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Final warning to sell

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Buy donut is yet to come!

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I'll throw a rock since he deleted
>heavy regulations are coming for stablecoins
>banks increasing "AML" requirements heavily
>if you have money on chain/exchanges get them out now it will be a lot harder soon

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>if you have money on chain/exchanges
where the fuck do you put it then? not safe on chain?

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I can’t wait. So much cash waiting.

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Cash out while you can and pay the taxes and put it in a money market account until the dust settles.... Or say fuck that I’m not selling or paying taxes and instead of a 23-36% tax hit on useable money leave it in an exchange or stable coin that will exit scam all of your money or on a personal wallet that will loose 90-100% of its value when people flee crypto when they realize it’s worthless 1’s and 0’s Internet tokens

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This sounds like some chicken little bullshit.

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usdc or btc not safe?

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What value does crypto have in a deep recession? Can you exchange or barter with it? Can you buy beans and rice with it? Is it a commodity? What intrinsic value does it have other than people agreeing that this thing that only exists on the internet has only been a speculative asset that people bid up in a time where the federal government was fire hosing everyone with money and then boomers got caught up in it... Crypto is Dot com 2.0 getting ready to happen along with all the other useless tech bullshit and bitcoin will be remembered as the symbol of economic dumbassery and exuberance of 2022 crash like this little loveable guy is remembered as the symbol of the dot com crash.

Neither of these things have ever been through a real economic downturn and when people other assets become devalued they will dump BTC first. Do you really think any stable coin has the reserves to pay out or how tether will come crashing down? The thing that made crypto easy was the total lack of regulation, but that’s what will also be its collapse when everyone shows up saying I want my fucking money and they close up shop and say sorry no refunds.

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Forgot pic

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Retard take

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>What value does crypto have in a deep recession? Can you exchange or barter with it? Can you buy beans and rice with it?
I can buy hrt with BTC and XMR. In fact, I do that every year. Crypto is backed by transsexual hormones, bodybuilder steroids, and narcotics.

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Dot Com bust gave us Amazon, Google, etc. A deep bear cleans out the trash, refocuses efforts on projects of actual value.

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>Can you exchange or barter with it? Can you buy beans and rice with it? Is it a commodity?
yes yes and yes. crypto is apocalypse money

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Final warning to suck my dick. The price is going to go down another 50% and I'm still not selling. I'm buying in fact. Get fucked.

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am I meant to know who this nigger is

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I think GS insider said the SEC is going to rule crypto as a security.

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Ouuu YES I hope you hold.

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I would say seek mental health, but they just enable you. Drop the porn and realize you weren't born in the wrong body - you were brainwashed into what you are doing.

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I don't watch porn. You're the brainwashed one jumping to assumptions. Ever thought about that?

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kek this fucking guy and his fud. Yah let me just lock it up in cash with kikes. the point of this shit is so banks cant fuck with you're money. Tell me how i know you're not old enough to remember the shit that happend in greece

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he's right though

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The point I’m getting at is it’s backed by nothing, just people agreeing that something is worth x amount of real money because we agree it is. Fiat is back by bullets, bombs and soilders, and the bank you deposit it at is backed up to $250k per account by the government.
Are you ready to hold for 15 years that maybe it rebounds? Those were still companies that earned profits therefore their shares still had intrinsic value.
Have fun buckos

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if i became dictator of america i would give jack dorsey immunity if he gives me a list of everyone who's ever used twitter and i will have them all executed. i won't even touch the redditors, twitter is far worse.

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Yes the banks locked them out, the us government isn’t fucking Greece getting fucked in the ass by the EU. Risk reward and crypto has never been through a real recession, I know my cash reserves are safe and I’m not going to wake up one morning and my bank is telling me sorry we’re no longer in business, sorry about your funds, apparently they weren’t SAFU

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Backed by every illicit market in the world including money laundering. It's therefore not backed by nothing. You're ngmi.

He said some nonsense because it applied to one pornsick freak he saw on the internet. Then he applies that to everyone else and thinks he's being clever when really it's just black and white thinking and a symptom of mental illness or low intellect.

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Is that cobie's anon account?

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the US IS more pozzed then greece, when this shit fall the dollar is going to be worthless just like everything else out there. kikes have destroyed yet another countery and you're answer is to get back into kike controlled fiat. Wtf am i reading

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That's good you don't. You are still caught up in a fetish. Why can't you just be a feminine man or a masculine woman? You don't have to try and create a false reality and force everyone to conform to your delusions.

