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All of the absurdly low limit buys I set a year ago for the lulz and forgot about got executed.

Now trying to figure out how much more I should buy given that I'm also trying to buy a cheap house in the next 6 months

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no im not a gay

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Zoom out

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Live data

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but why? it'll do 2x before going parabolic

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Another meme chart that will be invalidated in this bear market. We simply can't stop winning.

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it's too risky rn

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>log scale

lmaoing at your life

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Every other meme astrology chart is eventually proven wrong why won't this one also be?

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wow i never knew we would reach at that level. i wish i'm not poor and buy some dip

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Yup. Anyone who isn't buying at these levels are the type of people who will be asking for price targets when BTC is at 100k in a few years time.

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dca always

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I can't see how any bullish news can come out this year. And there's a lot of black swans waiting to jump out, not priced in yet

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If it's a rainbow, doesn't it mean btc to 0?

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5 more rape hikes
chinese lockdowns still going on
food crisis in autumn
energy crisis in the winter

Not all of this is priced in but all of this will happen. You're gonna get raped out there

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We won't see $100k btc until 2026 will we? Crypto is never going past the yellow on this chart again.

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No anon
I am the one who rapes

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>tfw no blow off top
shittiest Bull market ever.

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im new to crypto and just bought $600 worth today

is that dumb or smart?

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Doesn't matter, its small enough you can gamble with it and not feel too badly about it afterward. Some shorts might cover, or it might go up slightly after the Fed cuts rates tmrw before collapsing.

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See >>49643665
Firefag sucks on my macbook

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i'm buying BTC for safety, ftm and Vfox as my defi gem, Ride as my metaverse/gaming project, and Nii as my layer2 scaling solution.

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I love God.

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>that intentionally deceiving Y axis

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DCA only works if you buy things that consistently go up, like if you're a Boomer living in the USA as it became the world hegemonic power. The US economy, its dollar and possibly bitcoin are being flushed down the toilet.

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It'll be hard to tell who's raping who when all the raping really kicks off

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I'm buying the dip, and I just got GLMR and FUFU.
I'll be buying more before the week runs out, since I don't think we'll ever get this good of a deal again.

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What's happening with UwUFuFu?
Been waiting on the rewards for users to go live and it's kinda taking forever.

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Reminder bitcoin only existed for like a decade or so and has never been through a real recession.

Everybody saying "it cant go below previous ATH" are literal retards or are trying to get their bags bought by you by spreading false information.

We are looking at recession levels like we had in 2008. Bitcoin wont be worth shit. If we hold $6k to $3k per bitcoin this is very conservative, we might even go lower.

Alot of cryptos are gonna be worth Dust.

People think they know the future of bitcoin when it has only existed for 10 years in extreme good market conditions were there was infinite money printing and everyone staying at home bored sitting behind their computers trying to earn money.

Soon reality will hit and you will see real despair

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you sound like that caps lock anon faggot that got rekked LOL

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>log is deceiving
Goyim mode

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kino. Happy Pride!

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I'm not only buying, I'm devouring ETH and MATIC. Next bull run I'm going to buy an island for sure

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lmao that y axis

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It's slated for next quarter I believe. What to expect this quarter is the launch of their in-platform NFT minting feature as well as new kind of quizzes.

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Would be a major boost if it happens.
Recent stat showed that it's platform currently has users from over 150 countries which I think is huge.

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>I’m proud I have cancer

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Ethereum and Polygon are surely going to change lives in the coming bull run.

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I saw they're also moving towards web 3.0 now which is great, expanding and taking the marketing narrative over there.

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real estate will bottom out much later than grypto

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The metaverse is becoming popular, and I think going now would a good decision. Soli ones though. The sports metaverse is the one that has caught my attention, and I like what they're doing to bring sports to the metaverse.

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exquisite kek

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Buying now is the only right thing to do. In due time those that bought would rewarded handsomely. I've added more Matic, Sylo and Rfox to my bag. I'm also intend to diversify into NFTs, and my sight is set on the sports metaverse land sales coming up later this month.

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My man

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reporting in for epic reply

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UwUFUFU is already a Web3 digital marketing project.
Now its users can now easily create ads, which will be in form of interactive quizzes on the projects website

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Kek the chart lost

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Put me in the screencap

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checked and keked

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OP will never recover