago
It's like living in a purposeless, black haze where everything blends together and nothing has any meaning.

That said, I still intend to be picky about what type of job I get and shop around a bit, I've got the space and support I need to take my time finding a job I actually kind of enjoy and I intend to take advantage of that.

>> No.49699847

It's about what people want from life.
Some people are happy just earning enough to support their lifestyle and hobbies. Yeah it shows a lack of ambition but from their perspective people desperately clawing their way up the corporate ladder are just chasing money for money's sake.

Their mindset is just "as long as I'm happy and have enough money to pay for the things I want that's all I need to live my best life".

>> No.49699921

The only reason I continue to still refuse getting a job at Walmart even though I'm desperate for a job.

>> No.49699976

What about me? I was one of the smart kids but with resentment in his eyes of being chained to the prison known as school. I just wanted to be free. Now I want to be free of the wage cage. Currently unemployed.

>> No.49699994

It may be humiliating for some of you posting here, but anyone who has worked retail knows there are quite a few people who are content doing this work and might actually find these company shenanigans fun, or at least try to make the most of them. I'm impressed by normies enjoyment of the mundane. I hate morale bullshit like this, but I worked with people who really get creative and enjoyed impressing customers with playful moves and banter. Definitely a skill I don't have, and I burn out pretty easily or spill my spaghetti trying.

>> No.49700038

What about me?
Work experience
And almost no one even gives me an interview. Been like this for a long time. Depressing my main chances of escaping the wagecage are calculated stock gambles or my business idea.

>> No.49700056

Sounds like you are free from the cage then

>> No.49700058

I mean if thats what the job was with none of the other duties yeah okay. But the way they have it is just a humiliation routine

>> No.49700073

I went to a top tier university and also taught ESL for a year. Fucking loved it, why would you feel depressed? Like yeah its not a real job, but its not supposed to be, its about having unnaturally large amounts of sex with asian women for a year.

>> No.49700106

The metaphorical cage is still there. I cannot stay unemployed. Unless I strike it big in stocks or my business idea takes off, then the likelhood of me being forced back into the cage seems highly likely.

This is all so tiresome I just wanted to live in peace and to be left alone by most.

>> No.49700164

based brad pitt redpilled on age of consent bullshit

>> No.49700196

>I don’t mind hierarchy but it needs to be loving and benevolent. Everyone has roles to play and every role is important for life to flow in the best way.
While this is a nice idea theoretically it ends up deforming society when applied too rigorously. For example, I’m pretty sure pc anti-racism shit started with a few people feeling bad about nigger slaves getting whipped too hard. Like everything, it needs to be controlled by better men.

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>and use my wagie bux to invest in this amazing clown market then it is to spend years in college for most likely another shit job I don’t wanna do anyways that at the most pays double of what I’m currently paid.

I don't think you're the type of guy >>49689058 is referring to by virtue of you being on this board and leveraging your wagie bux for other financial opportunities for a better life. You have ambition, you just reject the traditional norms to success.

I have friends who would complain about their positions and how they're treated but they don't want to be in positions of power and they don't look for other avenues for financial freedom. I'd argue they're more in line with the original point of being ambitionless.

>> No.49700321

Just start going to the office while looking for a new jobs. Heaps of places offering full wfh.

>> No.49700330

Gambling is not ambition.

>> No.49700354

your privilege is showing. not everyone has the privilege. please stfu.

>> No.49700374

if you're white and in a rut. you have no one to blame but yourself. compared to any other race. let's make this a race thing because it's true.
if you are 50 years old and white and don't do jack shit. that is all on you. privilege and you didn't utilize it.

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> had almost all these traits to some degree
> managed to deviate from the 9-5 wagie life and living comfortably as a NEET for the foreseeable future
I guess I'm the anomaly, but I'm thankful.

>> No.49700414

The real kicker is the roasties & retards that thought this was a brilliant idea cause you know that kinda shit gets past dozens of eyes.

>> No.49700522

The real joke is that you think working for financials is not low.

