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Is this the bottom?

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pretty close to it. Rates are going back to 0.

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I nibbled the Qs and got absolutely btfo

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of course not, 4k incoming

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For every year that goes by his face gets 5 years older

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it just doesn't stop

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dunno, what is the marinara index saying ?

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>starts buying stock at the top
>keeps buying stocks while the market is falling

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Not until every debtslave is burned beyond recognition. Debt is not wealth. You cannot borrow your way to riches. Get fucked.

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>marinara index

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stop doing meth, memearinno

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Probably. <G>regory "M"annarino is a freemason trying to destroy the middle class by giving bad financial advice to the plebs. He kept saying "Don't worry people... we're going higher, much much higher" all the way from the top to today. Now, after we're down 22,5%, he's telling us to sell.
Buy the fucking dip while you can.

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signs and symbols
M for Mason
G for ???

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Gee Billy

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There's the G in the symbol I thought that's what you meant with the <>

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Even The Mannarino he has an agenda.
But this was to be expected.

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>has no legs
wtf is this magik?

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Is this real? Also checked.

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its really no different than being a christcuck golem. he's just higher functioning is all. its not like he belongs to the real elite power structure. a middle manager

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ngl he's kind of hot though

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although there is another interpretation that's considered more fundamental

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>Buy the fucking dip while you can.
Before Fed Day?

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Last time it pumped.

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I hope it does tomorrow

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and what would that be?

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This is not the bottom. Prepare for the worst, shinzus. All this while I patiently wait for subsquid and other upcoming projects to shine during the bull cycle. Providing data indexing solutions could be gold

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Don't hope, pajeet. Look st the chart, history and analyze.

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I feel the need, the need to REDEEM
Unfortunately without a time machine there isn't much to analyse it all hangs on J-Pow
Yes 10Y and DXY are high
So what?

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work your way up to rank 33 and find out nigger

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now at 290

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what is going on in this pic?
production wise it's very kino to be real

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Subject (Janny) is become tranny
What else did you expect?

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Good to see my screencaps getting used a la shitcoins.

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We're definitely not at the bottom yet but this might be the best time to rethink strategies and research more on platforms with potentials that provide solutions to issues in the space. Railgun has gotten my attention for providing privacy across blockchains including Bsc and Etheruem.

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thank you random definitely not a bot I will do that

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Not sure if I can buy the dip any longer. Although I know crypto is not done yet

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What's your own play for the bear market

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alcohol and weeping

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mfw it's real

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Resist the urge to rope. We got to hold off till the bulls come back

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I just read the comments!
It's cool I didn't have anything in I couldn't afford to lose (although I did get carried away). I just didn't want to lose it

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Just remove 199% of all debt and kill any who loan. Simple.

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God or goy-cattle