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Very soon.

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post shorts before and after nigger, im betting theyll be covered in shit and piss pretty soon

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It's crab time motherfucker

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hell is coming.

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What does this mean? Up or down

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The RSI has almost topped. It will pump a little bit more, then a major dump.

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rsi can float at the top for longer than you can stay solvent

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You're anus will be blasted by an unexpected massive marge you know

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>implying i'm shorting
I'm not, and yes Stoch RSI can stay topped for a while but not in this situation (depth of bear market). It does however linger on the bottom for a very long time -- picrel.

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Here we go! The pump!

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Here we go! The pump!

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gonna be a cassandrafag for a second, but why did so many of you retards doubt him? all the signs were there and if you followed his tbt call trade and tlt put trade you made bank.

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Holy based. Stoch RSI chads never fail to amaze.

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Talk to me, I guess this is only trading TA thread on whole fucking board,
did you check how DXY has become "Stablecoin"?

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Didn't ot already dump?

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I cant fucking tell

DXY is frozen solid. This never fucking happened before and nobody is talking about it.

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It did the opposite faggot, it heads to 23k

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at what entry fag?
I missed retest @21400, that was good long entry

but now, you maybe max 2% in green

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Any dumps will be short lived, we're back in a bull market.

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This time is different...

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We bottomed out.

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Shouldn't the red box for this time be a few weeks back? How did they arrive at those specific times for the bear market periods?

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RSI on what... the fucking 30 min? kek

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dude, check RSI on DXY... it is bottoming?

Can that mean DXY will pump (drop BTC ? )

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here comes le dump

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its going back down FO SHO

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how is this image flashing at me bros. scared rn

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its one of them moving jpegs i've been hearing about

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DXY is crabbing on the other side of ichy cloud, what are chances it goes up on the underside?

BTC is fighting both 22500 resistance and punching into cloud at the same time, it might punch to the other side, IMO depends on DXY, if DXY crabs or goes down but a little it gives BTC more strenght,,
RSI, clearly BTC is topped out, while DXY bottomed, does not give much indication it will continue without some kind of correction
This is potential long entry, only need confirmation of kind

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The Stoch RSI within the red boxes there are at the same Stoch RSI point level, which goes from 0 to 100. If you were to put the latest red box about a month earlier or more, then it -- the red box -- would be placed too high up (higher Stoch RSI point level) so it wouldn't be a fair comparison.

Also if you look at the blue line (the one that's part of the Stoch RSI), then you see that in all three cases that blue line already went down to that point level once earlier (to the left of each red box), then up, and then down again (now within box) so the latest box is in the appropriate place.

The boxes though aren't important, they're just there to highlight the nearly identical Stoch RSI point level where the blue area begins. And the blue area ends when the price began to go up (end of bear market).

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Fren, pls take a look at this;

is 22500 good long entry, now looks like it just retested

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>RSI is worst ever
>Saylor buying
>No one has more btc to sell
c u fags at 30 k

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Thank you S. RSI anon, clear and easy to understand explanation. Learnt something today after seeing stoch rsi posts recently.

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How high are we going before dump sir?

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Meant the Stoch RSI, not RSI, and the posts I responded to said 1H (the anon here >>49688285 responded to a deleted post by me, that deleted post was the same as the post above there, so 1H).

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raises rates by 5%.
drops mic and ww3 happens.

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<--- NEW UPDATE ON THE 1H !!!!
<--- NEW UPDATE ON THE 1H !!!!

IT'S NOW AT 100! IT'S NOW AT 100! IT'S NOW AT 100! IT'S NOW AT 100!

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Its gonna be a nuke of a sell off isn't it?

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So going down now. Is this a dead cat bounce or ... ?

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Ok, what do I do now? What are you doing now?

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fuck me.

I am trapped long 0.60%

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can this shit go down already?

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Yep down we go, also the futures are red. Cow meat red.

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pls god no, not like this

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Where is that crypto infodump we were supposed to get today? The one with all the telegram chat logs and the pedo ring and murder?

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it was just a larp to increase FUD for this day, obviously

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Well, it's going to dump very soon, but I don't know how much exactly of course.

But BTC can still pump a little bit more while the Stoch RSI is at 100. That happens sometimes. Picrel for example (June 7th), there it pumped about 1.3k. But when that happened the market was in a very different situation. In the current situation that probably won't happen. A few hundred maybe, but probably not over 1k. Might wick into 23k very briefly on some exchange then dump.

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god ples yes, jsut let me close with no loss

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2 more weeks

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I'm thirsty. I'm going to go get some water.

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just dump already. This stupid crabbing is so annoying

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just one more wick to 22700 and im out, pls maan I got this cheezebugers maaaan

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They are waiting for next week because they didn't want the dump to coincide with the market pricing in the rate hike. In any case they can release nothing and crypto will continue to crash anyways because of Celsius and a few other defi platforms that have become insolvent. Today is just another micropenis pump before yhe next big leg down. Remember this exact thing happened last fed meeting

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why is it not dumping?

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Can someone explain this RSI thing to me? I just want it to pump more so I can exit with 0 deposited losses. We're so close, but I'll take a minor loss over being dumped hard again.

