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I asked my egg heads in the lab for some future predictions on LINK, and this is what they come up with. Enjoy it, boys. You won't find intel like this anywhere else until it's too late. My advice? Invest.

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Interesting data

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tfw you've already invested

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Join the revolution.

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It’s not investing. It’s gambling.

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normies get out reee

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Legit projections, high grade math.

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It will crash again. Causing pink wojacks and fear. All apart of Sergeys plan. Retards will sell then suddenly on a full moon night. Sergey will announce all his partnerships at once. It'll be a clusterfuck. People will scramble to buy LINK but it'll be too late. You'll see ETH level rises as people start to doubt it and call it a "pump and dump" Sergey doesn't give a shit. The real money is in the use case with large enterprises. They greedily buy all of his reserve tokens for their nodes. The price of chainlink has made the neets of 4chan right. The media picks it up. People start to get interviewed on their success, why they invested or chose this project. It'll be a frenzy. Then finally when the air clears Sergey will quietly say "I solved the oracle problem".

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The Oracle Problem starring Jesse Eisenberg as Sergey Nazarov 2022 screencap this

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More like Jonah Hill if you know what I mean

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>TFW you only have 900 LINK
Am I gonna make it /biz/?

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I'm there with you. Currently waiting to buy more. Just gotta buy before the end of the year news

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So pathetic, what's the point of putting like $50 into link

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You keep telling people it will 100x suddenly 50$ seems like good returns

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it's actually about $250CAD but I see your point

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Quads confirmed.

Houston. Take off in 10, 9, 8....