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I have some stables on a dex, am I good?

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I guess the end is closer than I thought

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like it or not, kike controlled fiat is what buys food and gas. crypto is too young to be an alternative, if it ever will be at all. what we really need is for a neo-roman emperor to rise up and start minting some denarii out of actual silver and gold again. paper money was a fucking mistake and coinage is built into the human psyche as the only real form of currency.

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By end I mean bottom btw

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Sell what? I've already lost so much why even bother selling the scraps that are left, I might as well ride to zero
see you ladies at the bottom

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Going down with this ship.

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I don't believe that I was born in the wrong body nor do I have a fetish. I don't care about sex and frankly find it pretty gross. I just think estrogen is comfortable because it removed my uneccessary sex drive (volcel), makes me less competitive, and more socially aware as a treatment for autism making me unable to properly read the feelings and facial expression of others. I'm far more rational than you'd think, though of course anyone who castrates themself will sound insane to someone addicted to cooming and desperate for babies due to projecting their own fear of castration from their own life desires which they mistakenly and foolishly believe are universal to everyone because anyone who isn't them is simply just "wrong".

Anyways stay on topic you rent free retard, talking about illicit markets being the foundation of crypto. I've been using bitcoin for over 10 years and I sure won't stop just because the price has gone down again. This crash was entirely expected. I have a screenshot on my

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>I have a screenshot on my other computer of hundreds of trannies complaining about having to buy crypto to buy hrt, and yet they still do it
If that isn't bullish then I don't know what is.
They WILL adopt the ponzi and they will like it.

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holy based the jews fear the transsexual hormones dealer

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>though of course anyone who castrates themself will sound insane
>someone addicted to cooming and desperate for babies due to projecting their own fear of castration from their own life desires which they mistakenly and foolishly believe are universal to everyone because anyone who isn't them is simply just "wrong".
Quite a leap.

>Anyways stay on topic

Well I am glad this solution exists for you to experiment with. But do you ever wonder if your autism brought this line of thinking about and it is still an irrational position, considering you can be socially aware without estrogen. It makes you FEEL that way.

Anyways best of luck.

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>I don't care about sex and frankly find it pretty gross

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>hrt with BTC
i wonder where you can do that

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>the OG fud
Fuck off Peter. Don't you have a setf/pmg thread to janny?

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Imagine thinking you can trust Jews to hold on to your money for you while still acknowledging how countries like Greece got absolutely Jewed over. I bet the Jews over here will be different!

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god. so many fucking tourists here.

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It's a rational choice. This is a gynocentric society. Life is simply easier and better for anyone who is visually feminine enough to be treated as a non-competitive male. Passing as a too-feminine-to-be-a-real-man male or a woman instantly makes everyone treat you way better in first world countries (not including third world countries like USA). As soon as I transitioned I was practically flooded with money from my government, and strangers wanting to help me whenever I was struggling with something when doing things outside. It's cute, women who don't have a motherlike figure or a stacey attitude are treated like children that need to be protected and helped at all costs.

Of course if you're interested in sex or having children it is immediately irrational because you lock yourself out of your own desires, but without those desires if you have the right body the advantages are unlimited. Unlimited!

Most "good" (cheap, fast) suppliers nowadays accept BTC, some even accept monero. One former supplier went from "I will never accept bitcoin" to only accepting bitcoin in only a couple years because every other payment system discriminated and banned her for a legal business that was breaking their ToS. Crypto is the only free payment system in the world. There is no payment system with as much freedom as crypto and there never will be. Crypto is unironically never going to die and even in a world where most popular CBDCs get cut off from the crypto world there will be people exchanging goods and services on the black market for crypto. P2P is here to stay. Filesharing *never* died and neither will crypto.

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I suppose it might be some sort of survival technique you have adapted because you realize the alternative in your situation would not be appropriate.

As long as you aren't grooming children online to recruit, you're okay in my book.

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fucking kill yourself groomer.

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He says that like some sort of classified information but it is nothing special about it

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Sir you're currently spending a tuesday night on a website best known for child pornography egging on school shooters. Let's not call the kettle black.

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>leaking tweets
bruh every tweet is open to the entire internet.
You cannot "leak" a tweet.
You know how you keep a secret?
Don't post tweets.

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You too.

