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It will only get worse OP.

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>double digits soon

I guess they have to replace all those signs?

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at which point do americlaps start rioting

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Enough? You don't understand. It will go higher and you can't stop it. Just accept the fact and wage for the rest of your pathetic life

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They don't, MK Ultra was a resounding success

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That's cheap for us Leafs

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We only riot for things that don't matter

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Same desu. eurofag here

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Just don't drive. It's that simple.

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Literally only drive to and from work, never drive any place you can walk, sooner or later they will have to drop the price.

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>We only riot for FEDS and NGO's
Everyone is too complacent with shitposting to get off their couch/chair.

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Bitch the Summer of 2020 and Jan 6 were both in the last three years. Go back >>>/x/.

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Sorry chud, but Ukraine is worth it.

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Live in a pod eat bugs own nothing. It's simple really

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>he believes these things mattered
Occupy Wallstreet 2.0
glowies probably even organized it kek

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this but unironically

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Summer of 2020 was state sponsored. That's why copniggers were told to stand down. Don't want the feds and crisis actors getting hurt.

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It's even worse over there. Good luck anon.

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Two weeks. Handed ever fancy weapon in the world and can't beat literal orcs.

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WTF I HATE UKRAINE NOW! you convinced me anon, good post

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Fancy weapons. Overrated. Lend and lease had the right idea. Basic equipment and goods need to fight a long conflict and lots of it. Ukraine isn't getting those in numbers. Even the ammo for artillery is beginning to dry up as EU/US runs out of stock.

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they will just slap a 1

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>Gas goes up for 6 months prior to the Ukraine war.
>$94 a barrel when it starts.
>"Gas is high because of Russia invading Ukraine lol"

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Wait until people find out that the prices are just adjusting upwards for inflation. The gas stays the same, it's the dollar that is going down

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once it hits $10
the jump to $20 will take less than a month

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where is this?

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they can advertise price per half gallon instead.

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That won't work if it's fluctuating between $9.89 and $10.09.

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This is what happens when Trump makes a deal with kike OPEC and Biden kills energy independence

America was fucked after 9/11

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it's not enough. it needs to go higher.

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Never forget 4-20-2020

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This. I stated my car yesterday to move it around the driveway after my roommate moved it around. I was really annoyed because he moved it with a flat.

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>bought a tanker of gas when it was under $4 months ago
time to sell and reap the benefits

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When a black dude gets shot by cops.

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>When a black dude committing a crime gets shot by cops.

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That's the scare that's keeping Oil Investors pushing Oil companies to constrict supplies. They never even want to see a glimpse of that demand restriction, and honestly the Inflation is likely to lead to demand loss again.
Eventually ESG concerns and the coasties/Asian push for electric will kill long-term demand, so they are pushing to rake in profits now.

The only thing that could fix this is nationalizing American oil fields. Then we'd be back to sub-$2.00 gasoline jiminy-quick, but no one wants Socialism, right?

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Dont eat either. Or live underneath a structure. Or interact with any material that isnt a raw commodity in the same place that it's been since the formation of earth.

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>nationalizing American oil fields.
American government has been trying that since oil was discovered, thankfully they've failed every single time even with their constant scare mongering
>Muh we need the government to control drilling
>Muh are government backed studys show America will run out out of oil in the 1920's

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Based Beyond Belief. why sell tho why not wait for like $3 or $4 a liter

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Checked. Also
I Drive

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No refunds, Jack!

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>Just take the bus, what's the big de-

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It will be more like the 70's hippie movement. People will start to drop out of society to smoke weed and walk with their dogs which I am already doing.

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>Brick pallets spontaneously appearing in cities the mornings of riots
>Soros agents on camera paying joggers $20 each to make bench blockades
>That one Minneapolis agent provocateur in a mask and raincoat who started breaking windows with a claw hammer
>All to generate outrage over a crack addict pornstar felon

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I kinda can’t wait for socialism in America as the Hegelian solution to this crisis. You dumb fuckers deserve to starve to death.

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Is this capitalism in the room with us right now?