>> No.49700560

>Btc makes the most obvious cycle every few years.
Yup its another redditor.

>> No.49700623

I'm gonna be speaking to a wall here on /biz/ but greed and power aren't for everyone.
As for me, I'm happy in the middle class. I live simply because I like it that way. I can afford everything I want. Lambos don't impress me.
I can afford everything I want with my piss easy 8 hour a week work from home job. Why the fuck would I wanna be a boss and be going to meetings and shit?
My spiritual needs are provided for in my passions. Writing, hunting, lifting, guitar, in that order. Money is no object to me. Time is

>> No.49700778

I was considering the same thing. The CEO suggested RTO, but our entire team is in various cities. It’s all so dumb, and I can’t imagine anyone noticing when there are people who do literally nothing as an “admin” but browse facebook.

>> No.49701101

At what point is it that the worker just can't take a joke.

>> No.49701489

>At what point is it that the worker just can't take a joke.
When your work income isn't enought to provide you with food and shelter. That's when, that is, very soon.

>> No.49703001

>our privilege is showing. not everyone has the privilege. please stfu.
Having ambition, friends, interests and wishing to have a meaningful and fulfilling life in general is not privilege retard. >>49700405
Honest self reflection, awareness and staying humble is a very hard skill to master.

>> No.49704503

Underrated checked and based

>> No.49704528

This can’t be fucking real why would they do this

>> No.49704603

>I felt a constant sort of depression every day that I was "above this" and nothing I did could make it go away.
Thank god I’m not the only one

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>das rite my mame we wuz creatin maximum demoralino for non jewish wagie hehe we succ dat negative energy up like the demons we is hope dem all wageys die miserebly

>> No.49705220


This is me. I made it and have been neeting for a while. However I feel like I am missing out on some parts of life that I would enjoy. Such as working with other competent people that share my interests. Currently im going into politics and considering if I should get another, harder education.

But on the other hand, I enjoy doing whatever the fuck I want every day, and from experience, I get over the "new job fascination" in about 1-3 months and hate it just as much as all other jobs i've had before.

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>> No.49705489

Just pulled up your digital ID, looks like youve missed several of your scheduled appointments for your booster shots, were gonna have to temporarily suspend your chequing accounts until your ID is updated by a health professional. We can get through this :)

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They know what they are doing.

>> No.49705641


>I felt a constant sort of depression every day that I was "above this" and nothing I did could make it go away. When I started working in a large financial firm that feeling completely went away

I'm kinda the same, except that feeling went away when I became a NEET. Now every day is a blast.

>> No.49705696

Boomers are psychotic

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you'd understand it if you were a business shark

>> No.49705959

I've never had any sort of ambition and I wouldn't do this even if I were paid 20k

>> No.49705982

They do this in Japan to increase company solidarity and worker health, but it's like stretching and aikido, not this cringe dance crap. Also they actually pay you well.

>> No.49706015


>> No.49706090

>they actually pay you well.

Well yeah, if you working 16 hours a day, then you're probably earning more than part time wagies at walmart.

>> No.49706145

imagine thinking you cant wear sweatpants to work

>> No.49706214

They did this cause this 2/10 level of exertion is enough exercise to reduce the rate of heart attacks among their hambeast employees by like 45% and it saves them money on insurance.

>> No.49706294


>> No.49706347

Japanese factory workers don't go 16 hour days, that's only salarymen.

>> No.49706373

Boomers were raised to think of the office as the lone place of fulfillment in their life and to neglect everything outside of it.
That’s why so many get divorced and their kids hate them. They’d just stay late in the office doing bullshit cause they love being there and it makes them feel like they are fulfilling some cosmic purpose.
So yeah the idea that some people would prefer to work at home and not deal with their boomer coworkers, commutes, and have more time to spend with their families is totally foreign to them.

>> No.49706499

>weak-willed workers are forced into commuting because offices have to exist in capitalism
>too many distractions and noise make them less efficient there
>you still have to come and wageslave on my watch
at least the proud ones are quitting instead of submitting. imagine being some pathetic beta that can't say no to their boss

>> No.49706510
File: 1.74 MB, 1024x1001, 164257271424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dubs and we go to 40k by the end of june

>> No.49706549

>tfw got an interview for a transport job today
Have fun dancing, I’ll be driving a Camry around.