I don't think you know what grooming is. I don't tell people what they should or shouldn't do and have no interest in children or telling outcasted autistic adults that transitioning will solve all of their problems because for most of them it will only cause more.


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>the eternal insider
go outside

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nice try cap id

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there's a 40% chance

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>I just think estrogen is comfortable because it removed my uneccessary sex drive (volcel), makes me less competitive, and more socially aware as a treatment for autism making me unable to properly read the feelings and facial expression of others

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Ah yes, the old, Bitcoin is going to zero fud. Nice try faggot.

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hrt dot cafe if you really need to know for research purposes.
but don't do it anon.

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you mean shitcoins (things which aren't bitcoin)

bitcoin doesn't pass the test to be a security, even gary said so

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>What value does crypto have in a deep recession?
The same as it did before the recession
>Can you exchange or barter with it?
Are you from some slum in india or something?
>Can you buy beans and rice with it?
You are form some slum in india
>Neither of these things have ever been through a real economic downturn
Neither of you, you are just another of the mass produced dommer/prepper/retard clones repeating things you think sounded clever. Barter for beans? Would you ever fuck off and grow up, unless you are in the third world or Russia that is not happening.

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What doesn't change is dead.
Competition is the driver towards self improvement and achievements.
By removing it you symbolically decided to stop living your life and started passively waiting for your death.

Your time is not unlimited. Use your time wisely to accomplish what has a meaning to your soul.

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this. ETH is amazon and BTC is google. why cash out and lose your position unless you need the money? doubt we'll even fall into a years-long deep recession like 2008. i think we're more well-equipped to recover from this bear market since back in 2008 we didn't have a raise in overall wages like we've had this year

zoom zooms be scurred of they own shadows lol

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the SEC cannot just uniformly RULE crypto is a security you retard. they have to bring cases against entities and try them. kys. the bi-partisan bill shows Gary has lost a lot of influence over crypto legislation.

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what's the thread? do you have an archive?

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oh probably this

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Everyone is too attached to their moon dreams to see the truth in this.

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Some crypto have value! Like paxg

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Sorry but who is thisTwitter fag and why is 4chan reddit and Twitter screenshots now. What a joke lmao

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I cried over the fucking 10k I Lost and Im a poor guy but I've made my peace and converted every shitcoin to paxg and put it on paxg website

I don't care about the rest

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it's cobie's alt account.
cobie is a famous crypto twitter fag who hosts a shitty podcast with a forklift operator who twerks.
hope this explains why this is related to /biz/ - business and finance

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You're absolutely right anon, good post. I have recently rekindled with my more competitive side in terms of self improvement, but there is such a thing as being too competitive to your own detriment where it all it ever did was drag me into a cycle of 24/7 aggressively competing in video games and being unable to properly cooperate with others. Some people are just not able to handle roidtismrage. You raise important points though, competition isn't inherently bad I just suck at moderation something which estradiol helps regulate, though I think that's hardly uncommon and many fall into this trap.

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I didn’t make this statement, buddy. I said it is what the GS insider claimed.

But what do you call the SEC vs Ripple case that is pending?

The senate bill is going nowhere, just gives some bipartisan senators a chance to say - “we tried!”

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Gensler indicated that both BTC and ETH are not securities which means that non-scam shitcoins similar to ETH will have precedent on their side if SEC decides to goes after them. So far they've made it abundantly clear that stablecoins are the target.

lmao, that guy was clearly a LARPing retard. see pic, it's pretty obvious.

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>But what do you call the SEC vs Ripple case that is pending?
You mean a case that the SEC is fumbling over and over again? The one that they are going to have to settle or wind up with egg on their face? Do you even follow the case or just know it is ongoing?
The Senate bill doesn't need to go anywhere. It shows Gensler is losing influence to their sister agency. He can proclaim a majority of cryptos are securities, but he has to prove it for each one. This is why he has the song and dance about come in and work with us and is focusing primarily on CEXs.

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he was just a /pol/lack having a manic episode

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i think it's worthless info. bankers/gov don't give two fucks about crypto

>> No.49658655

this does seem LARPy as fuck, but the super rich do spend massive amounts of money on security.

