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Move on and find a good job. Crypto is not for us. It's for whales manipulating everything. I'm selling so sell yours useless fogs here. Don't hold, don't stake, SELL SELL SELL

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WHy didnt you cash out at the top anon?!!! Why didnt you??? Dont tell me you listened to to idiots telling you to HODL???? You didnt did you anon????

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Yes you are right.

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I'm fucked up!!! FUCK UP!!!!!!!

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I want to cash out so i can buy a wife. Atleast i will go home with something

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Then cashing out is not an option anon

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Just send me your money, ill find a wife for u

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No more hold

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I want a she male anon. are you one

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The next bullrun is gonna be crazy

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Why is it over? Because the price is going down? What changed?

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Now in retrospect, it's so surreal that I made tens of thousands of dollars buying and selling pixelated cartoon animals jpegs lmao.

Today, I am grateful.

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You can tell he listened and shitposting. Now he doesn't have stables to buy the dips. I'm waiting to DCA into Lox holding to their high engagement and focus on mobile theft security

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I already started applying yesterday but I fear I’m too late and I’m trying to get in just as mass layoffs are starting.

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I think buying cheap and staking in a good asset management protocol for decent apy make sense imo

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So you're moving from one shitcoin to another shitcoin?

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I can see how lost your hope is because you aren't smart enough to pull out to stable, which I'm staking.

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Not a bad move but when is anything ever going to recover?

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I think that's a smart one. I'm DCAing on ETH and staking it on freeway network for juicy apy

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Anon is a pleb. Why sell when you can enjoy supercharger rewards? Ngmi

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It's crazy to wait for that. Get whatever you think will profit you in future now and wait for when things gonna happen. ETH AVAX FWT look good

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>sell home in an inflated economy
>to buy bitcoins
>bitcoins crash 2 months after

What the fuck do I do? Do I sell? Do I hold? I've been crying here.

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Yes CRY lol

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It's better to just buy eth at the bottom if you're lucky. With the Celsius debacle, I'll advice anon to stay clear of similar platforms. NFA

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Wht's up with their CAD staking rewards

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There are many more prepositions to this. Do you mean cedefi in this context?

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Nice move. Sustenance is called for. Whatever works for you.

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Friends told me I should sell it all and live with the losses but I just can't I will never be able to buy what I sold back. Now I'm just watching my dad's money disappear.

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This is sad.

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getting passive income on ETH from the network. Makes holding it even much better

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Celsius is halting everything. We can't withdraw as the hodl mode is there. Platform with source of revenue can somehow survive the challenge.

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If there is no robust and reliable source of income, it is as good as dead. You can relate to the incident happening to Celsius.

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I believe so boboso. Defi banking is gaining traction. Wait for it.

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What do they offer? though it would make sense if the stable coin was utilized by on any reliable platform. Maybe nexo, crypto com, or fwt platform.

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You'll be amongst the faggots that will say that UTK holders got lucky in the future

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Fag didn't sell the top. Sell the bottom and buy the top. Raise and repeat.
I'll bet you start watching out for subsquid as web3 is the hype of the next bull.

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More reasons for brokerage platforms like freeway anon. One can't be too sure.

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Celsius has no other source of revenue and choose the platform that has their own funds to run the company not depending on the people's money or think of another way incase of eventualities like this.

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Are you investing or just gambling? You don't have any diversifications? You might as well just go to a casino and blow out all your money in a few minutes, basically the same thing.

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Like the legionary who died at Pompei; I will hold to the end.

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The pic says enough.

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Cashed out my 2017 buys on April 3rd. Enjoying the crash desu

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Defi banks have always been a thing. The issue is that most are not licensed to operate in some locations, especially the US, which is the heart of the market.

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Seems some folks didn't learn from squid games.

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I hold all these except avax. None of these have been able to defend against the onslaught of this terrifying market though

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Hahahaha he was fortunate enough to have a dad who loved him enough to give him an inheritance and he threw it all away!

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US is not the heart of the market. Asia is

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Recently added anon. More superchargers on the horizon.

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I will finally accumulate 100 ETH and 1 BTC

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Asset security should be a priority in this market. If they can keep up, good and fine.

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eth will become way more valuable than btc in the long run. probably why I'm paying closer attention to its staking rewards on freeway, than btc

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Pleb. Alts like fwt first. See you in two years.

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Haha gezzz

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Security is sexy my rajeet fren. Don't underestimate the level of protection a platform can offer.

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Heard those will be paid out in stables and major tokens. Some dump control there.

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Not using this opportunity to stack up on cheap alts is the dumbest play right now. Especially alts like SYLO and DUSK who seem to have bottomed out since the previous crash a few weeks ago.

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what's cad, i never voted for that avax make sense to me

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what's cad, i never voted for that avax make sense to me

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Do not care, never selling

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The truth is that its over for those who did not enter before 2017. Yes we had the 2020-2021 run but only after the long bear market that wiped out many people, most coins did not even recover from the 2017 highs.

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Yeah this is actually a masterstroke. And may be instrumental to why they are thriving in the middle of a bear market.

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Canadian dollar anon. Learn to educate yourself.

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Nicd one anon as long as there will be buying and selling through out the world and especially with the advent of crypto, aiding payments faster across borders,thr web3payments platform got my horny always.

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I expect to see some positive price action there soon.

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Yes anon, with the coming upgrades ETH will perform better that's why i've been accumulating it and staking it on the netwotk for great apy

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This could be the reason why fwt platform has been getting quite some traction.

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Nicd one anon as long as there will be buying and selling through out the world and especially with the advent of crypto, aiding payments faster across borders,the web3payments platform always makes me horny.