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That's an always sunny episode. Your business plan is the same as characters who are satirized to shit as garbage humans. Congratulation.

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and the worst part is people believe it lol

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keep seething while i role in the petro dough

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That plan was gonna work perfectly they just didnt figure out the right group dynamic

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Just take the electric bus

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dangerously based

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Pay day.

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It catch fire like a car in an 80s action movie.

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Leave California or whatever city you live in on West/East Coast.

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just buy propane. its free

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BS. Gasoline ages. In a few months it can turn all yellowy. You have to buy jet fuel to get a form of gasoline that can be kept in storage for a while.

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>Gasoline ages
only because they put ethanol in gas.

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>tfw saw both the gas and second hand vehicle prices going up in the near future and bought a 125cc bike last year

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Same but I got a motorcycle. 60mph is nice

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Lithium is truly nasty stuff, those airline limitations on battery powered devices aren't there just for show.

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then a waggie will be putting/quitting a 1 every couple of hours

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When are people going to crack and start lynching kikes? :)

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Serious question - why di Trump pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and embargoed their oil exports? He's directly responsible for this shit, since Iran is one of the largest oil producers.

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To own the libs

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Doesn't look so good bro.

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Because Israel told him to.

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Yeah that's great except the injury rate for motorcycles is 10 times that of cars. Some of us don't want to potentially lose 30-50 years of our lives just because some jackass didn't see us on the road.

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Walk through it

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Invest in gas station sign manufacturers frens, you heard it hear first.

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If anyone is blaming Biden for this they are probably retarded

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you're one fo those faggots who goes around caling themselvs "amerimutts" pretening ur slavic, when you're a german slavaboo and a gun toting american slave owner.

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Leadership 101: you get the credit or the blame for everything. That's the job.

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jesus the left really cant meme

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Exactly. It would have worked if they made Frank the wild card.

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>its le trumps fault
You know the left has run out of ideas when they drag this out. Its over.

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Yeah no, you don't get to run on the platform "Everything is TERRIBLE and it's le current President's fault, also when I'm President I will take responsibility for everything" and then once you become President, you immediately start blaming everyone and everything else for how much shittier things became since you took office.

You lose all credibility doing that sort of thing, especially with people who were on the fence about you. Diehard retards will always support Biden, that's true, but he's lost all credibility with independent voters and centrists.

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kys libtard. first thing he did was shut down oil production and transport, us was net exporter under trump

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Well, yeah, Biden is too senile at this point to really be responsible for anything. His handlers, on the other hand, have undertaken a number of specific actions to reduce US oil production, like shutting down pipeline projects, cancelling auctions for oil drilling leases, dragging out permits for drilling, and so on, alongside restrictions on imports from specific foreign countries, that naturally have resulted in higher fuel prices.

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shhh bad goyim don't give them good ideas

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come on, some psyop didn't castrate yanks.
they were *always* weak. it's a weak nation, that's why the stock market is so high. wagies accepted shit working conditions and shit pay.

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Never. Snowden proved to them that the government was wiping their ass with the constitution they claim to value so much, and they did absolutely nothing. The most brainwashed ones even called Snowden a traitor for ratting out the government for being evil

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Oh yea? How much will it cost to deliver the new signs?

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>Live in a society that's designed around driving
>Just don't drive
Enjoy waiting for the bus, biking and getting hit or plain simply begging grown ups for car rides like a child

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Reminder that no tank holders are NGMI. They will not afford the 10 gallon gas honda. They will be priced out and forced to live in ebike camps or worse yet the walking camps. Anyone holding their tank of gas at their gas station exchanges will lose it, not your tank not your gas. Buy tank of gas now or forever be priced out, all you have to do is hodl and keep it secure from getting blown up. 1 gallon gas == 1 gallon gas.

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You're going to be deported to mexico and spend the rest of your life seething and that's a good thing.

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pro tip: starting your car wastes the most gas. leaving it running saves gas

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i ride taxi and i don't give tips

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Every single person who gets injured while riding a motorcycle is a retard who deserved it.

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There is a lot of true to this. About 50% of bike accidents the ride had alcohol in their system. Also 2/3 are sports bikes doing stupid shit.