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I fucking closed in red, dont even know how much I lost, and now it going back up, no fucking way thay would brake my dick...

I need my money back, can I open short back down now?

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No. Calm down and start small

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What's an rsi? Can you explain what you're talking about if ur gonna post complex indicators retard

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My man, I feel in a similar way. downsized by 20% three days ago and I regret it a these prices. It may be consoling to know others are losing too.

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it was ~$20 thats not the point, it is going back up AAAAAAAAAARRGGHGHHHHHH FUUUUCKKKK

ok its going back down, cool, NOOO BACK UP AAAAAAAAARRGGHHHHH

Ok it is going back down, close call

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Rsi isn't a complex indicator. One google search tells you need to know.

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Worse thing for me is all this unrealized profits I failed at, I fucking fail to get like $100 profit for the first time or 2 times in a row, thats bad, just bad

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You're greedy. I know, because I lost a lot in my greed too. Just have to reflect on the lessons learned this cycle, stack in winter, and stick to your plan you come up with after contemplating your greed, its cost to you, and how to avoid succumbing to it.

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Where are you? Where are you getting your water from. The mountain?

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I am greedy because I am poor, I can stack shit with like $1k, but I can trade,,, or at least try to,
just need some more luck or help with better entries

guess I will join some youtube discord or something, to find some help here is almost as hard as trading

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it's babbies first day of ta in here
tomorrows candle will be a big green one

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It's not flashing. Maybe you have schizphrenia

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>guess I will join some youtube discord or something, to find some help here is almost as hard as trading
Remain skeptical when doing that. Many people will lead you by the nose for your own benefit. Do research on investing, technical aspects, the nature of the crypto project, and etc.
You just have to do the best with what you have. You wont be a millionaire with 1K, sure, but if you can turn that 1K to 3K and cash out, well you've improved your life and have a bit more to invest later

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Sorry for "their own benefit", not your own benefit.

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tnx fren...

yeah, I would be happy with few times $100 for start and see how it goes... I feel I am so close, I know when the move will be and in what direction but I wimped out from shorting all this way down, got few % profits but not much, whole shit starts to flash in both directions after FED and I know 22500 resistance, cloud, confluence and if it goes over and retests good chance it will go up, and I took a fucking chance,,
worst thing many times if I just did not SL and lat it go, in the end trade would go my way I just closed it too fast
Part of me is right, and part shits the bed, and I cant tell

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why is this shit not dumping?

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because I closed my long.

you open one and it will start to drop, not before.

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I have two hypotheses:
1) This is a typical scam pump. It'll bart like we've all seen many times before. Whether we like it or not.
2) This whole fanfare around 0.75bps hike was dirty theater by big money to shake out and liquidate people before it recovers to close to, but still under old values.
Not really sure which is going down. I hope for the 2nd, fear the 1st.

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I dont think this is bottom, world is in such deep shit no way of any bullrun anytime soon.

Its only question how much this "rally" will go, to this 22500 resistance zone, or over it.
max it can go to is 30k IMO, and that is a leap of faith.
Tripple top on min time, lower highs, it is bending over to drop back.

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jesus what an retarded idiot am I, I should not have closed, I would be in profit now, just right to place SL in profit and let it ride

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why the fuck did i short at 1200, why the fuck is this scampump not retracing like the others? IIt's been how many hours already?

>> No.49692693

1200? what, eth?

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We're looking at the mother of all barts here

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I'm 100% in cash right now. All I can do is pray that is digs itself to the center of the earth so I can buy back in, and then recovers to unfathomable ATHs soon after.

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looks to me it is topping, 22800 resistance, looks rough now but if I did not shit already, I might think about opening a short here ( with ultra tight SL)

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fucking niggers. Closed my position losing half my money. This shit is NOT going down

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>he closed

time to drop

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Celsius is centralized actually and defi protocols for staking won't be able to lock withdrawals or affect the moving in and out of funds as everything is decentralized. Frankly no one knows the future of the market but its important to make the right decisions when relating to assets and Celsius has proven that earning through decentralized staking protocols is the way to go.

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Right now no one os buying the dip or knows the actual lows as the dip keeps getting deeper.

>> No.49693251

More dips are coming. BTC might find the bottom more. I think of alts to be best fit for the market. I added FUFU and play their game frequently to earn.

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You're too fucking impatient holy shit.
...or you're just a larping mumu.
or just retarded.

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well i was losing a ton of money. And now that i'm long it's dumping. Fucking stupid contrarian shit

>> No.49693815

Dumping? It is not even moving. Stop looking at 1 minute chart.

>> No.49693842

i look at 15m and 1h. If you trade with long leverage it matters

>> No.49694000

Are you a successful day trader?

>> No.49694015

Jesus this is prime example of revenge trading,

I did this one time, got rekt, if you are in profit, however small, first chance you get put SL in profit 0.5% will do and go away, you will just rage if you let it bounce up-down 4 more times and you will prob. again close in loss

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Allright boys, this is the best time to short / buy HEDGE. You've been warned

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Do you want to know how i know you're from new delhi?

