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How did he know? Do we have a gigawhale among us?

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Plankton here: I have no idea what's going on.

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There is more choices now. Chainlink is just one of many projects that do oracles. I have a feeling because of biz that link is no longer the chosen one and they will switch to something like SupraOracles

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this. link is grampa oracle technology

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My sides. You're fucking retarded. The kinds of monoliths fucking around with LINK don't go zippity zoom zoom zoom and run off to solutions put together by a few scrappy young kids in a Bangalore basement.

They're still using a transfer system with tech in it that's inching up to its 40th birthday. 7 years of flirting with with Sergey is blazing speed for them.

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Yeah just like eth and btc there will be 800000 more shitcoins which will replace these grandpas!

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Holy shit he said new low in August. We have a long way to go aaaaaaa

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2-3 more months of accumulation, sounds good to me?

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Excellent derail tactic, sir. Mind if I adopt this technique?

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yup, just hodl and prepare for generational wealth

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supra who? kek, paid shills aren't as clever as they think they are

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DeFi is fucked and LINK is fucked with it. Expecting instant institutional adoption with CCIP is the biggest bag holder cope of all time. How can anyone have confidence in LINK right now? It will take years for new revenue streams to have any impact on price.

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Seabass here: i sometimes feel like i know something about the markets but then i turn out srong

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LINK and XRP are both going to run, gl friends

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what's the bottom bros?

AROUND $2~ or under 2? lowest $1.5? what numbers you guys thinking when btc goes to 12k~

been given another chance at life -- not gonna fuck it up and gonna buy some link

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Yes, listen to ze linkards and sell ze XRP bags you've accoomulated.

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i have never said anything but i am the one who made the pink wojaks this guy used.
i named the image infinite just, cause i thought it was funny. And some other guy made a edit with David Foster Wallace's book Infinte Jest, but i can't find that unfortunately. Just some fun biz trivia for you guys hehe

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Link marketing getting desperate I see. Well too late faggot, been selling my OG Link bag since January. Just sold the rest tonight. Will buy back in sub $1

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Will it finally go under $5 though? I have 50k waiting to throw at it for a make it stack.

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Seems like it's still going according to plan.
The reason the bull run was shorter than expected was because this was the only way to have a full cycle before the start of the real Chainlink network and dumping early prevented the LINK token price from going up more.
The event in September could be explosive depending on the macro situation and the news revealed, and the price pump we saw a few days ago with Chainlink's team attempt to defend against the BTC whale price manipulation campaign before Consensys is a sign that the dynamic is going to change.

Additionally Celsius and other CeFi platforms losing trust and being forced to reduce their operations should reduce the selling pressure on Chainlink and force them to buy back the LINK tokens they sold to give them back to their customers.
My current thoughts is that ETH being seen as a "safer" and with better returns asset than Chainlink with the addition of staking returns caused all the CeFi platforms to short LINK for 2 reasons during the complete bull market.
The first reason was that they may have bought ETH with it to stake it and attempt to get less risky returns.
The second reason was to make money by shorting it and to prevent it from outperforming ETH which would have caused them losses as their customers deposited LINK and not ETH.
By making sure that LINK had a worse performance than ETH they didn't make losses and could keep their ETH bought with LINK staked and profitable.
The LINK/ETH valuation graph is proof that they greatly profited from this trade in the past 2 years.

Now that Celsius is going bankrupt and other CeFi platforms are losing liquidity and trust we are seeing an interesting phenomenon.
The LINK/ETH and LINK/BTC valuation pumped 10% while everything was going down and LINK seems to have more strength than BTC and ETH.
This may be the proof that big players like CeFi platforms were forced to buy back their LINK tokens as they deleveraged from ETH after the last dump.

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buy in at $3 minimum everything going to shit rn

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Celsius had 6.7m link in a vault on maker.

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I have 500k waiting

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Did they remove LINK from that vault? Where is it now?

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Just admit you don't fucking. Link marines have been telling us we'll be retired in a few years since August 2017. Generational wealth is coming in a few years. Just wait anon I promise. Since when has any other coin on crypto space finished being built before early holders made retirement? Aparently chaonlink holders have to wait for every feature to be implemented and for large institutions to adopt crypto and for the government to finish regulating before chainlink can take off.