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People value security and sustenance. If they offer both, why not?

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Anon is asking a basic question where he can google it directly after typing nonsense lol.

People will always choose what's best for them imo

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You are dumb anon. You didn't know that the apy for this is 43% imagine how high that is

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I already bought some more today. Plan is to dca until I have a substantial holding

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because bitcoin never had a double top before

because presidents and ceos and billionaires never added it to their balance sheet before

because we never had defi and nfts and actual use cases before

i thought it was different this time. i was wrong. thanks for stealing everyone's money not once but twice sam. im sure one of these days you'll give it back with your "effective altruism"

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You sound like you're from reddit. That has been on the news. I hate talking to plebs.

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I have a feeling that the next one will be matic. Yeah,

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on freeway? because imo that's the platform with the best APY for eth. I don't there is any better one

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You literally can't cash out.

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getting rewards in fiat and crypto between 15-30% apy could be the major reasons imo

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No don't sell anything, it's going up in a few months!!
Hodl hodl hodl

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Let's see how it goes. I think the most important thing now is to utilize the present cad supercharger rewards

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You're right anon. People go where the rewards are.

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bot shill thread

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This could be one of the reasons they emerge officially the top performing project on the TrustSwap Launchpad

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I'm still on their USD rewards. I'm more comfortable holding USD. Just a preference

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I wouldn't waste time buying BTC anon,
When I can safely invest in RealEstate, afford a car, book travels to go to exquisite vacations with family and exclusively pay with crypto through Utrust

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op you fuckin buffoon there's like a dozen others like CHER that are literally booming you absolute brick

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>It's for whales manipulating everything.
Imma keep buying the dip and growing weed to sell for BTC/Stolen jewelry.
Thank you and have an awful day.

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These are among the key things to look forward to before investing in any platform. Among those, innovation, upgrade, tokenomics, and community are among my criteria.

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>Cash out.
Nah, I'm gonna keep buying BTC, ETH, ADA, SHIBA INU and AVAX, but you're free to sell for loss and never post about crypto again :D

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>Bought the tippy top.
>Sold the very bottom.
AHHHH, /biz/, never change you retarded bastards.
Why do people come here looking for advice?

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>Do I hold
The answer is yes, moron.

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Innovations at its finest. If they're consistent enough to deliver, they gonna catch people's attention and words got around.

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And that guy will be remembered forever while no one cares who the fuck you are while you're alive.

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Add fwt to that list and you're good. I'm convinced that coin is going to a major pump in the next bull run

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Holding was never a good option anon, you could be enjoying based profits from any of the earning streams in defi. Yield farming on stablecoins is one of them and auto-compounding vaults are perfect for diversifying investments and getting the best yields.

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>>49585462>Go get your tin ass spanked anon.They seem like the best positioned out of all projects for real utility and use case .Although still need to learn about the updated ESDT tokenomics which is now much accessible

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If everything goes right anon, all altcoins will pump once btc starts to create its own bullish movement. For now, let's not expect more as we know the cycle is not fun.

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I doubt if they will have another Fiat on the list. I least expected CAD.

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Sell so I can buy lower.
This is what the 2018 paper hands said and sold at a loss
I'm buying more of my gems UTK QRDO API3 and more

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Cashing out isn't an option for me either because I can't imagine selling at a loss. I'd rather take advantage of the low prices to slurp some cheapies after which I'll go zoom out in the sports metaverse.

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Is that for real

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Private sales has been ongoing for celebrities and partners of the project. Amanda Nunes a UFC star is looking to build a gym in the metaverse and it seems to me this will be a unique one in the sports metaverse I am looking forward to just so I can take my mind off this bleeding market and carve a niche for myself in the metaverse

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New lows are coming don't be a fag. I'm prolly waiting more before I buy. Let's just focus on web3 and build on it. I like what subsquid is doing.

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Stop spreading FUD you fool, crypto is here to stay.
>Use this opportunity to buy the dip, buying more UTK is goal

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It will probably return to the realm of the living periodically no matter how many times a stake is driven through its heart like Dracula in Castlevania.

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You just need for the right timing fren. It's not all about dumping. The market will shine and there will be more millionaires coming if they'll manage their profits well. It's just about being patient and putting trust.

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Didn’t buy mining equipment and solar panels with dads money.

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There's so much to look forward to in the sports metaverse. Just over the weekend, Mike Tyson's personal trainer, the legendary Rafael Cordeiro was added to the sports metaverse.

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I'm Holding that also, even staked it on Maiar DEX for 28%APY

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The upcoming sports metaverse sales is what I've got in mind, maybe after then, I'd be open to try my hands on Lox to see what I can enjoy.

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Timing isn't an easy thing to do

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People would just want to stick for passive income. Stablecoin is a good offering as it wont get affected to the price and 43% return is heaven.

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>Crypto is over
Twenty three thousand US dollars

>> No.49592241

Road to 10k

>> No.49592337

Crypto is definitely here to stay anon, best time to ape in on low caps with potentials and I've been bagging a lot of RAIL lately. Looking to get on Railgun DOA to take part in governance

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>It's for whales manipulating everything
everything in this world, including jobs, is manipulated by "whales"...guess you were born yesterday

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Kek, you didn't get the notice that RFOX didn't dump much today? Bag the hell out of this gem, metaverse is gaining momentum.

>> No.49596956

Being part of the DAO is a good thing. I'm also looking forward to being one of the DAOs on Subsquid as it brings scalable data APIs to web3.

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thanks for the buy signal. just slurped another bag of API3

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There will be no "next bullrun". Crytpo has never existed in a worldwide recession. It really is over this time. I could have sold with 3x what I invested, now I'm fucked.

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See you next bull run.