>> No.49706570

Blessed outlook, I'm in the same boat. I work in agriculture because I love being outside. Time = money and I'd like to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

>> No.49706668

It’s weird how part of American work culture is that the company gets to use and abuse the employees.
Like they could easily let people just keep working from home and save on real estate costs, be more productive, and have more happy fulfilled employees who don’t spend 90+ minutes in traffic every day which means they get a whole extra day of the month essentially of wasted time back.
But no, corporate culture dictates that the company must own your time and part of that means controlling your movements and forcing you to be up at the asscrack of dawn so you can shower and shit and shove some kind of food down your throat in time to sit in 45 min of rush hour traffic and be in the office by 8 am.
Why? Because if you don’t have to jump through that hoop management feels like they are losing something. Not money, power.

>> No.49706693

Lambos are really tacky cars man I never got the obsession.

>> No.49706992
File: 712 KB, 1280x889, secesio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still not going back tho.

>> No.49707119


>le epin rick and morty nihilism

>> No.49707315
File: 237 KB, 1024x1024, 1650045079083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Its been a complete shitshow at my office because the boomers screech and pull the fire alarm anytime someone sneezes.

>> No.49707352

I wonder how many businesses are both making the wagies come back in and also making them wear masks at the office

>> No.49707389


its because of weak willed cucks like you that we are losing

>> No.49707391


Than don't work there, faggot.

>> No.49707429

Holy shit now I remembered why I must never step foot in am*rica

>> No.49707441

These are our overlords. They honestly think it’s “funny.” It is, just to them and not you. If I worked there I’d destroy them

>> No.49707471


Then quit, bitch.

>> No.49707500



KYS, loser.

>> No.49707508

Sounds like a weird fetish. Ignore them. Don’t pay them

>> No.49707512

Not going back

>> No.49707538


End yourself, retard.

>> No.49707578


Get over it, queer.

>> No.49707700

No one gives a flying fuck about which inbred kike schools you paid way too much money to attend. It’s not bragging cuz no one gives a shit. Where did it get you lol? Fucking dumb ass.

>> No.49707721

Toronto isn't Canada. But I still agree.

>> No.49707773

> Plenty of people with no ambition do the bare minimum because they need money to survive. That's not ambition.

>I do more than the bare minimum because I want more money to survive better.

Your wrong and dumb. You’re just like them lol. Both them and you are doing the bare minimum relative to their personal expectations. You think you’re above them and claim ambitions but for what? So you can live the level of life that is comfortable to you. Just because you’re a mindless materialistic consoomer doesn’t change that. In many ways, they’re more respectable than you.

>> No.49707774

Maybe but I kind of want a break. I don't feel like no have any marketable skills that favor WFH positions, I'm a mech E. So probably need to buff up some other skills. May look around though. Kind of want to keep working just to give my portfolio a chance to recover if ever.

Trigger happy fucks can't wait to put us all back in masks

>> No.49707843

> Personally I don’t want to rise in the company because I don’t have the heart to tell some other wagie to do some stupid bs that some corporate schmuck came up with.

Cope: the post

Ya know, nigger, if you think you’re such a friend of the worker, the. You absolutely SHOULD try for a promotion so you can make the work environment more positive. That’s how I know you’re a pathetic loser. Sit on your hands you lazy fuck

>> No.49708041
File: 44 KB, 828x612, 65BBDE0D_E544_4563_9FD2_ABD65FAC51AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Based and also checked

I'll never work a salary job, you pay me for when I'm there and leave me the fuck alone when I'm not. There is honor in not being apart of the rat race, good on you anon.

>> No.49708082

Don't you ever want to have a family? Software engineer or other professional career is pretty necessary to live even a modest life as a single income family.