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Just admit you don't fucking know. Link marines have been telling us we'll be retired in a few years since August 2017. Generational wealth is coming in a few years. Just wait anon I promise. Since when has any other coin on crypto space finished being built before early holders made retirement? Aparently chaonlink holders have to wait for every feature to be implemented and for large institutions to adopt crypto and for the government to finish regulating before chainlink can take off.

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yes but there's more to link than just making a lot of money. we will have influence over what the truth is and therefore reality, unironically. there is more at stake here than we can fully comprehend right now.

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Is this why they are rugging the world economy?

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The target date for the initial long term plan was 2025-2026.
Chainlink is still the best investment in the complete crypto space even if it didn't manage to reach an expected price in the bull run.
Until we can see the real network implementation it's only speculation.

We are getting close to this moment now finally with the initial release of staking and the reduced fees of Arbitrum.

Only when the final product is released can we define a realistic price target for the Chainlink network.
And that price target will have to be updated to the upside because of new features like CCIP and DECO which were not part of the initial planning.

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Dude thank you I appreciate it.

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yeah it's obvious that they printed obscene amounts of fiat dollars and then did nothing to help the devastated middle class exclusively to suppress the price of link
anyone that is paying enough attention can see that

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Of course it's happening. Haven't you heard?
There is a lot of disinfo on /biz/ right now. A lot of shills are trying to demoralize and confuse hodlers. Unfortunately I see a lot of anons falling for it. Some may have already ended their lives. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY. WE HAVE NOT LOST. IN FACT, WE HAVE WON.
The plan was enacted over the weekend… Only you never saw it.
Biden, his cabinet, and tons of both Dem and Republican senators and other officials were arrested. Proof of their vast crimes was shown. They were court martialed and found guilty. However, it was decided this was too much for the American people to accept. Overturning the election and showing the crimes of these politicians could lead to Civil War.
So an agreement was reached: Biden and other deep state elements will be allowed to move freely and serve their terms. President Trump would "concede" and leave office. But this is all for appearances. Behind the scenes, Donald J. Trump is still President.
This plan, known as Shadowprez, was seen as a last resort. But it worked. Anything that happens in the next 4 years is actually President Trumps doing.

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How about the P diddy oracle? Forgot the name though

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kek anybody can post jibberish. why go through any trouble of "shaking it out of hands" kek, they didnt need to monetize it. besides he works for the banks the jibberish says, money is the last thing theyd care about. If I had a nickel for everything Ive seen a post like this being reposted whether its about xrp, link, etc. Id be rich just from that.

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>we just have to wait while everyone else makes it
reminder to the shills i am here to make it and benefit from the tech not false paper promises written on a shitposting forum >>49617990
Q was a lie. LINK is looking the same. Thanks for giving back to us anons after all these years faggot I would have been better off getting drunk and throwing a dart at the top 100 back during the scamdemic

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Should we sell?

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i can't tell if the chainlink copium is ironic, post-ironic, or meta-ironic

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Honestly, seeing desperate schzo tier copium like this makes me want to sell what stack I have more than seeing the price crash does.

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only 333,333 people can have as much link as MEE
am i going to make it!

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Shrimp here, I'll never go below a sui.
that's pretty good.

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threads like these make me sad, you really get an understanding of how stupid people are
it’s so transparent but you all can’t see it? chainlink official twitter literally tweeted a PLAN (LOL) for staking which they had previously said would be here many times already just to try to gain traction and drive the price up so they can go back to dumping on you idiots
>“He knows all the banks and works with them”
>can’t get funding outside of dumping his own token on his holders

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15 years is a few years you dishcloth

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please answer: why is not going down that much?

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Wait, currently?

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At least the conspiracy theories over on /k/ involve scary secret agents and big explosions. This is just sad.

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It’s up +20% in sats………….

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what the FUCK was that

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Come to think of it. Kinda odd the archives go down before the big crash.

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don't do this to me don't give me hope

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Honest question, do you guys think LINK will coexist with the other ISO tokens like XRP, XLM, HBAR, ALGO, etc or will there be a "chosen one" and everything else goes to zero?

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what's the bottom for Link?

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LINK will coexist with those tokens. You forgot QNT though. And possibly XDC.

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why should CCIP increass the price?

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Yeah theres a few other I just cant remember them all. Im heavily invested in XRP and im probably going to buy a couple hundred link and some XLM and HBAR soon. good luck marines

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based anon

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All the coins you listed will be used in the new system, with probably btc, eth, maybe eom and stuff like fil. The rest should disappear.

