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I can finally upgrade my GPU

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I can finally rebuy Halo Skyrim and GTA5 online and install/uninstall League of Legends!

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>not using mac

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>upgrade GPU
>all games suck

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is now the time? i've heard while the prices are better, you're still getting less for what you pay for compared to previous card gens

like they're rereleasing new versions of cards with new higher msrp's but little performance improvements

with that said, you gotta strike at some point i guess. i'm sitting on a 1050fuckingTI so anything i get will be great. i'm just cheap.

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Always a silver linings playbook, amirite?

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>Just checked tech components

Holy shit, the bubble finally fucking popped. We're in for some flash sale GPUs. Don't buy yet OP, let this fucking fake ass market burn for a bit while Jeets all desperately flood the market with supply in an attempt to sell

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I just started replaying morrowind and silent hill desu. All games now days are shit.

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miners arent capitulating.. why arent miners capitulating??

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I am using it for work, I fucking hate it.

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Not so fast goyah

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this, it's all the same regurgitated garbage

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maybe I'll get off bronze vi in apex with a better gpu

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>miners arent capitulating.. why arent miners capitulating??
fiat market price is irrelevant, 1 bitcoin is 1 bitcoin forever

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750ti chad here
I'm holding out until october
>Verification not required

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>I am using it for work, I fucking hate it.
Why would you hate an operating system with a better use-interface, unix-based and more powerful terminal, and (for the laptops) better build quality?

Other than gaming there is no downside to osx

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>load the noble gases FUD

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>1 bitcoin is 1 bitcoin forever
that literally means nothing

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There is a window of opportunity now if you buy a new one at MSRP. Memory chips in miner cards are likely dying already not worth to get those used ones.

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>Funnymoney crashes
>Anon immediately thinks about making burgers

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>thread about gpu prices
>1 btc = 1 btc
are u retarded or just pretending

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My worknbought me a 8k pc. Arriving Thursday and I'm gonna play Elden Ring.

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I have a 3DFX Voodoo 2. How many Bitcoins can I mine?

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Are you sure?

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$1 = $1

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If I buy a phone from amazon then say it never came and get it refunded will they notice that I use there apps on said phone?