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>complex indicator

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i'm european, it's 3:13 here

>> No.49694333

Turks and nigger immigrants also says that they're european. But enough with the /pol/ shit, lets just fucking calm down, be patient, and stop revenge trading. We will make it somehow lad, if we stop acting like a poo

>> No.49694646

HAHAHA based lain pastabro i see you <3

>> No.49694789

Let's see who wins, OP. I opened a long with liq just below 20k

>> No.49694849

Oh boy oh boy! You are gonna learn soon that meme lines are some serious shit.

>> No.49695138

Good times lad, good times

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it's over

>> No.49695600

Because the person that created the chart was digging for a partern that agrees with his opinion

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Heres the real cure shit nigga
we going down to funky town (10K)

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lol who gives a shit dude, now is the time to buy. massive selloffs before the 4th set of market manipulations until BTC hits $300,000,000.00/coins. fucking retards not buying in. boomer FUD. 'm-muh stablecpin idling at $1.00!!!!"
Oh no. We are going so much farther beyond, my friend.

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I'm back from the mountain now.

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<--- STOCH RSI 1H 2H 3H 4H UPDATED (screenshots from a few min ago)
<--- STOCH RSI 1H 2H 3H 4H UPDATED (screenshots from a few min ago)

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Buy at your own peril. I'm comfortable with my RFOX staked on Rfox for 40% APY. I will add a little more bag of Btc if it gets to 18k.

>> No.49696510

i think it's over. Soon i will have to close this long as well cause it's not going nowhere. Went from 500€ to 45 and i have no more money left. Fucking unpredictable bipolar shit

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Any smart investor would buy more now as there are lots of opportunities to get more gems at very discounted prices. I bought more ADA and REEF today, while I'm also on the lookout for subsquid which has continued to drive the Web3 industry positively by equipping devs. Call me smart or a retard but I will have the last laugh a few years from now.

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it's happening

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how do you read this thing? Is it better than normal rsi? Also what timeframe?

>> No.49698033

I don't understand advanced quantitative trading tools like this. Ok if you think RSI whatever is easy to you some of us have only been trading for 5 years we don't get the complexities that come from a lifetime of experience

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Its fucking happening. You niggers here are already prepared your short, right? I just sold half of my HBAR and FTM, and dump a literally stupid and gay amount of money on BNBHEDGE and regular HEDGE

>> No.49699293

The lurk moar. It will never be enough.
Im a /pol/ who just begin to trade 10 months ago and i already knew some of the basic and more, including what OP just post. LURK MOAR OR GTFO

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uh... tell that to people who bought eth for 30 cents ico lol. $1k > $4 million right now

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>tfw i had cash on hand to buy every dip since last november and still have cash on hand to buy more

>> No.49700376

>every dip since last november
You probably feel very stupid and broke after dcaing at the top prices

>> No.49700413

I opened my very first short position ever on BTC at 22.8k. Repay set at 21.1k

I used chump change to open the position but damn I should have been doing this all along.

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Based. Stoch RSI never lies.

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not really. i transferred all my alts into BTC last month at 28k. my DCA position feels way more comfy now than it did at 58k downward

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not really. i transferred all my alts into BTC last month at 28k. my DCA position feels way more comfy now than it did at 58k downward

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Nice. Now let's see the weekly, and monthly RSI.

>> No.49701642

Was lucky enough to have my savings out before the celsius lock

>> No.49701711

go back to playing Minecraft and doing your homework retard

>> No.49701788

> I think of alts to be best fit for the market.

I've observed privacy solutions fitting well in any market as the price action has remained a bit positive, monero is still holding up well and others like Secret network which had an upgrade for better efficiency and Railgun which is set to integrate with defi for wider privacy delivery. Platforms like these are sure to survive the current market conditions and come back stronger.

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We are going to bounce from on the top band. The 1h and 2h are way too low and the Daily volatility indicators are in the fucking floor, there is no way we dip lower than yesterday. We are going to do a pity bounce and then we go back down again.

>> No.49702097

Timeframe for the pity bounce - how long will it last?

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I think we will follow an ascending triangle pattern and eventually hit 24-25k, then we go back down again, I'm not sure how long it will take to get there tho, but I do believe we are done with the giga dumps until 24-25k.
Keep in mind that at this moment there is a lot of fud everywhere so any small bad news might invalidate the pattern and cause everything to fall. I personally wouldn't sleep on an open trade, always set stop losses as well.

>> No.49702470

And also every short / bobo trend might gives some bounce

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Not spending 1 bit of my mind there. The windows are shut. Locked all my stables on Spool. See you in the bull

>> No.49702699

RSI is bullshit cope
Market is too volatile, itll all luck and you know it
Stop trying to act like actual traders

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You're right anons I see it now

>> No.49703341

When another pump like yesterday? All coins are going down.

>> No.49704031

Based picks sir, what do you think of NKN / OGN?

>> No.49704167

Markets always ALWAYS choses maximum pain. All these platforms like celsius are in deep shit. michael saylor , that faggot from el salvador. lmao the market is drooling over these spastiks. this is going to be GLORIOUS. so many normies will literally AN hero