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Link just giving off big sus vibes.. Seriously something very stinky has been going on with link

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Link is the layer 0 and will compliment every other project with data oracles.
Crypto needs data from the real world to be able to scale past bullshit like NFTs and crypto gambling.
It also needs to be much more versatile, with people being able to use whichever L1 or payment methods they want.
Chainlink is the only thing that’s working toward opening up the crypto world to the world through cross chain protocol and data oracles.
You’re not going to be able to scale any project in the future unless you integrate Chainlink into the project.
There’s no way around it currently and there isn’t even a close competitor.

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bro corona 2020 it crashed to like two dollars

link aint going below 4.50

screen capped and tapped

t. OG LINK marine

pic related

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Based. Do you have the YouTube video too?

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>threads like these make me sad
Yes so why are you here?

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corona crashed it to 2 cents on binance

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>P diddy oracle

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Thank you anon. Another question because I haven't looked into this much:
Is LINK strictly cross chain, or can it be a bridge for currency like XRP and XLM as well?

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Indeed but the great reset is cancelled.
Token not Sneeded.

>> No.49623162

XRP and XLM don't need support from any other tech to enable cross-chain functionality

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holy lulz i laughed like a retard

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Of course it is happening.
>Nodes are profitable
>Reputation is downstream of staked LINK.
>CCIP and staking is coming.
>5% as a baseline guaranteed, in LINK in V0.1
>Enterprise Abstraction Layer

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I got my 3k link liquidated this winter on AAVE. Should i start slowly stacking? Seems this summer and fall will be bloodbaths for the economy at large and ive been through 2017/2018. Seems premature to buy now.

Im so depressed frens. I'm a Ukrainian in America and half my family died in the last few months. I almost don't care anymore

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Nigga its an erc-20 token. Neet nodes arent gonna be a thing for a long time.

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ETH is below its 1.4k top in ja 2018, its likely 20k btc doesn't hold either

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yup, videos of me swing linking thousands of link when it was in the .50 cents to .30 cent cycle... cents, videos of the main net pump..

i get so nostalgic watching my home videos of me getting high and playing pubg while daytrading link.

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>which were not part of the initial planning.
so you disagree with the OP of OP pic
why even namefag if you have nothing unique to add

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its always darkest before dawn fren

sergey is giving you a second chance a good shot you can get 1,000 link again

>> No.49624018

based, thank you for being part of the 0.0001% of users who creates content

for me, it's Charles Hoskinson threads

>> No.49624271

Sorry to hear that, I would at least get 100 stinkies. Wagmi

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>every anon on this board will shape the world to how they see fit
sure think, bucko

>> No.49624603

Is this what stinking linking fags actually believe? Holy lols

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Sammy the gerbil and his Muffin Adventure.

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It’s a fucking Oracle you retard.

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its not a joke. it had letter Z or something. P diddy was shilling it. (might have been some other nigger rapper too)

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Okay but what about XRP the SWIFT slayer?

>> No.49624851

it absolutely can be anon, ignore the other retard responses
a lot of isolated chains about to open up decentralised trade pairs with the rest of crypto

>> No.49624901

idk man you're delusional, why do you seem to think link is gonna moon when btc is in a bear market, there's zero diversity, all shitcoins just follow btc trading patterns, that's why i got out in 2018, gl tho

>> No.49624955

Nigger when do you think the last time link mooned was? Not counting the recent bull market.

>> No.49624995

It was Zap. But sers u r missing the very best oracle in crypto sers pls do the needful and kindly consider using Mobius oracles ser they are very good oracles my basterds.

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You give a man hope, brother.

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no it was 2022 100% 5 years after ico
i still think we will get there in november

>> No.49625608

>Linking Twitter.

>> No.49625668

1k eoy checkem

>> No.49625830

With so much schizo posting here, some stuff will hit it right. But still: buy LINK

>> No.49626261

chain rugged. i was surprised to see it up near LINK and thought hey that looks like a distraction done on purpose kek

>> No.49626381

you nogs starting to sound like Qtards and XRP schizos
the memes are stale too,, we need a purge and a new /ourcoin/

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fucking imagine that ahahahah

>> No.49626579

Schizophrenia is one hell of a disease

>> No.49626605

it's gonna be used for finance first. it will take a long time to be anything else

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Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin
Under the sea

