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Safe space for financially honking

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Heard they are hosting amas and have a lot of upcoming releases. Lurked tg, waiting to jump in. Goosepill me

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Honk is the choice for bizraelis of style class and distinction. it is unwaveringly the next SHIB. it is biz's token. Biz buys now. normies buy later. biz gets rich. Don't fuck w the plan retard.

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Mcap prediction: 1b

Getting a 1t stack of this now will make you a multi millionaire in the future

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The early bird gets the worm.

Check my captcha. Go in now and thank me later

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There’s utility and memes etc but what really is honks strength is the sheer autism of its community and team. Autism can fuel the next shib just pure nonstop honking

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So did biz decide that this is the one. Is this the next SHIB? Did someone have a meeting or something and I wasn't invited? FUck you all ReTarDs. If this is the THeeeee One then why is the mcap so fucking low. Are we all trying to get in early or something?

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The government decided. You will own goose money and you will be happy for it.

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