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So, i've spent some time with daytrading, and the strategies i've had when i start trading are generally very successful. And i generally have a lot of success at the start. But after a while, i lose my patience and get super impulsive.

I have ADHD, and i'm wondering if i'm either taking too little, or if i just put myself into a situation that worsens the symptoms.
I'm also wondering if it would be worth it, to abuse it a little, to built up healthier trading habits.

So, i was curious if there is anyone here that can share some experiences regarding taking drugs to day trade.

Inb4 >don't do drugs kiddo
kys fagget

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what drugs are you talking about ?

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idk, just any and their effect.

I only got ritalin and Vyvanese, and some antidepressants. I'm not gonna bother trying anything else, but i'm still interested in other stuff, just to learn how it affected them, and because i'm imagining something like Coke will have a similar effect, but not fully or as extreme.

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I mean if you think it's impulsive, then yeah get a stronger but safe ADHD drug.

What day trading strategies are you successful with.

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A youtuber called Traders reality. "hybrid method".

It's got a lot of details, so it's hard to actually explain it here. You would get more from watching some of his youtube stuff. He doesn't give any signals or anything about what to buy or which way price goes. But it involves keeping track of how much price changes during each candle, and using that as a way to guess what the marketmaker is doing.

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you should try daytrading on meth

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You got some? i'll 4 of them, heard i'll have the time of my life

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i thought about this before. you could stay awake trading for weeks at a time without feeling tired and with an extreme amount of focus. you would have godlike confidence in yourself while you were doing it.

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drugs arent worth it

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well, ADHD meds is in the same category or something, i believe.

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>Traders reality. "hybrid method"

I can't find it can you share the channel? or at least the video

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Coke should level you out just fine, you will fully consider all the decisions you make