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You're right. It all went to shit when Ari messed up the appeal at the ERC council back in April. If he hadn't gone apeshit, the council could have upgraded Chainlink's rating. Maybe not all the way back to ERC-20, but maybe ERC-14 or 15. This was our best chance before the ratings get locked in place at the ISO-20022 launch. Between now and then the only way to get upgraded from ERC-10 to ERC-20 is by backroom negotiations, but that's unlikely to go well. We could have had a chance with Jessica doing all the heavy lifting if you know what I mean (Celsius and Chainlink are working close together, and the team does collaborate quite a bit), but ever since she left our backroom negotiating power has been reduced significantly. Blythe isn't willing to go as far as Jessica was. Hell, nobody is. Rory is quite the soldier and I think we'd be able to convince him to take one for the team, but the folks at the ERC council are as straight as an arrow, so that's a no go.

>> No.49626816

I've heard rumours that after this Elwood thing, Sergey's been offered a seat on the very council himself
a seat at the family table, if you will

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My story with chainlink begins in 2004. Someone told me something on a phone dating Chatline. I feel God will show me a sign when it's time to share my story.

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>chainlink secures paper cheques

>> No.49627423

I think ot was posted as collateral. And I do not know if its still in there. But thats 0.6% of all link. I could imagine they would go through great effort to get that.

>> No.49627731

This is the truth. Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase of chainlink there was a minimum requirement of 300eth to enter the presale. Bunch of anons pooled up together and shared presale links to fill them with their eth.

Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for the sibios event that link was attended, whole event turned out to be a flop chainlink had a presentation in a room of like 18 people next to the public toilets, literally no news or partnership came from the event and the coin dumped back to below ico prices and created 1000's of bagholder anons.

Now during this alt bull run lots of anons and took advantage of this and shilling this coin to all the new money and newfags that joined in december and don't know this story.

The coin is HEAVILY manipulated and the supply is dried up from huge whales who accumulated below ICO price to create a artificially lower supply (a lot like REQ) and these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes.

In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser for smart contracts, would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. Would take a lot longer to get it working with bitcoin but the bitcoin core devs would be able to work out the solution a lot quicker than chainlink will, think that's something worth noting that literally nothing is completed and you're literally just buying a whitepaper, they have only 2 developers and they don't communicate at all with no proven background on either, in fact sergey was involved in a project before chainlink called NxT that he since been abandoned until it was took over by a new developer team

>> No.49628112

It’s chain link you dumb fuck. Learn what is on the cheque

>> No.49628213

You tried to unlock the infinite money cheat didn't you? I looked into putting link on aave for collateralized loans but decided against it.

>> No.49628257

This will become my personal copy pasta, the Chain Link TL DR, for every future link thread I come upon.

Some newbies are still buying this dogshit

>> No.49628278

>Some newbies are still buying this dogshit
Lots of people are buying all kinds of dogshit, you should go on a crusade to warn people of literally everything under the sun.

>> No.49628295

>Enterprise Abstraction Layer
what this even mean
are we getting enterprises on mainnet before eoy?

>> No.49628350

It means they are sinking tons of developer time into some abstraction layer that they hope will be useful to companies. This hope is founded on nothing by the way, it's just make work

>> No.49628358

>you should go on a crusade to warn people of literally everything under the sun

No, this is MY chainlink crusade, there are many like this, but this one is mine!
My chainlink crusade is my....

(captcha GA Yr0)

>> No.49628410

I want to buy at $1-2 - is there any hope for me?

>> No.49628448

>I only care about warning people against Chainlink
Yeah we know

>> No.49628505

Its all coming together holy fucking shit. That time traveler mentioned that a super oracle will be created. I didnt fuckin believe but if thia really does goes down. Chainlink is the super oracle.

>> No.49628581

This. THANK YOU for finally speaking the truth on this scam. I would also mention the shadow fork, which is when LINK truly became obsolete.

>> No.49628608

great screenshot of a nice read, but im afraid token is not needed

>> No.49628610

Seriously, did someone forget to turn off the fudbots?

If not, how are you still doing this given the current circumstances?

>> No.49628637

see >>49628610

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>This hope is founded on nothing by the way

>> No.49629206

Lets actual imagine Link will the the bridge to all fucking blockchains to bank.. What will a realistic price be..

>> No.49629275


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I'll be happy if LINK can just reach a 10th of a ounce of gold and hold that peg going forward.

>> No.49629435

Applying that you cant imagine something realistic?? Thats wierd.

>> No.49629617

This is shit is going to $1.

