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they said

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I voted for Biden. AMA

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>president is responsible for consumer prices
Wow, nice theory, faggot.

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How much did you pay for your EV?

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Who did you vote for in the primary?

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I am sure stoping domestic oil production and sanctions on Russia have had no impact on prices.

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You smell like communist

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I'm a Republican. Just not the retarded pol tard kind that votes for Trump.

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Gas prices are rising worldwide, you deranged retard.

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Is it comfy living in a casket?

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Which wouldn't be a problem if we had our own supply, like we had under Trump

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What? You have supplies. They are just below the average, which is why the price is is going up. Your refineries fucked up, when they stopped producing while Covid.

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You mean commodities, becauae there is nowhere else for the money to go? Idk if I'd call that investing

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>Sanction Russia
>Pinch domestic product
>Reduced global supply
>supply and demand
List what petroleum stocks you hold. Because I am pretty sure you don't know anything about the industry.

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Read that and shut up

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>List oil holds
>Gives dot gov link
What did he mean by this? Naturally, Official Washington wouldn't issue a report critical of Official Washington. Since you understand markets, can you tell us the difference between CPI and WCPI? I'll wait.

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Since you are quoting government sources, could you also tell us of all of the oil leases issued, how many gave been granted drilling permits?

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You stupid fuck, I'm not defending Biden. I know there are problems caused by Biden. But the refineries also didn't produce petroleum products as usual from March/April 2020, which you can see in the refinery input statistics.

>List oil holds'
I'm not your dog that listens to your commands.

>Naturally, Official Washington wouldn't issue a report critical of Official Washington
These fuckin reports exist since 2011 and maybe earlier.