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high energy prices means there is a high demand which means the economy is booming! thanks Biden, i know i could put my trust in you!

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we only riot when woke capital tells us to

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bad goy

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take the train instead

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>shut down pipelines/restrict new ones
>force everyone to switch to new energy sources
>new energy sources can't keep up and people still need gas
>lol too bad it's just transitory/not my fault, but it's still a good thing
go fuck yourself

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We're just getting started bro.

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How do you magic the price down then genius?

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The recession would have come with or without him in the white house, but he has made a lot of decisions which made the situation a lot worse than it had to be. To be fair, Trump made a lot of retarded decisions too in regards to the economy so it probably wouldn't have mattered if he won

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just buy a Tesla

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literally just buy a motorcycle. I have a Honda from 1973 that gets 55 miles to the gallon. You can get around 100 mpg with a smaller modern bike. Filling up this thing has never and will never make a dent in my money, I'm watching this gas price crisis and it doesn't matter to me at all

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Come on guys just stay strong. We need to suffer to fight the evil Russians

>> No.49646553

Nobody will mention your amazing digits because they are seething bitches.

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Just ride a bike it will help (((save))) the planet so rich tribesman can save the planet for themselves

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not my problem.

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you don't get it.

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the flames and smoke and sparks are how you know it's working

>> No.49647086

Russia is BTFOing the west so hard it's ridiculous.

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Stop posting pictures of fagifornia. Gas is half that price everywhere else in the country.

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Alright retard, $4+ gas still is unacceptable not to mention truckers dealing with ungodly high price of diesel. Fag.

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Oil was so cheap under Trump as no one was driving. Big Brain Trump Virus to save the day.

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Trump won

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>don't drive
>in a nation that was completely built around personal cars

>> No.49648956

you entitled fuckers need to learn a lesson

>> No.49649137

Average price of gas in June of 2019 (well before Covid nonsense reduced driving) was $2.80 a gallon. It is now close to double that.

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God I hope so.

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>I guess they have to replace all those signs?
this is already happening anon

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Hyperinflation in the Former United States
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
>By the end of 2023 there were 92,844,720,742,927,000,000 dollars circulating in the American economy, nearly 93 quintillion.
>During the hyperinflation that followed the US response to the COVID pandemic, a $5,000 cup of coffee could cost $8,000 by the time it was drunk.
>Eventually, consumer debts were reinstated to compensate creditors for the reduction in the value of debts that had been undertaken before the hyperinflation. For example, an executive order in 2025 reinstated all mortgages at 25,000,000,000 times their value in pre-hyperinflation dollars, if they had been held for at least five years. At the same time, savings accounts, individual retirement accounts, and government bonds were compensated at 110% of their face value.

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Not true. Just the majority.

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I wonder why there's truck driver shortages...

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>just live like a kenyan
no thanks

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When food and gas rationing starts to go into effect.

>> No.49649630

>Completely ignoring S&H costs that are going to escalate and pass onto the customer

>> No.49651176

just work 3 jobs

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>> No.49652476

The mighty dollar will soon collapse, no other currency will be there to replace it.

>> No.49652539

lol, what a bunch of clowns

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never, Americlaps will riot when a criminal nigger is killed by police, but they won't riot otherwise. Biden could literally rape babies in the middle of Oklahoma and then kill other babies to use their blood as lube for his babyfucking and no one would do anything other than take video with their cellphones

>> No.49652714

Also are those prices real? Why is premium only 4 cents higher than regular? It's usually like 20-40 cents higher

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I like driving

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Only libs are allowed to riot and they seem pleased with high gas prices

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>but they won't riot otherwise.
Pretend I'm posting the hundreds of videos that exist of upstanding white gentlefolk rioting after winning/loaing a sportsball game.

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Northerners died to not lose the union, only the South fought because of slavery (to preserve it).

>> No.49655549

>The only thing that could fix this is nationalizing American oil fields.
the incredible, momentous seething that would occur would be worth it. You'd get a second source of energy from the collective rage. It would also fuck whichever party shilled to stop it.

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just teleport bro