>> No.49658703

Most money in the world is 0s and 1s with literally no backing but a promise. It is less backed than BTC or ETH, which can be transacted if and only if the owner chooses to--in other words, they actually own it. The fake debt-backed money in your bank account can be transacted without your approval, and it can also NOT be transacted even if you desire it (bank run). Exchange value is ascribed to many things. What you are saying, people said about bank records, and paper currency. Both have flourished for centuries. Crypto is just beginning and soon it WILL be the preferred place to keep money when people realize it's more secure than a bank.
In fact, in countries actually experiencing hyperinflation and government/bank/corporate control of money, those people flock to crypto. The reason crypto is falling is because the economy isn't shitty enough yet. Eventually, what's left of the economy will go into crypto.

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Precedent doesn't mean shit in administrative courts

>> No.49658725

any screenshots of the content?

>> No.49658780

If you are willing to pay taxes on it you will probably be fine anyways, government will most likely be aiming at regulating non-KYC'd holdings

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Can someone give me the low down on the whole "recession" talk? When did this meme start? Is the fed talking about it? I don't watch the news because it causes me doom and gloom

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based empathy-profiteer

>> No.49659064

they doubled the money supply with the money printer and gas has doubled in price in like 3 months. food is getting more expensive and staple foods are getting harder to find. you have to get to the stores early in the day if you want to get certain things. lots of the fruits and veges are just literally half rotten on their displays, milk jugs are caked in dried milk and past the expiration date half the time. it's not insane... yet, but it is fucking annoying. wages aren't going up to ease this at all obviously. home prices have skyrocketed, in some states the median price is over half a million. interest rates have finally been going up again to %6 and are about to jump to roughly %7 tomorrow, meaning there is no more chea money to borrow, meaning not only are less people going to be buying houses, but less people are going to be building them as well, especially since the cost of building materials has also skyrocketed. this means a lot of construction workers are gonne be out of work, which is a major industry. so basically, we're fucked.

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OK, damn. Thanks anon. What could an administrator or a fed that isn't controlled by jews and wants this to happen actually do to solve this mess we're in? Is there actually a solution, or was the writing on the wall after we brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr money printer?

>> No.49659324

so for every case they throw out precedent and reinterpret the law from scratch? sounds wasteful and retarded, but I wouldn't put it past them.

>> No.49659363

i know how to fix everything. if i could easily articulate how in the length of a 4chan post, my life would be a lot easier. but then again, no one would listen.

>> No.49660248

Who is this guy and why should I listen?

>> No.49660259

>faggot on twatter tells me it's time to sell
no thank you "human"

>> No.49660328

Yeah sure let me walk into the nearest supermarket, ask if they're accepting Bitcoin/Ethereum, initiate a transaction from my wallet to theirs while standing in line for several minutes for the transaction to complete.

>> No.49660369

I got out as soon as I heard about the Matt Damon advert.

>> No.49660560

I would love to listen

>> No.49660579

I have done this multiple times

>> No.49660648

>website best known for child pornography egging on school shooters.
Yea if you're a retarded normal nigger that eats up whatever someone tells you about a place.

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buy monero
build parallel economy
banks r fuck

>> No.49660713


Shitcoin Sisters, we got too cocky

>> No.49660736

i've written half a book so far and i'm going to start a youtube channel to prepare people to read the book. i am also a meme on /fit/ so i already have momentum and am very confident i'll be able to pull 5k+ views per video right out of the gate. i've seen many people from 4chan start youtube channels and i started a writing discord of /lit/izens that started a shitty podcast which garnered 3k views on the debut episode because it featured a /lit/ meme person so i have a good idea of what to expect. i am extremely steeped in memetics.

>> No.49660739

I still remember old /b/, before the rise of /pol/ and when it was still relevant. I witnessed several murders live and chili pie threads felt like a monthly happening at minimum. Every christmas there would be several threads as well.
Back then most shooters posted on 4chan about their plans the day before. >Some of you guys are alright< memes are based on reality.
If you think otherwise you were never a regular on 4chan.

>> No.49660762

>tranny id
Not reading, kill yourself.

>> No.49660790

Kek actual studies show that the vast majority of MTF trannies are just coomers that get aroused by the idea of being a woman, which btw you will never be

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Tourists seethe when called out for trying to revise history.

>> No.49660814

I don't care about statistics or majorities. People are individuals. I don't consider myself a statistic or a majority because I am not and never will be normal.

>> No.49660815

>anime poster
I'm noticing a pattern here.

>> No.49660824

Incorrect. Those are clearly protected tweets.

>> No.49660839

Born from /a/, the foundation of this website that you are posting on.