>> No.49708137

That is a terrible way of thinking about it. in a salary job you're paid for being a useful resource to the company, no matter how much you work. In a hourly job, you're paid for working for a certain amount of time, no matter how much value you provide.

>> No.49708153

I work hybrid so I'm good. Also my company is giving me £1k just to support the price hike.
It feels go to be a wagie, I make a decent wage, treated well, great learning opportunities and more.

>> No.49708461
File: 47 KB, 622x605, 1647747536731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>anon, we need you to stay late and finish this report
>anon we need to take on stacy's assignments, she out on maternity leave
>anon we need you to attend this conference next weekend

Salary work is modern day serfdom. It does not make sense beyond high teir positions making at least 250k a year. Most places are good about work/life balance but no all of them. You accept a salary you accept being owned.

>> No.49709026


We’re all stupid monkeys. It doesn’t matter what monkey school you went to.

>> No.49709646

Agency that made that shit has name(s) and address(es).

>> No.49711988

>Salary work is modern day serfdom.
This. Unless you're a CEO or in some other privileged title.

>> No.49712049

>Be me
>Be working from home still
>Have a meeting
>Mute myself during meeting, rip the bong
>Unmute when I need to contribute
>Got paid to take a shower yesterday

I'm thinking WFH is pretty based

>> No.49712317
File: 325 KB, 321x200, H99.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Upper classes really betting on wagies never chimping out and eating all of them again i see.

>> No.49712348

There's always some safer countries to flee to

>> No.49712581
File: 196 KB, 2159x1440, 2925bb303c8f83894a0242a93fe619b4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49713187

Dance wagie! Dance!

>> No.49713250

Contract work is the way to go. Too bad the Dems are doing everything in their power to fuck over contractors and self employed people in general

>> No.49713318

The “working class” doesn’t even live in the US. America only has useless eaters and managerial/professional elites. All “work” is done by Chinese and Mexicans.

>> No.49713441

It’s so fucking hopeless..
I’m too retarded for stocks and crypto; plus the market is dogshit
I’m stuck in my god damn wagie cubicle cell, where I have to sit for 8 hours a day, all while making a meager salary of 45k annually.
I hate working. I hate dealing with all the office autism. I hate how my boss’s boss gets off on being some icon of fear. I hate my shitty computer. I hate pretending to look busy because my work is done and I don’t want to do more.
I hate driving hours in rush traffic just to drink beer and cry in my bed just to wake up and slave again.
I hate it
I hate it
I hate it
There’s no fucking hope. I was born a slave and will work until I die, which is going to be my only release from this hell world.
I really need a work from home job, to at least the day to day work make me less suicidal

>> No.49713546

Topkek imagine being demoralized in this world. Git gud loser

>> No.49713653

What do I do, Anon?
How do I git gud?

>> No.49713732

I worked at a chain of gyms called Good Life Fitness and they used to have us to a gay fucking dance like this called the "Margarita Dance"

>Stand on a chair
>Hands up in the air
>Sing while waving hands around "Shake the margarita, shake the margarita!"
>Begin to make stirring motions with hands "Stir the margarita, stir the margarita!"
>Pretend to drink fake drink "Drink the margarita, drink the margarita!"
>"Gooooooooo team!!!"

>> No.49713959


Literally this... they unironically equate sitting in an office with working hard. You could be working as hard as humanly possible on some unsolved math problem at home and that would mean less to them then if you came into the office from 9-5, opened a black excel sheet and watched youtube all day.

>> No.49714254

LARP more

>> No.49714343

Shit like this is why people ghost companies

>> No.49714384

Part of middle management's job is to psychologically torture you. I got added to an internal email distribution for managers and supervisors, although I do not have anyone working under me. It's a collection of 'tips and tricks' that amount to manipulating, lying to, appeasing, and poking your employees. They want to keep people on the edge of sanity, day by day - they don't want you to give up or quit in the face of your plight, but they need you to feel uncomfortable enough that you don't quit or take your rights for granted. That is, you need to come into work every day and thank your captors for not taking your privileges away from you. That's the conditioning loop corporations have to keep people in.