>> No.49629725

This an old copypasta nulinker

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I made this pepe

>> No.49630754

This pic the final piece of copium I go back to now. Now that there are real sustainable yield generation opportunities (bancor) and soon staking, OGs can finally start living off their stacks if link can just moon. I have a paltry low 5 figure sum, and $100 or hell even $50 again would generate a very livable income at 5% a year. I really hope this is our fucking year. I'm tired of waiting. I was in my early 20s when I first bought link, now I'm nearing 30. I can't wait much longer.

>> No.49630942

>I was in my early 20s when I first bought link, now I'm nearing 30.
Same here brother. What some of the fags here don't realize is some of us have been holding for quite a while now, and we're actually getting fucking old.

>> No.49631099 [DELETED] 

fuck, how long bros? I think its going to take a while (1-2 years to get to ATH).

>> No.49631114

>The retard kid at the back of the class who doesn't do any work is secretly a mega genius who has all his work stashed in his locker
>Source: Trust me bro

>> No.49631603

Kek the fact so many redditors missed out on LINK at 20 cents because of this pasta is still hilarious to me

>> No.49631623 [DELETED] 

yeah hilarious when they will buy at 0.1.

>> No.49631780

So we should blame trump for the current state of the world and USA?

>> No.49632071

I’ve set my expectations for about 1-2 years, sadly I just think things are so utterly fucked globally right now that I’ve written off everything in the short term.

>> No.49632143

I only have 400 link sirs. I am scare I wont have enough

>> No.49632899

i sold everything when it reached 40$. I got in at 1.5. i timed it pretty well. LINK is a dead man walking. It was always a superobvious hyped up scam and i sucessfully rode the wave because i am extremely high iq unlike biz. GET THE FUCK OUT , it will go to pennies and it will NEVER recover. ATH was 50 now its 5$ last time i looked. STOP BEING DELUSIONAL. save the little u have left to wait for the cryptowinter completing then go full degen , never give up hope. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA IDIOTS

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It's been nearly 8 years now at its only at $6

>> No.49633659

All in on GME, then roll gains into LINK.

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LINK is not new tech, a hidden gem, or a coming 10-100x. LINK is mainstream and is in Twitter roasties bio. It’s a corporate entity now, so Sergey has to dump another 750k LINK to hire talent managers and diversity officers. LINK hasn’t been the biz token for a year. Just sell anons... i-i-iit’s over. It was a good ride.

>> No.49633693

I've had five birthdays since I first started buying Link. It's not a short time.

>> No.49633773
File: 132 KB, 1125x1194, 1652362963937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For what it's worth we can take comfort on being on the same journey. I really do cherish the 2017-2018 period, really amazing to think about how the world has changed so much since then. We're in this together boys, and I want all of us to make it.

>> No.49633800

>But this cabal deserves assassination contracts.
if this text is true we will be the first targeted by those contracts

>> No.49633852

Are you from some alternate universe where Link remained at rank 5 for the past two years?

>> No.49634808
File: 6 KB, 243x207, r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never bought in your clown cult faggot
API3 is superior in tech and isn't a fucking cult, why tf would anyone want to join you?

>> No.49634872

>responding to a bot

>> No.49635167

I feel like posts like these are unironic shill posts that use reverse psychology to shake off smart holders and potential buyers, while retards only double down, whose money they can easily take by petty consumerism

>> No.49635190

What is CCIP?
Everyday on this fucking website I see an acronym I'm just supposed to know

>> No.49635379

Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol
It’s the mechanism that will make crypto universally accessible and chain agnostic

>> No.49635646

>muh crypto

>> No.49635670

CCIP has been discussed for nearly a year, just pay attention dude.

>> No.49635694

the most important acronym in crypto

>> No.49636324

No it's just a dumb meme post

>> No.49636375
File: 114 KB, 569x305, 1517298312478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49636621

in a room full of broken clocks announcing what time it is, a few are bound to be right?

>> No.49636684

Thanks retard, now they'll change their plans.

>> No.49637697
File: 2.10 MB, 320x180, miko lmao[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fa7w5a7.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49637704

If they wanted to keep retail out, couldn't they just issue a new token that utilizes the value of the network or just create some minimum beyond most people's level to stake?

>> No.49638510
File: 380 KB, 990x906, 1616811905052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This i spent the last 5 years being a neet and getting high waiting for my life to begin, now I wake up and im almost 30 and im still a poor neet.