>> No.49660846

>I don't consider myself a statistic
you will be soon.

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>Born from /a/, the foundation of this website that you are posting on.

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Trump lost.

>> No.49660912

Lol tell that faggot to suck my cock. The captain always goes down with the ship.

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>Trump lost.

>> No.49660990

right is funnier.

>> No.49661029

My dad works at the Bitcoin, and he told me that bitcoin dumping to 10k-15k is the easiest 3x of your life

>> No.49661151

kikes lol
Israel dies with the US treasury
I hope you got a cave to hide

>> No.49661179

Their post was actually interesting to read ;yours is meaningless garbage. You never even originally thought of this stuff until someone put it in your head and now you waste your time posting these low effort edits, reflexively like a trained animal. The trannies that live longer than any of them will be certainly in the back of your mind, alongside whatever else the chan trendsetters program into you.

>> No.49661204

ok tranny

>> No.49661225

ywnbaw lol

>> No.49661228

What does this mean for Litecoin?

>> No.49661306

Proving anons point. All your posts are just "this is you" tier toddler rebuttals.

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you will never be a woman frfr

>> No.49661371

based articulate tranny. in another time you would have lived your whole adult life in a monastery.

>> No.49661394

you're literally a fucking tranny lmao. nothing you say is valid, you're an insane person.

>> No.49661414

cool more LARPers
bottom must be close

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it's kind of like with jews.. you lose

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Dont be a chud anon, jews are your greatest ally.

>> No.49661508

How does one leak a public tweet.... how retarded

>> No.49662588

>What value does crypto have in a deep recession?
fuel for smart contracts, permissionless money, censorship resistant asset

>Can you exchange or barter with it?
yes, instantly and from anywhere in the world

>Can you buy beans and rice with it?
yes, online and offline

>Is it a commodity?
it's most definitely not a commodity. do you understand what commodities are?

>What intrinsic value does it have
already answered above

>bitcoin will be remembered as the symbol of economic dumbassery and exuberance of 2022 crash
it's more likely the us-funded pandemic and american proxy war with russia will be remembered when the dust settles
but bitcoin is also useless, outdated garbage, and you should feel bad for talking about it in 2017+5. being one cycle late is not a good look

>amazon? how is a bookstore going to take over. typical internet bubble bullshit, let me go back to my fax machines
cope, seethe, dilate, israel has no right to exist
you can kvetch all you want but fiat money loses power every day, and one day there won't be anywhere for your kind to run

>> No.49663489

There are some situations where competitiveness is a demerit. If you're the subject of an omnipotent tyrant, for example. To become a faggot or a tranny is to switch from controlling others through domination, to controlling others by subverting others who dominate. Woman is Jewish. It's a switch from master morality to slave morality. If you do slave morality like the Jews, then you can get pretty far.

>> No.49663625

Wanna buy some beanie babies? Some tulips perhaps?

>> No.49663678

The actual top

>> No.49663764

give me more, nigger.
what is this twitter account? what are you talking about

>> No.49663861

lmao just say you're ugly and couldnt get sex nigga

>> No.49663960

>Are you ready to hold for 15 years that maybe it rebounds?

>24hr market
>first mover market
>btc halving
4 years max, get with the times gramps

>> No.49663984

>neo-roman emperor
You almost had me till here.

>> No.49663997

Then why pretend you're a woman and instead be more truthful and accurate that you want to kill your sex drive?

>> No.49664009

wait, you faggot didn't see it coming?

>> No.49664013

>crypto is backed by drugs
>crypto is backed by tranny drugs

>> No.49664147

>SEC rules all of crypto to be securities
>loses the Ripple case
>XRP is the only legitimate crypto left in America
Grown men will weep

>> No.49664180

ETH is Amazon, LINK is Microsoft, HBAR is Apple and GRT is Google.

>> No.49664275


>> No.49664735
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Subsquid is the google rather and RFOX the metaverse we never had.

>> No.49665296

This is the kind of post we see near a bottom.

Thanks for playing.

>> No.49665639

Smell of curry. Race war now

>> No.49665771

>the cost of building materials has also skyrocketed

i don't know shit about anything else you said, but I can confirm that this is true. the building cost of my four greenhouses in mid to end 2021 was 100k, we were able to get two built on my property for 181k and 189k respectively.

shits fucked.

t. cannabis cultivator

>> No.49666775

Literally who?

>> No.49667176
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