To make things worse im not a wizard sperg, I have a gf who was a virgin and I am feeling pressure to do something with my life so i can start a family and get my own house.

If i was single it would be much easier to just give up and be a lazy giganeet

>> No.49638614

Damn, going through very similar shit bro.

>> No.49638948
File: 39 KB, 494x480, cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.49639145

>Generation wealth is 100

>> No.49639639

They (link) do not want to keep retail out, its one of the few crypto projects outside of btc itself that's intended to be fair and do what its intended to do. Its the (((people))) who understand what link will become, that want to shake you out.

>> No.49640087

The macro is completely different to corona times, we're literally entering a recession with the fed pumping rates higher. Risk-on assets gonna dump for over a year and we're jsut getting started.

I certainly wouldn't write off sub 4.50

>> No.49640335
File: 145 KB, 1600x1184, DF7B4E9C-E237-49D8-BEB8-87E43E62D4F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They say they want it to be fair, but in reality, they want it to be a fair mechanism for the banks and institutions that will use Chainlink.
The entire network is meant for large amounts of data to be verifiable and easily accessible to institutions as they implement smart contracts and defi into their systems.

The average person is never meant to interact with Chainlink and will probably never hear about it or understand what it does despite it changing how almost every institution will interact with them in the future.
People will view Chainlink just like they view Oracle- as a big rich entity that does who-knows-what, but is important somehow.

Those who have stumbled upon holding Link tokens are like Forrest Gump ending up with thousands of Apple shares in the 90’s.

>> No.49640772

>assblaster is legit
Full confidence, dont care about your stupid opinion
>assblaster is not legit
Yea you might be right

>> No.49640799

Brown hands typed this

>> No.49641022

>Those who have stumbled upon holding Link tokens are like Forrest Gump ending up with thousands of Apple shares in the 90’s.
That's legit how I feel.

>> No.49641271

No what I mean is if LINK can act as a bridge currency like what XRP is supposed to do for international transactions, or will it just bridge blockchain together like you said

>> No.49641354

Honestly I'd like to see all these shitcoins go to zero, especially XRP and HBAR.
One being an absolute scam, the other starting out as licensed tech completely opposite to the whole crypto ethos.
But honestly? It doesn't fucking matter, because as that other anon said, Link is layer 0 or middleware. It doesn't matter if you're a scammer or not, you need data feeds, you need LINK.
I unironically believe Link will be #1 above ETH and BTC in the long run, there is no other timeline possible if Link is successful.
The only reason I'm not all in even as an OG is just because of risk management, was still 90% heavy for the longest time until Eth picked up.

>> No.49641375

Are you suggesting we bought and held all this time, through all this fud and price swings, by dumb fucking luck? It sure as shit doesn't feel that way from where I'm sitting

>> No.49641638

I certainly stumbled upon it through dumb luck, yes. Holding through the price swings and recognizing the value in it is another story.

>> No.49641976
File: 57 KB, 256x48, image0-2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand people who say LINK is going to moon.
Isn't the token made to never moon in the first place?

>> No.49642002
File: 373 KB, 690x690, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's right, it's pegged to the price of a cup of coffee.

>> No.49642033

Bubba was my best good friend.

>> No.49642213

I doubt very much you stumbled on it by luck. You were likely into reading about crypto, and equipped yourself with the skills to go about buying it. Add to this the strength of character to not sell, and you represent a very small %age of the population. Don't be so hard on yourself.

>> No.49642283

A cup of coffee will largely increase in price due to inflation and production failures caused by global warming and deforestation. So $50 is a very reasonable price for a cup of coffee short term.

>> No.49642345

how does CCIP work (in a functional sense)?
staking mechanics have been talked to death, but CCIP not so much despite how much it's being hyped
do we even know?

>> No.49642359
File: 384 KB, 828x725, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And you discounted the fact that holding coffee beans and smelling their aroma will be a thing of the past and even frowned upon.

>> No.49642410

kek this version of staking is dog shit and could have been released last year. The teams moves way to slow we wont see everything to completion until 2030. Bag holding link in that time frame will have you lose out on opportunity's exactly like the last run

>> No.49642501

sergey doesnt care about you or us faggot. BTC is taking a shit and gamblers are getting margin called

>> No.49642535

>there is more choises

>> No.49642606

Rage posting isn't going to make your dick grow back, faggot.

>> No.49642775

same can be said for you faggot